Mexico: Part 2

Once we'd touched down in Mexico (me and Sean), we had the fun of negotiating Mexican customs. Not something I'd wish to do again in a hurry, the queue into Mexico was something ridiculous. There were multiple agents checking the passports of the short queue of Mexican citizens. Yet for the long queue of foreigners whom each had to be at least somewhat interrogated and forms checked before they were let into the country, there was but one agent. To put it mildly, they don't exactly welcome foreigners to Mexico. I don't know how long we were queueing. At least an hour. Maybe 2. But by the time we'd finally got onto Mexican soil, it was close to midnight.

Next we needed to call Sergio, but it also turns out that Mexican payphones don't accept coins. You need a card. And with the cheapest ones being sold in the shops selling at M$300, we were just going to work things out for ourselves, before we found a machine that disposed of cards for M$30. Of course it took about 3 attempts to get the phone working, not speaking the language too much. And when we finally got through to Sergio, his phone went dead after about 30 seconds, and was unresponsive thereafter. We did however get the information to go to room 307 once we arrived at the hostel.

We'd booked a taxi once we got off the plane. Not for any real reason other than the agent at this authorised taxi stand shouted louder than the others. That was something that as a standout foreigner in Mexico I got used to for the next 3 weeks. I have pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. And to Mexicans, this means I'm a wallet on legs. If only they knew I was such a tight sod. Anyway, it turns out we'd probably picked the wrong taxi company because despite their being a shit-load of taxis waiting, the unmarked man whom we assumed was some kind of mediator for the taxi rank, was having us wait until one that matched our ticket arrived. But after a short wait, 15 or 20 minutes, a cab pulled up and we were on our way. Gone midnight by this point, Mexican roads really seem to have no rules. I have no idea of the validity of the traffic lights as people just seemed to drive as they pleased. But despite this lack of seemingly any kind of highway code, the roads ran smoothly enough, and we got to the hostel.

Hostel Catedral Of course checking in couldn't be done smoothly. Despite phoning up and speaking to them personally, and having confirmation emails sent to me, they had, despite the deposit being taken from my account, lost my booking. That also despite someone else checking in on the same booking earlier that day. And in the Mexican tradition of I'm not going to do anything quickly, it took fucking ages to sort the whole thing out. It was only the printed emails and deposit recipt that I had brought that eventually saved us. And the guy behind the desk needed to keep these as his recipts. It wasn't a sunny start to Mexico, though I do have to say, not entirely unexpected based on my reading before the trip.

Anyway, it had been a minimum 14 months since I'd seen anyone else who was here. For some people it had been 18 months, so I was really looking forward to meeting people, catching up, having a few beers. So after locking our bags up in our 5th floor room, right below what sounded like a hell of a party on the roof bar above, we went to find room 307. Maybe join that party.

After a long day, you're excited to see people. Pretty psyched up, it's been a long time. So when you knock on the door and all but one of the people you're here to meet are at least semi-knocked-out on sleeping pills, apart from the 2 who're out partying and not even here, it's somewhat disappointing to put it mildly. In fact, it is pretty much about as anti-climatic a welcome as I think I've ever received. I'd have felt more welcome at a black woman's feminist rally. This really brought me down I have to say. Through all the shit at the airport, and with the taxis, and checking into the hostel, I'd still been pumped just because I was going to see people I really wanted to see. When you get this kind of welcome though, it really brings you back down to earth and the jet-lag that adrenaline has pulled you through for the rest of the day starts to kick in. I'd go so far as to say that this stuck with me for the rest of the trip, and I think Sean felt the same. What made things even worse, is that drinking with Susan in the bar, the one person at the hostel not on sleeping pills, everyone was so tired because they thought we were arriving the night before, so had had a really big night then. And to be repeatedly told about how good the night they thought we were arriving was, for the whole duration of the trip, just went to rub in that this was as dyer a start to Mexico as could have been. Speaking to Sean at breakfast the next morning, he was as annoyed about it as I was, but for the good of the rest of the trip, we didn't bring it up again.

