Well I'm pleased to say that, although not yet official, it is appearing as though Irish voters have rejected the Lisbon treaty. I'll be honest in admitting that my research into the specific content of the treaty is fairly limited. It may be the best treaty in the world. I'm just happy it got rejected because of the manner in which it was attempted to be forcefully implemented. In 2005 with the EU constitution, national leaders pretended to give people a choice by calling for, or promising referendums. It got rejected, so they renamed it the Lisbon treaty and tried to then implement it without offering people a choice. There is though a law in Ireland requiring a referendum to all constitutional amendments, meaning that the EU had no choice but to ask the Irish people. And they couldn't even win 1 vote, which just goes to show how popular the treaty is. I was coincidentally studying a European business module in 2005 when the constitution was rejected, and was warned then to expect the constitution to reappear in a slightly different form. And in 2008, here we are all over again. Although this may be the end of the Lisbon treaty, come 2011, I wonder if we'll be in this situation all over again.

Kind of on the same subject, I went into town yesterday, and as I was walking, I was thinking about stuff. One thing that I was thinking about, was why is it that for television programs like Big Brother and alike, can receive millions of votes from people about what is really a completely insignificant topic, yet it is so hard for the public to be asked their opinion on things. Why could there not, for very tentative issues such as the 42 day detention period, be electronic referedums. Every 3 months, for example, give the people the opportunity to vote on the issues that will affect them the most. I'm sure it could be organised online, so every 3 months, people turn on their computers and can truly have their say. It's not something that would ever get approved, because as I've eluded to, goverment like to do what they want, rather that what the people want, but is that not a feesible idea, in theory at least. Everyday online you get bombarded with polls and questionairres etc. Surely it would be possible to have such polls for important national issues. I probably wouldn't've even mentioned this if I hadn't already come up with a name, but emocracy... how good is that? Mail became email, business became ebusiness... why can't democracy become emocracy? Give the power back to the people. Now it'll never get approved, because if people had a true say then govenment wouldn't be able to run around starting wars in Iraq and passing laws in breach of human rights. But still... what a name eh? You heard it here first! (I've never heard it before anyway. Fifty years from now when you're exercising your emocratic rights, you remember me.)

Anyway, I said I was walking into town yesterday, one of the reasons for that was to buy an integral piece of kit for both the "get Jro in shape for Mexico plan" and the "Jro you became a wobbly fat fucker in Mexico so now you need to suffer to lose it all again program." That piece of kit was my brand new running belt. It's a belt, that can hold Running belt up to 3 small bottles of water, and has up to 2 small compartments for carrying things when you're running. It attaches tightly around you so it doesn't jump up and down as you run like if you keep stuff in your pockets, and it even has little glow in the dark bits so you don't die. It was quite a hefty investment at £9.99, but I want to get into a routine of regular evening running. I used to go running all the time... I was a damn machine, literally sprinting mile after mile. I weighed in at this time at less than 59.5 kgs (131 lbs/9.37 stone). This was as I started university. To cut a long story short, I ended up joining the American football team at uni, and from that point on, I needed to gain weight, and fast. This meant that I had to stop my running to increase my ability on the football field. I did a fair bit of running when I was studying over in Canada when I wasn't playing football for a year, but it was always with the notion that I was going to be returning to play football. Now my football career is over, for the forseable future anyway, and I am starting to implement an exercise plan that requires exercising heavily twice a day, I want to start up with my running again. In my head, I see things working out at gym every morning, then I'll vary my evening exercising between cycling and running. Given my current fitness levels, I think that I could run a half-marathon fairly efforlessly. I don't mean effortlessly, but it wouldn't provide me with a challenge. If I was to run 12 miles, I don't think there'd be a time that it'd cross my mind that I wouldn't be able to finish. Hell I see enough tubby fuckers run the London marathon when I watch it each year, and I'm definitely in better shape than them. But for those kind of distances, I'd need to have some equipment with me. That's where my new running belt comes in. I'm actually quite excited to get to use it. There's nowhere near me in Hull to really run for any significant distance away from roads. Once back in London though, I have parks nearby to me. And I'm really looking forward to seriously lacing up my running shoes again. I think Christmas was the last time.

