The running man is back again

It never rains but it pours eh!

Getting accomodation has been plaguing my travel preparations ever since I found out that I missed out on staff accomodation, I guess back in September sometime. And it was just 4 days ago that I wrote a blog exclaiming how happy I was to finally have some accomodation arranged. Well now I have some more. I got a message from Kirsty earlier, and the room that I had a "good chance" of being able to have... well now it's been offered to me. Speaking to Chris, it was sounding like this room had definitely gone to these 2 Canadian chics, so it's availability really hadn't surfaced on my radar.

And I'll admit it. I had to take about an hour to consider my options before making a decision. I have nothing but a verbal agreement with the people in Invermere on the 2-bed condo, so although maybe unethical, it would be no big deal to break that agreement. And although I'd expect to get along with Greg, we haven't interacted too much. At least not to the same degree that I've been in touch with Kirsty, and to an even greater extent, Chris. And I could be pretty much 100% sure that we would all get along really well. Plus there's the fact that Kirsty's a girl. So not only do you have someone to do all the cleaning, but judging by her Facebook, she looks pretty hot. And judging by the time of day that she sent me that message online, the house also has Internet. Because I can't see many Internet cafes being open at that time. And even if they were, I can't see why she'd be in one so early. And from what I can tell, the landlords are young people, really up for a laugh. With Kirsty already being there as well, I wouldn't have to worry about moving in or anything. Everything would already be taken care of. Plus there's the fact, that being a 3 person house, the rent will be cheaper than I will already be paying.

So the way I was seeing things, there was no disadvantages about moving into this room, instead of the condo. None, apart from the fact that I have an agreement with Greg, and I have an agreement with the landlords, that I will be living there. And you know something... I might be an unethical person in more ways that you can count. But I really didn't feel comfortable, that by taking this house, I would be screwing people over. So in the end... I regretably turned it down. Now I've just lined myself up to get screwed over. I could get screwed over by Greg. I'd hope not, but I don't know him too well. And I could get screwed over by these landlords. You know that sometimes, you just make a decision, but then have a feeling that you're going to regret it. Well that's right where I am. I've already messaged Kirsty turning down this room. And now I have a feeling that something will go wrong with this condo. Either the landlords will fail me. Or Greg will fail me. And somehow, I'll end up in Invermere in 12 days, with no place to live. Where as right now, I have 2. I just have a feeling that I'm going to regret being honest and doing the "right" thing. When the fuck has being honest ever served anyone well? I've tried to do the right thing, and I just get the feeling that I've lined myself up to somehow get royally screwed over.

The other reason it was hard to turn down, is that Greg may well be the nicest guy in the world. I don't know that though. I haven't really spoken to him enough to really gage what kind of person he is. Kirsty and Chris on the other hand, I've spoken to, to the degree that I know that they will be really, really, fun people. That it would be an awesome Winter to live with them. And one thing that plays on my mind, is that I've never had an really awesome social living quarters. In my first year in university, my hall was boring. I'm not deliberately causing offense to any of them if they're reading this, but they were. They were boring. And I still had an awesome time that year, but it's because I'd go round to other peoples halls all the time. I never really socialised in mine. Because it was shit.

In my second year of uni, I was living with a couple of people from my halls in the first year. I was almost at the point of arranging accomodation with people who were, to put in honestly, better (again, no offense). But in the end, this was the way things panned out. Again, I had an awesome time, but it was because I spent my time at other peoples places.

Then came my 3rd year of uni. My exchange to Canada. I applied to get into the international floor of the building, but I got a response from the Dalhousie accomodation office, saying that the rooms there were already taken. I even contacted them again nearer the time, but got the same response. When I arrive in Canada though, guess what? Not only are people who applied after me living there, but there are even spare rooms up there. Now don't get me wrong, I loved my appartment. In terms of facilities, it was a shit-load better than living on the international floor. But like in my first 2 years, in terms of social-life, it wasn't. So again, I spent all of my social time going to other peoples places.

