Moving day

Somehow, I'm not quite sure how, but somehow, sorting through everything I own has become an entire mass rearrange, with my desk, my chest of drawers, my sofa, my coffee table and my TV table, all having new homes. It has become such a big project in fact that I've even taken today off from any exercise in order to get things done... now that's dedication. It is a needed day off mind. Yesterday in the morning was legs day, then in the evening, it was a long run. If that wasn't enough, for some reason I got a mass rush of adrenaline on leaving the gym in the morning. I'm not really sure why, but I felt a need to speed home as fast as my tired legs could take me... And that's pretty fast. I was keeping up with, and occasionally overtaking, free-flowing traffic. Not exactly in a safe manner either. But I never seem to get hit. In my experience, the cockier and pushier of a cyclist you are, the more cars will move out of your way. Staying nimbly at the side of the road is what gets cyclists killed. But it was weird, I just had this rush, and started going for it. Makes for some pretty sore legs today though, so taking a day off the gym to move furniture is probably no bad thing. I'll still be on my bike later to get some shopping, but that's only 20-30 minutes hard cycling, which doesn't really count as exercise.

In terms of progress with my room, all the furniture is moved, and now it is the just the long, and very tedious task of organising everything and finding it a new home. The first item to find that home was my laptop, meaning that I am now writing in a permanent place, rather than with wires coming out in all directions and surrounded by clutter. I expect sorting the rest of my stuff out to take until at least the end of tomorrow. I've already filled up 5 black bags; 3 of which will end up going to charity. Maybe have 8 or 9 full bags by the end of the process. I don't tidy up often. It means that when I do, it's one hell of a project. To make sure I got enough done today, I even wrote a plan of action last night. It was a little piece of paper that actually said 'plan of action' at the top. Now if that doesn't tell you I'm taking this seriously, then nothing does!

The strangest thing about being home in London now, is that I'm occasionally running into people I know from my school days. Often not even to talk to, just to walk past. But people I last remember seeing in a school uniform, I'm now seeing in suits and ties. It's horrible. They're already settled into a career, working for peanuts to line someone elses pocket. Is this life? Is this really how I'm expected to spend my time on earth? Sitting in an office for 40 hours a week, selling, buying, whatever, to make someone else money. This is what I have to look forward to for the next 45 years? It makes me sick just thinking about it. Settling down, having a career. I don't know how people can do it. Do people really want the memories of their life to be of inside an office, staring at a spreadsheet. I think I Happy Worker said this in the profile that I've put on this site, but I try to live my life, so that one day when I'm laying on my death bed, 30, or 40, or 50 years from now, I can look back at my life and die, knowing that I have lived. That I have spent the time I've had on earth well, and that I have experienced all that I can. If I get to that point and I look back and see anything different, knowing that it's too late to do anything about it... I'll die uncontent. If I wasn't about to die, that would be enough to kill me. And I know that if I get into a career, and spend the next 40 years looking at 4 office walls, there is no way that when I look back on my life, I will be able to say I'm proud of it. I will look back and cry. Yet I see these people I went to school with, already in their careers, wasting their life. People that I'll be graduating with this year, I keep on getting messages from, so pleased that they have a job, or they have a final interview. Am I the only one that looks at this whole process that we call life, and doesn't look at it with glee. I want more from my life than a happy time making money for someone else. But yet anyone I know who is old enough, is already caught in the work cycle. Not surprising really seeing as from the time we're old enough to listen, we're brain-washed and readied to work for other people. As young as infant school, teachers are asking "what do you want to do when you grow up?" I struggle to see how people that I consider to be intelligent just walk into a career without a second thought. Am I really the only one who thinks like this? The only one who detests the idea of a career? I guess that's why I'm travelling now instead. I'll be working to pay my way, but at least I'll be gaining experience from the process. Maybe during that time I'll be able to figure out, what exactly my long term plan will be. All I know now, is that if I get into that cycle of career, I may as well be dead already. If that is all that my life is going to amount to, then to be quite honest, I'd almost rather not live it.

