This is London!!!

So when I last wrote a blog three days ago, I was saying how intent I was to get some decent pictures of a damn sunset, because whenever I was privvy to a decent one, I never seemed to have my camera on me. Well no sooner had I submitted that blog on thursday, and the sun started to go down. So once again, my poor little legs had to cycle all the way up Richmond Hill in the hope that there were some nice shots. Batman had the Batmobile. Superman could fly. Jro the sunset chaser has a fucking bicycle. Suck on that.

I actually got some pretty decent shots, so I'll put a few in here. As Rocky would say, "the beast is out now." Well it's not completely out. I'm still pissed off at the amount of times I haven't had my camera on me. But I was pretty happy with some of these photos.

And you know something (and I'm not even joking when I say this): I never knew how quickly the sun moved! You always think it goes slowly. But when I was up Richmond Hill, trying to take the perfect shots, and faffing around with camera settings, in just a few seconds, the sun would move. There was one shot, when the top of the sun was just peeking up over the horizon. But it moved too quickly for me. In the 10 seconds it took me to get my tripod set perfectly and change a couple of settings, it had gone. I never normally think of the sun as a fast moving object. But when you need it to sit still, then it makes you realise: It moves pretty damn fast!!!

Anyway, here's my favourite shots. I'm thinking of setting up a 'miscellaneous others' photo album for random pictures I want to show. So if I ever get round to that, then the rest might end up in there.

Sunset from Richmond Hill
Sunset from Richmond Hill
Sunset from Richmond Hill
Sunset from Richmond Hill
Sunset from Richmond Hill
Sunset from Richmond Hill
Sunset from Richmond Hill

That though, doesn't explain why I've named this blog "This is London." Well come Friday, I was taking a day off the gym. I wake up Friday morning and the sun's out. So laying in bed, I'm thinking "what can I do for exercise today?" So before getting out of bed, I decide to do one of the things that I've been saying I'm going to do for ages, but doubted that I actually would do. I was going to walk into London and back. Why? I'm not too sure. I guess for a couple of reasons. 1, I wanted some low intensity exercise on my off-day from the gym today. 2, I wanted to test out my camera on things other than sunsets and deer. And 3, just because I've never done it before. I've lived in Twickenham my whole life. Yet to me, London has always been something that's a train journey away. And it's hard to get a grasp of how far something actually is when you're sat on a train, or on a bus, or in a car. So I figured what the fuck? I may as well walk it.

If you were reading these blogs a while ago, you'll know that this idea first came into my head when I came across a plaque in Richmond Park that said "St. Paul's Cathedral, 10 miles." Looking back, I mention it in the blog I wrote on the 25th September. I've lived in London (Twicknham), my whole life. Yet I've never been to Buckingham palace. I've never been to St. Paul's Cathedral. I've never really been to any of the major landmarks. And if I have, its just been because they were on my way somewhere, rather than to actually look at them. So I wanted to go into London. I wanted some exercise for the day. And I'm too tight to pay the extortionate prices of public transport in London nowadays. So that was that.

I didn't have any maps to hand, so I printed 3 pages off Google. You know you'd think that there would be a printable map of London on the Internet, that has all the landmarks marked on it. Well I couldn't find one. So instead I printed off a map, and had to manually mark, with a pen, the 11 landmarks that I wanted to encounter during the day:

  1. The London eye
  2. Big Ben
  3. St. Paul's Cathedral
  4. London Bridge
  5. Buckingham Palace
  6. Piccadilly Circus
  7. Tower Bridge
  8. Westminster Abbey
  9. Trafalgar Square
  10. Leicester Square
  11. Downing Street

So after a couple of fried eggs on toast, and printing off my maps. Bam! I was out the door. I don't feel my body has climatised enough to the impending Winter yet, so I also had the bright idea of doing this whole day in a t-shirt and shorts, which made it fresh.

My route took me through Richmond Park. And possibly my favourite moment of the day came here. You know how some kids, like aged 6 or 7, are just arrogant and attention seeking. Well there was this one kid walking through the park with his 2 mums (don't ask), showing off, acting like a nob. When this huge dog just ran straght over him. Put him flat on his face. Oh it was brilliant. I couldn't help but point and laugh. Then walk away quickly. It was so funny though! That kid got owned!!!

