What in the world...

I don't have too much to write today. I've got a little bit further regarding Canada, but the main reason I'm writing this blog is because I've made a lot of progress on this website. And as I've been doing in these blogs, I want to keep a record of how this site evolves. So if that doesn't interest you at all... well, then you should only read this if you're really, really bored.

Jro's World Favicon First off, the improved favicon that I made, is now finally showing in Mozilla. Only now on the homepage which is strange seeing as the last one appeared on every page, but it looks much better. The homepage is the one that people are most likely to bookmark (yeah right), so I'm happy enough to just have it there.

Jro's World videos page screen shot Next up, I've once again changed up the colours to the videos page. I wasn't really digging the gray and black that I had in the last blog that I wrote, so the video backgrounds are made up of the colours used to make up the site. Black, the blue used in on the top buttons, the green used on the side buttons, and gold, used in text obviously. I'm yet to decide if it's a bit much, but it definitely adds colour. I said last time out, I was thinking of adding some colour to the main travel blog page as well. I haven't done that yet, but I'm thinking of maybe giving every other entry a gold background, giving the page an alternating black and gold theme. If nothing else, at least there's a song about it.

Moving onto the more significant changes. I said last time that I'd stumbled across some java that allowed a selection of comments to be randomly displayed on a page. With trial and error I was able to edit this code so it worked as I intended, so I put it onto the homepage with a selection of pointless comments. Unfortunately my knowledge of java (none) doesn't allow me to edit the code to have the text display in the ways that I see fit. So instead of editing the java code, I put the whole thing inside a <div> tag, and edited the properties of this tag. As I was browsing through the options I had for this tag, I stumbled across the CSS "text-decoration:blink". I had no idea what it did, so I added it just to experiment. Turns out, it makes the text flash. It doesn't work in Internet Explorer, but then nothing does. For people viewing the site in Mozilla, you now have a corny quote like:

The pain of discipline is nothing compared to the pain of regret
flashing in blue writing to welcome you on the homepage. So that's nice for you.

Jro's World homepage screen shot As I said I would, I have now added a webcam feed to the homepage as well, so the homepage has changed quite a lot in the passed couple of days. I've taken away some text that introduced the profile I have, and instead, seeing as it's a pretty insignificant section of the website, I just have a link to it next to the "Back to top" link on the homepage. With both of these changes, it is now a completely different welcome to people whom view this site. There will sometimes be a live webcam on the homepage, and there will always be a welcome of some quote in big blue writing that no one will ever want to read. Flashing if they browse in Mozilla. I currently only have the following six quotes, but I'll be adding more as I think of them. Hopefully I'll eventually have so many, that no matter how many times people visit this website, they'll get a different greeting each time. Though that might take a while to arrange.

With a webcam on the homepage now, there was no longer any real need for the webcam page. The player on the webcam page was a bit bigger, but it didn't make enough of a difference to warrant having its own page. So the webcam page is no longer on the site. At the same time, I also deleted the extras page. Both are still online, but they are no longer linked to from anywhere on the website. They will be deleted soon, as I'm just having a period of due diligence to see if I change my mind and decide to add them again. I don't think I will. In memory of the extras page though, here is a picture of a recent sighting of Jesus for those who don't know where to look. Sighting of Jesus

And also, here is a copy of possibly my favourite ever joke, that I also had on the extras page:

A koala is sitting up a gum tree smoking a joint when a little lizard walks past. He looks up and shouts "Hey Koala! What are you doing?" The koala shouts back down to him "Smoking a joint. Come up and have some." So the little lizard climbs up the tree and sits next to the koala and they have a few joints. After a while, the lizard turns to the koala and tells him that his mouth is dry, and that he's going to get a drink from the river. He climbs down the tree and goes to the river, but he is so stoned that he leans too far and falls into the river. Luckily, a crocodile sees this and swims over to the little lizard and helps him to the side, before asking the lizard "what the hell is wrong with you?" The lizard explains to the crocodile that he was sitting smoking a joint with the koala in the gum tree, got too stoned, then fell into the river while taking a drink. The crocodile replies that he has to check this out, so walks into the rain forest, finds the gum tree where the koala is sitting finishing a joint. He looks up at the koala and shouts "hey koala!" The koala looks down at him and says "fuuuuuk dude! How much water did you drink?!?!"

With those two pages gone, it took two green buttons away from the left-side menu, which made the site look uncomfortably empty, so I needed a replacement of some kind. I was a bit stumped for ideas, and I was actually toying with the idea of giving my profile its own button. Although that was a last resort, because like I've said, the profile doesn't have any real purpose. Anyway, I decided to think on that for a bit. I remembered when I was reading my teach yourself HTML book a little while ago, it was talking about RSS. That's something I've looked into before, without any real joy in understanding precisely what it is and how it works. Even the book refused to demonstrate how it worked claiming it was beyond the standard of this book, instead citing the Wikipedia article on RSS. So I had a look at that, and I still couldn't understand a thing. A little later on, I'm on the BBC website, and I'm sure I've seen the RSS symbol on the website before. I find it, and click through to a help page on RSS. It isn't too helpful, but it does provide me with a link to Feedzilla, which I've never heard of before. Anyway, they provide free widgets that you can put onto your website that display varying topics, so I give it a test to see how it works. Initially I tried to get a feed to BBC content, but I couldn't get that to work, so intead I got a feed working to world news from a variety of sources. News headlines, automatically updated. This was awesome! Some real interactive content that I could put onto my website. I experimented with ways to use this for a while. In the end, I made a page entitled 'What in the world...', and currently have on it, a 2 story deep widget displaying world news headlines, and NFL headlines. These then each link to individual pages, each having 20 stories on, of news headlines, and of NFL headlines. It's freaking awesome. Content regularly updated, as it happens. It gives the website a real live feel! I initially called the page, 'What in the world...' as in, what is going on in the world. But then I realised if I added underneath this, 'The latest news headlines on Jro's World', it was actually a pretty clever headline. Not only did it say What in the world, as in the news, but its also, What in the world, as in, how has such an amateur website got live news on it. It's genius!

