Jro's World almost goes live

Well I wasn't planning on putting the website online until I got back from Mexico. But what I've realised, is that I cannot progress the website any further until it is online. So about 5 minutes ago, I registered with InMotion. Then just as I was starting to write this blog, I got a phone call from the US to confirm. I am now waiting on an email, which I believe will include instructions on where to go from here.

When I last wrote a blog entry, I (the email just got delivered) was talking about adding a guestbook to the website. (They just then also sent a nice bill for 2 years of hosting) I added a guestbook with 123guestbook.com. It looked a bit naff, but it did the job. I also deleted the current location page and added this guestbook into this space. So that was all good.

What I then decided to move onto, however, was advertising. I wasn't sure about whether to put ads on my site or not. No one likes a site clogged up with adverts, but I thought I would have a look anyway. The options that Google gave me convinced me to at least try, so I started researching and signing up onto that. I got a confirmation email this morning. What really became apparent though, was that the forum that I have on my website, and this guestbook I've added, are going to be making money from my website. The ads that Google use to demonstrate what an ad will look like, are exactly the same as the ones on my forum, and on my guestbook. I guess I always assumed that they'd be different somehow. But it made me think: I'm the one who is going to be promoting this site, I'm the one who is going to be generating traffic (if there is any anyway). Why should these companies be profiting off my work, just because they provide me with some fairly basic features? I was initially sceptical about putting a forum onto this site. Why would I need it? And a guestbook seemed a luxury as well. But the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of both of them. What I need therefore to stop other people gaining from my work, and to maybe even advertise myself, is to learn how to create a forum, and a guestbook, myself.

Now unless I'm mistaken, then PHP is something to do with that kind of thing. I learn PHP, then I can make my own forum and guestbook. I've been looking, and there is a hell of a lot of PHP learning books out there, so it should be easy enough to learn. But the other thing that crossed my mind, was Wordpress. I came across Wordpress for the first time when I was looking to add comment boxes to my website. I decided on the JS-Kit, as I think I said in a previous blog, but now I've gone full circle. I'll be completely honest, I am still not wholly sure what Wordpress is. What I do know, is that it is a tool, that is opensource so anyone can use it and will not profit from it (I think), and that it can help me with comment boxes, guestbooks (they're pretty much the same thing) and forums. But, you need to have your site hosted to use Wordpress.

Anyway, I then moved back to advertising. I have all this information from Google, but obviously, I cannot place adverts on my site if it isn't online. Then finally, the one good thing to come from 123guestbook.com, is that I heard about Google Analytics. This is a Google service that gives you information about the people looking at your site, that kind of thing. And I got the code for that, but guess what, you have to be online. And it was just beginning to seem like I couldn't progress any further without being online. I have all these things that I want to try on my site, but as long as it sits idley on my laptop, I cannot do any of them. So that prompted me, within the passed 30 minutes, to move ahead and get the site hosted.

I also learnt about adding search boxes to this site from Google. If people use search on my site, and click on the sponsored links from the results, then I make money. I think. Which made me think... is the search box that I have on my site currently, making money for someone else? I don't know, but it definitely wasn't doing anything for me. So I'll be changing around the search features on my site when I have a chance.

Anyway, I was expecting InMotion to take longer when I registered with them, so I'm going to get moving with this whole hosting thing. One more quick bit of news; I may not be using my new webcam for Skype much, but it is awesome for making videos with. If this video isn't worth £19.99, then I'm not sure what it!

Oh, and on top of that, I have all this website stuff to deal with, people have decided that today is finally the day to really get organising Mexico. Which is awesome at last. But having been sat here since my Spanish exam struggling to keep myself conscious most of the time I've been so bored, why does everything happen at once? And why did I make things even worse by deciding to write a blog?

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