This is Sparta!!!

This is Sparta!!!

That has absolutely nothing to do with this blog. I just thought it was funny.

I can't even remember where I last got to when I last wrote a blog it's been so long since I've had a chance. I'm pretty sure it was before I had a fun shift back at EB Consulting stuffing envelopes, so I guess I'll start there.

There's probably only one thing in the world more boring than stuffing envelopes. That would be writing about stuffing envelopes, or in your case, reading about stuffing envelopes, so I won't spend long on this day. One thing I will say though, is that last time I was writing, I asked God for a favour of either putting me in this room stuffing envelopes with someone who was hot, or someone who was fun. I figure God has the Internet, and it seems he got my message because he came up trumps for me. I was working with a girl, who I went to school with. We were in different years, and I don't think had ever actually spoken, but having gone through the same junior school and secondary school together, it was something to talk about. She'd done a lot of travelling as well, and is moving permanently to the US before long, so we could talk about travel plans. Plus, unlike Radio 4, she was just like me in that she wanted the most money for the least work. We were being paid by the hour, so obviously, the faster we worked, the less we got paid, so it was a nice relaxing day. She was good fun. God didn't quite come up trumps on the 'hot' thing like I asked. But what I will say, is she looked good from the boobs up. And when you're sat at a table putting things in envelopes that's all you can see. So you just let your imagination take care of the rest. So that day was a damn sight better than the day spent with Radio 4. God has semi made amends for collapsing Icesave when I had a load of savings in it, and making Zoom go bust, and creating a recession just as I'm about to travel, and not giving me staff accomodation in Canada... actually, God still has a lot of making up to do. But it's a start.

Speaking of staff accomodation in Canada, I have still made pretty much fuck-all progress of what is now the last major obstacle before going abroad. On the plus side though, I think I previously mentioned that of all the people I'd been stalking on Facebook, the two hottest chics had found a place. Well it appears that fell through. And it also appears that one of them has found this website, so if you're reading this, then "Hey Kirsty. You look good on Facebook." Hopefully though something will come up this week. Though I think I've also said that for the past 3 weeks. One positive is I've noticed that there's a hostel in Invermere, so if it does all go belly-up, at least I'll have somewhere cheap to stay for a bit, so it'll be no big deal arriving in Invermere without accomodation. It'd probably be easier to get something sorted once I arrive anyway. Though I'd still hope to get something sorted soon.

Now one of the reasons that I haven't been able to write a blog for a while, is I went up with my dad to see his mum for the weekend. Fuck me, talk about taking a lion out the wild. Literally anything that I would normally spend my day doing was taken from me. There was no Internet. There was no gym. There was no cable tv, and hence no NFL. I didn't even have my bike. Seriously. How do you live like that? 2 things in the end kept me sane. One is I took my camera up with me, so spent some time testing it and taking pictures. Unfortunately I didn't have it on me for the nice sunset I saw, but still. Taking pictures of random things passed the time. I'll add some of those images in West Kirby Marine lake to the rest of this blog. The other thing I decided to do, was teach myself how to use Windows Movie Maker. It was pretty much the only computer related thing I could do without Internet, and was on my 'to do' list of things before I leave for Canada; basically a list of thing to do or learn, that will potentially help me when I'm travelling. Not having Internet though, I was unable to go online to source images. So instead, I made a completely random, pointless and meaningless video out of images from old blog entries. If that's whet your appetite for this piece of mastery, then it can be found here, in the videos page. And it made me realise something. I have a lot of images of dead people and hot chics in these blog entries. Strange.

So that was how I spent my weekend of fun. I found it a very strange weekend though I have to say. I was reluctant to lose a weekend like this, but my dad guilt-tripped me into going, by saying that this will be my last chance to see my grandmother before I go travelling, and she won't last forever. Reading between the lines, he's saying she'll be dead by the time I get back from travelling. This was, therefore, going up North for a final goodbye. This may well be the last time I ever see her. How weird is that? I have now seen my 90-year old grandmother for the last time ever. I guess that's what happens when you go travelling. People die. Still a strange feeling to be saying goodbye to people for the last time ever... to their face. She didn't know that, but it's still weird.

