Mexico: Part 3

Hotel Ines We arrived in Puerto Escondido pretty damn early, but were still able to check into our "hotel," although it was more individual appartments that a hotel. Still, it was pretty cheap and pretty damn nice. The bathrooms didn't leave much to the imagination only having a partially see-through partitioned door, and all there really was in addition to this were beds. But there was a pool right outside our door, and a pretty good restaurant/bar. It was Hotel Ines to anyone who's interested.

The group became rather staggered for the daytime here, as people were more up for doing things based pretty much on how well they'd slept on the bus the previous night. I don't sleep too well on buses, so after a decent breakfast in a nice, but fly-ridden cafe a couple of minutes away from the hotel, I spent the next few hours sleeping. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Beach for a while, pretty much because that is all there is to do in this town. Although that may sound a little disparaging, this was a really nice place. One of my favourites in Mexico. One weird thing about Mexico; or at least something that I'm not used to, is that pretty much everywhere, though especially in the small towns and villages, there are literally hundreds of stray dogs that wonder around the place. Puerto Escondido Beach Unlike I'm used to, they aren't treated as subordinates to humans, they literally live side by side with people. It takes a bit of getting used to. And like people, they need shade, so to have random dogs come and sit near you, or under your sun lounger at the beach... it's just normal practice. It's weird to be in a place where people essentially live on par with dogs though. They don't feed them or anything like that. People live their way, dogs live their way, and they just co-exist.

For me that was about as exciting as it got for the day. Some other guys had gone "surfing" (more a case of just laying there by the sound of things), and Sean, but particualarly Jono, managed to get sunburnt worse than I've ever seen before. His back was like a giant blister a couple of days from now, and any t-shirt he put on looked like it had had a mug of tea spilt on it from all the puss or whatever it was leaking from him. That was some impressive damn sunburn.

Didn't stop him being up for a few drinking games though. Now I can't remember where everyone else went... it started off with most people having a few drinks. But me and Jono were left there with a pack of cards and someone elses liquor, so drinking rummy was invented.

Once other people were back at the hotel, we were going to have a night out... Jono had to stay back, I guess because of his sunburn, but I think everyone else came out. This was one of the disappointing thing about this trip; there isn't one occasion where I remember everyone having a proper night out together. Unless I'm mistaken, this was about as close as it came. It was an eventful night if nothing else.

Taxi journey Trying to rally people together, I walked into one of the other rooms to find people, to find 3 unnamed members of the group doing a line of coke. Nothing out of the ordinary on this trip to be honest, and something that, even in a small town like this, I was offered just sitting on the beach, so it wasn't too hard to aquire. I've never done coke before, and never planned to, but after consuming much of a bottle of liquor, when a very thin powdering is offered to me just to try it, I rub a little on my gums. It was such a miniscule amount that the minor high I got from it just detracted from my drunkness, and all I really gained from it was a slightly numb top gum that tasted of chemicals. I don't know what I expected coke to taste like, but I was damn sure expecting something better than that. I'd never planned on doing coke before. And now after tasting what piss is in there, I definitely won't be again. God that tasted bad.

Anyway, by the time it's ready to go, Jono is laying in bed. His room happens to be where the safe is which has my valuables in, so in order to not wake him up, I leave the light off and take my wallet out the safe.

Fish Bar 1 As we're arriving in town though, I take out my wallet to pay for the taxi, and it turns out that drunk and in the dark, I had accidentally taken Jono's wallet instead. Woohoo, free night. Unfortunately, I'm actually too honest of a person to do that, so instead I just took out a 500 and paid him back later.

