We're sexualising children too early

Sexualising children Possibly my favourite story ever came out yesterday. 5-year olds are going to get taught how to have sex. Like paedophilia isn't enough of a problem already, now teachers won't even have to hide it when they sexually abuse kids. I had to go onto this article in the telegraph to find one of my favourite ever quotes:

"It is important that we as a society allow both better sex and relationship education in education in both primary and secondary schools without sexualising young people too early."
Without sexualising young people too early!!!

Without sexualising young people too early!!!

BAAAHAHAH. I think there's already a law on that Jim. We aren't stictly allowed to sexualise children at all. Or at least until they're 16. And just in case the telegraph moves this article or removes it, I have gone to the liberty of taking a screen shot, and highlighting, that it is important that none of us are sexualising children too early. That's what got Gary Glitter in the shitter.

Look at that guy though. With his weird little paedo beard, and his beady little paedo eyes. He's definitely been sexualising children too early. We're seriously going to teach 5 years old how to have sex. Too many sexy children are already causing a paedophile epidemic in this country. Now 5-year olds are being taught how to fuck. I really don't think this is going to help the problem of sexualising children too early. Baaahahaha. It's not just scout leaders and priests who can get away with sexualising all the children. Now teachers and politicians can do it as well. What a world we live in. They could just solve this problem by reducing the legal sex age, to say, 4. That way all the priests could get off without going to jail afterwards. But with teachers now sexualising all the children; scout leaders and priests have been doing it for years (that's what they took the job for), and politicians condoning it, who in society are we supposed to look up to? At least rapists and garbage men don't sexualise kids yet. They're the new pilars of society.

What a world we live in. Unfortunately not everything can be as entertaining to me as the governments subtle slide toward legalising paedophilia. This is day 3 of the "Jro's not leaving for Canada a fat-shit program." And fuck me. I feel terrible. I'm constantly hungry. I'm light-headed. I'm tired: I was in bed before 10 last night for fucks sake! And at the gym this morning, my god. Everything was a strain. Despite drastically decreasing the weights I'm lifting, every exercise is hard work. Doing squats this morning I almost passed out. Even sitting in the sauna has got harder. This is not fun! But it's not unexpected either. Whenever I've done anything like this in the past, I've got the same symptoms of malnutrition. But then I've always achieved intended results. And very quickly. That is a maximum loss of fat with a minimum loss of muscle. Today is the worst I've felt, but the last 3 days have been a strain. And the negatives aren't only physical. Eating high-protein foods for 5 or 6 meals a day; it isn't cheap. Even if I'm eating Tesco Value meats, it costs a hell of a lot more than Tesco Value pasta. So with all that in mind, I've told myself, that regardless, I will be sticking with this for 1 week. I'll then take an assessment of how things are going on Tuesday night. If I'm seeing the results I want to see, then I'll be carrying no with this. If on the other hand I've somehow gained 50lbs, then I'll make some welcome modifications. A part of me is hoping it's not working so that I can make some changes. But then another part of me is hoping that it is. If all is going as planned, then I will continue as I am doing for a total of 3 weeks. Then the final week will be easing back onto a normal diet. I don't want to suddenly start doing that once I touch-down in Canada because my eating pattern will be all fucked up by the loss of routine. And having a sudden freedom to eat in that situation... well let's just say, I'm pretty sure I'd undo any improvements I make now. So all being well, about another 2 and a ½ weeks of painful fat-loss. Then a transitional week to get me back to normal. I'll make the first assesment of how things are going on Tuesday night.

God Everything for this plan has come at the right time though. I still haven't had the time to fix my bike, so I'm walking everywhere. Which is exactly the exercise I need right now. Plus, something I touched on in the last blog I wrote, I like to climatise my body for the Winter. That is living in shorts and a t-shirt, leaving the heating off, leaving windows contantly open. Letting your body get used to the impending Winter essentially. Well this goes hand in hand with trying to cut fat, because contantly being in an environment colder than your bodies comfort zone means your body has to work to warm you up, speeding up your metabolism. So if I can't make any progress fat-loss wise, it won't be because of the wrong circumstances. I might still be calling God a cunt for giving my bike a puncture. But if he had to do it, he couldn't have picked a better time.

Ok, I'll admit I gave God devil horns. But surely as he owns everything on earth, he was controlling me when I did it, so it's really not my fault.