In last nights news, there were a couple of key stories I just want to address quickly. Firstly is that the UK has for some reason continued to ratify the Lisbon treaty. EU regulations state that without the ratification of all 27 EU members, then the treaty cannot become law. So why have we bothered to continue to ratify what is surely a dead treaty now that Ireland has voted no? France and Holland voted no on the EU constitution, and the UK was promised a referendum. Since they renamed it, politicians have found loop-holes to bypass referendums in these three countries, despite the fact that the public do not want the treaty. And with this renamed EU constitution now surely dead, we continue to ratify it anyway? Has politics gone mad? An already unpopular government has pushed forward the ratification of an unpopular treaty that cannot, aside from some controversial political manouvering, become law. Are they stupid? Are they trying to lose the next election? This in a week where they send additional troops to Afganistan in the same 10 day period that 9 British troops are killed. There was a time that I actually thought Brown was an intelligent individual. Now the sooner he goes, the better. Even if it does mean having to put up with a conservative government, they can't be any worse than this idiot. We have Blair who has fun starting illegal wars based on falsified evidence. Now we have Brown who spends all his time pushing through a treaty that cannot become law. And people wonder why I have no faith in the political system we live in. You'd think after this long we'd have developed a system to install someone intelligent at the top of the political hierarchy. Instead we live in a world where we get Brown. But even at voting for the dumbest leader, we get beaten by the US. These are the people who run the world. No wonder it's a mess.

The other key story from yesterday, was that energy prices are set to rise 40% this winter. Not wanting to add to everyone's misery, but I think this is the best news in ages. Everyone uses energy unnescessarily. If I had my way, the rise would be 200%, just to make sure people use it as efficiently as possible. Take heating for example. In the UK, why is heating of any kind necessary for someone under the age of 40? I spent last Winter in Nova Scotia and didn't have my heating on all year. Cold is one of those things that your body adapts to, you just have to get it used Damn it's freezing in here to it. The problem that most people have, is that at the first sign of cold, they turn on the heating, put on a jumper, and don't let their bodies climatise to the Winter. It comes gradually, so don't protect yourself from the cold, and your body will be able to cope. The reason that we waste so much energy on heating, is that people act like such fucking pussies, and insist on turning on the heating at the first sign of cold. My hope is that this energy price rise will mean that people think twice about turning on the heating, and let their bodies prepare for the Winter. In this country we don't have a single cold day all year. At the peak of Winter, the most you need when outside is a jacket, so why not keep that on once you get inside? If you're going to act like a pussy and moan about the cold, why not just wear a jacket inside, rather than needlessly wasting energy to heat up your home? Now I have sympathy with the elderly. Their bodies cannot adapt so well, so might need heating, but my hope is that this price rise really makes people think.

And just in case you're one of those people who're still sceptical about the implications of excessive energy use, I was reading an article on the BBC website this morning, that the arctic could be ice-free during the Summer time, within 5 years. The arctic. With no ice. Yet people still have the ignorance to deny that humans are having any negative influence on the environment. And what worries me even more, is that rather than looking for a solution, Russia and Canada are squabbling about who has sovereignty over areas of soon to be melted sea, so they can make economic gain. And the US will start searching for oil off Alaska. Do people really fail to see the impacts that Powerstation this is going to have. Are the hundreds of thousands of dead from the Tsunami, from Burma, from the Chinese earthquake, from Katrina, from the Iranian earthquake... are these not enough to make people realise that for once, everything should not be about economic gain? What is the need to be the richest country in a world that is under water? And that daily tackles natural disasters that we currently consider rarities? Again I have to question the intelligence of those who run the world, and the political systems that allow them to do so. How different things would be in the US had chosen not to 'vote retard' in the year 2000 elections. If anyone is interested, the article I was looking at was at the time of writing, located here.

Now last time I wrote an entry a couple of days ago, I said that I was taking positives about having a bad connection. I take that all back! I don't get angry too often, but when I do, I have to break something. It's the way I am. I completely lost it yesterday when for 2 hours the connection decided to come on, then off, then on, then off etc. Now in such a situation, a sensible person would step away. Take a break, and come back later. I can't do that. I always have to sit down, check my emails etc. I do it everyday as I turn on my computer. For this normally 5 minute chore to take me 2 hours... I kinda lost it a little. I won't go into detail, but I'd have to hope I never want to listen to Kelly Clarkson again because her CD is in a few pieces. And there was a mug that it turns out isn't strong enough to withstand a 10kg dumbell being launched at it from across the room. And a frying pan might now have a very flat side. But on the plus side, the connection is working fine again!