The first bar we went to, was this weird little undersea themed bar, where... girls got free drinks. This pissed me off now, but it got to me even more in Playa Del Carmen, so I won't go into any details of why now. But it pissed me off. Girls actually got in cheaper in Acapulco, though I didn't realise that at the time, which was probably a good thing, because I'm pretty sure it will've pissed me off then as well. It's pissing me off now just thinking about it. Actually, fuck it, we're here now... Why the fuck do girls get a free bar? It essentially means that any guy in the bar is subsidising their drinking. Why the hell would we do that? I never go out to get laid any more, I just go to drink. Why the fuck should I spend my money to subsidise them drinking? They can pay for their own fucking drinks. And whenever I say that to them, their response is always something along the lines of "Oh Fish Bar 2 stop complaining about everything." To which I reply, "Well would you go into a bar where guys get free drinks and you have to pay double? No? Well shut the fuck up then bitch." This pissed me off more than anything about Mexico. I may... may just about be able to make my peace with subsidsing giving hot girls drinks, because even if I'm not trying to fuck them, at least it's still something nice to look at. But why the fuck should I pay for the ugly ones. What the fuck am I gaining by paying for ugly girls drinks? Ugly people have no right to free stuff. That's why god invented gyms and beauty salons, to make them less ugly. If they're too lazy to get on the treadmill, then they shouldn't get the benefits that hot people do. Because you can be damn sure that they're giving the hot girls drinks, so the sleazy guys follow. No guy would go to a bar full of ugly chics. They're essentially free-riding. Abusing hot-girl privilages that they have no right to because they look like bulldogs. Now this may sound harsh, but someone please tell me where, stripping away political correctness, I have actually told a lie in this paragraph. It just pissed me off the whole trip having to subsidise girls being able to drink for free. I don't give a fuck if they're drunk or not, and I'm damn sure unwilling to pay for it. So I made sure I Fish Bar 3 paid for as little as I could in this stupid club, and drunk as many free drinks as I could get my hands on. Fuckin' free drinks. Paying double so they can drink for free. What the fuck happened to equal rights? When they aren't allowed to vote, they'll never stop fucking moaning. When the shoes on the other foot though, oh they drink their free drinks. Fuckin' Mexico. God this fucking pissed me off. Fuckin' free drinks.

I'm confident I could go on about this for a while longer, but I'll reluctantly move on. So we left this weird retarded bar, and got a taxi back to a bar near to where we were staying. It was only about a 3 minute walk from the hotel, so I took the opportunity to swap Jono's wallet for mine, and pay him back the M$500 I'd borrowed. At this stage I felt fine. I felt drunk, but normal. I remember this bit, so I can't've been too drunk. Walking up to the bar, I remember vomitting in a bush, so something was wrong, then I just remember going into the bar, and this was the last I remember for a while. Apparently I was just stood there swaying, and 2 of the others had to take me back to the hotel. Next thing I remember, is laying in the hammocks at the hotel, and being fucking shit-scared Fish Bar 4 and paranoid that someone was in the bushes and was about to kill me. So paranoid that at one point I actually got up and ran onto the beach in fear. Now I know drunk. And this was not drunk. I'm pretty fearless at the best of times. When I've got a load of beer inside of me, nothing gets to me. So this was no drunken freakout. I don't know what it was, but I can only assume that something had been put into my drink. Two of the other guys had intentionally taken acid. And from the freak-out symptoms that I had and what I know about narcotics, this is the most likely thing I think. I would assume that none of them would ever be so stupid as to put something like that in my drink. If I ever find out otherwise, there would be severe ramifications. But I assume it was someone else. Whatever the fuck it was though, it fucked me up something stupid. Some of the others were smoking a spliff by this point, and being the largely health conscious person that I am, I always steer clear of anything that has to be inhaled into your lungs. My head wasn't exactly right now, though, so I sat down for a smoke. It somehow actually cleared my head. Smoking a bit seemed to negate whatever the fuck it was I was on before, and by the time I went to bed, I was back to normal enough that I was reading my NFL magazine for a while before I slept. I was at the start though, still fucked enough hold a spliff so long that the heat caused 2 bubbles to appear, one on my index finger and one on my thumb, causing me absolutely no reaction. They'd turned brown by the next day. And to this point 2 or 3 weeks on, I still haven't regained my finger prints in those places. It was an interesting night for me.

