My balls are empty

I am of course talking of my employment balls (you have to go back a few blogs to know what the fuck I'm going on about). I said in the last blog I wrote, that if I don't write an entry for a long while, it will either be because nothing has happened in my world. Or on the other hand, I've just been too damn busy. This time, it was because I've actually had paid employment! For over a week! My employment balls are empty! I have even had my bank account credited from the work I did 8 days ago... it's a weird feeling. Earning money? How depressing.

So it all started as I was writing the last blog entry. I get a call from Rachael at the temping agency. Needs me to work tomorrow, stuffing envelopes. Yay. Not exactly fun work, but it's money. So the next day, I go to this office in Richmond. And at first there are 8 temps just waiting around. When someone eventually comes down, they need 4 to stay in the Richmond office, & 4 are going to a location in Ashford. I think Ashford because we were needed for longer hours, so more money. Plus I was on the clock by this point, so I will be getting paid whilst travelling to Ashford, so it seems to work out better that way, financially. They're paying for a taxi as well. I'm not someone who will generally afford myself luxuries such as chaufeur driven cars, so this is luxury for me. And it involved a bit more waiting around for the taxi to arrive, so more time being paid to do nothing.

There's 4 of us in this cab. Me, some weird tall guy, a middle-aged German woman, and some other girl. Obviously one of the first things you do when you meet a girl for the first time is look at her boobs. And I was looking down this other girls top, and she had hair between her boobs. She actually had a hairy chest! Not just light hair either, but black hair, on her chest. It was really weird. Apart from that, she was mediumly hot. Well not hot, but she wasn't butt-ugly. But she had a hairy chest! That's a boner-killer if I ever saw one.

Anyway, we arrive at Ashford. It's on some industrial estate, right by the young offenders institute, and not so much as a shop nearby. Maybe now I start regretting not staying at the Richmond office. They have sent someone down from the Richmond office, so when we eventually get to meet him, we are informed that the work that we need to be doing, hasn't yet been sent from the Richmond office. You'd think they could've at least told us that before we got into the cab. And seeing as there is no work to do until this arrives, we just get told to go for a walk, or sit by the lake. And they'll call us when the work arrives.

So we end up walking 10 minutes to some dog-walking park. There is a burger van right by it, so I end up getting a burger, and we're getting paid to sit in this park. Awesome. It's a sunny day, so I pretty much have a nap on the grass, and it is close to an hour before we get the call. This is my first taste of employment of the Summer. A free taxi, then sit in the park with a burger. I don't know why people are always moaning about having to go to work. I got paid for about 2 hours before I actually did any work.

But we have to go back to the warehouse eventually. It starts out really easy. The 2 girls are sorting letters, and me and the tall guy get shown how to use the envelope stuffing machines, and away we go. His one doesn't work of course, but I manage to get the 5,000 or so letters done myself, in about 2 hours. It was quite fun as well once you'd got to grips with the machine. Learnt when to be nice and which buttons to press. But this was really where the fun ended. We could do these 5,000 envelopes by machine because it was simply one letter, into one envelope. Unfortunately, there was another few thousand that needed to be stuffed... and these couldn't be done by machine. The cover letters had to be sorted, and matched with corresponding letters with tickets on. And because the amount of paper in each envelope varied, we couldn't even use the machine to do this. So we got this little production line going. Me and the tall guy, Alex to use his name, were sorting the letters and folding them. James, the manager sent down from the Richmond office was putting them in envelopes. And the German and the hairy chest were glueing. We didn't actually start this process until about 16:00, because once again they had neglected to actually send over the work to be done, so again there was probably about an hour of sitting around doing nothing once I'd finished running the first batch of letters through the machine. I don't know why people moan about working. It's just a lot of sitting around.