Sinking church The good thing about have a start to Mexico as fun as that, is from there, things can only get better. It's a pretty thin silver lining, but things did pick-up. The next day, the group of us, which was at 8 at this stage of the trip, did a hostel organised trip to, among other things, some kind of pyramid things. The first place we went to were some ruins of somekind, I didn't really pay attention. What I remember about these, is that when we eventually got a tour guide, he says "Sorry I'm late. I was not supposed to be your tour guide, but we cannot find your tour guide." Man, only in Mexico do they displace their tour guides. The ruins were pretty nice too, but that is my favourite memory from them.

From there we went to some place full of Jesus memorabilia like churches and statues, and a hill that gave a pretty nice view of the city. I had been overwhelmed by the size of Mexico City as we'd flown in last night, so it was good to see it in the daytime. I have lived in London my whole life, and never before had I been to a place that made London seem small. But damn, Mexico City did that. Sombrero It's a Behemoth of a city. After this we were at this place where they seem to make a shit load of stuff out of some cactus type plant. They make clothes out of it, they make mescal out of it. That's the drink that comes with a worm in the bottom. They even made paper out of it. It is one damn useful plant. We got a demonstration of all of this before being led into the large gift shop where I think the plan was we'd buy all of the crap they'd just shown us how to make. And it worked. Not only did I buy a bottle of the mescal, I also got myself a poncho of some kind. I'm not even sure if it was made out of this weird cactus plant, but others were buying similar ones and it seemed pretty practical for the trip. This was the one and only take-home item I bought in Mexico. Beyond this point there were no souveneirs or gifts. Everything I bought had an immediate use, and for the love of money and the hate of carrying, I bought nothing else for the duration of the trip.

From here we got taken back to this buffet, that gave me really my first real taste of Mexican food. Admittedly, not an overly accurate taste, but it was the closest so far. It had refried beans, tacos or tortillas or whatever the hell they are, I still can't tell the difference. All I know is, whatever you eat in Mexico, it'll taste good, make you fat, and leave Lunch you crapping liquid until your body is used to things. I think that happened to everyone on this trip. I was good again after about a week and a half. And once my body had climatised to Mexican cuisine, you can enjoy the fact that it's pretty tasty food without worrying for the next 12 hours.

Lunch done, we finally made it to the great pyramids. They were called something like that anyway. One was called the sun, one the moon, and there was a shit load of small ones that no one seemed to care too much about. We did have a tour guide, but I'm not going to lie; I wasn't listening to a word he was saying. It was one of those situations where you're standing there thinking about boobs or football or something, then if he looks at you, you just nod a bit and put on a "hmmmm, how interesting" face. At a guess, I'd say these pyramids were something to do with ancient Mexico, and that people worshiped them because god would get all pissy if they didn't. They weren't even pyramids you could go inside, although they were fun to race up. Whatever they were there for, they made pretty good pictures

The Sun from The Moon Fortunately luck was on our side today, as seemingly once a day in most parts of Mexico, it'll just start raining... hard. And it just so happened that today it started, just as we had got to the little area of touristy shops, which provided us with shelter until the mini-bus arrived. Maybe god does smile on you if you go to these pyramids. He's certainly a nob to you when you go through customs.

On the drive home, the rains certainly exposed some flaws in Mexico's infrastructure. It might be worth them investing in some better drainage, seeing as the roads essentially turned to small rivers in places. If nothing else, I guess it makes driving in Mexico more fun.

This evening proved to be a lot more satisfying than the one previously. The complimentary hostel dinner left a little to be desired, consisting of pancakes and jam, but after that, a good nights drinking ensued. The main problem I had, was that once I'd drunk a fair bit, I decided that I wanted to eat the worm at the bottom of the bottle of mescal. The other problem was that everyone else had drunk a lot by this point as well. Getting to the worm then kind of meant I On top of The Sun had to do a lot of the drinking myself, so I don't really remember too much of this night. I ended up with a few photos. Apparently I eventually got the worm, put it in my mouth, dropped it, picked it up off the floor, and then ate it. I woke up in my bed, and that's all you can really hope for.

