If you need me I'll be in Mexico

Well this is my last full day in the UK for 4 weeks, and the last blog I'll be writing for nearly a month. I was thinking of taking my laptop and using this trip to Mexico as a kind of prep trip for when I start travelling properly. Iron out any problems that I have in terms of using the website and keeping a regular blog. But to be quite honest, I just want to get away from everything. It was back in December that I started to teach myself how to write HTML, so to get the website to the position of where it currently is, has been a 6 month project. As much of that time was spent learning as it was doing. But it was an extra curricular activity that took as much, if not more, of my time than my final year study. And I've enjoyed learning about the basics of the processes behind the worldwide web, and I've enjoyed writing the code and the content for this site. It has got me back to the point of writing a regular diary, or blog, which is something I value as it will be something I can look back upon in years to come, and really know what I was doing and how my mind worked. But I just need a break from the whole process. I just need a break from Jro's World, so I'm going to take this month away and not even think about the website. It's not really people ready as yet because of some of the content that is still on the site, so I don't have to worry about promoting it or anything yet. And it's not like leaving the site for a month will alienate my loyal following, because as yet the site is still uncommonly looked at. From when I get back, I intend for this site to be a big part of my life, updating my blog, hopefully every 2 or 3 days until I return from travelling, or maybe even beyond. So right now, I'm going to take a break where I don't think of Jro's World, and don't look at Jro's World.

Anyway, the reason it has been 4 days since I wrote a proper entry, is because I have barely had the time to breathe for the passed few days. My room is now finished, and although it might not look anything special, if you had seen it 7 days ago, you'd probably be able to appreciate that amount of work that went in. That was on top of sorting so Room much out for New York and Mexico. Everything from meeting people in New York and Mexico City, to getting to Gatwick airport has now been taken care of. Peoples phone numbers have been collected, and I am set for pretty much any eventuality on this trip. I even, very, very reluctantly bought insurance. I wasn't going to because I see little value in insurance, but both parents ended up pressuring me into it. Now I just have an incentive to break a leg or something so I get value for money. And it doesn't even cover claims arrising directly or indirectly from the use of alcohol. So what fucking use it is I don't know seeing as I'll be drunk for the next 4 weeks. I guess I've just bought peace of mind, or some bullshit. You try selling that on eBay. I have though saved a load of money in arranging my transport to the airport. It turns out that Easy, in terms of Easyjet, or Easyinternetcafe, or Easycar, also have an Easybus service, which I never knew about. But that'll be getting me to Gatwick from Victoria for £5, rather that the £18 ish that I would've paid for the Gatwick Express. And... also of money saving value, I heard from a friend Room yesterday of a company called Canadian Affair, that has flights from London to Vancouver listed at £33.50 at about the time I'm going to want to fly out to Canada. That's before taxes obviously, but it's some competition to Zoom that lists flights to Vancouver at around the same time for £150 before taxes. I never thought I'd find an airline that would be undercutting Zoom by well over £100, but there is one. Unfortunately it's too early for me to be booking, and I'm sure the price will have soared by the time I get back. But it's worth noting. £100 saved is a week longer of comfortable travel. It's a lot more of uncomfortable travel, so it's something that's good to know.

Having all this to do though, unfortunately meant that I couldn't implement the Jro crash course of weight loss. Put simply what I needed, was a high protein, low fat, low carb diet, with a lot of exercise. What I had was a high protein, low fat, medium carb diet, with quite a lot of exercise. It was enough to maintain the physique and body fat percentage I had before, but no more. Yesterday I came in at 14.6% body fat, weighing in at 77.4 kg. So although Me posing there was no real improvement, I still took a final photograph before Mexico, as I can be pretty damn sure that once I return, however good or bad you think I look now, I'll be worse. 4 weeks and no gym!! I think that'll be my longest since 2005 when I was travelling. I'm actually a little scared.

