Finally on Google

Well as you might've guessed from the title, as of when I checked last night, the site homepage is listed on Google, to go with the expendable extras page. Then as of this morning, the money saving page is also listed. Why they cannot list every page at the same time, I do not know, but that's the way it is. I'd like the travel blog main page, and the hostels page to get listed too, as they are the pages within the site that contain the best content in my opinion, but at least now the homepage is there. That doesn't mean that the site'll get any more hits. As yet, it only appears high in search results for very specific searches, but it's a start. Maybe if I plaster the url about the web a bit and create links on other sites, it'll move up in results rankings.

As I said yesterday, there is seemingly a never-ending list of things that need to be done to improve the site. As I complete one task, I come up with two more. Yesterday I did the unenviable task of moving all the ad and search content to the bottom of every page. All 40-ish of them. So that was fun. What it does now mean (I think), is that the actual page content will load before the ads, so the things people will actually want to see will be loaded first. I did the same with the JS-Kit on the hostels page, as it can take a while to load. Having it near the top of the page means that while it is taking hours to load, the rest of the hostel page content is not shown, so there is nothing to look at. I think I've fixed that now though. My connection in London is a lot slower and a lot more unreliable, which is a fucking pain. It is bringing to light problems like that though, that I otherwise would not have picked up on. So every cloud has a silver lining I guess.

Typically though, I completed one necessary task, yesterday I came up with two more. Firstly, Google is recommending that I send them a sitemap so that they can easily find every page of my website. I can't see that they'd have any problems because it's not like it's a site that has many, or any, standout features. But if it might save any future problems, I guess I'll do it. It's another thing to learn though, because I really have very little idea about how to go about making a site map. Probably should know anyway though, so something to learn. This came with the webmaster tools that I now have because the site is listed on Google.

The other thing I've decided to do, is to change the way I'll display photo albums on the site. I was thinking that I'd use Google Picassa, which is free for the first GB of space, then charges increasing prices, for varying increments of space. The most expensive being US$500 per year, for 400 GB of space. What I realised yesterday when looking at my hosting account, is that I currenly use 38.66 MB of disc space in my hosting account, out of 999,999 MB's. That 0.0039% of the space I have. And if I've calculated correctly, I have 976.52 GB of space remaining, that I'm actually planning on using very little of. So why the fuck would I then want to go and pay Google to host my photos, when I have all this space free. So I started looking into ways of easily hosting multiple photos on my site. And what I came up with, is an open source program, like the forum I'm using, called Plogger. I haven't had a chance to test out this program yet, but should it all work ok, then I'd guess that'll be how I'll be hosting photos. But then, this is one more thing on top that I have to learn. See what I mean... the more work I do, the more I think of other things I need to do and learn for the site. The list of things to do grows quicker than the list of things that I've done.

Back into the real world, and my exercise targets are being reached and breached. I did my first run in a while yesterday. Took me just over an hour. The real success though, was just how easy I found it. It was probably around 8 miles at a guess. Of uneven terrain no-less, but I could've done another circuit without a thought I found it that easy. That tells me that I'm as fit now as I have been for a long while. Killing myself in the gym and doing a load of womans classes is paying dividends with my current fitness levels, which is awesome. Even if this level probably won't be sustainable when I'm travelling, for now, it's feels good to feel so healthy.

Sandwiched between my morning workout and my evening exercise, we unfortunately have the daytime, and my list of things to be done really isn't pretty. What is taking up significant time though, is going through absolutely everything I own, and sorting things into categories of keep, sell, charity and throw away. I think it'll take me until Mexico, just to do that. Then I'll have the fun job of selling, mainly through eBay, everything that made it into the sell pile once I get back. God forbid I actually get a job, there won't be enough time in a 24 hour day to do what I need. Living the lifestyle that I am now of exercising regularly, sorting out everything I own, and working on this website, takes me from the moment my alarm goes off in the morning, until I go to bed at night. It's like a fucking full-time job. And everyday I'm setting the alarm earlier and earlier, because the earlier I get up, the more I can get done. I'm not even taking advantage of the fact that I can actually watch TV here. With cable. I just don't have the time. To use my laptop and write this, I have even set up a temporary station in what little space I could mustar in my room. It's like a temporary army communications point. I have wires going everywhere, mess and things going on either side of me, and bang in the middle, my laptop with just enough space to fit a chair in front.