During the duration of the night, Erin and Jono also appeared, which was awesome to see them. They certainly had a better introduction to Mexico than me and Sean the previous night. Although if I remember right, Jono had spent much of the day alone, having arrived at about 13:00. I was the first person he found, and that can't have been until around 21:00. Erin on the other hand, got their after way too much tequila and mescal for me to have any idea when she arrived. She was definitely there the next morning though.

Drunk That was Mexico City done for the first time this trip. The next day we headed over to Acapulco. Apart from a couple of hours waiting for the bus, this all went pretty smoothly. I was especially impressed with Mexico's bus service. It puts to shame Greyhound in the US and Canada, or National Express in the UK. All bus services in Mexico, but in particular this journey to Acapulco, really lets you travel in luxury. The buses are air conditioned, spacious and comfortable. If they actually played films in English, they'd be perfect. But no complaints about the service whatsoever. I've done a lot of travel by bus in the past. But none as comfortably as this was.

Copacabana We got a taxi from the Acapulco bus station to the hostel we were supposed to be staying in, and checked in pretty much problem free. The problem was that some of the people here travelling, weren't quite so used to travelling on a shoe string, as maybe I am. I'll admit that it wasn't the best hostel in the world. Maybe it was even one of the worst. (It was the K3 if anyone's interested) But having paid for a nights stay, surely we should give it a try... no? No one else seemed to think so. I admit that the rooms were worse than prison cells. Boxes, with some not even having daylight. But there are advantages about staying in somewhere shit. You can be damn sure that you get to see the local area, because you aren't going to want to spend any second more than necessary in a dump like that for one. But unfortunately, no one else was thinking like me. We initially went to the hotel across the street to enquire about prices. They were booked up, but one of the people working there walked us to what he called an appartment, in another hotel. It was pissing with rain by now, and Jacuzzi when he said it was just round the corner, he kind of meant round the corner several blocks away. I mean it must've been at least a 15 minute walk. And when we got there, I'll admit to being disappointed by how nice it was. I mean it was awesome, and I really can't afford that kind of luxury. Well I can, but every penny I'd spend, would be eating into my budget for when I travel for real. But then we saw the rooms. And then we got the prices, and I think it only worked out at being around £5 per night more than the hostel. I was still reluctant to pay, but we were getting a special rate. And with pressure from the others, I reluctantly agreed to live in luxury for the next 3 nights. The hotel was called Copacabana, and the song that is played on the homepage of of their website, ironically Copacabana, was also played on a loop in the elevators. I can't remember what floor we were on... 14 or 17 or somewhere along those lines, but it was quite high. Which meant a lot of elevator time. And that then meant that for the rest of the trip, that was pretty much the only song that I had stuck in my head. Now I still have my reservations about paying for a hotel of this luxury, but I will admit it was nice. Really nice. And good value. Although I do still wish that we'd had at least one night in the K3. The night had been paid for, Hammocks and if nothing else, it'd mean that I could add another hostel to the hostel page of this site. But damn, for the price, what a damn awesome hotel!

After all of this, I don't remember too much happening this night. once we'd got bags collected from the hostel in the rain, which involved a few people carrying a lot of stuff, and 2 taxis waiting for a while outsite the hostel, I'm not sure we actually did too much. Though I do have a feeling of being hungover the next day, so I'm not too sure. I do know that me, Jono and Erin (who were all in a room together), got breakfast at a restaurant that had a real liking for jaguars the next morning, before sitting in hammocks drinking margherita's for a while. Aquiring and losing people, the rest of the day consisted of happy hour at the poolside bar, doing a load of shots and cocktails, then the beach swimming drunk for a while, then having a jacuzzi drunk, before probably more hammocks drunk. It was a pretty damn good day. Being white, people think I'm rich, so I'd get accosted on the beach, and throughout Acapulco and much of the rest of the trip, I was getting offered drugs at every turn. It was fun for a while, as it makes you feel superior somewhat as people compete for your attention. By the end of the trip, such acostings had become a Acapulco beach hassle. Now this was an awesome day, but with the hotel being literally on the beach, we hadn't really left the hotel all day apart from breakfast, which I found somewhat annoying, even if I didn't show it sitting in the waterfall jacuzzi. I like to see places when I go there, not the inside of hotels. If I wanted to see a hotel, I could've done so in London. It's not that I wasn't enjoying the life of luxury, but I do like to experience places, not resorts. I wasn't the only one on this trip though, and everyone seemed happy enough to stay in most of the day, so I went along with it.

