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I didn't know how much longer I could keep calling blog entries test entries. So now I don't. Seeing as I'm still sat up in Hull taking exams, then this cannot really be called a travel blog. However, if I'm to keep a regular blog when I'm travelling, then I guess it'd be good to keep some kind of blog, even if it will provide very little interest to pretty much anyone. Unless they're really bored. However, it'll help me get used to doing this, and it'll help iron out any problems with the website right now. So anyway... blog.

I had my first of two exams yesterday. My last ever business exam at uni, which feels fuckin freaky. I still have a Spanish exam in 16 days, but I can worry about that nearer the time, which means I have a little free time right now, hence the title of this entry. If you didn't get it, you're supposed to say it to the tune of underworld, born slippy. But I've had a teach yourself java book for a long time now, and although I have absolutely no clue what java is, my understanding is that it can help to create a better website. I had no idea what HTML was when I started learning that, and I think that I've done ok to get this site going, so now we're moving forward. Java book I haven't started yet, but I figure I can work through this book in about 2 weeks; that was about how long it took me to work through the HTML book in the same series, so next time I write a blog entry, then my site could have all kinds of flashy things added to it. Maybe I'll be able to add comments boxes to my pages or something like that. I don't really know. Only one way to find out though, so that's my project for the next couple of weeks. As well as learning Spanish I suppose.

Anyway, I say it was fuckin freaky that I've just taken my last ever business exam (unless I failed), because this is all I've done for the passed four years. Not only that, it must've been the quickest four years ever!! I feel like I've only just arrived, yet since I've been here, I've learnt and played American football for 3 of them, spent a combined 12 months in North America on 2 different trips, had 4 years of education. Time does fly by. I must be getting old. Which would explain why I think my hair is beginning to thin as well. Since I shaved it for tour back in March, it hasn't been growing back as thick as it was before. Hopefully I have a few more years of hair left in me, but it's not looking good if this is happening at 22.

So what now? I finally got my Canadian visa application sent off this passed Saturday. Finally. And what an absolute hassle the entire process has been. Getting hold of police records, rewriting my cv, getting a reference. What a load of bollocks. And I still have to wait another 6 weeks just to potentially get rejected. To go to Australia you can apply online the day before. Why Canada have to be such cunts about it all I don't know. But that's the way it is. And speaking of my reference, I might have been a little disparaging about my personal tutor in my last entry. Turns out he's actually a pretty nice guy. And he was helpful, if a little meticulous. Maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to judge.

One other thing that has got to me recently, is the reaction to the recent disasters in Burma and in China. Not the reaction of the Burmese generals as most people seem to be having a paddy about, rather the reaction of shock of "how can this happen." This is 2 disasters, and the Northern hemisphere's Summer is not even here yet. In recent years there's been the UK's severe flooding, hurricane Katrina, the Iranian earthquake, the Tsunami, just to name some of the disasters. There was even an earthquake in England for fucks sake. Not a natural disaster, but we don't get earthquakes. But despite all of these, and more, disasters, people still have to ignorance to wonder why? "Funny weather we're having." I hear it on the radio every day. "Wow it's hot early this year." When the hell are people going to wake up and realise, that we've fucked up everything. The temperatures are rising because of the extreme carbon levels that we've caused. And this is what is leading to all of this disaster. I would bet a significant amount that there will be further disasters by the end of the Summer. And I bet people will act as shocked then as they are now. And as they will continue to do until people wake up and realise, that these natural disasters, are pretty clearly man-made.

I am not absolving blame from myself. By Western standards, my carbon footprint is very small. I can't afford a car, so I walk or cycle everywhere. Burma Children I reuse shopping bags, I turn off my computer when not in use, and I turn off lights when I leave the room. Is this enough? Not even close. The only way I can live like this without guilt, is that I know nearly all the people around me are doing much worse. And I guess there is some comfort in knowing that the more people these disasters kill, the less people producing carbon there is, as insensitive as that sounds. It's like there's death lottery going on in the world. Because of human lifestyles, disasters will be forthcoming until they have killed enough people that the carbon levels start to drop. It's now a lottery whether you are one of the unlucky ones. And things are just going to get worse. The sooner people realise that, the better. Though all of these disasters so far have changed no ones opinions, then god knows what it will take. The shock and the ignorance, not the death and suffering, is what has really riled me at the moment.

To borrow an idea from Al Gore, if I ever have kids god forbid, or even grand kids, and they are living in a world where disasters are the norm, are they going to turn to me and ask, "why didn't you do anything? Why did you let it get like this?" We have the luxury currently, to have a Tsunami say in the future of this planet, whether it is even habitable by human life or not. Yet we continue to invest and pollute... for what? Initially people wanted to improve things for themselves, improve their lifestyles, so they invented tools to make things easier. Tools evolved into machinery, machinery into computers, and so on. All for improved life for people. That I can understand. But why do we still do it? How much further do we want to advance? We are going to create a world that doesn't even require people to get out of bed in the morning. From improving life, we will have eradicated the need for it. And I have to ask, what improvment is so necessary, that we are willing to live on an inhabitable planet just to achieve it? To me, the whole direction of human life seems ridiculous. We have no idea why we're doing what we're doing. Yet we're doing it as fast as possible. There is no control and no reason any more. Yet I say this, then I look in the mirror. I am as guilty as anyone else. I think this is the point that people realise that capitalism really isn't the way to live. Greed makes sure of that. If we had a world-leader. A dictator. Would they allow this continued madness to continue? Slowly eradicating the atmosphere that we live in? Who knows? Had the Nazi's won world war II, or Russia won the cold war, then yes, things wouldn't have been great. But surely no atrocity that a terrorist could commit could compare to destroying the whole damn planet. It makes me think, who are the real terrorists here? Deaths from terrorism in the passed few years? Count George Bush in that category, then quite a lot. Deaths from natural disasters? Hundreds of thousands more. And who is responsible for this rise in carbon levels? The West has to shoulder most of the responsibility, although China and Japan cannot be absolved from blame. Who therefore is the most notorious of terrorist? Everyday when you leave on your computer, you don't turn the light off, you have the heating on high... that could've been the difference between tsunami or not. Earthquake or not. It's the straw that broke the camels back, but the line has to be drawn somewhere.

That's just how I view things now anyway. Got into things a lot deeper there than I intended, but it really does rile me how people act so shocked to this increasing number of natural disasters as they sit there in there nice warm homes watching there power hungry televisions. Yet I am preaching whilst sitting in front of my energy loving laptop. Man the world got fucked up quickly. I just hope I can get my travel done before the planet becomes unrecognisable.

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