Prank day's on hold

I've got to start this entry by saying that I'm going to try and stay on track from now on. When I sit down to write, I just write the first thing that comes into my head. I don't plan anything, it's just what I think. But a personal blog should be about what you've been doing. I think. I've never actually read anyones blog, but I assume that's what it is. Anyway, I'm going to try and stick to what I've actually been doing, rather that going off in all directions, getting pissed about democracy and justice, and just about anything else in the world that I disagree with. I'm going to try and stop doing that! It might not work, but I'm going to try. Try!

Veet To carry on from where I left off a couple of days ago, my housemates are just... just not pissing me off enough to justify screwing them over. Which is a shame, because I've thought of some awesome pranks. But I think they're just a little too cruel. Hopefully they'll piss me off some more over the next three days before I go back to London, and I can have some fun with them. But at the moment I'm going to hold off. I'll save my ideas for someone else. The best one I've come up with so far, is hair removal cream put in their shampoo. That would be absolute genius to see them both walking about with bald shiny heads. That'd teach them to put my stuff on the dirty washing up rack.

I'm in a little bit of pain writing this blog. The "Jro attempting to get in shape for Mexico exercise plan" is in full effect. I've got two weeks to shed as much fat as possible, and it's really not fun. I've ditched any heavy weights at the gym, opting for light weights, high reps, and short breaks between sets. I've added yet even more cardio to my workouts, with an approximate ¼ high-intensity and ¾ low-intensity to maximise fat-loss whilst keeping my metabolism fast. This is including working out twice a day when I have the time. Then my diet has gone to high-protein, low-carb, low-fat. A diet strategy I've used in the passed to shift excess fat. But never quite to the extreme that I'm doing now, and will be doing even more intensively once I get back to London. It's absolutely draining me. I'm exercising a lot, yet eating foods that provide me with very little energy. This is similar to a strategy I came up with last Summer to shift some weight after coming back from Canada a tubby-fucker. The only difference then, was I spread it over the whole Summer. This is my last-gasp lose some fat effort before Mexico. And the next 2 weeks won't be fun. Over last Summer, I did manage to lose 10kgs (22lbs), whilst increasing the weights that I was lifting in the gym. That leads me to the conclusion that the total fat-loss from last Summer exceeded 10kgs. But losing fat when you're a fat cunt, as I was then, is pretty easy. Right now I'm a lot more lean than I was then, so to have any significant impact over a 2-week period is going to take a lot of discipline. Especially knowing that as soon as I get to Mexico I'll be on beer and junk food for the best part of a month, so it'll all have turned to shit again until I get back. But if I can limit how bad I get, then that's what I'll do. It's not much fun being me right now. I'm running a calorie deficit and eating low-energy foods, yet I'm exercising twice a day most days. I cannot wait for Mexico. Bring on the burritos!

php In terms of website development, I've got a forum up and running that is mine, hosted by me as opposed to one hosted by proboards that they were using to advertise on. Something that I disapproved of in a previous blog. I'm using a forum from phpBB, that is a free, open-source "forum solution". I had to create a database with MySQL, neither of which of these things mean anything to me in the slightest. However, it was easy enough to do within my Inmotion account and the guidelines provided on the phpBB website. I didn't really understand anything that I did. But the result is that I now have my own forum, that I am hosting, so no advertising from other companies. Now I understand that the forum is fully-customisable; it's my forum afterall. And I spent ages yesterday changing things such as user settings... there were more options that I thought could've existed for a single forum. But what I cannot figure out, is how to change its appearance. Something that I know you can do. I'm having the same problem with the JS-Kit, which I am using within my guestbook page. Both the forum and the guestbook are up and running and working properly. But I cannot figure out how to change how they look. That's a project for the coming days. I think it just shows how green I am as I web developer.

Speaking of which, I've had a chance to look at the mock-up website that I was sent. Something that I think I spoke about in previous blogs. And apart from a minor error in the code that I received, it looks great. Really great. It retains the look of the site as I have it, but simplifies everything immensely, meaning that there is slower loading times, and should I need to change things around on all my main pages, as I have needed to do previously, it would be a darn sight easier than changing every page individually. The problem is though, to get my entire site converted to that format, would take me forever. I don't 100% understand all of the code used, so there would be a learning curve to implementing it. And once I get passed the initial stage that I am at of customising this site to get everything how I vision it, then I cannot see that I will be editing pages on a mass scale very often at all. The benefit of having the pages load more efficiently is tempting. But just not at the time I would need to spend to implement it. Right now I have a site that works, can do everything that I want it to, and I 100% wrote myself, so I understand every little piece of code, with the occasional exception. It just doesn't seem worth the effort to me, to redo everything, for what would ultimately be little gain. Don't get me wrong; I'll be keeping this site, and should I next be making a website, then that will be my template. But as for changing this whole site around... I just don't think the gains justify the effort. I feel a bit bad seeing as someone voluntarily spent their time to design me this mock-up, and I'm not going to use it. But if it's any consolation, I'm sure it will be of use to me in the future. And having spent time analysing the mock-up, I have learnt a lot more than I previously knew.

Now I know I said I wasn't going to do this, but a great example of the joke that we call our democracy has just been brought to my attention. About an hour ago, David Davis resigned as an MP out of protest for what has become a big brother state. The catalyst behind his resignation was the bill passed through the commons yesterday that gives poice a right to detain terror suspects, now for 42 days without trial. A breach of any persons human rights surely. He didn't mention this in his speech, but the bill was essentially passed by the use of bribes to smaller political parties to get the bill passed by a majority of 9 votes if I remember correctly. And he also eluded to some other interesting facts. There is one CCTV camera in this country for every 14 people. That's enough to surely have everyones face in the country recognisable on CCTV at the same time. And also, the DNA of babies is being taken, as well as the fact we in this country are busy implementing an ID card scheme "more intrusive than any other in the world" as Davis put it. All this on the same day that Ireland is the sole country within the EU that has a referendum on the Lisbon treaty. Anyone with two working eyes can see this is just a renamed EU constitution, rejected by French and Dutch voters in 2005. Something that the UK was too promised a referendum on. And now Ireland is the sole voice that has a democratic vote on this treaty. This is what I've been meaning, when I slate the state of our democracy. "We'll give people a vote on the constitution. If they say no, then we'll just rename it and pass it 3 years later." Now Ireland is the sole country that remains with a vote. And what about this 42 days vote yesterday. The people that are democratically elected are bought by the government, to pass a bill that would not have otherwise been voted. This is our democracy in action. Whether what Davis is doing is a PR exercise to help the tories or not, I give him a lot of respect for highlighting issues that need to be addressed. Quite simply, the "democratic" system that we live in, does not work. Corruption at the top means that votes at the bottom are somewhat meaningless. As I said in my last blog, what is happening in Zimbabwe is something of a tragedy, with the corruption that is taking place for their elections. But at least the corruption is open for people to see. Here, it's all hidden away. We really have very little clue what is going on. Incidentally, here is a video of Davis's resignation speech from the BBC website.

I know I said I wouldn't get sidetracked like that, but that just seemed to key in on some things I've said in a couple of previous entries. I kept it to one paragraph though. That's a definite improvement!

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