After such a trying day of beaches and jacuzzis, we needed a night out to ease the tension. And that night came at what was this point, maybe the best nightclub I'd ever been to. It was up the hill that you can see in the picture of the view from our hotel balcony, and had floor to ceiling windows on the dance floor, which provided an immense place to dance the night away. It was pretty expensive to get into as well, about M$400, although it was an open bar once you were there, so on the condition that you drank enough, it was pretty good value. I got good value. There were though, only 6 people whom came to the club I think, out of 10 on the trip right now. With particular people smoking a lot, they were a lot of the trip seemingly too tired to come on many of the nights out. Which was a shame because when on form, they can make a night. Tonight ended up being a pretty damn awesome night anyway though.

Acapulco Club 1 Before going on with this night, I have to confess I was curious, and maybe a little hopeful prior to the trip, as to whether or not, something could happen between me and Jen, who was one of the girls we were travelling with. I didn't know her too well in Halifax, but we always seemed to get along really well. I was speaking to her a lot before coming to Mexico, and as far as I was aware, she was single still. And hot. Then I of course am very, very beautiful, and modest to go with it. So I was kind of curious. The list of girls, pretty much in the world, that I would actually be willing to have any kind of relationship with is pretty damn short. Probably because I'm the kind of person who sees a persons faults and generally focuses on them, rather on their positives. But like I said, I didn't know Jen too well, so as yet she didn't have too many faults, so I was curious. Even now the trip is over, and I know her pretty well, she's still on that list, so in a different situation, who knows what might've happened in Mexico. As I'm sure will come up at some point during these Mexico entries though, if having a boyfriend wasn't enough of a deterant, then the rest of the politics that came up definitely were. She coincidentally messaged me just that second on MSN. Strange.

Acapulco Club 2 But anyway, that was relevant to tonight, because it was about half way through this night that Erin kind of said to me "you have to stop hitting on Jen!" So I was like "why?" The eventual result was she had a boyfriend, which was news to me. But with that, and with the politics that flared up later in the trip, I actually made an effort not to hit on her even once more in Mexico. That was tough. Being, like, a friend. How weird. Left me a little disoriented at first, because I admittedly did believe that something could happen. But it wasn't meant to be. You know what, this is god getting me back for all the times I think about him when I'm crapping. To be fair to Jen though, she probably had a lucky escape. I mean if I list my relationship qualities, they go something like: Doesn't do commitment, doesn't like compromise, won't buy diamonds, gold, or any other overpriced rocks and metals, will never wax his chest or even shave, will always answer the truth to any question and pretty much, contrary to popular belief, has the sex-drive of a panda. I mean I really can't see why there isn't a queue outside my door.

Anyway, with Jen off the radar, my plan was to get really drunk. Well that was already part of my plan, but now it was the only part of my plan. Somehow though, and Sergio takes credit for this, I ended up spending the night dancing with a 28 year old chic, who I remember being pretty hot. If nothing else, I remember staring at a pretty Acapulco Club 3 decent rack for most of the night. Apparently though, she was a bit fat. Fuckin' beer goggles. Apparently I pulled her on the dance floor, but I don't remember that bit. And apprently I was all set to go home with her, in her 4x4, so she might not've even been that drunk if she could still drive. So I've been told though, I fucked it up by falling asleep, which is something that happens to me with surprising regularity. That's probably god's way of throwing me a bone after fucking up the whole Jen thing for me. "You may not be able to get with the hot chic, but at least I didn't let you wake up next to a porker." I bet he thinks I owe him now. It's probably a good thing though. I will've been way to drunk to get it up and it's just uncomfortable when that happens.