We got done what we could in that time we had. Then we got paid to sit in the taxi back to Richmond, a little after 18:00 I think. It was a hard life. Unfortunately though, we were coming back to finish this on Monday. And seeing as it was all ready laid out on the table upstairs in this warehouse, there wouldn't be much sitting around on Monday. By my understanding, they were bringing back me, the tall guy, and the hairy chest. The German had been a little useless, so I don't think they wanted her back. The other 3 of us all got calls from the agency though. But she didn't seem to realise this and just assumed that she would be come back as well. I thought about saying something, but then I thought that 1, it'd be a little awkward for me to explain to her she was shit, and 2, it'd be more entertaining if she turned up on Monday morning and was told that she wasn't actually working. Because lets be honest, if something entertains me, then that's the most important thing.

Come the other side of the weekend, I turn up at the Richmond office. I'm there, the tall guy is there, the German is there, and some quite hot other girl is there. Definitely a step up from the hairy chest. This new girl is here on the the assumption that she is staying in Richmond, and only doing a half day. So to my dismay, all of us get put into the cab to Ashford. They didn't even have the balls to tell the useless German that she wasn't supposed to be working. How disappointing. I think they just didn't know who was supposed to be doing what. The hairy chest was supposed to be here, and the German and the hot one weren't. But no one seemed to know that. There were 4 of us there, so we all got put into the cab.

The good thing about working this shift, is that no one who actually worked for the company that we were working for, was at the warehouse today. They had just hired the space in the warehouse, and the people who were normally there, were supposed to be keeping an eye on us. But of course, they didn't really care. I don't think we took advantage of this enough, because all 4 of us pretty much worked straight through without a break. Apart from the useless german anyway, who took about 20. Turns out the hot chic was a cheerleader at Teeside university as well. They were in our division (American football), so it's likely that I've been playing in games for one team, where she's been cheerleading for the other team. Small world.

We eventually got these 1,000's of envelopes filled at about 18:00 and had a cab booked. Lucky for us though, it got lost. We got about a further 30 minutes pay, just waiting for this cab to work out where he was going. Awesome! On the downside, I got a call from Rachael about an hour or 2 before we finished, and just as I thought I was getting to the end of putting things in envelopes, I have another job doing the exact same thing, working for a different company. Joy.

Working for this first company had been pretty chilled out. Wear what you want, informal work. In the email about this next place, the dress code was termed 'office smart'. I took that to mean suit. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against wearing a suit. Without wanting to sound too cocky, I look the bollocks in a suit! Pierce Brosnan can suck my balls. If Brosnan was in a custom Armani, and I was wearing a suit from the Primark value collection, I could still wipe the floor with him in a suit-off. Baby I look good. So I don't have anything against wearing a suit. But is it really necessary, just to put things into envelopes. Well apparently yes. On the plus side, now I got to wear one of the Primark shirts that I heavily invested £3 in, when I thought I was going to be working at a solicitors. So every cloud.

I arrive at this office in Kingston. There was no hello, or how are you, or anything like that. There was simply an "Are you hear to help with the envelope stuffing?" Then I got led into this dull gray room, with another woman who had been sent from the temping agency. But my god!, this office was like being back in the 1950's. If you walked through the main room, no one was speaking. It was total silence. On my first day I sat in the staff room for a bit on my break. People didn't even speak to each other there. I have never in my life been at a place so miserable. People didn't smile and people didn't speak. On the plus side, me and the woman from the temping agency were in our own room. And she was quite fun. At first I didn't think anything of her. At a guess she was maybe 40. But about half-way through the day, I realised she looked like this woman out of a porno I'd seen once. She was in really good shape for someone who was about 40. And for the rest of the day, all I could think, was fuck I want her to suck me off in the toilet. It never happened. She could've at least been considerate enough to not talk about her boyfriend all the time though. Even before I realised she looked like a porn star though, she was quite fun to talk to. So despite the boring work and the boring office, the day wasn't too bad. She had, though, got a couple of calls from a better temp agency thoughout the day. They were giving her better paid work, so she decided to forfeit stuffing envelopes the next day, so I'd be here with someone new.

