I have a pneumatic drill going outside my window

Spartah I was a bit bored so I made a new Facebook profile picture. Here it is.

I'm still bored, so I'm going to write about not very much for a bit. And I have a pneumatic drill going outside my window. Which is a pain.

Anyway, site updates. Last time I wrote a blog, I said I would be learning java to help make the site better. That was a bad idea. It wasn't that I couldn't do Java. It was that I couldn't work out how to set up my laptop to be able to do java. I couldn't even make it to the starting line. So instead of learning how to write my own code, I'm instead using other peoples to make the site better. I have introduced a search box to the homepage. This uses google to search either the whole world, or just this site. Classy huh. I did initially try doing this through Google. They have a service to provide you with the code to add customisable search boxes to your website. It doesn't work though. I think it may've been because I was using Mozilla, but the box just didn't look as I wanted it to. So instead a found a nice man going by the name of Dave Taylor who provides the code to add a search box to your website. Now his website is too clever for me to provide the link to the exact bit where it has the code. So that link goes to his homepage. Unfortunately my site has to be online to test the bit where it searches only your site, but the google search bit definitely works. Eventually this box will feature on all my pages. At least all my main pages anyway, but I think I'll do that once the site is hosted. So I can test it first.

The main reason I was wanting to learn Java was to be able to add comment boxes to particular pages, so people could add their comments about how wrong they think I am, that I'm the spawn of Satan and should be shot for my opinions. With a lack of Java in my life, I found a solution to this problem in the form of JS-Kit. This free bit of kit apparently lets me add comments and polls etc. to my site. That kind of thing. If I understand it correctly, although visible on my site, it would actually be hosted by Nev, the man behind the JS-Kit. So if he was to disappear from the Internet one day, then I believe all the lovely comments people had made would disappear. Again though, my site has to be online before I can use this, so this is project for the future.

I have earmarked my return from Mexico to get the site online. That would be late July. On the assumption that my Canadian visa comes through, I would be flying out late October/early November, so that would be about 3 months to test the site and get it travel ready. Should be doable. Speaking of hosting, I got in touch with InMotion Hosting this morning. They were the hosting company that I said in a previous blog entry, that I would probably use to host my site. Having never hosted a website before, I don't really know much about it. So I asked them a couple of things. They answered satisfactorally and quickly, so I think this'll be the company I'll be using. My 2 main worries were that 1) I wouldn't be able to add pages to my site that easily. Each new blog entry is a new web page, and I wasn't sure how easy that would be to do. And 2) I would be changing location regularly. They seemed to think that it wouldn't be a problem, and I believe them. So unless something changes my mind between now and the end of July, then this'll be the company I use.

The final change I made to the site is I added a philosophies section to my profile page. This all started with me getting all angry about triangles after watching 'Have I got News for you' on Friday. One thing led to another, and I ended up with pages on all the things that piss me off in the world. Well a lot of them anyway; a lot pisses me off. Triangles is the one that started it all off.

Wow. I've actually been busier than I thought. I think this is all because I've realised that I'm really, really poor. I'm not really. I have savings. But a few months ago, I budgeted how much money I would like to have once I was able to start working full-time. This will be when I get back from Mexico. If I'm going to stick to that budget, then I need to spend the next 2 months, including 3 weeks in Mexico and a week in New York, on about £42. I don't think that's going to happen. Which means that for the next 2 months, I am going to be dipping into my travel savings. Not the end of the world, but something I want to limit as much as possible. To this end, I am living on as tight a budget as possible. I lost half a stone last week because I can't really afford to eat. I'm not going out, and I'm only using my cell phone at points of absolute necessity. I think people probably aren't too happy I'm not returning their texts. Texting is one of the biggest rip-offs in the world right now. And to me, a cell phone is still a luxury item. So until I have a steady income again, my cell phone if only for when it's absolutely necessary.

I'm actually a bit light-headed writing this. My bodies pretty malnourished. But if I can get it used to working off less calories, then it should save a few pence. I'm still going to the gym in the morning, so maybe if I get really skint, I'll have to cut that out to reduce the amount of energy that I burn, but I think that'll be one of the last money saving measures I take.

Builders I actually just looked out my window, and it's not surprising it's noisy. There's a bloody great hole in the pavement. It doesn't look like they'll be done any time soon either, so I'd better get used to it. Or just turn my music up really loud to drown it out. I think I should probably stop writing now. My head's gone really light. I think I'm beginning to understand how all those starving African's feel. I've got to the stage of having to eat all the food I bought at the beginning of the year, that I had no intention of eating. But it didn't go off for ages, so I'll probably get through it at some point. This is that point. It'll probably be Nurti-grain bars with pasta sauce and haloumi for dinner. Yay.

I love it how these builders have a pink digger. How manly.

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