This night was also lit up, so I'm told, by the disappearance of Ant, who apparently disappeared in the middle of the night. And I remember Erin and Jono, formerly a couple, not getting along too well. Well Ant showed up the next day. Apparently he just wanted to walk home and get a bit of time to himself, something that later in the trip I needed too. I don't remember what happened with anything else. I woke up in my bed with a banging hangover, which means I got value for money on the free bar, and not next to a fat chic. A pretty successful night I think you'll agree.

Drinking game 1 Accompanied by said hangover, I can't remember in detail what we did the daytime today. Though I'm pretty sure it consisted of a combination, in some order, of jacuzzi, beach, pool, bar, hammocks and bed.

In the evening there was some tame drinking, and some motivation for another night out. But then King Kong came on TV and people kind of monged out. During the evening, for some reason, Jen also aquired a Mexican from somewhere. How I'm not sure seeing as he didn't speak any English. But I bet he was well pleased at thinking he was being brought up to this hot chics room, and instead finding 9 foreigners watching King Kong. I bet that's exactly what he was hoping for. Tonight did though introduce me to a new, and awesome drinking game, where you have to take it in turns to put cards on top of a bottle, obviously with various restrictions, with the person whom collapses the pile of cards drinking. I can't remember specifically what the restrictions were, but it created a pretty impressive structure. And when all 52 cards were used, we started using dominoes, and then getting really desperate, moved onto carrots until the pile collapsed.

Drinking game 2 With people starting to get tired and antsy by this point; King Kong having tired everyone out, we all split for the night. What I did at this point was completely uncharacteristic of me. I left my Seahawks baseball cap; possibly my most treasured possession and as much a part of me as my face, in the others' room. I don't know what came over me. I mean I never leave that hat anywhere. It's more important to me than a wheelchair to a cripple, but for some reason, I forgot my lucky hat.

Back in our room, I was waiting for Erin in the bathroom and feeling a little antsy (man everyone's antsy now), so I decided to go for a walk along the beach. I look for my lucky hat... I need that to go walking in Mexico in the middle of the night; at least 1am by now, but I realise I've left it in the other room. Now I'm fully aware of the stories people tell about walking alone in Mexico in the middle of the night. But I'm the kind of person who refuses to be dictated by fear about where I can and cannot go. If I see a wet paint sign I have to touch the wall, and if I'm told not to go somewhere, you may as well have booked me the taxi. Walking alone in desserted areas of Mexico is one of those places. Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't walking to prove a point or anything. I actually felt like a walk. But I pledged to myself when I did some growing up a few years back, that fear would never dictate my actions. If I want to go for a walk, then the fact that I have been told not to is a non-factor. A more likely deterant is that I cannot get to my lucky hat with everyone else gone to bed, but in the end, I have to reluctantly go out... Hatless.