And when I found out all the stuff I'd missed as well, it got even more interesting. In the second bar, Jen and Sergio had pulled, then ended up going to the beach together. Everyone saw this. I say everyone, I was about to be murdered in a hammock at this point, but everyone else. Now this was a complicated situation. Sean, had always liked Jen. I mean, really liked her. And he came on this trip, like me, unaware she had a boyfriend. I think he was less willing to accept the whole boyfriend situation than I was, and was still hoping something could happen between them. So when she ends up pulling, and then going to the beach with Sergio, one of his best friends, to do whatever they did, versions differ, it kind of fucked things up a bit. Esepcially seeing as when they got back, they claimed 2 Fish Bar 5 different versions of events, both of which differed from the fact that people had seen them go to the beach together. Had they just said they'd gone for a walk, then this whole thing could've stopped there. But knowing full-well they were lying; it blew the whole thing wide open. Now everyone knew that Sean liked Jen, and disappearing to the beach with Sergio, blew the whole 'boyfriend' excuse out the water. And over the coming days, their whole relationship just deteriorated. He was hitting on her, but she was still committed to her boyfriend, calling on the drunkness veto for the nights actions. And the more he hit on her, the more distance she tried to get. And the more distance she tried to get, the worse he felt. By the end of the trip they were having to have talks about stuff and god knows what. I don't even know if they're still going to be friends. Now this whole thing goes a lot, lot deeper than this. Into peoples expectations for the trip, and the things I was told from both sides. But unfortunately I assured them that I wouldn't disclose anything that I was told, so to put it on the Internet would be something of a breach in trust. And for both of their integrities (neither came out of the situation particularly well), I shall keep what I know to myself. All I can say though is, with a little more self-control on both sides, Jen being able to keep her hands to herself when she was drunk, and Sean being a little less horny, this whole thing could've been avoided. As it was, from this point on, there was a tension built until the end of the trip. Something that to the best of my knowledge, still hasn't been fully resolved.

Puerto Escondidos waves I do have to make one more case here though... wanking. Sean was very proud to go the whole trip without (so he says). But maybe this was the problem. He was feeling so damned horny that he couldn't let the situation lay, so it could've all been resolved by wanking. Like pretty much anything. At this stage, I myself was still to knock one out in Mexico. But when I finally gave in that was a story in itself, a few days from now in San Cristobal.

Back to now though, and I wake up about 8 ish at a guess. I'm not going to use the toilet in the room because I'm still on liquid at this stage and you can hear everything through that door. So I go to the public toilet across the pool. On the way out though, the two guys who were on acid last night, as I only found out around now, were still sat outside the rooms, yet to go to bed. Both were still seeing shit I think, but they were funny to talk to. They were obsessed with the fact that the table cloth was moving. It was pretty amusing. Anyway, one of the guys, who I still won't name because it's probably not the best idea to name people taking drugs online, had, he thinks, hooked up with this chic last night. The problem was, he wasn't sure if his mind had cooked up the whole thing because of the acid. So that morning, the both of us went on an expedition to try and piece together his night. Watching him try to work out where he had been was pretty entertaining. And when he was able to take us to the actual hotel that this girl was staying at, it suddenly became real. He really wanted to see her, but sod's law; she was out.

Susan On the way back we even had time to relocate my vomit from last night to see if it had any clues in. Apart from this weird red shit, most likely tomato, there was nothing giving it away. We couldn't find anyone else so spent a while just chilling by the hotel pool. It was eating him up though that he hadn't got to see this girl, so with less than half an hour until we had to leave the hotel, we went back to see if she was still around. She wasn't, and for some reason he was reluctant to leave her a message. So again we left the hotel without seeing her. For the next couple of days he kept on asking me; "We did all we could, right?" To which I repeatedly said "No! You should've left her a message with the hotel." Eventually though, he looked up the hotel and phoned up and left her a message. She never got back to him, but at least he'd tried.