After Richmond Park, my route took me through Roehampton. And I coincidentally passed The Priory hospital. That place where all the mental celebrities are always hanging out. Well I never knew exactly where that was until I stumbled across it walking into London. I also stumbled across Stamford Bridge football stadium, and Battersea Powerstation, completely by accident. And even one of the bookshops I had been looking at online when I was looking at selling my university books. It's weird when something you've only ever encountered on the Internet, is suddenly right in front of you.

Walking through Chelsea though: Fuck me!!! What a horrible area. It was the only area I went through this whole day that I actually disliked, but fuck me. What a pretentious, horrible place to be. The people here, simply personify everything that I stand against. Just stuck-up, over-priced shops. Mutton dressed as lamb, every single one of them. I think the biggest decision anyone there would have to face in a day, is cappucino or latte. It was a really horrible place. The kind of place that would stick its nose up at the rest of the world. People who do nothing but shop all day, but still think they're better than everyone else. What a fucking shit-hole! In my army shorts and t-shirt, I wasn't even good enough for them to shake a charity bucket at. A good call seeing as I was too tight to pay the train fare to London, but still.

And speaking of coffee, my God is there anything more unattractive? Ever since I quit smoking, the smell of smoking, the taste of it, even the sight of it just repulses me. There is pretty much nothing a girl can do to appear more unattractive to me, than smoke. Coming in second place though, coffee has a similar effect. I'm speaking disparagingly of pretty much all my friends and family when I say this, but hell, it's the way I feel. If you need a coffee, a shot of caffeine to function daily, to get out of bed, and to live your life, then what does that say about you? I enjoy life. Everyday I get up, with energy, wanting to live, because I enjoy life. If you get to the point in life where you need Spare change towards weed and starbucks caffeine to motivate you to live, what does that say about your life? If your life is so empty you need drugs to get out of bed in the morning, then what does that say about you? Do you not think that you should change your life somewhat? Live a life where you don't need pick-me-up drugs, just to have the motivation to go about your daily business? I'm sure I'll offend a lot of people by saying that, but it's the way I feel. To me, when I see someone carrying their little Starbucks cup with them, it's a badge of how dull their life is. It's a symbol of how much they don't want to be living their day. That's why it's so unnattractive to me. That and the fact it tastes like piss. But I just see a majority of people, everyday needing caffeine just to gain the motivation to live their daily life. Surely that should ring the alarm bells that you aren't happy with life. The fact you need drugs to get up, really should flick a switch somewhere.

Pretty much everyone in Chelsea was carrying a coffee.

On the way home walking through Chelsea, I went into McDonald's for a piss. They even had a large plasma TV and leather sofas. In a McDonalds for fucks sake. What are people in Chelsea too good to eat a McDonalds on a normal seat? Fucking pretentious bastards.

My map wasn't especially detailed after Chelsea. Luckily, nearly 3 hours to the minute since I left home, I stumbled across Buckingham Palace. That was where I'd been aiming, but the map had become somewhat obsolete because I was too tight to pay for the ink and paper to print off a more detailed map from Google. It only took me 3 hours though, to walk to Buckinham Palace. I would have thought it would take loads longer. I guess Central London isn't as far from where I live as I've always assumed.

Buckingham Palace guard
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

From there I walked down what I've since found out to be The Mall, where I came across those guards you always see on TV that aren't allowed to move so get harrassed by random people:

A guard on The Mall in London
A guard on the Mall in London
Looking at Buckingham Palace from The Mall
The Mall
The Mall arch

Which led me, firstly into Trafalgar Square...

Admiral Nelson, Nelson's column, Trafalgar square, Nelson with a seagull
	on his head
Admiral Nelson, Nelson's column, Trafalgar square

... Then to Piccadilly Circus...

Piccadilly Circus

... And after a bit of searching, to Leicester Square, coincidentally via Tiger Tiger, that bar that Muslim extremists apparently tried to blow-up not too long ago.

Tiger Tiger
Leicester Square

Next on my list was St.Paul's Cathedral, which according to my home-made map, was a bit of a distance. So I decided to walk along the embankment, which gave me some pretty good views looking back at the London Eye and the houses of Parliament. I was having a good day; I was actually enjoying London. And I remember thinking at this point: Fuck me, London is so much better than New York. I know I might be biased, but it is just a much nicer city. The people are nicer, the landmarks are nicer. And you just feel it has culture. You know when walking down a little side-street, that this road was probably built so that people could get their horse and carriage from one place to another. In New York it's just an ugly concrete grid. I really don't know why people get such a boner for New York.

