Jro's World is live and online. Type in the url www.jrosworld.com, and up comes this website! Awesome. Although I guess if anyone is reading this message then they'd already know that. I think the most worrying thing is that every other blog entry was written fully in the knowledge that there was zero chance that anyone would actually see it. I do worry myself sometimes.

It was all a fairly painless process. It took me a little while to figure out why my homepage wasn't appearing on my temporary url. When I eventually worked it out, it turns out the homepage has to be called index.html. Mine of course, wasn't (mine was inconveniently called homepage.html, so I had the fun job of going through every page on the website and changing all of the homepage links. I think the page with the least was 3. Even the homepage had 3 links to the homepage. So that was a tad annoying, but after that, it all uploaded ok.

After the site was online, I got myself an @jrosworld email address, and then had to go about getting the url www.jrosworld.com to show the website. That was just a case of changing some information with godaddy.com, and I was under the assumtion it would take at least 24 hours. I checked after 2. And there it was. It was back in December that I started learning how to write HTML, so 6 months of work, and I'm finally online.

I obviously had to learn a lot about the process of uploading files to the web as well. I used Mozilla and a tool called fireFTP, and it really couldn't be easier. I was wondering how easy it would be to regularly update a website. It turns out, very easy. I've already altered a couple of the pages, and I'd bet that it takes me no longer than 60 seconds to get this one online, and update the travel blog page.

So anyway, I'm online, and I'm happy. Now it's a matter of figuring out all the stuff to really make the site work. I tell you, it's lucky I started this whole process when I did. There's a lot to learn to write and host even an amateur looking website.

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