Fuck Hungary

So I said last time I wrote a blog, that I'd sold my PS2 to someone in Hungary for £97. And I was pretty happy with that. £97 is as much as I'll spend in 2 or 3 weeks, so it's a decent chunk of survival money. One characteristic of my eBay ads, is that I'll usually charge bidders a lower postage than normal because it attracts more buyers. I'll baulk at any item I'm looking to buy that charges excessive postage, so I figure other buyers will be the same. And if they're like me, they'll ultimately work-out the total price including postage, so will end up bidding up items with cheap postage offered, as well as the cheap postage attracting more interest. I was charging £6.50 for postage within the UK. So when I get a request for a postage quote from Hungary, I figure being a part of the EU, it shouldn't cost too much. £20 probably. Maybe £25. To keep this person interested though, and to keep them bidding, I offer postage to Hungary at £13. I did try to find out the postage from the Post Office website, but it is a poorly designed site in terms of navigation to the pages you need, and I didn't have much time, so I was happy to quote £13, safe in the knowledge I may lose a few pounds. So yesterday morning, I get up early to give myself the time to get to the Post Office before the gym even. I put the package on the scales, and the little Indian woman behind the counter quotes something to me. I must've misheard so I get her to repeat: "£51.99" she says to me. Astounded, I look at her. "That's the cheapest?" "Yes, £51.99." This goes on for a bit, but with a queue behind me, I have a choice of shipping the goods and being done with it, or finding another way. This was £39 more than I had charged for postage. Yet if I failed to deliver, it would put my immaculate eBay account in jeopardy, which is a major selling point for the rest of the things I'll be selling. I reluctantly agree, but this put me in a weird place. £39, gone. To put this into perspective, for me to lose £39, is like a normal person losing £1,000. That's how tight I am. I probably reacted like most people would react if they were just told they had terminal cancer and I was in this place of anger and frustration. I could think through to how much I had lost in real terms. This buyer, with 1 second left of the auction, had bid it up £20. And I was also expecting to lose £5 or £10 in postage anyway if it had been won in the UK. So in reality, I had only lost about £10. And I knew this. But having to see £51.99 get taken off my card, it just threw me off. And I was in this place of just anger and frustration.

I don't really get pissed off too much. But when I do, I always try and channel it in a useful way if I can. I was planning on getting to the gym anyway, so this was a perfect way to channel this pent-up aggression I now had. Just getting to the gym I was dripping wet from sweat from the angry cycle there. Then doing weights, all I could picture was this little Indian woman taking £51.99 off my card, and the weights I was lifting were bigger than I normally could do, however hard I would push in a normal state of mind. It didn't give me enough of an avenue to relieve my aggression, so I got out the boxing gloves in the studio, and for a solid 30 minutes beat the fuck out of the bag, using this womans face to motivate myself. After that, I sat in the sauna until I got light-headed when I stood up. I had a cold shower, then straight into the steam room, then back for another sauna, just sweating out as much as was humanly possible. I had a protein drink with me as normal, and after all of this, as I sat in the bar before I left, my body was so fucked, my arm was vigorously shaking just to drink it. I hadn't tired out my anger though, and the cycle home was even worse than the way there. At one point I was on a 2-lane road and overtook a free-moving bus with a free road ahead. My legs were just pumping and the anger of losing £39, even if I knew in reality was more like £10, was making my blood boil to the point that nothing could've stopped me moving. I was getting cold sweats as I got out the shower at the gym after torturing myself in the sauna, and then having a long, cold shower. So by the time I get home after doing a time I don't think I'll ever be able to do again. One I doubt anyone could do again, I am a dripping mess. But I'm not tired enough. I'm still angry, so I cycle back up to the supermarket to get some things, and then obviously back again, before I get to the point that my body is worn out enough I can fall unconscious. I always find that there's no emotional problem sleeping can't fix, so when something stresses me out or annoys me, I just tire my body to the point I can fall asleep. It was only for a couple of hours, but this is now the first point I've thought about it again.