Then, come my fourth year, I had to arrange that accomodation from Canada and most of the people I already knew at uni had left seeing as they were on 3 year courses, so I just got the university to find me a house with some randoms. And again, no offense guys, but you weren't the funnest crowd. So again, I had an awesome time. But it was because I spent my time at other people's places. And apart from my time in Vancouver (which was very brief, and again great fun, but my living quarters weren't great socially), those are all the times that I've lived away from home. And there's a part of me that really regrets never having that awesome living space. That awesome house that you can look back on. Like I said, I had an awesome time at uni. But when you aren't living somewhere, you always feel a degree of exclusion from the group. Even if it is all in your head, because you aren't there all-day of everyday, you kind of feel like you're missing out on something. And that kind of eats away at me a little. I've never in my life, had that living arrangement, where there's someone in the next room, who you know you'll be going out clubbing with every night. And you know will be constant fun.

I'm a person, who if it was possible to party 7 days a week, I would party 7 days a week (despite 4 months with no alcohol). I'm always the last one to leave a nightclub. And I've never lived with like-minded people. Fun, up for anything, kinds of people. And you know something, that pisses me off. Because I should have had that in my first year of uni, I just somehow got put into the only hall with boring fuckers. And I should have had that in my year abroad. Just for some reason, the accomodation office decided that the top floor was full. And by the time I'd settled down and unpacked and everything, I didn't want to go through the hassle of moving into one of the empty rooms. So there's a part of me that feels like I'm missing out socially, just because of the living arrangements I've had previously. And I get the impression, that living with Kirsty and Chris, this would be how my university living arrangements should have been, had I lived with better people. They seem the really fun, partying every night, beer for breakfast kind of people that I really should, and wanted to, spend my university life living with. Greg may be like that as well, but then again, he may not. I just don't know, because I haven't spoken to him enough to really gather his character yet. I'm just praying that I haven't just turned down the opportunity to finally live with the kind of people I know would be that awesome fun place to live that I missed through university. Like I said, I've done the "right" thing here. I've done the honest thing. There's just a huge monkey sitting on my back right now, telling me that I've made a really stupid mistake. I'm not the kind of person who screws people over. At least I don't screw over people who don't deserve it. And neither Greg nor the landlords have done anything to make me want to screw them over. But I just have a huge feeling I'm going to regret this.

Apart from anything else, if this house does have Internet (and I'm just speculating based on the time the message was sent), then keeping this website updated throughout the Winter, plus the many other things that mean I spend multiple hours daily online, would have been much easier. I already feel like I've made the wrong decision.

7 days ago, I wouldn't have thought that being offered a room in a house would have been a downer on my day. But I almost wish I hadn't known the room was there, because before that, everything was going really well! And part of the reason it was a downer on my day, was because I had an awesome start to today. And you know why? Because the running man is back baby! The running man is back again. I haven't been out running since the 'Run and done' blog that I wrote nearly 2 months ago. And it's been eating me up inside. I've literally been feeling like I'm suffocating, not having been able to go running. To do what I love doing. And not only have I been feeling resticted, but I've been feeling unfit. And I've been feeling out of shape. I've been doing my best to replace my running with gym cardio, but no treadmill can replace actually going out running. No matter how many fancy incline settings, hill settings etc. they add onto treadmills, it will never be able to replicate the different terrains you have to run on outside. Or the fact you have to dodge all the old people and dogs. And a treadmill can never suddenly turn into some stairs or anything like that. So although I've been doing my best to do gym cardio, it hasn't been the same. This all boiled up in my head last night, when deciding whether or not to have a gym day today, I decided fuck it. I'm going running. Fuck my knee. Maybe it can hold up, maybe it can't. And common-sense has been telling me not to push my knee seeing as it'll be pretty important for my skiing this Winter. But it just got to the point last night that I was feeling so out of shape and unfit, that I had to go. It was worth the risk of fucking my knee up.