So that's how one torturous process to improve myself has started. Luckily another is almost at an end. This is day 97 since I last drank alcohol. Come Monday, I have reached my 100! I'm not going to be in the pub Monday morning celebrating or anything like that. In fact I'll probably still not drink until I leave for Canada in 26 days, so most likely it will be a 123+ day detox. But 100 days was the minimum number of days to reach. So although I probably won't drink, it'll no longer be totally forbidden as it has been since I got back from Mexico. Though actually spending money is still forbidden as I attempt to maintain my savings as much as possible, so that pretty much puts paid to any aspirations I had to be in the pub. A pint in my local would cost more than I aim to spend on food everyday. So I won't be getting drunk any time soon.

I tell you though, it's annoying how things pan out. It's Wembley this Sunday for the 2nd London NFL game. I'll probably be seeing a load of people from the football team at uni come down, and I won't even be able to drink. By 1 day! That pointless last night out for a couple of drinks in New York in July, really comes back to haunt me. The last couple of days in Mexico before that, were a couple of pointless quiet nights with a little alcohol as well. Had I not drunk on those days, I could have been back in Hull this weekend for a mini old-boys weekend that's happening. I said 100 days though, so that's what I'll do. It has essentially cost me the opportunity to play one more match though, because there's really no point going up to old-boys and staying sobre. I probably would have gone if I could drink. But I said 100 days, so I'll do 100 days. I sure as hell regret those pointless drinks in Mexico and New York though! They've cost me an old-boys weekend.

You won't see any change yet, but I've been working on a new forum for this website. I've been wrestling with whether or not to keep the forum or not for the past couple of months. And on more than one occasion, I've had "Delete forum" on my list of things to do in a day. But it's somehow escaped. I don't think I have much use for a forum on this website. At least not yet seeing as I receive very few hits. And an empty forum just looks bad. It makes it look as if no one is looking at this website. But at the same time, I want people to be able to express opinions on the website. Further than just a the guestbook, I want people to have the option to discuss things, such as sexualising children for example, if they see fit. I did have a few alternative ideas. Add the JS-Kit to every blog for example, so people can add opinions to the blog. Or publish views in a new page of the website, that people express to me via the contact form. But in the end, after a lot of deciding to get rid of the forum, then to keep it, then to get rid of it etc., I've decided that although it is a bit much, and it may not get used, I'm going to keep it. Now it's been downgraded to a green button, rather than one of the top blue ones, then it's not going to be one of the first port of calls people have on this website. So an empty forum shouldn't be too much of a problem. The forum that is currently there, doesn't really fit in with the theme of this website though. So as of yesterday I've been working on a new one. It's not currently in place, but should be in a day or two. That being said, any comments added to the current forum (yeah right), will soon be removed as the forum is replaced. Once the new one is there (you'll know it's there because it'll be much more in theme with this website; most notably it will be black themed), then feel free to add posts about absolutely anything. I'll probably start a couple of possibly interesting ones, just to get the ball rolling. Though it probably won't work to be fair. Until I start pulicising this site, at least a bit, I can't see the forum will get used. And maybe not even then. But at least everything will be in place. Just to avoid any confusion, this will be the logo once the new forum is added:
Jro's World forum logo

Now if you were reading these blogs right at the beginning; possibly before they were even online (in which case you won't have been), then you might remember I went through a shit-load of hassle to buy a Pacsafe, only for the stupid cow Pacsafe I bought it off, to send me the wrong size. Well ever since then (about 5 or 6 months ago), I have been watching Pacsafe's on eBay, waiting for one to come up that is of an acceptable price to me. Well finally... finally, I won one of them. And they sent me the right size. So after 6 months of trying, I have finally picked up a Pacsafe at an acceptable price to me. It's beautiful! Means I can lock away all my stuff securely once I start travelling. Whether it be when going though baggage handlers, being left alone in hostels, travelling on trains; wherever. Now I can finally rest assured that if someone does steal everything, well they will have had to go to a lot of work. They'll probably deserve it by that point. But seeing as I'll be taking my laptop with me. And my new obscenely expensive camera, this is a very welcome purchase. Bring on the thieves and pikey's!