It's a pretty nice night, so I walk for quite a while. The occasional person I see looking out onto the beach is looking at me in a strange manner, but I shrug that off. And it must've been about 1.5km along this beach, until these two cops, who I see waiting just before they move, come rushing over to me. One speaks pretty good English, and he starts to interrogate me. "What is your name? Where are you staying? What are you doing on the beach? Are you carrying any drugs?" While this is going on, the other one is searching me, supposedly for drugs. He does too carefully go through my wallet though to see how much money I am carrying. I think it was deliberate that he let me see this, just so he knew I knew that he knew how much money I was carrying. Now I knew exactly what was going on here. I was being told that it was illegal to walk on the beach at night, where as I was fully aware that was absolute bullshit. Lone tourists in the night time are targets for the police, so they can be fined, and the police get their customary kick-backs. So when I, in a mildly-drunken state, questioned the validity of the claim that it actually was legal to walk on the beach, he got a little angry and said something along the lines of "When I come to your country, I will obey by your rules, but when you are in my country, you must obey to mine." Anyway, after being searched to the point that I had had to take my shoes off... they really wanted to find drugs so they could demand a higher bribe, he started to say to me, "well we must take you to the station now so you can call the British consulate and they can send you a lawyer." For walking on the fucking beach. Now I knew exactly what was going on, so enquired into whether there was any way that I could avoid going to the police station. "Well," he replied, "you could always pay your ticket now." "So how much exactly is the ticket then?" I ask. "Well how much do you have?" he asks. If they can ask you how much you have to pay a ticket, then any shred that this was a legitimate case is out the window. Knowing full well that they have counted the money in my wallet, I come clean. "I can pay 800 pesos" I tell him. "That is all I have. If the ticket costs more than that, then you'll have to arrest me." That bit was just a hint that I wouldn't be going to a cash point on demand. "Just let me check with my commander" he says to me. They then speak in Spanish for a few seconds, before he comments that 800 pesos is coincidentally just what this ticket costs. That was lucky I was carrying the right amount. Anyway I hand over the money and told to go on my way. I try to walk back up to the road, but he stops me. "You cannot go up here" he says to me. "There are cameras and they cannot see that we let you go. You must walk back along the beach." So a minute ago, it was illegal to walk along the beach. Now I'm not being allowed to leave it. All I am thinking now, is what happens if I come across some more cops. I have no money left to bribe them. So as soon as I am out of view of these two, I go up a couple of dark streets before getting back to the main road.

I wasn't actually too angry. M$800 is about £40, so although it wasn't fun to give away, at least I was experiencing real Mexico. I always feel that you can properly experience a city in the nighttime. That is when it's true colours will be reveiled. This was certainly the case tonight, and I saw the £40 lost as a fee to see the other side of Mexico. For the rest of the trip though, I was questioning the way I handled the situation. The way I saw things, I had 3 options. The first was to pay the bribe and get out of there. The second was to take the arrest, confident in the knowledge that walking along the beach actually wasn't illegal. Although this may be the case, I now understand that had I done that, not only would I have spent a night in the cells, but I would have also then had to pay for (bribe?) a judge and a lawyer on top of the 2 cops. So I guess avoiding this option was a good choice. Who knows what happens in the police station? Maybe they'd somehow "find" some drugs on me, and I'd have a bigger fine, or even a sentence. Maybe I'd just get raped in the ass by other inmates. It'd be a rare treat for them to get a whiteboy in their cells. I wasn't sure, so I decided to avoid this if I could do so with the money in my wallet. The other option I saw that I had, and remeber I was pretty drunk, was to create a bit of distance leg-it the fuck out of there. Like most Mexicans, these cops were pretty out of shape, and were shorter than me. I have little doubt that in a flat foot-race, I could destroy both of them. And when they were doing their good cop, bad cop routine, the "commander" was standing a little way from me, so I'd only have to create distance from one of them. Though at the same time I was aware that there probably wasn't anyone else for 100m or so. And I was also aware that they both had guns. I am pretty fearless at sobre times. Coupled with alcohol, there isn't too much I'm unwilling to do. Luckily I guess I'd sobred up just enough to realise that brawling with 2 cops with guns wasn't the best idea. But the idea was always in my head, and at no point during the process, did I feel at all intimidated. I think that they saw this and were in the end happy to get away with 800 pesos. Looking back, I think I made the right choice. But even now, 3 weeks on and sobre, there's a part of me that wishes I taken my chances with my fists. I had a real fire in me at the time, and had they pushed me that little bit further, then who knows. Standing up to these idiots would be no different to standing up to a school bully. They're using their numbers, authority and surroundings to intimidate people. There's no way I would've felt a shred of remorse. Though had I been caught, or even shot, then I'm sure the consequences would not have been worth it. It eats away at me though. Letting people get away with things like that, and in any other situation I'd never stand for it. I just hope one day, god sees fit for us to meet again on a neutral turf. Maybe to make up for the whole 'not letting me get with Jen thing.' Because dodging me one fat chic does not pay off his debt. And I would love it... love it, if I could have these cops answer to me once more. In the end though, I paid the bribe. And it still pisses me off. It was though, possibly the most civilised mugging that ever took place, which is essentially what it was, a mugging. No crime was ever committed. I wonder what would've happened had I been in the same situation for a second time. Paying them ate away at me for the rest of the trip, and it still does now. There would be no way I would go through that again. I'd rather take the bullet.