Doing a job like this, in an office like this, is made bareable by the people, or in this case, the person you're working with. The porn star was a laugh. So when I get in the next day, the tall guy from the warehouse is who they've replaced her with. What a step-down! Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure he's a very nice guy in his own circles. But his hobbies were computer games, his degree subject was maths. And when we were talking about music... he doesn't listen to music. He doesn't like it. Instead he chooses to listen to Radio 4. What the fuck are you supposed to talk to people about, who listen to Radio 4? It's a granny station. I think this guy was 20. He studies maths and listens to Radio 4. What the fuck are you supposed to talk to people like that about? They're socially impossible. Needless to say, there wasn't any fun this day. I would have preferred to have been working alone, because at least then, I could listen to music. I didn't want to offend him though. Listening to music. I'd be the anti-christ. So my plan was to wait until he went to lunch. I could then put on my mp3 for ½ an hour whilst stuffing these damn envelopes. Then as soon as he got back, I could take my break, and end up with a full hour to myself.

Mr. Radio 4 was complaining from very early on about how hungry he was. So I didn't want to take my break, because then he might take his at the same time, eating into my music time in the office, and I'd have to at least attempt to talk to him whilst I was on a break. That would have been more work than actual work. So I decided to wait until he was gone. He initially said at about 12:00, he was about to go. There was a church outside the office window. The bells rang for 12:00. He was still here. Then the bells rang for 13:00. He was still here. Then they rang for 14:00. He was still here. Then he started complaining about how hungry he was. I was even getting hungry by this point, waiting for him to fucking leave. So I said to him, "well why don't you take your break then?" hint, hint. "Oh" he replies, "I'll feel weird if I take a break by myself." You are fucking kidding me. What the fuck is weird about taking a break by yourself. I have been sat in this office, getting hungrier and hungrier, and more and more frustrated, because he'll feel weird taking a break by himself? This is exactly why people who listen to Radio 4 shouldn't be allowed out in public. After all this, there is no way I'm losing my ½ hour of music. And there is definitely no way I'm spending my break with someone who listens to Radio 4. In no uncertain terms, I tell him he's an idiot, and to go on his fucking break, and eventually I get rid of him and I can put some damn music on. Fuck me. What the hell is weird about taking a break by yourself? I don't know if it's the maths, or the lack of music or what. But this kid is fucked up.

After this ordeal, I need comfort food. So when I finally get my break, it's straight to McDonald's.

Luckily we're able to get this work finished at about 16:00. We'd had our timesheets brought in earlier in the day. And when Radio 4 comes to filling his out... guess what, he can't find it. He claims he must have accidentally thrown it away. What? That seems a little unlikely to me, seeing as it wasn't in the bins in the office. So his reasoning is he took his timesheet out with him at lunch, then without realising, somehow threw it away. I think the much more likely story, is that he accidentally stuffed it into one of the envelopes. So instead of receiving an important letter about their pension, some old person will be receiving Radio 4's timesheet. Thank fuck that day was over.

During the past few days, I'd pretty much turned into a regular person. I'd been housesitting at the weekend, so I hadn't got to the gym since last Thursday. I'd had 2 McDonald's in that time, and one Subway. I wasn't exercising, and I was living off junk food. I had pretty much become a regular person. So imagine my relief, when a week after I last went, I was finally able to get back to the gym a couple of days ago. However, seeing as one of the reasons I'd struggled to get work previously, was because the agency always called me when I was in the gym, I decided to take my phone in with me. And sod's law, at 08:30 am, I get a call from Rachael. There might be work today. At the Richmond office this time, of the company I was working for first off. There wasn't definitely work today, but she wanted to know my availability. In keeping with my whole keeping my phone on me at all times so I don't miss out on work policy, I even took my phone into the shower with me at the gym. And, I never even knew I had one, but to make sure I could hear my phone when I was cycling, I kept it in the pocket on the strap on my backpack, so it would sit only a few inches from my ear. This actually paid off, and as I was cycling back from the gym, I get a call from Rachael, and guess what. I had to do more fucking work. So I rush home, throw on some fresh clothes quickly, and just like that, I was out the door.