Looking at Wales over the water If you read these blogs or you know me, then you've probably gathered that I'm not a very emotional person. And I'm also someone very comfortable with the realisation that people die. Getting upset about it isn't going to help, so I'm really not bothered by the situation. But I've never had to say goodbye to someone for the last time, when they're still alive.

I think in all honesty, neither of us were too pleased about being put together this weekend. I was taken out of my element, and she had to accomodate for an extra person in her frail state. And it made me think about the relation between a grandchild and a grandparent. Essentially, the only link that you have is the person in between. Your parent was brought up by the grandparent, and is bringing up the grandchild so feels that by default, you should be close. It just doesn't work though. You weren't brought up by the grandparent. And there's an age gap of nearly 70 years. What the hell have you got in common? You're just kind of forced together by parents whom feel that the two of you should be close, just because they are close to both of you. This was illustrated perfectly this weekend, when the three of us were sat in front of the tv. There was a break in watchable television, so my dad's suggestion that we could turn off the tv and chat for a while. This was greeted with utter silence. My granny's old, so doesn't want the hassle of having to make conversation and think and that kind of thing. And I'm young and anti-social. If there no Internet, no gym and no NFL to keep me occupied, then I'd rather watch Gardeners World than make conversation. We're just at that age in evolution. Talking is a thing of the past. If you need to contact me, now it's probably easier to send me an email that have a conversation. It was quite funny. That could very realistically though, be the last time I ever see that grandparent. Strange feeling. She's old and I plan travelling for the next 5 years. It was literally a final goodbye.

Having a full weekend without a gym, and having to eat meals with other people and live on service station food, I have had one damn unhealthy weekend. And I can see it on me in the mirror. But on the plus side, it's prompted me to take action. One thing I've been saying for a while, is I want to leave to travel in the best shape I've ever been in. It probably won't last long, but I want to be toned as possible when I leave. Now since I read that abs book I was talking about a while ago, my diet has been shit. That book had quite the reverse effect it was supposed to. I've still been working out, so I haven't got to a point of morbid obesity, but I'm still carrying more fat than I want or need. To make sure that I leave in good shape, this weekend prompted me to name the date that my diet and exercise will swing dramatically to get me into the best shape for when I leave. In my experience, if you just say you're going to do something like this "soon," then you never will. So you need to name a date. For me, 22nd October, 4 weeks before I depart, it's time to get in shape. I don't mind eating the crap I have been lately because I've been gaining the corresponding muscle for the extra calories I've been consuming. But I've also put on a fair bit of fat. So October 22nd; which has actually been written in my Filofax, is the day for me. If you're thinking "well why the hell don't you just start now?" then good question. I may be health conscious, but I'm also tight. And if I changed my diet now, all the not so healthy food I've paid for would go to waste, so instead I now have 9 days to finish it all off, before healthy time will be here.

It will, in sorts, be the last stage of a life chapter. You know, how people arrange their lives into chapters. Normally being something like education, work, retire, die. Something along those lines. I stage my life more on my mental state though. This current chapter, is the exercise-mad, physique conscious chapter. Ever since I was a fat teenager who quit smoking and started going out running, my physical appearance and my overall health were important to me. Then when I started getting to the gym regularly, for the past 4 or 5 years, it has pretty much been my sole focus. Even during my degree, ensuring I had enough exercise was as important as meeting assignment deadlines. I'm sure those things will remain important to me, but as soon as I step on that plane on November 19th, I see it as the start of the next chapter of my life. Survival. I'll be out on my own for the next few years, so maintaining my money will become my focus. It's not like I'm not tight now, but could I have worked considerably more this Summer? Of course I could. It's just that for me now, money isn't the be all and end all. I think it will be come November 19th. And when travelling, you have more ambition than to just see the inside of a gym, so I really feel that I'm going to be entering a new phase of my life. Looking back, I'd say that it's the fourth phase. The fourth chapter of my life.

Now I said I didn't have Internet, that was a lie. I did manage 30 mins free in the local library over the weekend, because I needed to check up on some things. And seeing as I was on a different computer in a different geographic region, I may as well click on a few ads on this website, just to make a couple of pennies. Such was the state of the computers that I was using, the ads at the side of the page didn't show up. What did show up however, was the search box, so I clicked on 3 of the sponsored links that showed up. I was thinking 3 clicks, what will that be worth? Probably 2¢ or 3¢? I got a shock when I looked at my Adsense. Those 3 clicks were worth 89¢ to me!!! I am in the fucking money all over again. And it was free Internet at the library, so by going to the library, I actually made a profit of 89¢! How awesome is that. I had no idea one click would be worth so much. Mainly because no one currently click on the adverts that I have, but still. I'll probably go into 100 Internet cafes over the next 5 years. I could make $100. Awesome! I just hope Google don't read this blog.