The London Eye from the Embankment
The London Eye and houses of Parliament from the Embankment
The view from the Embankment

One thing that I was surprised about when I got to St.Paul's Cathedral: They charge people to get in. There are signs in the entrance banging on about how you can't take pictures of videos because this is a house of prayer. Then underneath, entry fee £10. They're literally using religion just to profit. Just like scientology. I'm no religious expert, and if you read these blogs then you know I don't hold religion in the highest regard, but I'm pretty sure it'd piss God off somewhat, if people had to pay to worship him! Paying to get into a damn church!!! What the fuck is that all about?

St.Paul's Cathedral
St.Paul's Cathedral roof
St.Paul's Cathedral

From St.Paul's I was back by the river again. I stumbled across the Millenium Bridge and the Tate Modern...

Millenium Bridge and Tate Modern

... before getting to the next landmark on my list: London Bridge. What a fucking let down! "London Bridge is falling down, falling down falling down..." It even has it's own song about it. What a shit bridge it turned out to be!

London Bridge
London Bridge

Luckily, next on my list was Tower Bridge. This turned out to be a much better bridge than the shit London Bridge one. The short journey between these two landmarks also took me past the Tower of London, and some oversized ship sitting on the Thames:

Tower Bridge
Tower of London
Tower Bridge London
Tower Bridge London

And thanks to my 18× zoom, I could also get a decent shot of Canary Wharf from Tower Bridge:

Canary Wharf from Tower Bridge

You know on a map, London really doesn't look too big, but it was only at this point, once I'd crossed Tower Bridge, that I started heading back towards Twickenham. Everywhere I'd been this whole day up until this point, was always moving further and further away from where I was ultimately going to end up. The next stop on my list was to get to the London Eye. I'd seen it loads throughout the day so far, but hadn't actually been to it yet. On the way, not too far from Tower Bridge, I got in a decent shot of the Gerkin, one of those pointless architectural visions:

The Gerkin, London

The best thing about being at the London Eye, was all the street performers there. I was so impressed with a couple of Asian guys and their soccer skills, that I even took a couple of videos, made them into one video using Windows Movie Maker, encoded them so that they played well online, and published them on this website. They can be found here, in the videos page. Among other things, there was also a man without a head.

Man without head at the London Eye
London Eye
London Eye

From the London Eye, it was only a short walk over a bridge to be at Big Ben and the houses of Parliament...

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
Big Ben

I had absolutely no idea what the time was by this point, but it was starting to get late. Luckily, Westminster Abbey was right around the corner, so I didn't have to go far off course to get a quick picture of that, and a picture of an angry looking Winston Churchill...

Westminster Abbey
Winston Churchill in Westminster

... before I was making the short walk to the 11th of my 11 lanmarks to see, Downing Street. That was pretty shit as well. You can't even see any of Downing Street, so I just got a quick picture of the road sign before starting the 3 hour walk home.

Downing Street sign

I managed to start off the walk back by getting mildly lost. But then for the second time of the day, I stumbled across Buckingham Palace. And from there I knew my way back. Back through the pretentious Chelsea. Back through Roehampton. By the time I got back to Richmond Park, it was pitch-black. The sun had completely gone down and the park was closed. I didn't know of any other way back home though, so it was lucky that they'd left one of the gates unlocked. A couple of the cars were leaving the park, so whilst the gate was open, me and someone on a bike darted through going the other way.