When I get to the office, I ring on the doorbell and get buzzed in. And as I get to the top of the stairs, there's a girl there, who start's really happily saying "Hi. Can I help..." Then she suddenly recognises me from when I was sitting here before. "Oh. Upstairs." And she walks off. I don't know if she was expecting someone else or what, but this definitely wasn't a welcoming with open arms.

I'm told to take a seat by a computer. But no sooner had I sat down, the Internet in the office crashes. The guy who has brought me in, is seemingly also the one who is in charge of the network, so I just get to sit there whilst he works on this for a while. As a temp, you expect things like data entry, customer service, that kind of thing. So when the Internet's back up, "I'm organising a stag do in Cork. I need you to look online and find me a couple of resturants and some stuff about the dog track." Right. This was new to me. I need to organise a stag do, for a load of people I've never met. I'm being paid, so I get started, but it's not what I was expecting. Luckily, the Internet crashes again after about 10 minutes. So I get to sit there not doing anything for a while. Eventually he comes back to me, hands me £20 and his credit card details, and tells me to go to an Internet cafe to get the restaurants booked and book the dog track. It was bad enough trying to arrange stuff for a stag do, when the person is in the office, but at least I can check things with him. But now I'm being told to book restaurants and stuff for a load of people I've never met, in an Internet cafe.

To make matters worse, the connection in this cafe is shocking. And I'm getting so frustrated, that at one point, someone who was working there could see I was about to beat the crap out of one of their monitors, so he rushes over to sort out my computer. The other problem that I have, is my mobile doesn't seem to want to call Ireland. Which is lucky, because I didn't want to pay for calls to Ireland. So after more than an hour of struggling with this shit connection, I return to the office with the names of 2 random restaurants that I've found, and the phone number for the dog track on a piece of paper. Of course by this point, the Internet connection in the office is back up so I needn't have gone anyway. But the guy who sent me out, seems happy enough for some reason, that I've found a couple of places. I end up phoning one of the restaurants and making a reservation, and also contact the dog track to find that it has no space left. This will be one shit stag do! The rest of the day until 17:30, I'm just answering the phone whenever anyone calls. I either have to transfer calls to other people in the office. Or there is some Argos corporate event happening next week. With zero training, I was the Argos helpline. My instructions were simply to make a note of what people were moaning about, and email that request to Lauren, who was sat about 2 yards away from me. Why I couldn't just write it on a piece of paper and hand it to her, I don't know. This worked fine when the connection was down. But apparently I had to send an email to someone 2 yards away. Strange world we live in. This day was pretty much a lot of being paid to do not much. There was a hot Brazilian chic working in the office though. Probably mid-30's, but Brazilian girls... damn they look good. I don't know if an ugly Brazilian actually exists. They're all hot. That's science!

Despite doing very little all day, I was needed again tomorrow. But when I arrive at 09:30, the guy who runs the place isn't actually in yet. Firstly, a couple of people in the office say to me "How did you get on organising the stag do yesterday. We were thinking that was a bit hard for you seeing as you didn't know anyone." So at least it wasn't just me who thought is was absolutely retarded having me arrange a stag do for people I've never met. They tell me that Nick, the guy in charge, is normally in at about 10. Apart from answering the phones again, I'm pretty much free to just browse the Internet until he arrives. He didn't actually get in, until after 11:30, so apart from answering a few phone calls, I was again being paid, to pretty much just sit there. I read up on the collapse of the Soviet Union, the battle of Thermopylae, and even a little about D-day. I even had time to reorganise a lot of my emails. But in this time working, there were 2 stories that I found on the BBC website that I thought were really cool.

Snake versus alligator The first was this one about a snake versus an alligator, where the snake actually ate the alligator before exploding. And the other one was this story about a Dutch credit scheme for well behaved hookers. It wasn't this story that entertained me, so much as I found out from it, that there's a 'prostitues union'! How awesome is that. Are they going to go on strike or something. Make all the Dutch me really horny and cause an economic collapse. Seriously, what the fuck sort of power can a prostitutes union have, when the authorities don't even want them to be there. I just thought that was pretty awesome.