Since I wrote the last blog entry, I have however had the connection to make significant progress with the website. Firstly, I have plogger working. This is the photo tool that now means I will no longer have to be paying Google to host my photos as I travel. There was a problem with leaving comments to photos, but it turns out that a lot of other people have had the same problem, so I easily found a solution in the Plogger forum. And now having more space than I will ever need, I have the opportunity to upload some photos from previous trips. Mainly I'm thinking about putting a selection on from when I travelled in 2005, because that was a very key time to me. But I'll also put some on from the Mexico trip (that I leave for in 5 days), seeing as that the site is up and running as I'm on that trip. What I kind of want from this site, is for it to be something that I can look back to in 5, 10, maybe even 20 years, and be able to know what I was thinking, what I was doing. Even what I looked like. That is why it is here, and keeping a fairly detailed log as I seem to be doing, will allow me to look back and know exactly what my life was like. Photos add to that. If I was the only person to ever look at this website over the next 20 years, I would still keep on writing, and still keep on doing what I'm doing. Obviously I hope to get a little more exposure than that, but this is an much a personal project as it is a private one. I want to be able to look back and know what I was thinking when I was 22, or 25, or 28. If anyone was wondering, that is why I continue to keep a blog, and work on a website that has received very few views. To be fair, it hasn't been promoted at all yet, so to have any is surprising, but that is why I'm doing what I'm doing.

Speaking of promotion, this site now has 12 pages listed on Google. Yesterday it was 10, today it's 12. And completely random pages at that. Some of the main pages, some random blog entries, some philosophies. I have no idea how Google determines what to list because more and more pages are appearing, but in a seemingly random order. But as long as it's happening, then I'm happy. The hostel page is now one of those listed, and that is one of the key pages as far as I'm concerned. It actually provides information that people may find useful.

Another change to the site, is that I went a little ad-happy yesterday. I was finding places in pages to place ads that didn't disrupt the page at all. And I was finding ads that I thought that people might find useful, and that might even make me some minor revenue. When took a break though, and came back to look at the site, I'd definitely overdone it a bit. My vision of the site had definitely been tainted, so I ended up taking a load of them back out again. I'm still undecided whether to take some others off or not. I think I probably will. This site is not here to make money, and if an ad interferes with the flow of a page in any way, then I don't want it. I only want ads that are out of the way of people who view a page so they have a choice about whether they look at them. And I only hope to make fairly insignificant revenues, for when people willfully choose to click on an ad. I don't want it to be one of those sites where the first thing you see is an advert. I want them to be a part of the background. I think right now, ads are too much a part of the site.

The other change that I have made, is that I've managed to get my own picture onto the forum page. I still cannot figure out how to change the forum colours to how I want. Changing the Plogger colours was a lot easier. I have now got my own picture on the main page though. Until I can come up with something better, it's just a picture of me, which looks really ecotistical. But at least you can tell now that it's my forum. Other things I wanted to work on the site have now fallen by the wayside. Reading through the whole site is now something of a dream with the time restraints I have. There are 5 days to Mexico, and we've still only booked half the accomodation. I have to arrange to meet people from 3 different countries in New York, where I will be the only face everyone recognises on arrival. On top of that I have to finish rearranging my room, because although my room currently looks great, the room next door looks an absolute bomb site because that's where I've put everything I own. My dad's currently in Switzerland, but I can't see him being too pleased if he were to find that when he got back. And I have a nice long list of other things that need doing. Deleting emails will definitely have to wait until I get back. Because I've had so much on, despite getting the exercise in, my diet hasn't been as I would've hoped. Too many carbs. I won't be in the shape I want by Mexico I don't think. Shit happens though. I definitely won't be the fattest one there.

With so much to do, I should really get on and do it I suppose. Yay, more tidying.

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