In the darkness you could just about make out the path that goes around the outside of the park, so I was following that. I'd cut across the grass on the way into London in the morning, but in this light, that was defintiely out this time around. It was dead at this time of night though. And still in my shorts and t-shirt in the October cold, it was very refreshing. There was too, a picturesque moon, but I couldn't be bothered getting my tripod out to get a decent picture of it. I'd never been in the park when it was this quiet before. There were deer moaning nearby, but there was next to no other human activity. It was so quiet in fact, that when I needed to pee, I didn't even bother finding a tree. In fact I didn't even bother to stop walking. I just turned around, walked backwards, and peed as I was going. Which I did regret, because pee-walking inevitably leads to some splash, and I was in shorts. But at least now I can say I've pee-walked. There were times during this part of the journey that I had a choice. Either I stay on the path I can see, but have to go through tree-covered areas of the park, making it virtually pitch-black. Or cut across rougher terrain, not being able to see where I was stepping. I ended up going with the trees. You could just about make out the path still in the pitch black, but you couldn't see more than that. Then you'd see something moving in the trees, and after looking at it for a bit to get focus, you realise you're walking about 5 yards away from a deer that's standing there. It was pretty cool. I did actually pass one other person out walking in the end. Some crazy bastard decided to take his dogs for a walk in the pitch black. It was so dark that I would never have been able to recognise this guys face. When we walked passed each other, there was still an "evening." "Hi, how're you?" Which seemed a little strange seeing as I'll never know who that actually was, or ever see his face. I was probably only walking through the park for about half an hour. And luckily the pedestrian gate at the Richmond side of the park had been left unlocked, so I could get out without having to scale a large fence.

Finally, I got home at about 20:10. I'd left home before 10am that morning. And I'd only been off my feet for about 10 minutes, on the way home to get a sandwich. So essentially I'd been walking for over 10 hours, almost non-stop. By my calulations, I recon I covered about 30 miles throughout the course of the day. 3 hours into London, 3 hours back, and then 4 hours to scale my 11 landmarks, I recon I must have covered 30+ miles, which I think for me must be close to a record for one days walking, as pathetic as that sounds. One of the things I wanted to do before I left for Canada was now done. I'd had to opportunity to test out my camera on landmarks, and I'd got a bit of exercise for the day. I'd say it was a pretty successful day overall. I actually enjoyed seeing so much of London that I'd never bothered to actually see before. Despite living here my whole life.

The next day was the Arsenal - Everton game I mentioned in the previous blog. My first time to Emirates Stadium, which was cool. Anytime I'd been up to Hull, or back, to go to uni over the past 4 years, I'd gone right past seeing Leon Osman vs Arsenal the stadium being built. So it was good to finally get inside. It was an impressive structure as well. Over 60,000 people went to the game I think. If I remember right, it's more than 12 months since I was last at an Everton game. And without wanting to sound too negative, we never really stood a chance in this one. So confident was I in fact that we were going to lose, I had Adebayor, the Arsenal striker, as my fantasy football captain. He didn't fucking score, but 3 other Arsenal players did as we lost 3-1. We went ahead early in the game though, and held that lead until the start of the second half. I just wish I could have frozen that moment. To have maybe 40 minutes of winning football: It was worth the price of the ticket (even if I didn't pay for it). Though in the second half, things turned ugly. Off the pitch as well. There was some degree of crowd trouble. For the first time in as long as I can remember in a game I was at, police and stewards were using truncheons on a small number of fans, things got so rowdy. And there was this weird little midget guy who kept on appearing near me. I was in row 2, so right by the pitch (I almost wish I'd taken my camera the view was so good). These drunk young guys, who we'd seen before the game, had some horse mask with them. This mental midget would just randomly shout random swear words and obscenities at the pitch: "Bastards! Bastards! Kill, kill, kill!!!" he would shout. These drunk younger guys managed to get this horse mask onto the mental midget. This was right next to me. This horse was just stood there shouting "Bastards! Bastards!" in his weird little midget voice. It was one of the funniest things I've seen. A midget in a horse mask seemingly having very loud turrets. Worth the price of admission or what? Like I said, we went on to lose the game, but it was an entertaining match. In the first-half because of what was happening on the pitch. Then in the second because of what was happening off it.

Jro's World homepage screen shot Since I last wrote, I finally got round to making some appearance changes to the hompage of this site. The text I'd written didn't seem to really make sense anymore, since I'd added in the slideshow. And reading over it, it was just a load of waffle that no one would ever actaully read. So my homepage text has gone from this 9 lines of waffle, simply to "Jro's World is a collection of travel blogs, photos, videos and other information from my world travelling." Short and sweet. Something people can just glance and get a feel for what this website is, rather than having to read some irrelevant speel. That left me some space, so I added a framed portrait of me to the homepage. The same picture that used to be there before the slideshow. Then to give it a bit of life, I added an inverted copy of the same picture that appears whenever anyone rolls a mouse over. In the 9 lines of speel that I'd deleted, I had though pushed anyone unfortunate enough to read it, towards the travel blog, citing it as the most important part of the website. With that gone, I wanted another way to funnel people in this direction, so I added an extra "Travel Blog" button to the homepage. In the main of the page, rather than on the side with all the Jro's World homepage screen shot other buttons. And this one I made look like it had been written in blood. Why? I have no idea. I just did. That button also changes when moused over.