Despite everything, this has also been a very monumental week for me. For the first time in 8 months, I needed to buy a new gym bottle. I'd been using the same old bottle of Volvic, or Evian or one of those, for about 8 months now, every time I went to the gym. Each time I'd typically fill it up about 3 or 4 times, and this was 5 times a week. The new bottle I invested in was a bottle of Vittel for 80p. If I had bought a new bottle, as some people seem to do, everytime I'd needed one, then 3 times a day for 5 days a week over the passed 8 months works out at about 514 bottles of water that I've saved. Not only saving the environment, but also saving me 80p x 514 = £411.20. This is why I hate bottled water. What an absolute waste of money people spend buying mineral water, for some stupid reason such as it comes through a fucking volcano and fills you with volcanicity. Joking aside, are people really this stupid? It's water. You're not going to develop the traits of a volcano from fucking drinking water. Now I know I drink a lot of water because of how much I exercise, but still, what a waste of money, and damage to the environment because people are too thick to see through the marketing. It's scary. Credit to Paul McCartney today by the way for bringing peoples attention to the environmental affects of eating beef, because of how much gas that cows release. I'm not sure of the accuracy of this, but I've heard a stat before that gas from cattle contributes to global warming to the same extent as the entire transport sector. So credit to him for that. His solution was for everyone to become vegetarian for one day a week, reducing the demand for cattle. Surely in the short term eating all the oxygen producing plants would be detrimental as well though. Though an increased demand for vegetables combined with a reduction in the demand for cattle could impact on global warming to a greater extent than people realise.

Staying on a similar topic, I loved yesterday how the soon to be ex-prime minister, Gordon "green" Brown was in Saudi Arabia to promote an increase in the supply of oil in order to bring down energy prices. It's interesting how the man who pledges to be green, and to fight global warming, turns his back on his policy, just as soon as the economy demands it. Surely increased energy prices will be the single biggest catalyst to encourage consumers to become more efficient in their energy use, something that Gordon Brown has been championing since before he became PM. Yet all of a sudden that doesn't suit him, so now we need an increase in the use of oil. Global warming no longer seems important all of a sudden to Mr.Brown. And this is why he will lose the next general election. His positive policies flutter at the first sign of trouble, but the ones that are guaranteed to get him voted out, the Lisbon treaty for example, he pushes through regardless. We let a man with this intelligence run the country. He wasn't even voted into office. He let Blair win the last election, then took over. That's democracy? We get to scribble on a piece of paper once every four years, and that is our say. Out of a choice of only 2 candidates who will actually win. Yeah, we have a real say.

One other thing that made me laugh this week, was a split in the church. I won't get started on religion because I'll still be sitting here when I should be getting back from Mexico, but any rational person can justify the crap that all religion is, but I won't start. But what made me laugh was there was a split over whether gay's should be allowed in church. What was intimated, was rewriting the bible to fit the latest cultural trends. I thought that was brilliant. Millions of idiots live their life by the bible because "it's truth, it's gospel." But suddenly the bible doesn't fit in with what is politically correct, so it was actually intimated that it could be rewritten. Even if it was a quote about how they would not rewrite the bible, I still find that hilarious. All of a sudden, god was actually wrong. I'd love to see the rewritten version to fit in with todays world. Instead of an apple tree, Adam and Eve find a hardcore sex shop in Amsterdam, but they can't use the anal lube. Until the snake tells them it's ok. God gets pissed off at the use of said anal lube so Adam is given a 3-month ASBO. Seriously though, the bible is the grounds for the whole religion of Christianity, yet all of a sudden, it might've actually been wrong. Surely the alarm bells are ringing in a few peoples heads now. I would like to think so anyway. I think that's probably giving them a little too much respect. And it's no wonder Christianity gets no respect. What's the worst thing that they're going to do if you fuck with them? Oh my god, they'll forgive you. At least Muslims will suicide bomb you. Even if you don't respect them, you can at least fear them. Christinaity just gets laughed at.

That's enough fun of making fun of religion for today. I should really get on. I haven't even started my packing yet, and it's already 17:00. One week today I will have my degree result, and then before I get back from Mexico, I will've missed my graduation. So a lot will be going on whilst I'm out the country. At least I know about my visa now. That wasn't due for another 3 days. When I was writing a handwritten paper log of my 6 weeks of travel in Canada and the US in 2005, I think wrote something like 250 sides of A4. That'd be over 150 sides for a 4 week trip. I'll try to keep my next entry well in check of that. Mexico in a matchbox. But you can be damn sure, from this moment until that, I will not be looking at this site, or even thinking about this site. Time for a break. 28 days later, and I'll be back from Mexico. Then the planning for the big trip can earnestly begin.

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