Two things I'm thinking with these pages. Firstly, again whilst I was browsing my teach yourself HTML book, I found that it's pretty easy to have a page automatically reload. This isn't necessary for any of my other pages, but now with constantly updating news headlines, I have a reason to use this, so I'll be adding this to these news pages at some point. The other thing I'm thinking, is I might even add live news somewhere on the homepage as well.

Jro's World what in the world page screenshot With this flashy new content, I wanted to get it noticed. And I thought it warranted a button on the top, blue buttons. So that meant I had to re-jig all of the buttons around. At the start of today, all the buttons were as in the videos page screen shot at the top of this blog. Now they're as in this picture. Along with webcam and extras being removed, hostels has moved left one space, forum has moved right two, then headlines has been placed in between these two. The contact page has been moved from the right hand side of the blue buttons, to the bottom of the green ones. That might be easy to say, but it takes ages to actually implement. I finally got round to changing the money saving advice page, to just the money saving page as well. In the end I couldn't be bothered changing all the folder names, and photo paths, so I've left them the same. As long as it all works them I'm happy. I thought I'd been really efficient in making sure that everything on this site was named properly corresponding to the current name of the section it is contained within, but I noticed today, that the forum button is still saved under the name cityreview.png. When I first drew out the layout for this site, I invisioned having a summary of all the places I visited. It was never going to work, but I guess I never got round to changing the name of the button to that page, so I haven't been as efficient as I like to think.

So it's been quite an eventful couple of days in terms of progressing with this website. And wanting to find countless more quotes for the homepage, adding more news feeds than just 'headline news' and 'NFL news', I have more to do there, as well as getting the pages to reload automatically. Having that much content on the news pages, I think I can justify having snippets of news on the homepage, as it would just be a taster of the news, and it would give the site a much more professional look if there was ever changing content on the home page, so I have plenty to keep me occupied with this website over the coming days. I might add some more photos from previous travelling, Canada in 2006/07 for example to the gallery album, so plenty keeping me occupied.

Jro's World Google listing screen shot Keeping with the website a little while longer, there are now 53 pages listed on Google, although at times it thinks it's 65. For some reason, Google has plucked a few random photos from the gallery, and is hosting them. They are mostly listing real pages though, so having 53 pages, maybe more, is a real plus (last time it sometimes said more pages were listed than were actually there, the number went up after a couple of days, so hopefully the same trend will be followed again, and even more pages will soon be listed on Google).

To finally move on from things that aren't about this website: There really hasn't been much time to do much else. There has been some progress regarding work in Canada. I got an email from Nicole, who was the person I had the interview with a while back, and the person I've had all of my contacts with regarding this work. She emailed me asking me to resend my resume, but then said at the bottom of the email, and I quote: "Adam Hopper will be in touch within the week with an offer for either lift operator or F&B." First thing that I though when reading this, was what the fuck is F&B? Typing it into Google, the most likely thing that comes up, is food and beverage. I'd guess working in a cafe or something. I'd prefer an outside job, but not that I'd tell them this, but I'd take a job cleaning toilets. So working in a cafe would be cool. As I said in the last blog, I may have exaggerated somewhat my skiing ability, which is apparently necessary to work the ski-lifts. If I get this offer, then I've already looked up some indoor ski-slopes in this country so I can get some practice before I get out there.

A couple of points to make about this though. Firstly, just because she say he will be in touch with a job offer within the week, I am not taking anything for granted until it is set in stone. The way this Summer has been regarding work, until I have a firm offer on the table, I'm not going to be counting my chickens. It does sound positive, so hopefully. Within a week as well... I hope so, but again, it wouldn't surprise me if it was 4 weeks. I'll wait through next week. If I haven't heard anything, then I'll call them again the week after.

One thing I noticed through all this, was when I emailed her back again, I got an auto response saying that she is out of the office until September 10th. This obviously isn't true because she'd emailed me a few minutes earlier, so maybe during this busy time of year, she really tries to be uncontactable. And maybe she only eventually answered my incesent calling, because I started hassling her colleagues last week as well. Ooops. Maybe not the best way to start a working relationship. At least it shows dedication and persistance, as well as being an annoying little shit.

That really has been me for the past couple of days as sad as it sounds. Pretty much everything that has happened to me, has happened on the computer. That's a little worrying. I did get a bike puncture in the rain and have to walk home. That was pretty exciting. Probably God punishing me for thinking about ways to illegally profit from my bike in the last blog. It only took me about 20 minutes to repair, so it turns out, it wasn't actually too exciting. Next time I write, maybe I'll have a job in Canada. Then again, I doubt it. 10 straight hours of live NFL is looming, so I should make haste.

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