Now I don't want to sound arrogant, but I think the homepage looks really good now. Maybe a little too much space next to the picture of me, but other than that, I think it looks really good. Everything in the main <div> tag anyway (that's everything on the orange). And in comparison, now I'm looking at the rest of the website, thinking fuck! I designed this website months ago. It was late January/early February, that I sat down at my laptop. I took a piece of paper, and drew out with a biro, how I wanted this site to look. I then figured out a way to make it happen. And at the time I was really chuffed with the results. But I've been working on this website for months, improving my knowledge of building websites as I go. And damn, now I have a slideshow. I have a webcam. I have randomised, flashing text (in Firefox), all on the homepage. The only problem with that, is that the rest of the site doesn't really measure up to what I have the ability to now produce. Back in February, when I'd just finished my teach yourself HTML book, all I had in my head were the very basics of web design. Now I only ever use the book as a rare reference. I can style pages with CSS, I can create tables, I can do all sorts of things, just as easily as I'd sit down and type a word document. And to be quite honest, I don't really feel that the rest of the site really reflects that. The problem I have though, is time. I fly out to Canada in just over 4 weeks. In fact thinking about it, it's one month today. And I have a hell of a lot to do in that time. Do I have the time to redesign and rewrite this whole website before then? It's possible, but I don't know. But I just look at that main <div> tag on the homepage. And although it's a little empty, I now have the capabilities to design a site that looks much better than this one currently does. If I'm honest, I don't think I'll have a chance to redesign things before I leave. But it's tempting. Even just reconfiguring all the buttons. The new travel blog button I've added to the homepage looks way better than all the others that I use. Although it would be time consuming, it's feesible I could be able to redo the look of this whole site. Ah well. I doubt I'll have the time. On the plus side, I guess if you could name any page on your website to look the best, then you want it to be the homepage: The first thing that people see. If I was sitting here banging on about how much better than the rest of the site the contact page looked, then it might be a completely different story!

Another minor change that some, but not many people may have noticed, is that the picture upon which the slideshow is placed has now changed. What I mean is, on Internet Explorer for example, sometimes you have to enable active X controls or something like that. Well if you don't enable them, then the slideshow doesn't play, and another image is shown. Before, I'd never bothered changing that image from the picture of me that was on the homepage at the beginning. But seeing as I have that picture now just below that point, it would look egotistical, even by my standards to have 2 portraits of me visible as the homepage loads. So instead, now if you don't enable the slideshow, the picture of the South Sawyer Glacier in Alaska (with caption), is now shown instead.

Another Internet Explorer problem that I've been having, is that embedded videos don't seem to play in Internet Explorer, so I asked on the forums what exactly I was doing wrong. Someone then responded by telling me they'd tested the website on both Internet Explorer 6 and 7, and they worked fine. So on the plus side, it means that all the code I've written is correct. On the downside, I have no idea what's wrong with my Internet Explorer. For some reason it is just mine that doesn't want to play videos. But if everyone else can see the videos in IE, then I suppose I'm happy. If anyone else has any problems regarding playing video content, if they could use the contact form to let me know, then that'd be appreciated.

And speaking of videos, I have (once again), reencoded most of the videos on this website, so they should now play a little better. If not better, then they should play within the browser at twice the size they were before. Again, if anyone has any problems viewing these videos, if you could let me know, that would be great.

I've also had an idea to promote this website. Two of my videos (the football skills one I took in London, and the one I made when I had no Internet), end with "" being displayed. So why not, therefore, put these videos onto sites like youtube and Anyone who watched them would then see the site URL. Now I have no idea why anyone would want to watch these videos. But then, I have no idea how the minds of most of the freaks on the Internet actually work. That guy lip-sinking to that mya-hee, mya-hoo, mya-haa, mya-haha, got millions of hits. And I never wanted to, and would never want to see that again. So seeing as I think these videos are rubbish, maybe they'll get millions of views, and this site will get a shit-load of hits because of it. I doubt it, but you never know. Putting these videos on youtube might point one or two people in this direction. So that is my next great promotion idea.