On the subject of eBay, I've finally... finally got round to listing my ticket to the Eagles @ Seahawks game on Nov 2nd. I'm actually quietly confident on making a profit seeing as I listed it so late. Though the shit exchange rate might put paid to that. I do though fear that this could be my first negative eBay feedback. There are just so many things that could go wrong with this sale. It's been 4 and a ½ years of eBay. I have a feeling this one is going to go bad though. I guess we'll find out. Also on the topic of travel, if you think back about a month or so, to when I booked my flight, you may remember that I wasn't too happy that BUNAC emailed me 2 days later to tell me that, "actually, you can fly to Calgary. Save even going to Vancouver." Great. Now Intrawest, the company I have this job with, are emailing me about the dates of the free buses arranged for people arriving into Calgary. So I literally could have made it all the way to where I'm going, for less than £200. Now though, thanks to the way things panned out, I have to pay about £85 more for my plane ticket, then another $150 or so on buses to get to where I'm going. Thanks a lot BUNAC. It's not like money's important when you're travelling or anything. Ah well. At least I get some time back in Vancouver, the chance to go to another Hawks game, and some time in Whister, so it's not all bad. I wouldn't have chose that option was the choice there though.

Kind of linked to my travel, although not really, it is now only 3 and a ½ weeks until I go. And worryingly, there is still no sign of being able to get my Icesave ISA money back. If that wasn't worrying enough, I found out this morning that talks have now broken off without result (see this article). So the chances of me being able to sort out my finances before I leave, are getting slimmer and slimmer. It's not the end of the world, because the reason I spread my money out among various institutions like I did, was for circumstances exactly like this. So I'm not crippled by the failure of any one bank. But it will be an absolute hassle to have to sort this out from another continent, so I really hope they get on with it. I think I'll end up just setting up another "transfer in" ISA, possibly with Natwest, because as of today, they are offering the best rate, and you'd think they'd be pretty safe. That way, as soon as something finally happens with this money, it should require minimum effort on my part to actually get it transferred. It's a fucking hassle though. What the hell can they have been talking about for this long? They probably all get free 5-star accomodation in Iceland, so were thinking why not drag it out a bit. Play the system. Free hookers at the hotel.

One thing finally, that I just have to ask whilst I have an audience (if anyone is reading this sentence, then it counts as an audience. Shut up), is, does anyone in the world, actually like wine? And I don't mean likes it because it gets you drunk. And I don't mean likes it because that's what you're supposed to say. I mean, does anyone in the world 2 glasses of wine through straws actually like the taste? Because personally, I think it tastes like piss warmed up. And if it tasted that good, then why not drink it out of a big glass? Because I never see anyone drink wine quickly. And for me, if I like a drink and it's in front of me, then I drink it quickly. You'll never see a pint of coke in front of me for very long. But surely the sign of a drink you don't like, is when you have to consume it in small quantities. Because my personal view, is that no one can, really and truly, like the taste of wine. It's disgusting. It is of my opinion in fact, that people just drink it, because 1) It gets you drunk, and 2) It's the "in" thing to drink at restaurants and dinners etc. I was just curious if anyone did actually like the taste. And I don't mean the feeling that drinking the alcohol gave, but actually really and truly liked the taste. Like, if wine didn't have alcohol in, would you still drink it? Because personally, I think beer tastes ok. Not great, but ok. What makes it drinkable ahead of Coke, or Fanta or something like that, is the fact it has alcohol in. You get that chill at the first gulp, and the more you drink, the more fun you become. Would I ever choose to drink non-alcoholic beer though? Not a chance. There's 100 drinks out there that taste better than beer. So I'm just curious if anyone does actually like wine. Would you drink non-alcoholic wine (and don't just say grape juice. They don't taste the same)? Answers on a postcard.

I was curious this week; exactly how much have I written in all these blogs? So I copied and pasted every blog into word (I didn't count each word individually), and currently (not including this blog), I sit at 182,512 words. That's 18 dissertations. All written in about the amount of time it should take to do one. More worrying is, including pictures, these blogs span 398 pages of word. That's a stupid amount! I think maybe I spend too long on here. That doesn't even include the rest of the website. It's just blog entries. If I keep this up through all my travelling, that could reach a million words! That's insane! I think I need to get a hobby. 182,512! That's a lot of words for something I just do for fun in my spare time. Scary. At least I'm not sexualising children mind.

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