It's not like this was something I had to do. And it's not that this money wound me up quite as much as I told myself. But I'd got complacent over the last week. I had got lazy in the gym, and my diet had become undisciplined, and I could see it in the mirror. When this happened, I was egging myself to take it out at the gym. I knew as I was leaving the Post Office, that if I used it right, it was the motivation I needed to get myself back on track. And I had one of the best workouts I've had in a while, by just making sure I kept my blood boiling as long as possible. Not only that, it reminded me of the value that a boxing workout can provide to your workout, and I was back with the gloves on again today. Though I'd killed my shoulders with the weights before getting the gloves, so it was a little short-lived today. Only about 15 minutes until my arms gave way. It gave me the motivation I needed to get back on track though. It was like I just paid £10, to get my mojo back. And I knew that as I was leaving the Post Office. Didn't stop me acting like a crazy bastard for a while though, nearly getting myself killed on the roads. It was what I needed though, and back in the gym today, my motivation was back up, and all day today, my diet has been spot on. I have weird ways of motivating myself, but I know what makes my body tick. That doesn't mean I'm not going to resent anything from, near, or to do with Hungary for the next couple of weeks though. Fucking take my £10!! I have since located the part of the Post Office website to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Now I eventually decided I wanted to play a bit of poker. I've always played with Partypoker.com before, but they weren't offering any kinds of bonuses or anything, so I thought I'd see if I could get any offers for signing up to another service. The choice god wanted me to make was clearly 888.com, so I gave them a go. And they were offering to double my money when I made an initial deposit, so I'd win just by playing. Only problem was, it was absolutely shit. I just didn't like it. So after playing a couple of 'play money' games, I got out of there. Next I tried pkr.com. I'd always been fascinated by this service as it seemed to be quite revolutionary in what it offered. But to start with, it froze my laptop when installing. And it took an age to install. Intrigued as to why, I looked at the size of the software. It took nearly a GB of space on my hard drive, and on top of that, didn't even work. So I uninstalled that one as well. Finally I went onto partypoker again, to see if they had any offers. And they were offering me $10 free because I hadn't been there for a while. Shame they forgot to email me about it. How the hell is it going to entice me back to play if I don't know it's there. But I took this $10. I've played in 3 sit-&-go tournaments on this $10, and won... absolutely fuck all. That's me done with poker until they offer me free money again. I think they've given me about $50 since I last put any money into my account now to try and entice me back. You'd think they'd learn it wasn't working. If only they hadn't offered me this free $10, and I probably would've topped up with $25. 3 tournaments on the bounce with no winnings was enough for me though. The poker dream is over for a few more months at least. Probably until partypoker give me some more free money.

For all those people out there that doubt that Tesco is screwing you, I realised something when I was there the other day. You can buy walnuts on the way into the store. As a snack, they're shelved with the nuts, next to the fruit as you come in. These retail at £2.39 for 200g. These are whole walnuts by the way. These are obviously for the people with money, who don't have the time to find the cheaper alternative within the store. That isn't me, and I knew that these walnuts were overpriced, so I scoured the entire store looking for some more. In exactly the same design of bag, the exact same walnuts, hidden away in the corner in the wholefoods section, 250g of walnut halves retail at £1.43. That's 50g more, for 96p less. It's just these ones are hidden away. And just in case someone like me, notices this, they obviously cannot charge different amounts for the same product, so they've names these ones walnut halves instead. They looked exactly the same. Put into context, they're charging people who don't have the time to look around the store, quite a lot more for their walnuts than those who look in the dark corners. Obviously cutting these walnuts in half adds cost, rather than reduces it, so they're quite simply, screwing over those people who'll buy the first thing that they see. This is why I've always been in favour of a cost-plus economy. Little marketing gimics like this wouldn't be allowed. There were a lot of bags of nuts by the entrance. Once all of them are sold at the inflated price compared to the nuts at the back of the store, thats a lot of £££s that Tesco have quite simply just taken out of the pocket of the consumer, and put into their own pocket. They aren't providing a superior product, or adding value to it in anyway. They're quite simply selling the same product under a different gimic, at an inflated price. Theft, in a socially acceptable form if you will. And yet they're allowed to get away with it. It's why I hate the systems that the Western world live by. Just one of millions of examples you can give of how the everyday person gets screwed, and the rich just get richer. When are people going to wake up and realise that allowing individuals to stockpile the nations wealth, is causing greater poverty at the other end of the scale. And it is that poverty that is the root cause of so many of the social problems that we face in today's society. Derelict neighbourhoods, pensioners terrified that they're going to get mugged every night. This is a consequence of not enough money fitering through to the people whom need it, which is a consequence of the large corporations and businesses being allowed to stockpile money, which is a consequence of being allowed to overcharge people for products such as walnuts. It might seem a big jump, but join up the dots. Get you nuts down to a price marginally above cost, and save society.