Well that was a quite eventful Puerto Escondido. We only spent one night here, but enough happened in that time. From here we were getting a bus to Tuxla. Though, for the first time in Mexico, getting a taxi was actually a little work. It all panned out though, and we made it to the bus station on time.

Sergio We actually arrived in Tuxla around 2am if I remember rightly. The problem was though, we were meeting the final member of the group here, Alyssa, but she didn't arrive until 6am. So we had 4 hours to kill in the bus station. Now they really designed the seats in this bus station so there was no way that you could sleep comfortably on them, but with a lot of innovation, most of us managed to get a couple of hours rest.

Alyssa eventually arrived. I was too weary to show any excitement. But inside it was really good to see her. We still had to wait a bit longer at this point. We had hired cars, with drivers, to go and see the jungle. This sounds expensive, but we had these cars, with drivers, for 3 days, at a cost of around M$1,000 each. That's £50. It would've cost more to travel the distance we went by bus. Probably a lot more. So although getting drivers sounds a little extravagant, it really wasn't too bad.

I'm kinda having to look back through my pictures to figure out the order of events in the jungle. It's all a bit of a blur to me because through tiredness, I was repeatedly losing consciousness in the car. But nothing too eventful happened in the jungle, so I'll get through this as quick as I can. As interesting as the places we actually stopped were, I was facinated to drive through many of the small towns en route. At times whole towns were painted in Corona colours, or decked with Coca-Cola logos. I had always questioned Coca-Cola's claim to have the worlds most recognised brand. Though driving through countless towns where every building sports Coca-cola logos or colours, then it is a claim that seems more feesible. The people you passed were also different to anything you would expect at home. Often whole teams of machete yielding workers would be hacking away at things on the side of the road. I'd guess to keep the roads clear, and without the use of electronic tools that I'd take for granted. Dogs were again rife, wondering the roads unsupervised. And it was always entertaining to see pick-up trucks driving along with crowds of people stood on the back. It'd be nasty if those vehicles ever had a crash I'm sure. You would probably get up to 12 men standing on the back of open trucks at times. It was different from anything that you would see in the UK. Quite fascinating.

Waterfall 1 Anyway, the first place we stopped was some big waterfall. I can't really give you any more details than that though unfortunately. I was told that, being in the jungle I should have my legs and arms covered. This was the first time, apart from nights out, that I had covered my legs. And it was the last for the entire trip. The logic was that you would avoid mosquitos. The truth was, it just made you sweat. Fuck the mosquitos. Then, if you went to the final platform on the trail, you got absolutely soaked by the waterfall anyway. We had lunch at a restaurant before getting back to the cars, and I was stuck in these wet jeans and a jumper until we got back to the cars. That was the first and last time I bothered covering up to avoid mosquitos this trip. They were overrated anyway. Apart from on my feet, they pretty much left me alone. This picture is of the main waterfall at the end of the trail (there were a couple of others en route). The photo isn't too clear because of all the spray coming up, so you can imagine how wet you got on the platform at the bottom of the picture.

Next on the agenda, we went to some ruins. These were pretty standard ruins. I didn't bother reading any of the signs so I don't know what they were there for, but I'm sure they were important ruins. I have though taken pictures of the signs so I can read up on the ruins should I ever feel the need. I won't, but it's good to know. Despite what I just said though, these ruins were actually really cool. Climbing to the top of them, especially without using the steps, gave me some much After the waterfall needed exercise. And they made for some really good pictures and at one point, had a really good view from the top of a hill. And seeing as I was too lazy to read up on the history of them, I can pretty much make up any story when I show people the pictures. Like they used to bring lions here to mate with zebras and create zions which could eat a whole elephant in one sitting before dying. However the zion meat, once filled with elephant, was, when eaten, still the best aphrodisiac known to man and will keep a man hard for 3 straight months. I doubt that's true, but I bet it's more interesting that what actually used to happen here.

