Hope is the dream of the wanking man

Finally I'm at the half-way stage of 100 days, no alcohol. Day 52 to be exact. And if you've been reading recent blogs, you'll know that also means day 2 of no jacking-off. Right now I still don't feel the need to go out and get laid, so it's lucky I have another 48 days to go. It's now been about 36 hours, and right now, I still feel pretty normal. As Aristotle once famously said, "Hope is the dream of the wanking man." So now I can stop dreaming of hope, and start living with hope.

That's not strictly true. He actually said, "Hope is the dream of the waking man." But it sounds pretty much the same. And I think it applies here. Sort of.

Microwaved baby headline It was in the last blog that I was saying how I've added up to the minute news headlines to the website. No one can ever accuse me of not providing a top quality product. I was looking over the site last night, and possibly my favourite news headline I've ever seen came onto the screen: "Ohio woman sentenced to life for microwaving her baby..." How funny is that?!? It's like a real life version of those jokes you get about babies. Like What is pinky red, slightly metallic and walks into walls? A baby with forks in its eyes. Yet this woman actually lived the dream. Probably my favourite headline ever. For anyone who wants more of a laugh, the full story can be found here. What a way to end my day. God bless America!

Onto less funny things, the news pages now auto-refresh every 90 seconds, so when you find a funny story like that, make sure to click the link quick. I also have some flashing text at the bottom of the pages telling people that... so I think I've become a little obsessed since I discovered the code style="text-decoration:blink". Luckily there are still a lot of idiots out there using Internet Explorer, so they'll never see it flash because Internet Explorer is retarded. Use Mozilla you idiots. Adding a link to download Mozilla to the downloads page is on my to do list for this website, along with a shit-load of other things. The most important and most challenging I have, is I want to add some way to subscribe to this travel blog. A way of informing people who choose to subscribe, whenever I add a new entry. That way once I start publicising this site properly, I'll hopefully get people subscribe, and become regular readers of this blog. It might be shit and no one will want to read it, but it gives me a better chance. Only problem is I have no clue how I would go about doing that. If I can't come up with a better solution, I think I should be able to create a short form people can fill out and send me their email addresses. I could then manually transfer these to an a folder in my website email account, and manually send out emails whenever I add another entry. It's not exactly cutting-edge. But if I could get these addresses into one folder, then I could just write an email template, and it should be pretty simple to send out that message every time. In the event I actually had a significant amount of subscriptions, it could become a little complicated, but I can't see that situation ever arrising.

Fujifulm S8000fd IS camera I actually do have a list written out, I wasn't just using that as a figure of speech. In fact I now have 3 lists. Getting into the home-straight before I go abroad, maybe only 7 weeks now, I have a 'website' list, a 'to do' list, and a 'to buy' list of things I need to get done, adding and taking away as necessary. People always think of me as quite an unorganised person. But when it comes down to it, I'm actually damn meticulous, and I look at everything under a microscope.

One of the things on the 'to buy', is a superzoom camera. I've narrowed it down to two now. The 'Fujifilm Finepix S8000fd IS', which is only £140, is compatible with memory cards I already have, but is seemingly inferior to my other option, the 'Panasonic Lumix FZ18'. Both cameras are over 6 months old so the price has got to the reasonable stage. The Panasonic will set me back £210, but isn't even compatible with the memory cards I already have, so there will be additional costs there. It does seem to be unanimously better though in terms of picture quality. So I have a choice of Panasonic Lumix FZ18 camera money versus quality. Knowing me like I do, money usually comes first, but we'll see. I had to walk all the way into Richmond to make these judgements. There was no way I could afford to invest in another camera magazine, so I had to take some notes to the newsagent with me and do all my research in the shop. Fuck spending another £3.99. Turns out it's all on the Internet anyway. I just wish I'd know that before walking to the shops in the rain. Incidentally if there is coincidentally any photography enthausiasts whom happen to be reading this, I'd love to hear any input you have. People who just pretend to be photography enthausiasts to be funny... that's not funny.

