Uni's over

Well it's official. Unless I miraculously fail one of my 2 modules that I'm yet to get results for, then my university career, and academic education period, is over. I'm back in London, and Hull is now just a part of the past. Luckily I'll be drunk in Mexico in less than 2 weeks to make it all better. But for now, I'm back in London, where the alcohol is over-priced, and the gym doesn't give you free fruit.

It is like chalk and cheese being back here compared to Hull. They don't even sell Tesco Value foods in my local Tesco's for fucks sake. It's all this expensive pretentious bullshit, that is the exact same food as in Hull. It's just the packets a little more shiny, and it costs twice the price. I challenge anyone to take a blind taste test between Tesco Value beans and Heinz beans. They're exactly the same, it's just that you'll pay out your ass for Heinz. And here, it's the only choice you have. I even bought toothpaste this morning. 86p for the cheapest one for fucks sake. It's no wonder 1 in every 8 pounds spent at the tills in Tesco's is profit. People are paying twice, thrice, even four times what a product should cost, just because it's got a nice colourful label, rather that the dingy ones they use for value products. That's where the difference in the products ends. It's just people down here are too damn pretentious and blind to actually see that. I'd love to see the stat of exactly how much of the money taken at Tesco's tills in this area is profit. It'll probably be something stupid like one in every four pounds with the prices people are paying.

Anyway, it's just after 11:00 that I'm writing this entry. I was up at 07:30 this morning, cycle to the gym, have a workout, cycle back. Later I'm going to cycle to a bigger supermarket, where food is actually cheap, and then back again. And this evening I'll go out for my evening run. Jro get fit is in full effect, and I've only been back about 18 hours. When I was in the gym this morning, I was finally feeling that I was getting to the point where I could actually start considering that I was in a half-decent physical condition. For the first time in over 2 years, I'm getting to the fitness and physique level that I wouldn't laugh at someone else for having. Of course it typically comes at a time when I'm just about to go abroad, drink for 4 weeks and eat fast-food. But it's a start. I'm already resigned to the fact that I'll be ridiculing my reflection once I get back, and that it'll take a good month of hard exercise to get back to where I am. Hopefully I won't find a job, so I can spend the time I actually need exercising.

I'm starting to embrace the challenge of staying in shape once I start travelling. Any time that I've travelled previously, the fact that you're staying moderately active everyday as you strive to experience places as much as you can is something of an irrelevancy. Time is short and fast-food is convenient. You live on absolute crap day after day. McDonalds becomes the norm. In Mexico, I'm somewhat fucked. I can see that I'll go running some mornings along the Acapulco beaches, that kind of thing. But I cannot see that Mexico offers, or that the people I'm travelling with would be willing to eat, really healthy options. But once I'm travelling alone, then it'll be a new challenge. How to travel, on a budget, whilst staying satisfactorally nourished, and not become a fat shit. It'll be interesting. Even when I was in Alaska a few years ago, I would spend the day going up mountains, but the fact that I'd get down and fill up on McDonalds or Subway, negated any real good that I'd done. I do have a few books on fitness and nutrition though. And I think it was in Power Training by Robert Dos Remedios (it might not've been), that he talked about travelling Power Training through Thailand, or somewhere in Asia, and he spoke of going to a kids playground at sunrise, and using the playground equipment to workout, whilst monks were meditating nearby... something along those lines anyway. This is the kind of innovative attitude I need to have when I'm travelling. Not just with exercising, but with nutrition as well. Cheap meals that will last a long journey and be healthy. Something for those long bus journeys, where the lunch stops consist of about 5 different fast-food chains. Protein smoothies are the first thing that springs to mind, but it's not like I'll be carrying a large tub of protein powder around the world with me. I'll come up with something. I always do. I'm starting to see it more as a challenge than a problem now though. Travelling and staying healthy.

Regarding this site, as usual I've managed to make some slight improvements. I now have comment sections after every section on the hostels page. This is using the JS-kit still, but after posting on the forum that they have, I got some advice about the code I needed from the guy behind the JS-kit, who seems to answer your queeries at a scarily fast and frequent pace. He can't have much else to do, but it's a great service. The more I learn about the JS-Kit as a product, the more I'm wowed by it. It's nothing like I've used before in my short web development life, which kind of pushed me away from it a little at first. But now I'm beginning to understand it a little better, it's a hell of a useful tool. This means that the unused hostel section of the forum will be disappearing again when I have a second. What I am starting to realise though, is that this site has a life of its own. It's become my first born child. It's my baby. When I first leant how to make the background black, and got the button links working, it was like it was showing its first signs of life. Like when a baby kicks for the first time, it was really exciting. Now when I get a link to work, it means nothing to me anymore. Just like if I go and kick people for no reason now, they don't seem to think its so amazing. They actually don't like it very much. But everyday, I work on the site. And everyday, I come up with new ideas to make it better. But I have to educate myself in order to implement them, like with the JS-Kit. And what I'm beginning to realise is, my work on this website will never be over. It might mature and only need occasional care, but until it dies, I will have to care for it. I think in website years, its about 4 years old right now. It has developed and can just about stand on its own two feet. But it hasn't been introduced properly to the world yet. It's still clinging close to me. I literally thought when I started making this site, that I'd make it, update it once in a while, and that would be it. But it's like my own child. Sort of.

The other site development in the passed couple of days, is that the site is now listed on Google. Kind of anyway. The 'extras' page is. And only the extras page, which is a little weird. It's the one page I still have that I am considering deleting because I am finding it hard to integrate into the site properly. It just seems out there on its own. But right now, this is the only page listed, so I guess I'll have to leave it. How that has become, I do not know. But it's a bit of a pain. Why is the most insignificant page of the site, the one that is on Google? I'm hoping that the links to the other pages will prompt the Google bot to find the rest of the site (Oh yeah, I've been doing my research into the Google bot). But as yet, nothing. Which I think is probably a good thing seeing as the site isn't really people ready yet.

Anyway, with Mexico approaching, and having only got back yesterday, and needing to exercise etc., I think I should be actually doing something useful. So I'm out.

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