Speaking of weight (wow this blogs flowing today), I'm going to start using my body composition monitor regularly again. It's a monitor that tells you, among other things, your weight, your body fat percentage, that kind of stuff. I took my first reading in a while yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised that my body fat is 14.5% currently. It might not sound great. It's not. But considering that towards the end of my time in Canada last year, I was getting readings as high as 24.6%, and was weighing as much as 90 kgs. And also considering that for the entire American football season I was play at DE, where as I'm naturally a DB, I had to spend the whole season drinking weight-gain to keep my weight up, so the fact that I am down to 14.5% is quite pleasing, with my weight at 76.1 kg (167.4 lbs/12 stone). 14.5% is probably about optimal in terms of health for a male of my age. For physique reasons, I'm setting a target range of 10-12%, which would keep me healthy, whilst looking pretty good too, but that's a bit of a tall order in time for Mexico. Losing that much weight and body fat considering other things though is very pleasing. I'll never let myself get down to the 59.5 kgs that I was when I started uni, but I think for my natural build, I should lose about another 3 kgs. If I can that, as well as getting my body fat percentage within my target range by the end of the Summer, I'll be pleased. Of course it'll all turn to shit as soon as I start travelling, but you can't have everything I guess.

Drinking chart Also on the subject of health, it has now been 7 months since I started keeping an alcohol chart. That's a chart that, on anyday that I consume any quantity of alcohol, I black out that day so I can see how frequently I drink over a sustained period. Over a 7 month period, I have drank on 37 of those days, which I would consider excessive. Take away exceptional weeks such as the American football tour, and weeks post-exams and assignment hand ins, then it's not too bad, but I wanted to gather a clear picture of things. Now in the back of my mind, I'm thinking that as soon as I return from Mexico, then it'll be a 12 week detox. 12 weeks, strictly no alcohol. I did 8 weeks last Summer, so 12 is realistic. One way I'm looking at this is great, things'll improve here. The only problem, is Mexico comes before this. 3 weeks in Mexico, 5 nights in New York... might throw my chart off a bit. It is interesting to monitor alcohol consumption though. For the passed 3 months I've drunk twice a month for each of the months. In 2 of the 4 months prior to this though, it has been 8 times in a month. Makes quite interesting reading. To me anyway.

Just a little about the website before I sign off for today because I'm really not inspiring myself with what I'm writing. I was looking through my Google Analysics reports, and it seems that this site has been visited recently by someone in London, UK, someone in Birmingham, UK, and someone from Wheat Rigde Colorado, USA. Welcome to all of you. What I am curious about, is 1, how the hell did you find this website because it's not really listed anywhere yet, but more curiously, which one of you found the website through Google? One person has managed to access this site through Google's organic search... but the site isn't listed there. I've been checking regularly since I submitted the URL, and it's not there. Just curious if you come back and happen to be reading this, how did you do that?

One other thing that I've decided to do that affects this website, is to streamline... everything. In life. This has meant syncronising div tags with file name within the website, which took fucking ages. It's meant spending about 2½ hours running adware and spyware programs over my laptop to get it to run more smoothly, as well as deleting countless programs that add up to multiple gigabites. (incidentally my laptop turned on today in probably half the time it took yesterday, so it was well worth it) In the real world, as soon as I get home I'm going to streamline everything that I own: If I don't need it, I'll sell it. Can't sell it I'll give it charity. Charity doesn't want it, I'll throw it away. With no room for sentiment, I want to dispose of any clutter from my life electronically and physically, so I can do, well everything, more smoothly. The worst of these streamlining efforts, the one that I am dreading, and the one that I've been putting off for years, is to streamline my emails. Currently sitting in my inbox are 3,742 emails spanning over 50 pages, as well as numerous poorly organised folders. They date back as far as April 2003. Within these emails, I probably need around 50, confirming bookings, passwords etc. But that means, I cannot just mass-delete. I need to go through every single email individually, deleting absolutely every one that I no longer need, and filing away all those that I do into a new filing system. I'll be honest, I'm a little scared. It's definitely necessary for me so I don't have to spend half an hour searching through old messages to get to the one that I need. But fuck I'm not looking forward to this. Bye-bye life. Just think though, once I get through this whole "streamlining" process that I've for some reason decided that I need to put myself through, I'll be able to do everything so quickly. I won't have a job or a life or anything like that. But in the rare event that I actually have to do something, oooh I'll be able to do it quicker than you. Send me an email... I'll've read it before you know what hit you. Oh what a fun Summer this will be.

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