So that was my first couple of hours of work. When Nick eventually arrives, my first job is to find out about RIB boating for his fucking stag weekend. This is so fucking retarded. How the fuck does he expect me to organise things for his damn weekend, when I don't even know anyone going. This is going to be the worst stag weekend ever! I don't even know where they're staying for fucks sake, so I may have just given him the details for a place 100's of miles away. But if people are going to give me such stupid things to do, I don't really care about the outcome.

The rest of the day I was working through a list of names, calling people to make sure they received the details for an alcohol conference. It was pretty brainless stuff. I must have phoned over 100 people by the end of the day. Of course Nick wasn't done. Despite emailing him all the details about Cork I'd found, he now wanted it to be in a Word document he could take to the airport. That basically meant looking though the emails I'd sent him, and copying and pasting them into a document. What an absolute waste of time. He's a nice guy. But for someone who gets a damn temp to organise a stag weekend for a load of people he's never met... I almost hope he had a shit weekend. What a stupid thing to do.

But that was me done for the week. 5 straight days of work! 6 straight working days. I'm not designed for that sort of crap. I'm just thinking now, that Lauren, who was one of the girls working there, looks just like a Lauren I went to school with. I hope it wasn't her, because right now I'd feel pretty stupid for not recognising her. I've looked at some pictures on Facebook, and it's hard to tell.

Hot chic in bikini Rather than fax over my timesheets to the agency, being on my way home, I thought it would be easier to hand them in personally. Fuck me I forgot how damn sexy a couple of the girls in that office are. There are 3 types of girl in the world. Ugly girls with hot personalities. Hot girls with ugly personalities. And hot girls with hot personalities. These are definitely hot girls with hot personalities. You go into the office, and not only are they damn nice to look at, but I was there talking to them about random things for about 20 minutes. It's the most I've laughed in ages. They are most definitely hot girls with hot personalities.

I suppose if we're being technical, there are also ugly girls with ugly personalities. But who the fuck cares about them?

For me obviously, actually having to do some damn work is what's been taking my time. Since I last wrote though, a shit-load has been happening in the world regarding the money markets. When I last wrote, I was a little worried because Bradford & Bingley had been forced to cut 370 jobs. I had just transferred money to them from HSBC, so to hear the next day that HSBC was cutting 1,100 jobs made this feel a little more justified. That was until I switched on the news at 09:00 am last Sunday, to see that Bradford & Bingley is to be nationalised. Well apart from the savings part, which I am using. That is to be transferred, either to HSBC, whom I've just transferred this money from, or to the Santander group, whom also own Abbey and have just twice rejected me for a credit card. In the end it got transferred to Santander, so the company who rejected me for two credit cards not long ago, now have me as a customer by default. Suck on that. Maybe I'll try and apply for another credit card and see if it works this time.

Wall Street New York This was what affected me personally. It was of course a huge week in the financial world, because of the US's $700 bn bail-out plan. I was happy it initially got rejected, but was saddened somewhat by the news that it got made into law at the second attempt. For a start I feel for each individual American, who will now be paying to bail out Wall Street, where as I've made the point previously, who was there to bail out the public when they were having their houses repossessed or having their water cut off? The last people who deserve public sympathy are the selfish Wall Street bankers. Now Wall St. know, that no matter how much they fuck up, the government will always be their to bail them out. Essentially, there is even less incentive than there was before, for them to adopt responsible practice.

And to me, this is an admittance by the US authorities of something that I've been saying a long time. The free-market cannot work. I can't remember who I heard say this, possibly David Cameron this week, but someone came out with the quote, "It doesn't mean the failure of the free market." Unfortunately though, this is exactly what it means. It absolutely proves, that mankind is too selfish to operate in a market without restriction. A government needing to pump $700 bn into a market, is not a free market. It is an absolute demonstration of the failures of the free market.