After the pyramids, or ruins, whatever the hell they were, next we stopped off at a couple of different lakes. Or one lake from a couple of different sides. I'm not sure which. The plan was to do some kyaking in these lakes. The rain was coming down pretty hard now though, so for some reason, that justified not going kyaking. Seeing as you'll be wet anyway, it seems the perfect activity to do in the rain to me. But I guess not. We can just look at the lake instead. Fuckin' great. It did make for some picturesque photos mind. Pyramid

The next, and I think final stop of the day, was at the guatemala border. Now seeing as I had to queue for fucking ages to get into Mexico in Mexico City, why the hell did I not just come to Guatemala and walk over. The only way we knew the border was there was because of the border markers. I must have crossed the Guatemala/Mexico border 15 times in the short time we were here. There were some stalls set up just inside Guatemala for tourists as well. Admittedly, a little more in the way of infrastructure would've been nice. Seemingly Guatemala's infrastructure consists of a mud road, so you slid about whilst browsing their merchandise. It was good to get into Guatemala though. If nothing else, now I can add it to my 'Where I've been' map on Facebook. It's strange how people think nowadays.

I think that the initial plan had been to camp for tonight. I'm not exactly sure how, seeing as we didn't have any tents or cooking equipment, or anything to sleep on. Maybe camp, was short for sleep on the ground naked or something. But anyway, that idea went out the window. Instead we had to find, in the dark of night by now, this supposed hotel. There had been a ton of driving today. We had left Tuxla, possibly before 7am. By now though, the sun had gone down. I think it was closing in on midnight if I remember rightly. Though I may be exaggerating that. After stopping and asking though, we did eventually find this "hotel."

Lake I just remembered something: You remember the fat girl from Acapulco. Well because I was drunk and useless, and she still didn't leave me until I passed out, the next morning me and Jono were talking and we came up with a new t-shirt slogan: "You can be dicks to fat girls and they won't leave you!" How genius is that? Sorry, I just had to get that in. I wouldn't have felt I had truly written about Mexico without that. Back to the jungle.

Now arriving at this "hotel," we were given 4 rooms of 3. I was gonna be in a room with Erin and Jono, because we'd shared the whole trip and were also in cars together. But as I was going to a room with Erin, Jen pretty much walked into the room ahead of us, and said, pretty rudely, "This is mine, Susan and Erin's room." Erin wasn't really wanting to upset anyone, so looking at me with I'm sorry, but I don't want to upset anyone eyes, she went with them. I found out later that the probable reason for Jen acting like, to put it bluntly, a bitch, was because everytime she had been in a room, Sean had "coincidentally" been in the same room, and she'd become a little uncomfortable with it. This was her way of getting some space. It left me and Jono in a room alone. Sergio, the only Spanish speaking one of the group, didn't feel the need to actually find out which room we were in though. And seeing as we'd just let the girls into the room we were about to go in, this was pretty fuckin' irritating. Especially after a day sat in a car. Eventually, one of the drivers found us a room. If this hadn't been frustrating enough, the hotel restaurant was obviously closed. So we didn't go hungry, Guatemala they were willing to open up their little shop for a few minutes so we could get some food. Problem was, not knowing which room we were in seeing as everyone had fucked off and left us, no one felt the need to actually take the time to look for us, and tell us. I coincidentally happened to open the door in time to see the others going to the shop, but I had gone from happy when we arrived at this place, to pretty damn stressed out at essentially being forgotten about. Along with the multitude of snacks I had to buy as the shop didn't consist of anything dinneresque, the closest thing was a Mexican brand pot noodle, I also bought a bottle of tequila to drink because I was pretty angry by this point. Jon was the same, coupled with the stress of how well he and Erin were getting along, ie not well, so we sat in the room drinking for a while, pretty much having a good old-fashioned bitching session about anything and everything. Sean knocked on the door a bit later, and he was reluctant to join in at first. But it didn't take long for him to get into the swing of things, and everything that was pissing the 3 of us off about the trip, or the people on the trip, or anything else for that matter, was aired. Kind of like Guatemala border a counselling group for woman or criminals. It kind of helped though. I was a bit relaxed after that, and spent a while in one of the other rooms before going to bed.