I do think that television is a dying product now. Anything you need, you can watch online. You can get nearly any sporting event streamed to you (probably illegally). When there is news of interest to me, I'll often watch 3 bulletins a day. But I do it all on my laptop. Where is the need for TV now? I just find it a distraction. A luxury. I could easily spend all day sat in front of the box, but it's hardly productive. And I think that were they to be relieved of their televisions, then many people might actually be able to gain some productivity from their day. As well as not being such out of shape fat fuckers. It won't happen, but surely television is as much a detriment to the nations health as tobacco and alcohol. In small doses, it'll do you little damage. But gouge on it, and you'll probably fuck up your heart.

Back to getting a job quickly, what someone reminded me of right before my penultimate exam in Hull, is that now I'm no longer a student, I'm eligible to claim benefits. How good is that? Now there was a time that I used to say I had too much pride to collect benefits. Handouts. There was time that I didn't want to sponge. Luckily, those times have long passed. And the way I see it, I pay a fuck load of taxes for services I never use. I haven't used the NHS in 12 or more years, yet I see people going to the doctors everytime they have a little cough. I'm paying for that. And I could list a load more of things that taxes pay for things that I do not use, do not consent to use, and do not agree with. The way I see it, collecting benefits would just be a way of getting back the money I'm owed for the other stuff I pay for. I probably won't do it, but if my Canadian visa comes through, and I cannot find a job before I fly out, I'd rather have a small income of benefits, than no income at all. I don't mind sponging off the state. I don't have any pride any more. I grew out of that a while back. I want the money.

One more thing to mention, is that fuel cost situation that everybody is panicing about. I have to say, I think it's great! I here people talking in the gym, that they can't make these unnecessary journeys anymore. They can't afford it. They're being raped on petrol, so oh my god, they might actually have to walk to the shops. I think it's the kick that China quake people need. If they can't afford to be lazy fuckers and drive, then they might actually learn to walk places, or buy a bike. And they might even learn to be efficient with household energy as well. If the cost of leaving the light on in a room that you're not in is high enough, then you'll eventually learn not to do it. Now it's not like I won't be affected. Of course I will. But everywhere local that I go, I do so under my own power. I'm efficient in my use of plastics, and I already minimise the energy I use in the house whilst still living comfortably. So at the end of the day, an increase in energy prices will hit the most inefficient the hardest. And with the current state of the planet, that is what we need.

I am still astonished to see the shock of people with the natural disasters that are continually occuring. But what I do like, is that nature seems to be raping those who're the biggest global warming problem. The US has been fucked again by floods recently, which in my opinion is a good thing. It might only take a few million more dead and a few billion more in damage before they catch on to this whole global warming thing that they like to ignore. And China's being fucked pretty well as well, which might let them learn that opening up one "dirty" power station a week, is going to fuck up the world permanantly. I think the figure of dead in China is something like 80,000, and they're about to get flooded. Now I feel bad for the people affected, but it won't be enough to change the ways of the Chinese government. Next years Chinese earthquake may kill 200,000. The year after that, maybe half-a-million. Why knows? Until people learn that this is only going to get worse until we Burma achieve greater energy efficiency, and can reduce emissions, then disasters like this will become the norm. I take some comfort in knowing that the US and China are the two countries getting raped by nature right now, being that they're are the worst offenders. From here on out, carbon emissions will eventually become reduced. It will happen in one of two ways. Either, we become efficient with our energy, stop detroying anti-carbon sources like the rainforest and the carbon levels reduce that way. Or we continue in our ways, get killed off because the level of natural disasters becomes so severe that the number of dead starts to reach millions, then billions, and nature will balance out without a significant human presence. That is the choice we currently face. Human intuition seems to prefer impending death than to leave the car at home and walk a mile long journey. I wonder what our grandkids will say when they're born into a world not knowing whether they're going to live from one day to the next... I bet they'll ask us why we didn't leave the car at home.

Damn I have to stop getting sidetracked like that. I have my long list of things to do sat next to me, so I think it'd probably be a good idea for me to stop writing and do some useful crap. Yay.

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