Oh and I also lied when I said that the weekend hadn't been eventful. I saw that nob Jason McAteer walking along the promenade. So that was exciting.

Treasury statement on Landsbanki, Icesave and Heritable Now I still haven't been able to access the money that I have held with Icesave. However, a statement from the treasury assures me that my money is safe and that "no retail depositor will lose any money as a result of the closure of Icesave." So that's good to know. I still can't actually get to my money though. My money can be as safe as it wants to be. If I can't actually access it though, it may as well have all been lost. There has at least been an update to the Icesave homepage today. I still can't get to my money, but it's a start. As long as I'm able to get this all sorted before I leave for Canada, then I don't really mind.

In the past I've not been one to hide my distain for this government. This isn't one of those times however. In fact with this government, this is one of the rare occasions that I must praise the Brown government for the way it has handled this situation. Compared to other national bodies, the government have been keen to act. They've been taking initiative and they're making hard decisions in order to get us out of the shit-heap we're currently in. It's too early to say if it'll work, but for a rare instance, I am praising Brown on the way he's handled this crisis.

Update on the status of Icesave Unfortunately for Brown though, this was a week in which decisions that the govenment made which recieved much less publicicty, have gone to damage Brown to the same extent that his handling of the financial crisis commended him. The main decision I am speaking of, is that to expand Stansted airport. It's easy for anyone to preach when things are going well. But it is in times of hardship, you can truly gain a grasp of someones motives. During time of economic prosperity, Brown liked to preach about how green he was, and how much he cared for the environment. Yet as soon as the economic climate demanded it, he threw away these premonitions, and was all about the economy, essentially proving that his care for the environment really only extended to what the environment could do for him: Win him votes. The government has approved the opening of new coal-fired power-stations. And it has now approved the expansion of Stansted airport. This is a man who has demonstrated to me, that the only political issues that he cares about, are the ones that can keep him in power.

Bearing in mind how important I view environmental issues to be for the habitable future of this planet: The very existence of manking on earth, then to me this is a fatal flaw in Brown that is not mirrored in David Cameron. Despite all the financial problems currently happening, Cameron has stood by his morals and continued to preach of the importance of environmental policies. He has the long-term view to see the importance of environmental issues. Something that Brown is evidently showing to lack. And if this wasn't enough to offset the positives Brown had accrued in his handling of this financial issue, one thing that sticks in my mind, is that a world in recession, is a world that uses less energy. Brown's policies may be just what we need to emerge from this financial crisis, but in the long-term, will it be better for us to do so? The prosperity of recent years has made people weak, and it's made people lazy. They turn on the heating for a gust of wind, and they drive to the shops a 10 minute walk away. This financial crisis was going to, and still may, leave people in financial ruin. And in times of hardship, people will only use the resources that are essential for them. Put simply, a recession means less energy would be used. It would allow people to realise that they can walk to the shops still. And they can survive without heating. So although I commend Brown on his policies to get us out of this crisis, I'm really not sure that in the very long-term, it will actually be beneficial. We may be able to live more comfortably for the next few years. But once the effects of increased carbon levels are realised, will we really be living more comfortably?

I liken the whole environmental problem, with telling a child not to eat candy. Just like people are repeatedly told of the consequences of poor energy efficiency, a child is repeatedly told of the negative effects of eating candy. Yet both consumptions continue. And the child will continue to eat candy, and will continue to get fat, until one day the child becomes a horny teenager. But he's too fat to get laid and is too lazy to get thin, so at age 17, hangs himself and dies a virgin. People are constantly told of the dangers of using too much energy. Yet like the child, they continue to do so. And they will continue to do so, driving to the shops ½ a mile away. Watching 60" plasma tv's. Until one day, people will eventually realise. They will realise that the floodings have become so bad. That the weather has become so unpredictable, that all of a sudden, they don't want to have used all this energy anymore. But like the child, it is too late to do anything about it. And they will long for another opportunity to make things right, but like the child found, it's too late to make a change. And then we'll all die because the earth is no longer habitable.