When we'd arrived the night before, we were told the water was going to be turned on. This was true of the sink, but we still had no showers. They couldn't get them to work. Still not working in the morning, their solution was to offer to pour some buckets of water over our head. This is kind of why I used the terms hotel loosely. Not a bad place considering it was literally in the middle of nowwhere, but to expect too many ammenities would leave you disappointed.

We didn't hang around in the morning, and when it was time to pay, me and Jono had to pay M$150 each as it was M$300 per room. This didn't bother me too much seeing as we'd had the ammenities of a 3 person room between 2, even if there really was no advantage to me seeing as I was in the single bed. Everyone else of course had to pay M$100 each. It didn't bother me anyway, until we stayed in Palenque one night, and when Jen and Susan had a room to themselves, the cost was split down the middle. Now that pissed me off. And I think it was subsequent to the 9 or 10 hours at this hotel, that I started to feel that I needed to get my own space a bit, especially when we paid for the hotel in Palenque. I'm a pretty private person, and often need my space, but this is pretty much the point, because of the way that things transpired at this hotel, that I started to feel I needed a bit of distance. I don't know if things here just got to me that much, or this was just the final push off the cliff. I had been really happy up until this point. But from here, I started craving some alone time, and I don't really think I got back to normal again this trip. I was fine a lot of the time. But Jungle hotel then other times from here on, things that would've been water off a duck's back normally, would get me so angry. I don't know. This was really though, the first time, since a shit first night anyway, that anything had actually got under my skin at all.

Moving on; I think it was this morning that we stopped for breakfast in this little cafe about 30 mins from the hotel. If it wasn't this morning, then I can't remember when it was, but we definitely stopped for a decent breakfast in some cafe, somewhere.

The next real stop of note that we had, was at this place that did boat rides into the jungle to see some (more) ruins. We were quite short of time and it was actually considered that we do just the boat trip and skip the ruins, or even do neither. It was lucky, because it was these ruins that made this jungle trip worthwile. It had been ok so far. But it had been a lot of driving, with very little actually being done. It was cool to see the jungle when driving. But once you've seen one bit of jungle, you don't Boat Trip really have to see any more of it. It was this part of the trip that made all the driving worthwile.

First of all, we had to get to the ruins. This meant 30 minutes in a motorised long-boat along the jungle river. This was pretty awesome in itself: seeing the jungle from the water. And then getting off in the middle of the jungle to see the ruins: It was awesome. It took very little time to spot the first monkeys once you were off the boat. There were also lizards, and inside some of the ruins, a shit-load of bats. What really was worth seeing, or hearing rather, was the howler monkeys. I'd never heard of a howler monkey before. And I was certainly unaware that a monkey could make such a horrendous noise. It was like this shriek every ten seconds or so. At first we were thinking it was some kind of big cat or something. And still unsure, I went for a look within the untamed jungle. I'd spent ages looking for bears when I was in Alaska and The Yukon in 2005, and never found more than a footprint. So there was no way that I was going to miss out on this one. And I went a little way Bats into the jungle before I could see that the noise was coming from above. Someone had suggested a monkey before, but I thought they were joking. Guess not. I could've stayed in this bit of the jungle for ages, apart from, just as I was walking in, I hear Sergio say "I bet he gets bitten or something." This played on my mind, and eventually the paranoia about snakes and spiders being in the undergrowth made me leave. I hate it when people do that. I never think of things like that myself, and could've walked for miles. But by making me think about snakes and spiders etc., he planted a seed of doubt in my mind. It didn't stop me exploring a little bit. But once I'd realised that it was actually a monkey making these noises, I started to think about other things, and those were the last words I'd heard. Ah well. Probably for the best. I did actually take a video of the noises that these monkey made, but my laptop is playing up with videos at the moment. If I get them working properly, then I'll put them in the videos section of the website at some point.