Now I suppose seeing as this is a travel blog, I should mention my travelling. Well first off I'd like to congratulate Nationwide on sending me the replacement credit card I asked for, in just 2 days. Great speed. The problem is, I ordered a replacement, so I'd get a new expiry date and the card would last for a few years. They've sent me a card with the exact same expiry for fucks sake. So I have this shiny new card, that will expire a few months after I leave to travel. Thanks a lot Nationwide. Speaking of banking, I'm supposedly going to find out next week how to claim my money back from Icesave. But seeing as officials are banging on about how they're doing all they can to make it as quick as possible to claim our money back from Icesave, they're taking a hell of a long time about it. It would have almost been quicker to just go through the slow channels.

Then with Canada accomodation, a few more people have suddently appeared on the scene looking for places to live, including 3 H.O.T. hot chics. One's is even called Serenity. It's lucky she's hot with a name like that. An ugly chic called Serenity just wouldn't work. I was speaking to an Aussie guy earlier today on MSN who's found a house. Somehow I've ended up agreeing to call them tomorrow, but if that comes to anything, it will be a 4-bed place. Us two, and then 2 others. Hopefully 2 hot chics. He insinuated earlier he wouldn't want to live with girls, which is strange. His Facebook profile say interested in women, but I'm not so sure. And even if he is gay, it's still good to have at least one girl in the house. Otherwise who's going to do the cleaning? I'm sure I'd be able to persuade him it's in our interest. I doubt it'll matter too much to be honest. This place that I'm calling tomorrow is available now. Neither of us are arriving until late November/early December, so I'd doubt they'd be willing to keep the house vacant for another month. And I'm certainly not paying a months extra rent. I'd consider 2 weeks, but a month! No.

Just before I finish, I have opinions on the latest news as normal. First off, I want to commend the government on their insistance that Britain will remain focused on reaching their climate change targets. As I've suspected in the past, the government clearly reads these blogs, and they have obviously reacted to the concerns I voiced last time out. However I have 2 points about this. Firstly, at the same time as the government is saying all of this, Gordon Brown is calling for a drop in petrol prices. Slightly counter-productive to say the least. And secondly, these targets are to be achieved by 2050. But Brown won't be in power in 2050. Most likely he'll be dead. So under what circumstances would the government actually say that they weren't intending to achieve these targets? To say this will win them voters. But it's like having a bet with someone, saying "I bet you you'll die before me." It's an unanswerable claim. So although I commend the government if they act on what they say, calling for a drop in petrol prices at the same time leaves me with doubt in my mind that they have any intention of actually achieving it. And apparently it's a commitment in law. But who're you going to sue if it doesn't get achieved? Everyone? It'd be the case of everyone versus everyone. So I'm looking for more from the government. I want to see real steps being taken. Which to be fair, may be happening. I haven't researched this issue extensively. But from what I know, I want more assurance from the government before I start believing their plans.

The other thing in the news I want to address, is almost an apology. Not quite, but almost. I've been watching the US election build up, and I feel I made a rush judgement about McCain. I wouldn't actually protest too much about McCain being in office. If nothing else, he is a step-up from Bush. That being said, I will still ridicule America for the next 4 years if they so much as think about voting Republican at the next election. McCain might be ok, yes. But Palin is still a retard, and McCain is still old and about to die. If the US puts the world in a position of having Palin as the worlds most powerful leader, that would be worse than Bush. I didn't think they would be able to find a candidate more retarded than George Bush. But they've managed it. A woman who just rambles on about being a hockey mum whenever she doesn't understand a question. If she ever made it into office, that would be the final straw for me with the US. The world is pissed at them for electing Bush. The world is really pissed at them for reelecting Bush. To go for the trifector, the hat-trick and put Palin in the position of one old man dieing and she is in power, then any shred of respect that I still harbour, however small, for the US, would be gone. And I bet I'm not alone in that sentiment.

You know, I try to learn where I can. And one thing I've learnt today: Don't put so many fucking photos in a damn blog entry. It took fucking ages to configure and add all these photos to this blog. It's going to take fucking ages to upload them all as well. What the hell was I thinking? I could have just put them all into an album in Gallery nice and quickly. Ah well, it's done now I guess. Who needs a Sunday anyway?

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