What people seem to fail to realise, is there is not a carbon switch. A tap that can suddenly be turned of to reduce carbon levels. Once we've built these inefficent power stations for example, we cannot suddenly switch at the drop of a hat. It takes years to build a replacement. So with the government approving coal-fired power stations, and approving expansion of Stansted, they are just like the fat child who liked candy. They are just thinking for the short-term. Thinking about getting reelected. And this is why Brown must not win at the next election.

Cameron mentioned Thatcher in a speech he made recently. Thatcher might have been unpopular, but people often fail to appreciate that she made the necessary decisions for the future of this country, regardless of the support they received. That paved the way for future governments to not have to make those tough decisions. And for years, we've had leaders who just did what was necessary to get reelected. Brown is a prime example of this. But once again we are at a time where we need a leader who is willing to make the tough decisions, regardless of the popularity. Only this time, the environment is the area of concern. Brown has proved to me an inability to be willing to make these decisions, and will just do whatever is necessary to get reelected. At least throughout all this turmoil of recent weeks, Cameron has retained his integrity, and however unpopular, has stood by his principles. I never thought I'd live to support a tory government. But the bottom line, is that of the two candidates to win the next election, one has the integrity to make the necessary decision, and one doesn't. Cameron essentially got laughed at when he suggested high-speed rail instead of another runway at Heathrow. But he stood by his decision. No one will be laughing if expansions such as this continue, because, well we won't like the world that we live in. But the kid with the chocolate doesn't want to sit on a train. He wants to fly on a plane. So fly on a plane he will, not noticing the consequences that will follow.

Looking over the water at Wales That's my environmental rant over for this blog. I will stick with politics for a moment longer though. And if it's not Brown I've raving at, then you can guess it's Palin. If it wasn't bad enough she's one of the few people on the planet dumber than Bush, she's now proven to be corrupt, having been found guilty of an abuse of power. I really don't know whether to view this as sign that Obama will win the election, or just an opportunity for the American people to once again demonstrate their plain stupidity, and actually vote in Palin. It's just given them even more scope than they had before, to show their ignorance and actually vote for Palin. This latest issue is literally giving them an even bigger opportunity to go down even further in the world's opinion. So I pray that they aren't quite as dumb as I give them credit for. And I would now hope that Obama would get the victory. But I have to make the point, if even one state voted republican at the next election, what would that say about America? I'm watching this with great anticipation. In just 22 days, the American people once again get the opportunity to show to the rest of the world, just how mindnumbingly dumb they are. Bring it on.

There are a couple of minor site updates to report on today. I've been having trouble with McAfee Virusscan, getting some error whenever I tried to update it. In the end it turns out I couldn't fix it, so instead have installed AVG onto my laptop. This then prompted me to add AVG to the downloads page. What I found funny about this whole McAfee process, was you'd think that McAfee, being developers of virus protection, would have a solid IT knowledge. I loved it therefore, how there whole screening process to download product updates and upgrades, was to just ask people first. I was hoping that if I downloaded a certain file (I read it on a forum), it would fix my virus scan. But this file was only for people who had paid for a technical support agreement. They didn't feel the need to add any security to this though. They just put a little note, saying to please not download the file that could make my computer run better and get my virus scan working again. I guess they must really trust the integrity of the general public if that works. Needless to say, I ignored their warning.

I've also now added some more quotes to the quotes that appear on the homepage. I'm struggling a little to find good ones, but I've put a few more on to give people a little more variety. And I've added an 'Others' Photos' subalbum to the Mexico 2008 photo album. This is a selection of the pictures I got from other people. Essentially just the pictures with me in, or when some of the girls are looking hot. It's pretty much all anyone will want to see I think. And one other thing that I was able to do over the weekend without Internet, is reconfigure the style-sheet for this website. You won't notice any difference in the appearance of the website, but it might make my life a little easier in the future when I want to make site changes.

That's me done for today, apart from to say one thing. This is day 86 of sobre now. Just 2 more weeks, one fortnight, until I've been 100 days without alcohol! I don't like to brag, but I'm amazing. Nothing to this magnitude has ever been accomplished before. Just 2 more weeks!

Happy thanksgiving to anyone reading this in Canada!!! (I just noticed)

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