I got my visa!!

I wasn't planning on writing anything today, but I just got the news that my Canadian work visa has come through ok... which is fucking awesome. It means that I can now plan for the next few months knowing exactly what will be happening, and it means that barring any setbacks, come November, I am out of here! If my job interview on July 22nd goes to plan, I'll even have a job sorted out, so I'm in a damn good mood today. The whole visa process has been an absolute hassle, but now it's finally come through, it was worth all the time. I hope. I can't really believe that Canada is going to let me in for a third time. You'd think that they would've learnt from the first two, but I guess not. This time I'll have a full 12 months to drink all their beer. Awesome news.

That's all I really have to say.

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