Lucha Libre The next morning I was reunited with my Seahawks cap. That was one of the only times in a long while that I've been out without him, and look what happens. We unfortunately had to check out the hotel pretty early. Well by midday anyway, but that was early considering that we were getting a night bus to Puerto Escondido. It gave us a lot of the day to kill. After a pretty good lunch for everyone except those who ordered the tuna salad, we went to a shopping centre, where everyone, barring Jen and Susan, went to the cinema. They opted instead to go shopping. Now apparently an hour and a half isn't enough time to buy... well anything. And as we met them coming out of what was a terrible film about fuckin' werewolves of vampires or something, they needed more time to shop. We quite clearly said, 5 minutes to them. So after 15, we had to split up and search the whole shopping mall. I took this opportunity to empty lunch rather than look for them... I was still on liquid, but it was still somehow me who ended up finding them. Aren't I lucky. There were some pretty impatient people among the group at this stage, myself included. So when you find them probably about 20 minutes after what was supposed to be 5, and they're carrying piles of clothes to try on, saying that they just need 10 minutes, it pisses you off. When they then refuse to come, despite you saying that everyone is waiting for you. We're leaving now!! Then it pisses you off even more. It was at this point that a divide within the group was born, or at least really came to light. Expecting people to spend what little time we had left in Acapulco, waiting for you to try on clothes, especially when that is a group of 8 people, and we also had to run errands such as finding accomodation before boarding the bus. Well it pissed people off. And when they eventually came, most of the group had already left. I had stayed because, as annoyed as I was, I still wanted people to get co-exist peacefully, and wasn't willing to leave people stranded not knowing what was going on. This was though where a split between Jen and Susan, and some other members of the group really came to light though. People were pissed at the absolute lack of respect for other peoples time, and this split was never really repaired. It caused tension, and at points, exclusion for the rest of the trip. I wasn't a part of either, and tried to build bridges where possible because I wanted to be a part of a happy group of people where everyone is having a good time. But knowing the other people in the group, the fact that I was getting noticeably pissed and irritated at having to wait for them to do some (more) fucking shopping whist we were already short of time in Acapulco, it really was a stupid error in judgement on their part to insist on staying. And it cost them socially for the rest of the trip. That's how much it pissed people off.

After walking much of the way back to the hotel, we came across an Internet cafe, which was what we needed for accomodation in Puerto Escondido. That only took a couple of people, so the rest of us went to a bar across the street. This, for a rare occasion on this trip, was one of the times I saw the Justin that I remembered from Halifax. Brash, funny, drunk... where was this guy for most of the trip? I think he got smoked away for a lot of the time, but it was worth the wait just seeing him here. Though I'm not sure the hot waitress will agree. It's hard to describe how he was, but it was the Justin I loved back in Hali, if for one night only.

Now for some reason, people got a hard'n to go and see some cliff divers, right as it was too late to actually make it there. 4 of the group took their chances on catching them before the end of the show (which was never going to happen). The rest made their way back to the hotel, via some weird little taco place. I loved it how when the others reappeared, they lied to say that they actually got their in time to see the final dive so they didn't look like idiots. It didn't last long. They missed it all. Walking down the streets in Acapulco, I was repeatedly being offered drugs of one kind or another. Some guys even remembered me because they apparently offered me drugs at the beach a day or 2 earlier. I didn't remember them, but they seemed to know me. It's nice to feel loved. Even if it is just because to them, you're a wallet on legs.

Anyway, that was Acapulco. We picked up our bags from the hotel and jumped in taxis to the bus station. Next stop, Puerto Escondido.

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