Regarding work, I still haven't had any more contact from Canada. And I'm giving up hope on getting work here. I haven't heard anything from this retarded agency for a while, and with maybe only 7 weeks until I leave, and just starting to get into the serious planning phase, I don't see the benefit in looking for a job. The chance I would be able to find someone to employ me for 6 weeks is slim. And with so much else to do, why waste the time trudging the streets with CVs? It just eats up time to be doing other things, and I probably wouldn't get a job at the end of it all. A bit of a waste of a Summer, but as long as I have a starting date set in Canada, it doesn't matter too much. I'll be able to make the money back if I need to. And as they say, "A bit of hard work never killed anyone. But why take the chance?"

I made a bit more money is the past couple of days anyway. I decided to list my old business degree books on Amazon, and the first one had sold just 43 minutes after it was listed. That was yesterday, and before the night was up, a further 3 had sold. The problem is that Amazon take a large cut of the sale; 17.5% I think. But more than that, they only charge £2.75 for postage in the UK. These books are pretty damn big, so actually cost a lot more than that to send. I got a little more in postage for the 2 that sold to Portugal and the Netherlands, but it didn't cover it. So after all of that, the return really isn't that great. But I have no use for these books now. They will be worthless once I get back because the publishers will have brought out new editions so these can't be resold, so getting a little money for them is better than getting no money for them. The best thing about this though, was as I came out the Post-Office this morning after sending them, there was a fat chav girl crying on the pavement. Which was funny.

Amazon" Books for defensive linemen Staying with Amazon, I had this featured list greet me as I signed onto Amazon yesterday. I just have to ask... how the fuck does Amazon know that I played on the defensive line last year? I can appreciate that they can gain information about me by viewing my purchasing behavior, and where I go on their site. But I have never written or said anything about American football to Amazon before. I definitely have never said what position I played. So how the hell do they know that? I might email them and ask, because that is freaky. Big brother is watching you. Do I have people trailing me around the Internet or something, researching for companies like Amazon? I have no idea how they could know that. It's a little disconcerting to know how much information they have about me.

100 positive feedback eBay certificate, turquoise
	star I got an email from eBay yesterday as well. They sent me a certificate. 100 positive feedbacks. Yay. I don't know why they would send me a certifcate. Am I going to frame it? Hang it on the wall? I have sold so much junk I get a certificate. But I got one. I'll make sure to keep it next to my degree certificate, with pride of place under the empty blender box in an envelope. Fucking certificate. What a load of bullshit.

This one might be a little unbelievable, but I finally unpacked from Mexico yesterday. I figure I'll be needing my backpack again soon, so I may as well unpack. It hasn't even been 2 months yet, so it's all good. I had been wondering where all my pants had gone though. And... icing on the cake. I found £1.40 in my backpack. In the fucking money baby. I also found bottles of Mexican Liquor and a can of Mexican Sol, which is just God toying with me because he knows I can't drink it... unless I consider it alcohol purchased in Mexico, so not valid. But right now I can't drink it. I even still had some plastic cups with it, so I could drink it all classily.

Now to address something that I just see is absolute bullshit... the damn paraolympics. We're 3 days in I believe, so a good time to ruffle some feathers and address what crap it is. There are billions and billions of people in the world, who will never have the physical attributes to be an olympian. I don't because I'm too lazy, lack the ambition to do it, and most likely, lack the physical capabilities to do it. The same applies to most people. Most people are born without the attributes necessary to compete in the olympics. What the hell makes handicapped's special, that they have their own olympics therefore? Just like the rest of us, they lack the physical attributed to be able to compete in the olympics proper, so why do they get their own games? Midgets and dwarfs will never be able to compete in olympic events, but do we have a dwarf olympics? No. Fat people can't compete in olympic events, but do we have Midget olympics an obese olympics? No. Only a few of us will ever have the physical capabilities to be olympians, but why like the rest of us, can the paraolympians not just accept that? They, like me, or like midgets, were born, lacking the physical attributes to compete. You don't see me going and creating an olympics just for people like me though, just so I can get a medal. The 'left-handed people called Jethro born in London in 1985' olympics. There you go. I'll win every damn medal. It's just stupid. We'd all get a laugh out of watching a midget high-jump competition, but we don't do it because it's just stupid to make new olympic competitions just because they aren't good enough to compete in the regular-sized person olympics. It'd be like having a dyslexics spelling bee. We'd all get a laugh, but in the end, they haven't achieved anything. They aren't the best at anything. They're just the best in their select demographic. Just because paraolympians fall into a certain demographic, they get their own games? Think how the dwarfs feel. They get nothing. If you aren't good enough to compete at something, then just accept it like the rest of us. Don't go and make your own stupid games. That'll cost me money in taxes if I happen to be in the country again come 2012. It's ridiculous.