So this morning comes, and off I go. I only did my short route. About 7 or 8 miles. But you know something, I haven't lost a step. I might look a bit shitter in the mirror now compared to when I last went running. But in terms of my fitness and my ability, I haven't lost a step. I pulled out one of my best times this morning! More importantly than that though, it just felt good. My knee held up find, and now, sitting down afterwards, would be when it would typically freeze up and cause me no end of pain with any movement for the next few days. But I'm sitting here now, and it's like I never went. I could quite happily go dancing. Beyond just my knee though, my body felt fit. Normally when I haven't gone running for a while, I expect the first time back to be torturous because your body isn't used to it. But I guess that gym cardio served some purpose, because I felt great today. Had I known at the beginning, I'd feel as good as I did at the end, I would've gone even faster. So even though I really don't have many opportunities to go out running again before I leave for Canada, it's a great feeling knowing I can go out there again and push myself without being in agony for 3 days afterwards. That was pretty much the best start to the day I could've hoped for. Put a smile on my face for the whole day. Well until I got offered that room anyway. I do love my running.

Maybe just like this room I've turned down, I've missed out on another opportunity. If you read the blog I wrote yesterday, you'll know all about the dead baby fun on Facebook. Well I looked on the group on Facebook, and guess what? One of the members has registered the domain, At first I just thought that was pretty funny. But the more I think about it, the more I am thinking that is absolute genius, and I wish I'd thought of doing it.

Think about it. The "ban" group that I'm ironically banned from, today has nearly 160,000 members. That's almost 20,000 more than when I wrote yesterday. Think of the advertising revenues you could make from All you would have to do, is message one of the members of the ban group. They would have a panic and start rallying the 160,000 troops against you... and all of a sudden, with one swoop, your website is getting thousands upon thousands of hits. No one would be stupid enough to campaign against a website without looking at it first... you'd get 160,000 hits on your first day. And even if the "ban" group ignored you, you could make your own group on Facebook, and promote the site yourself. It's absolute genius. And knowing them, they'd probably have the press involved in no time. You could have a million hits in your first week. Why the hell did I not think of that? Not only would the ad revenues be huge, but I could promote on a website getting 1,000's of hits. Not only would this website get more hits, but it's page rank would go up as well. Why the hell didn't I think of this idea? The worst thing about it, is the guy who's registerd the domain, has absolutely no idea how powerful this domain could be. He's never made a website before, he just thought it was quite funny. Fuck I wish I'd thought of that.

All this dead baby stuff has made me think... If I want to create a successful website, controversy pays. may have gone, but I'm sure I could think of another sick domain name that is still available. Then I add some tasteless, controversial, politically-uncorrect and morally wrong content onto the website. All I then would have to do, is notify all the millions of idiots on Facebook who stand on moral high-ground over everyone, that this site exists. They would do the rest. They would drive visitors to this website in the thousands. It's absolutely genius. I could even start my own "ban" group on Facebook for this website under a fake name. Have even more control over the process. Imagine how stupid they'd all feel when they eventually realised that the person they're campaigning with was the person who created the site they're campaiging against. It's genius. Why the fuck didn't I have this idea when I had the time to create such a website? Now I'm going to be stuck in an appartment in Canada with no Internet. Fuck why didn't I take Kirsty's room. This is genuinely a really good idea. The amount of people there are who have access to the Internet, who feel the need to tell people what they can and can't think... it's mind boggling. Just look at the speed this Facebook group is growing at. All I need to do, is create some controversial content and alert the Facebook millions, and I'd be making shit-loads in ad revenues. Fuck I wish I'd thought of this earlier. I had a whole Summer of doing nothing to get this all in place. Next time I've just got to realise quicker, that wherever there is masses of people, there is an opportunity to make money. You'd think 4 years of business studies at university (plus 2 years at college), and I would have spotted this earlier. This is genius though. The guy who's registered this domain doesn't even realise he's sitting on a goldmine.

I need controversy. This whole dead baby saga has taught me that. Controversy brings people in their thousands. I need controversy. I need to build a controversial website. Then I need to stick ads all over it. Then I just need to watch the money flow in as millions of idiots campaigning against me, inadvertantly make me rich. Fuckin eh I wish I'd thought of this sooner.