Moving on, I said a blog or 2 ago, that if you happened to come across any pictures in my photo gallery that looked out of place, then they were probably eBay pictures. What I very slowly came to realise, was that I was the only one who could see these pictures in the adverts I used them in because I was remaining signed into the gallery. I edited the permissions, but then that meant I was the only person who could see them in the eBay adverts as well. To cut a long story short, as a temporary measure, there is an album, viewable by everyone, in the gallery called eBay pictures, or something along those lines. So if you happen to be looking through my photo album at any point, then that is why there is a random album there.

Ricky Williams jersey As for my eBay ads, I have begrudgingly listed my entire NFL jersey collection with the exception of my Hasselbeck. It even includes an old London Monarchs jersey for anyone who wants to grab a piece of history. Tomorrow, my football (soccer) shirts, at least some of them, get added to the list. Fuckin eh, by the time I leave, I'm going to be living in an empty room. No Playstation. No DVDs. All of these jerseys have been hung around the picture rail of my room for years now. More due to lack of hanging space than anything, but they're still a big part of the decor. I'm going to have bare walls on top of that. And I'm currently trying to find a place to flog all of my university books. I've been watching some others, and eBay doesn't seem to be the place, as they're either selling stupidly cheap, or more frequently, not selling at all. EBay just isn't a place to sell books. I've picked up a couple of supposed £50 books on there for not more than a few pounds before. I'm not going to make that mistake, so I've been emailing any 2nd-hand bookstore I can find the address of, but no one seems interested in my degree books. They must have a value new of somewhere between £600 to £800, so if I could claim maybe £150 for a load of books I never plan on looking at again, it would be a boost to my travel funds. No takers so far though, so I'll have to keep on emailing.

Grand Theft Auto Somalia Yesterday night, I finally got around to working on the extras page of this website. And I've put up some content that I find hilarious, but will undoubtedly offend... most people. I've been living in university, in Hull no less, and there probably isn't a place on the planet with less of a moral compass, so it's the kind of thing I could get away with up there. If I tried half the stuff here in London, or in Canada, with my friends from those places, I don't think I'd have those friends for very long. And I still just don't feel that it's in keeping with the rest of the site. Everything else has a purpose linked to my travels. This is just random. But at the same time, I don't think there is enough content on the website that I can do away with the page. If I get rid of the extras page, then it has to be to replace it with something else. But what? I need to have a eurika moment. I need something to do with my travelling that I can add to this site. But I just don't know what there is that I don't already have. I'll rack my brains for a couple of days. I might just leave the extras page. There is some genius stuff on there after all. It's just not in keeping with the rest of this site.

Well that's been me for the past 3 days. Tomorrow will have been a week since I spoke to Vicky at the temping agency, and not a peep from her. I have started looking online for work, but the window is getting smaller and smaller. If I were to leave late October/early November, I can only offer about 2 months, taking the final week off to get myself sorted. So I've been looking at specific seasonal places like Thorpe Park, but even they don't have anything. Maybe I'll just try and find some labouring or something. At least it'd be an active job. But I just fucking hate labourers, so I'd probably end up jumping off some scaffolding. Think positive. I have faith in Vicky. If nothing else, she's hot. And that's the most important thing.

Not that I'm counting, but today is the 1-month anniversary of the last day that I drank alcohol. I started in July, which means 31 down, 69 to go.

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