I could spend hours talking about these pyramids, but I'll spare all the details. Nothing too eventful happened here. It was well worth the visit though and my favourite place on the jungle trip. The best of the 4 (I think) pyramid/ruin sites that we ultimately visited in Mexico. It was the least touristy and most secluded. Even if I did climb up one ruin to find one mexican sitting there, I think having a cigarette. I guess on his break or something. Although not many tourists, there were a Jungle Ruins few workers with machetes cutting back the undergrowth on parts of the site. Well worth the visit though.

Once we'd got the boat back to the cars, it will've been around 16:30 if the clock on my camera was correct. From here we had to get to Palenque where we were going to be for the night. This was also where Jono and Erin would be leaving us. We had a decent final dinner with them once we arrived in Palenque; gone sundown by now; it included a fair few cocktails, before we had to take them to the bus station for a final goodbye. Being an ex-couple, they'd been having problems this whole trip. And I'd got the worst of it in the ear being in the same car as them for the whole jungle driving, and being in the same room with both of them until Erin was taken the night before. But despite that, damn I was going to miss the both of them. No one can get me drunk faster than Erin. So it was sad to see them leave. We then headed to a hotel to stay the night.

Berries Coincidentally, three British chics that the group had met before me and Sean had arrived in Mexico City were going to be in Paleque tonight as well. A few of us went out to meet them (I didn't. I went for alcohol, they were just a bonus), and then spent a while looking around for somewhere to buy some liquor. No bars were open, so we eventually found a liquor store, and after getting taxis to meet them at their hotel, had to then get taxis back to our hotel because the hostel apparently wasn't suitable for some reason. I went a little overboard in the liquor store; I think the alcohol from dinner had gone to my head. I ended up buying not only 6 large cans, but also a litre of rum, where as everyone else seemed to think it was going to be a quiet night. I incidentally still haven't finished this rum and brought it back to the UK with me. It does have a funny story in Playa Del Carmen though if I remember to put it in. Anyway, with everyone else expecting a quiet night, I really struggled to get people playing drinking games. And with Erin no longer here to get me drunk, I really needed them. After some poor attempts at rubbish games, and a lot of nagging, I finally got everyone involved in a game of Boxhead boxhead. I'm too damn good at picking cards randomly though, and I never even finished off my 6 cans; let alone my excessive bottle of rum. It was good to play a bit of boxhead with these guys again though. It was a staple game back in the Halifax days. That night then died out annoyingly early.

With Erin and Jono gone, I was hoping that the cars remained as they were, leaving me with a car to myself. I'd even had Erin and Jono make up stories about wanking and stuff like that so no one would want to share with me. But I got landed with Susan and Alyssa at the beginning of the day. And the Susan and Jen by the end. That's the curse of being beautiful. People always want to be around you.

The first stop today were some more ruins. The three British chics were coming with us for some reason. But when we said to be at the hotel at 8, no one actually expected them to make it. So when I was the first up at 8:15 and went downstairs to check for them, I was pretty damn shocked that they were actually there. I banged on Jen and Susan's door as well, and they shouted that they were up. Turns out they were lying. So when everyone else was ready not too long after this, it got people a little annoyed that we were waiting a while for them to appear. The whole rift since Acapulco had never really healed, and they had to do a lot less than anyone else to get people annoyed. Anyway, they appeared eventually.

I said I had to share this car with Alyssa and Susan first off. I lied. Getting to yet another set of ruins, I had the 3 British chics in my car. Damn everyone wanting to be near me. According to my camera, we were here before 10, so in the end we made up good time.

Waterfall 2 I really couldn't see the logic of coming to these ruins. We'd been to some awesome, secluded ones yesterday. We'd seen some others the day before. And we'd seen some pyramids in Mexico City. How many ruins do we have to fucking see? But here we were, and if the ruins yesterday were the Seattle Seahawks, then these were the fucking Rams. They were so congested with tourists you could barely move at times. There were people selling crap all the way around the site. There was nothing here we hadn't seen at the other sites we'd been to. Only here, it was more crowded. The only unique feature was we found an avocado tree, so throing avocados at Sergio was something new. Everyone else seemed quite happy mind. I was just having a down day, so seeing more fucking ruins seemed more effort than it was worth. Before we headed back to the cars, the British chics left us. I have no idea how they got back. They might still be there now, but all I was thinking was "free car!" As it turns out I got stuck with Alyssa and Susan, but the dream was there.