Now don't get me wrong, I do believe that a free-market has its place. But a free market cannot work with essential items. In electronics, for example, the free market is operating well. Advancements in music technologies, and telecommunications technologies, are down to the workings of the free market. But in other industries, such as energy, people are getting raped.

Now I've explained before why I feel that the market is an inoperable system. Markets need competition, but competition leads to oligopolies, and oligopolies abuse power, limiting competitive forces. That is very simply why I don't think the free market will ever be able to operate. However in industries like technologies, the market is operating surprisingly effectively. That is because people have a choice as to whether they buy an ipod or not, or a plasma TV or not, or a mobile phone or not. None of those things are essential purchases, so people will not purchase them if they aren't happy with the terms. Take an essential product such as energy though, and people don't have a choice. Companies know that consumers have little choice but to purchase energy, so the oligopoly of energy firms keep prices high, with each one benefiting. As was demonstrated by the huge profits they announced earlier this year.

It's all very well stating that there is a problem, but to any problem, you need a solution. So what is the solution to this energy problem? The way I see things, with energy companies blatantly abusing their positions and overcharging customers, there is little choice but to re-nationalise energy. This would be the first step. With government owned energy companies, the next step I would make, would be to offer minimal amounts of energy to each household, for free. However much energy it costs to minimally keep an individual, then that amount should be allocated to each and every person. This would ensure that old people don't die of the cold, and no matter what your status in society, you have energy. Obviously, this would leave a large deficit in the budget, so for people whom require more energy than is considered essential, they should be charged in excess of what they even pay now. A very high price for their energy. Not only would this then cater to seeing that every person has enough energy to survive on. But it also encourages efficient energy use as people will pay out the ass to use items such as 60" TVs. It would care for every individual, and it would be better for the environment. And in encouraging energy efficiency, it would decrease reliance on energy superpowers such as Russia. That's just how I see things should be. In my opinion, no matter what a persons status in society; even if they do zero hours of work a week and you have a stockbroker working 100 hour weeks, no one should have to live without essential amenities like energy. Obviously it would be important to ensure that the amounts of energy complimented to people is an absolute minimum, so that people still have to work if they want to be able to charge their mobile phone or watch their TV. But it would eradicate a couple of problems that this country is currently facing. Old people who can't afford to heat their homes over the winter, and general energy inefficiency. A similar strategy would also work on services such as water.

Now with all this fucking work to do for the past week, I've had to pretty much put my travel plans on hold. One thing I did find the time to do though, is book my flight to Vancouver. £284 it cost me in the end. That's twice what I would've expected to pay with Zoom. Shit happens though. I've earned nearly £300 more than I expected to earn this Summer, so I guess it evens out. And just in case Canadian Affair (who I've booked with), suffer the same fate as Zoom, I booked using my credit card so I should be protected. To get the best deal, I booked a non-transferrable, non-refundable flight. Which would be great. Except 2 days after booking this flight, I get an email from BUNAC. "A new SWAP office has opened in Calgary!!" it says. And you can do everything you need to, to work, such as sort out you social insurance number. Fucking great. Not only do I now have to spend $100+ in getting from Vancouver to Invermere, which would be only about 3.5 hours from Calgary. But a flight to Calgary would have been £85 cheaper. I wouldn't get the chance to do things like see Vancouver again, go to a Hawks game or go to Whistler. But to save that much money, I'd be willing to make the sacrifice. And I've never been to Calgary, so it'd be a new place to go. Thanks for waiting until I'd just booked BUNAC. You just cost me £150 or more. At least now I'm booked though, and I have a departure date set! In just 46 days, on November 19th, I am outta here baby!!

The one major thing I now need to sort out though, is accomodation. And having so much work on, I haven't really had the time to make much progress. I've been in dialogue with a few people, many of whom I could eventually end up living with. But in terms of looking for myself, I've had the time to do very little. To at least make some progress, is on my list of things for tomorrow. If nothing else, I have been speaking to someone who's said, if all else fails, I can crash on their floor until I get a place sorted. So fuck it. If I arrive without a place of my own, at least I now have the offer of a floor. From a girl I've never met. Awesome.