Speaking of fat people as I just was, I will be soon to join them if I carry on like this. I was saying how I'd been reading 'The Complete book of Abs' in a previous blog. Well I read through the bit about diet, that essentially says, you can eat anything, but be sensible in portion sizes of the bad foods. This would be all good apart from 2 things. First, I still haven't got round to the parts about actually doing any ab exercises. And second, I don't think it was addressing someone who previously would meticulously calculate everything that they took into their body. Now I've relaxed what I'm eating, this book is just making me fat! And at least before I was doing my own ab work. Now I've stopped until I've read this book, but I don't have time to do that right now. So despite the continual exercise I'm doing, this book has fucked up my diet, I'm just getting out of shape. That's one explanation anyway. I haven't been out running in a while to give my knee time to rest, and it's been too wet to cycle to Brighton, so although I'm doing light cardio in the gym, it's not the same. I couldn't stay away from running completely, so I've been doing light jogging on the treadmill, but it's hardly a substitute to dripping sweat running along the river. That's one of the possible reasons as to why I'm getting out of shape anyway. I'm on a different diet, I'm lifting different weights, I can't go running, but I think the most likely explanation, is I've stopped wearing my lucky hat so much. Now more of the sun's rays are getting to my body, and I must be soaking them up as energy, causing me to gain weight. Every cloud though, although I'm putting on fat, the weights I'm lifting are unsurprisingly also increasing. So I don't mind for now if I gain a bit of fat. Although maybe not as prominent in my mind as a couple of months ago, my target is to be in shape for when I leave for Canada. So I can afford to gain some fat now, as long as the muscle is coming too. The only condition for this will be a somewhat torturous October. Like prior to Mexico, I'll have to go back to 2-a-day exercising. And I'll have to change back my diet to something similar to what I was eating before. Essentially it means that I can enjoy what I eat now, and exercise just once a day to gain a bit of muscle. Come October though, I'll have a month to get to where I want to be. And losing weight in that short a space of time, is never fun. I'll just enjoy now. This is all the fault of that damn abs book.

Before I finish off, just a few things I'm planning on doing with this site in the coming few days. Once again, more pages are now listed on Google, with 82 definitely listed, but Google thinking at times there is 124. This page will be the 69th I've written, so several pages are now listed from the photo gallery. This is great, but I still haven't figured out to create a link, so that the gallery links back to the main site yet. So unless I can figure that out, all of these pictures being listed on Google will be of no benefit to me. I have no ads on the gallery, and I have no written pages, so there is no benefit for me or for the site to having people view these photos, if they cannot find a way back to the main site. I do not even have analytics on there, so I would not even know if people visited. Therefore, I need to figure out asap, how to have the gallery link back to the main site, which may be a lot of work. Something I think is nearly as important as adding a subscription of some kind to these blogs. I'm also thinking of adding games and music videos to this website in some capacity. Feedzilla, whom provide me with the news headlines that I have, also have widgets to have games and music videos on your website. I haven't looked into them, but I think that's a good idea. It adds some more content that will vary regularly. Or failing that, I might make a page myself, and just update it regularly. A page with games on, for example, wouldn't need updating too regularly, and would be another dimension to this site. It might not be to do with travelling, but if it generates traffic, then it is good for the two reasons that I now have this site. One, so people read my travel blog, and two, hopefully it can make, however insignificant, some kind of revenue through the ads on here. You'd be amazed how far I can stretch the tiniest amounts of money. And as I've always said, if having ads on this website gave me the money to travel just one more day, then it would be worth it. Of course I would continue to write this blog regardless of whether I had adverts on here or not, but it's a bonus.

That's me done. Microwave babies and midget olympics! What is the world coming to? I love it.

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