It's ironic that just this second I got a Facebook invite from someone to join the group 'Justice for baby P'. It's also ironic that the main headline on the BBC website right now is 'Baby and toddler killed at house'. The dead baby thing is huge right now. I could make an absolute killing (not literally), if I had even just a week to create a controversial website. Fuck, I couldn't've thought of this at a worse time. I don't have the time to put this into action. But if anyone out there is as immoral as me, and doesn't mind making money amidst all this baby dying taking place at the moment, and doesn't mind praying on the emotions of others, then I bet you could make a small fortune. Fuck I wish I had just an extra week before I go away. Ah well. I'm sure there'd be some negative karma from making money that way. Not that it'd bother me. I'm just trying to kid myself that it's not the best idea in the world ever, and I'm going to have to pass it up. Already in this 'Justice for baby P' group there's 26,361 members, and it was started less than 2 days ago. This thing is a fucking goldmine. Fuck!

Look at this screen shot I just took of the BBC news homepage for fucks sake:

See what I mean! Dead babies are big news right now. There is some serious money to be made here by pissing people off about them. Angelina Jolie could apparently even give up acting for babies. It's a fucking goldmine. This guy with, doesn't have a clue what he's sitting on.

Luckily I don't have the time to take advantage of that brain-wave before I go abroad, which I guess is saving me from becoming the most hated man on the planet. Although a very wealthy one... See I have no morals for fucks sake. Why didn't I take this room in Kirsty's house? Why did I have morals earlier today, but now all of a sudden I don't? Fucks sake. But I am none-the-less, going abroad in now just 6 days. And I finally got an email back from one of the managers at the resort I'll be working at, who I emailed a while ago, asking about what the town had in terms of shops, for what I couldn't bring with me. The reply I got was:

Invermere has a population of approx. 5000 people. We have all the basic amenities and shops that work around the mountain lifestyle. Being a smaller tourist town typically things are a bit more expensive than the cities but if you don't find anything you can find mostly everything here.
Reading that, I think I've played my cards pretty well. I'm getting cheap-shit versions of everything that I will need, so if the prices in the town are excessive, my hand isn't forced to pay them. But at the same time, I'm not flying out with 10 cases worth of crap. Apart from anything else, I'm on a budget flight, so my baggage allowance isn't huge. 5,000 people though! Damn, that's small. My university had 14,000. 5,000 isn't a lot of people. Hopefully I won't get drunk and do something stupid on my first night like I usually do. Because in a town of 5,000, I imagine if someone does something like go streaking through the town at 6pm, everyone will know about it by the next day. I just need to keep a low-profile for a few days after I arrive. Judging by the email I got, I think I've made some pretty solid decisions so far though. Only time will tell I guess.

And regarding my travel, since yesterday, I've finally had my orientation in Vancouver confirmed. I've had my brand new, real leather passport cover delivered (the best £1.75 I've spent in a while). I've had the latest edition of the Rough Guide to Canada delivered, because the version I've used when I was there in 2005, and on my exchange year, will be a bit outdated now. And I've won a pair of cheap ski-pants on eBay. They were only £14.99, so something tells me that they're going to be... well, shit. But if they're good enough that I can use them temporarily until I can get some others sorted, without having to pay the expensive Invermere prices, then I'm happy. So although it really didn't feel it seeing as since I wrote the last blog, I've been sat in front of the TV most of the time, I guess quite a lot has happened in the last 24 hours. If I can write a whole blog based upon what I've done, it can't all have been shit.

And just in case I don't get to write another blog before then: WATCH UFC 91 ON SATURDAY. The beast that is Brock Lesnar in a world championship match. That's not one to miss!

You know, in the short time it's taken me to finish this blog, the 'Justice for baby P' group has risen from 26,361 members, to 29,395 members. And I'm a fast typer! I'm telling you, if you have no morals, there's money to be made here!

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