The next stop today was another waterfall. It was a lot smaller than the other one. You could walk behind this one and even swim beneath it. We didn't, but it was good to know that you could. There were some hot-ass American chics here as well. Much better to look at than the stupid waterfall. Well it was a nice waterfall, but this was a really hot ass.

Waterfall 3 We left here to go to another place that you could swim a little drive away. It was a waterfall as well, but with much stronger currents, and mini waterfalls downstream from where we were swimming. I didn't want to be the first idiot to be taken downstream, so I was pretty careful not to get taken away. Had someone else gone, I probably would've swam down the next mini-falls. But I just didn't want to be the loser to go accidentally. I wish I had some photos of this because it was a lot of fun. And I hadn't put on too much weight by this point. Maybe I'll add some pictures into this blog once I get them off other people. I don't make a habit of editing my blogs once I've written them, but there were some good photos from here. We got lunch straight after drying off in one of the cafes nearby.

This was the last jungly stop that we made with the cars. From here on we made quite a long journey to a town with Internet. I'm not sure whether this was the main motivation for coming here, but this was where Justin, Loz and Ant booked flights to Cancun. They were leaving soon, and wanted to see Cancun before they went back to Oz. That I can understand. But when you've travelled half way around the world to see people, you kind of want to spend as much time with them as possible. None of the rest of us could afford these flights, so it meant that after the first night in San Cristobal, the group would temporarily be down to 6 people. There was a little friction before we left this place within the group, not really worth detailing though. The drivers were also getting a little angry at how long we were here as well. I think it was supposed to be a 10 minute stop, and Alyssa it turned into at least an hour. Maybe an hour and a half. And of course, not only would they have been fed up of driving us about, they'd probably want to get home. And not in the dark I'd guess, judging by the stories you hear in Mexico about driving at night. We eventually left here though, and San Cristobal was about an hour away.

I was in my car with Jen and Susan by this point, and had been for sometime now. It was all good until here. I got to here all Jen's problems, mainly by making her believe that I already knew what had happened between her and Sergio, so she ended up telling me anyway. I didn't know but it worked a treat. After that though she opened up a little, and it was quite an entertaining drive. But for whatever reason, neither of them, but particularly Susan, felt the need to use the bathroom when we were stopped for over an hour back in the last town. And then, as soon as we left there, she decided to moan and moan at me that she needed to go, and couldn't hold it any longer etc., like there was something that I could do about it. The driver didn't speak English, and I wasn't going to go out of my way to find out how long until the next bathroom, if she was too stupid to use it when we were stopped. But she just kept on and on and on. It did my fucking head in. Suzi was by far the youngest of the group on this trip at 18. And in my opinion, if not other peoples, she had hidden this immaturity pretty well for most of the trip. It all came to the fore here though. It was like having a Pocket porn 5-year old in the back of the damn car fucking bitching and moaning. So we made a stop; I'm not sure this was the reason, and finally she shut the fuck up. This stop was within San Cristobal by now, and we found a hotel in a nice part of town, not far from here. It was Hotel La Noria, a pretty nice and pretty reasonable place to stay. For the time being, hostels had gone out of the window. Budget hotels were an unspoken compromise between me, at the tight-ass end of the spectrum, and those at the extravagant other end. Anyway, we got here, I got my own bed of course. Still yet to share on this trip (I think I had the best record, only sharing a bed on 2 nights this whole trip. I didn't need any more.), before we paid, tipped, shook hands with, and said goodbye to the drivers. Bedtime now, but I'll get onto the first night in San Cristobal tomorrow. That was one to remember.

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