Pink Truck Not only do these builders have a pink digger. They have pink everything. Even a big pink truck. They have to be the campest builders in all of Hull. And maybe the world.

Not that I don't trust these gay constructors. But there has appeared gas masks and fire extinguishers right below my window, and outside my front door. That's never a good sign.

I had the joy today of looking at my bank statement, and for the first time in my life, being overdrawn. The bank have very kindly put a capital 'D' after my balance to remind me of this joyous fact. It's not that I'm a proper overdrawee. I have my savings for hopefully going travelling by the end of the year. What it does now mean however, is that every penny I spend from now on is eating into those savings, and eating into that travel. Which isn't a nice thought. If I didn't earn a penny between now and November though, I think I'd Bank Statement still be going on my travels with more money than most, so it's not the end of the world. It's a bit depressing to look at mind. First Great Western were the ones that pushed me over the edge. I'll never forgive them for that. A trip down to London to see Asya, has finally put me in the red. After all these years. On the plus side, the more I spend now, the higher the number gets. If I conveniently forget the little 'D' sitting there, then I'm only going to get richer. I doubt the bank'll see it like that mind.

Gas masks and fire extinguishers I really don't know why I decided to sit down and write this right now. Absolutely nothing has happended to me in the passed few days that anyone, even me, would want to read about. I think it was just the gay builders I wanted to write about so much that I felt I had to write something. I have now got some decent pictures of my room in Hull, which is cool. I try and get some photographs of every place that I live at some point. As a kind of nostalgic reminder to look back on I guess. And after living in a dump for a while now, having so much work on, I finally got around to tidying up. And quickly, before I made a mess of everything again, took some pictures of this tidy room. It's pretty much the only time it's been tidy all year, so I guess it's not the best reflection, but it'll do. And seeing as I'm going to have to start selling most of my stuff on eBay to ease any pressure on my bank balance until I get a job, then it was nice to get something before it all goes. Like my inflatable sofa. They're fetching about £15 on eBay right now. And seeing as I only paid £13 or something for it, back at the beginning of the year, then I think it's worth shifting. It's not like I have any space for it inflated at home. Probably not deflated either for that matter. But anyway, now I have pictures of where Jro's World was created. Which will probably only ever matter to me.

Room Room I think I'm writing just because it's something to do, that's not learn Spanish. As has seemed pretty typical throughout my university career, as soon as I have work to do, I invariably find something to do that's not work. I got to towards the peak of my uni work earlier this year. What did I do? Oh that's right, I decided to teach myself how to make websites. Then made one. And not only that, I even attempted to teach myself Java, when there was no more to learn about HTML and CSS. At least no more that I know about. It's only due to my IT incompetency that the whole learning Java idea fell flat on its face. So despite having absolutely nothing to write about, this is my fifth paragraph and I'm still rolling.

Laptop I have now managed to put so many pictures into this page that it's got so long that it almost looks like I had something to say. I'd better go and learn Spanish now.

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