Leonard Weaver, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins, NFL, playoffs,
	wild-card weekend, 5th January 2007 Also on travel, since I last wrote a blog, I've again been in touch with the Seahawks regarding this Eagles ticket. Apparently I can phone the box office and rearrange ticket pick-up. So I guess I'll be trying to sell this ticket on eBay or something. And then hopefully I'll be able to arrange it for someone to pick up. Now I've actually earned a little money this Summer, I don't have so many qualms about paying to go to the Skins game, so sorting out a ticket to what will be my 4th NFL game, is also on my to do list. Hopefully no more work comes in for a few days so I can get things sorted, because I've had a huge backlog of things I need to get done build up over the past week. Though at a guess, I'll be one of the first people called by the agency now, seeing as I've been in to speak to them for a while. I'll be at the front of their minds for work when it comes in, so fingers crossed nothing does. I don't want work now, but I'm unwilling to turn it down because I need the money. So the plan is to just hope I don't get offered any. It's a good plan.

Now if you remember back a little way if you were reading these blogs then, I had something of a disagreement with Party Poker because they offered me $20, but only gave me $15. Then in the last blog I wrote, I said they had given me another $10 bonus. Well at the time of writing that blog, I hadn't actually got around to claiming that bonus. It turns out they learnt from the email I'd sent them, because this time, they offered me $10, but gave me $20. That was about a week ago. I haven't had the time to play any poker since then. And then yesterday, they gave me a further $15 trying to entice me back. So I now have $35 sitting in my poker account. Free money baby. As soon as I have the time, I'll probably lose it all again. I think I might play it all on one sit-and-go tournament. I don't have to time to play for small money. So it'll either turn into about $150. Or I'll lost it all. Probably the latter, but we'll see. You really think that they'd have learnt by now, that giving me free money isn't enticing me back. I must have been given about $100 in free money since I last topped up my account. It's awesome!

Just quickly, I've made a couple of alterations to this website since I last wrote. I have tried to make my favicon transparent, so that they background is obviously the same as wherever it is displayed. Nothing has changed as yet, but in my experince, favicons are strange creatures. The only other site alteration I've made, is to add a Dalhousie album to the photos pages. I lost most of my photos from my year on exchange at Dal in Nova Scotia when my hard-drive crashed in '07. But looking through photos on Facebook, I've realised that their are some really good pictures, so I'm trying my best to recover some of those, from places like Facebook. The quality is shit, but you can see the basic photo. I'm having a couple of technical issues currently though. They aren't displaying correctly, so that's something I'm working on.

Due to a lack of time, I'm going to have to stop here I think. Having not written a blog for 9 days, I have a shit-load more I want to say. I wanted to rip into Gordon Brown for his ID card policy announced about a week ago. Making ID cards compulsory for sections of society that don't have the right to vote, such as international students. And at the same time I wanted to commend David Cameron for his opposition of a 3rd runway at Heathrow, instead developing high-speed railway. And I wanted to speak for a long, long time longer about the financial crisis, because I could talk about that for days. Should Wall Street bankers be forced to repay their large bonuses, now they're being bailed out by the tax payer, for example? And I wanted to run through some updates I want to make for this website, if I can find the time. Such as making it compatible for handheld devices. That's something that's not too important now, but if I'm travelling in 5 years, I can see handheld being as popular as desktop. To make this site compatible would take little more effort than it took to make pages printable. The only problem I have, is that I don't have a handheld device to test it on. And then I wanted to talk about inflation. Tesco Value curry sauce. Going up from 4p to 9p. That, is inflation!!! Unfortunately though, I have too much to do. This is the problem of not writing a blog for 9 days. I just have more to say than I have time to type. Fucking work. Hopefully no more work comes up for a while now, so I can get on top of everything. I cannot belive I forgot how hot those girls in the office were. What a great world.

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