Canada anyone?

Well despite the fact that I still haven't heard a reply as to whether I've got my Canadian work visa or not. And despite the fact that the whole damn process took me about 2 months, just to get the damn application sent off, where as for other countries, if you need a work visa you can apply online the day before. Despite that, all day I've been hearing the same advert on the radio, advertising that Canada is currently short of workers and is holding a Canada Expo (I don't know what that means) to encourage people to move there. If they're so damn desperate for workers, then why the fuck is it taking me so damn many months to find out if I've even got a visa? And I might still be rejected. Fucking Canada. On the advert one of the jobs they list is bus driver... surely though, the fact that a couple of weeks from now I'll have a degree (fingers crossed), makes me as much of a skilled worker as a bus driver? I'm pretty sure it's not a 4-year course to learn how to drive a bus. I swear to christ, they're just doing this to wind me up. Probably reject my application after all this. Fucking Canada.

Now I know that 2 or 3 blog entries ago, I said that I was going to take the high-road. I was going to be mature. Be the big man about my housemates repeatedly moving my washing-up onto the dirty rack, so there was space for theirs on the clean one. I was. But let's be honest, that really isn't me. I came down stairs this morning and they'd moved my stuff again, so I might, possibly have jacked-off in their milk and let them drink it. Possibly. Which, in all honesty, I think lets them off pretty lightly. They're literally, metaphorically disprespecting me by moving my stuff, pretty much saying that we're better than you, so we get the clean rack. That's pretty much what they're saying. So what do they get for this absolute show of disrespect? They get to consume some of my invaluable DNA. Judging by Milk the look of both of them, it is clearly DNA of a superior quality... they should even be thanking me. I think I let them off lightly. And they were lucky it's my last day so I'm too busy packing to get to the chemists for some constipation relief. I would like to say that I'm not proud of what I've done. It was irresponsible and immature. Fuck that. I'm proud. And it was quite fun. If you've never stood in your kitchen with the curtains open in full view of your neighbours should they happen to be up early for once, wanking into a bottle of milk, then I recommend it. See what they made me do! I'm normally such a responsible and loving person. I think it'll help them anyway. My DNA is clearly made of better stuff than they normally eat. This is their first step onto leading a healthier life.

Mexico's getting pretty close now. Only 10 days until I fly out to New York. Fuck that snuck up quickly. Anyway, we're getting on with bookings and stuff. I'm kind of using Mexico as a mock for when I start travelling, although I have decided that I won't be taking my laptop or updating my blog at all. I figure it's a group holiday rather than travelling, so spending hours stuck in my laptop, and demanding we find somewhere with Internet everyday so I can update the site seems a little unnecessary. But even now, 2 weeks before I land in Mexico, I'm being reminded exactly why I will only ever travel alone. It will be a group of now 11 people in Mexico, hailing from Australia, Malaysia and France, among others, but we all know each other from studying in Canada. But what is bugging me already, is that people are so damn safety conscious. I keep on getting emails about so-and-so has their insurance sorted, so-and-so has got this vaccination, and this jab. But even more annoying, is the first thing people thinking about as we're booking accomodation, is, "is it safe to stay here? Is it safe to camp here?" How fucking annoying is that. Surely what makes going away fun, is that you're going into something unknown. You can get shot, you can get raped, you can get robbed, you can catch aids... that's what makes going abroad fun. It's like an adrenaline shot knowing that absolutely anything can happen. All this getting vaccinations stuff, and buying insurance and that crap... surely that takes all the fun out of going away. I know walking down my street in London, what's the worst thing that could happen? Maybe some drunk idiot shouts something, or I run into some chavs. That's exciting. Knowing you can catch some deadly disease by drinking the water, and knowing that you might get robbed at gunpoint at any time... that's what makes going away fun. I get a kick out of knowing anything could happen, and I don't even have insurance to pay for it when it does. So all these people worrying about this, taking this precaution... it's doing my head in. I'll take precautions to protect my belongings. That's why I bought a Pacsafe a few blogs back. There's only so many times it can be fun to be in a foreign country with not a penny to your name. But why get vaccinations? It's a chance to test out your immune system. Survive, and you'll be stronger for it. What's the point of being safe all the time? Takes the fun out of everything.

Anyhoo, I didn't really have anything to write about this time. I've just pretty much finished packing, so with everything apart from my laptop put in bags and boxes, I thought it'd kill some time. Might start cleansing my emails in a minute. A couple of updates regarding the progress of the website, I did attempt to put comment boxes using the JS-Kit after every hostel I review on the hostels page, which would allow people to dispute what I've written and put their own comments. Unfortunately, it turns out that you can only have one JS-Kit per page. Well, I can have one for every hostel, like 15 or however many I have, but writing a comment in one box, makes it appear in every single other box on that page. So that was a bit useless. If you wrote a comment relating to Juneau Hostel in Alaska, it would also appear under the Penzance Backpackers Hostel in the UK. As at least a temporary solution, I have made a hostels section of the forum. I haven't given up on the idea of comment boxes for each hostel, but I'll need to figure out a different way of doing things. The other thing I've decided to do, although haven't started yet, is to read through the entire site. The site currently consists of, I think, 37 pages. I haven't read a single one of them yet. I just write them, then put them up. I'm not so worried about spelling and grammar mistakes; as long what I write is legible then people will know what I mean. I'm just worried that I might've offended every race, religion and sex that exists. Now I'm not exactly what you would call a politically correct person. I generally just say what I think, and if that offends someone, well fuck 'em. They can cover their ears if it hurts them so bad. But just to make sure there's nothing too too bad I might give it a read through. I'm hopeful I can read the entire site without changing a thing. Probably can, but just in case, I might read it. I say that, I think I'm actually too lazy, but it's on my 'to do' list. I'll let you know if I actually can be bothered.

Next time I write, it'll be back from sunny London. This morning I was at my Hull gym for the last time. And tomorrow I leave. I'm going to miss this place. Got some good memories of Hull!

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