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I've been back from Mexico 12 hours short of a week now, so it's about time I added an entry. The only problem is, is that pretty much all I've done since I got back, was write my blog on Mexico. So this, essentially, is a blog about writing a blog. Prepare to be dazzled. (I'll try and find something else to fill this page with)

Whilst I'm on the subject of writing actually, one thing that I find really strange, is that my Mexico blog totals at over 37,000 words. 37,581 to be exact. That's 3 and ¾ bachelor dissertations written in 5 days (I dunno why students moan about them so much. Doesn't seem too hard). And I touch-typed every word of that. I don't look at the keyboard as I type. What I find strange though, is that if you ask me to recite the order of the keys on a keyboard, I can't do it. I can tell you the qwerty in the top left corner, and know that M and N take up the bottom corner, but apart from a couple of other keys, that's pretty much it. Even now, I am probably typing at around 50 words a minute (that was my typing rate last time I took a test), yet I couldn't place half the letters on a keyboard. That must mean that as I type on a computer, I am accessing some level of my brain, that the conciously thinking part of my brain, ie the part telling me to write this, isn't privvy to. Now you always know that other levels of your brain are at work to keep you alive, like it tells your heart to beat. I was bored a while ago, so I tried stopping my heart just by thinking about it. It doesn't work. So there are parts of your brain that you cannot access. But I find it strange, that my conscious brain must now be telling another part of my brain how to tell my hands how to move. Because I don't know the layout of this keyboard. I just find that a little strange. I mean how many levels does my brain have? It makes you think twice though. Those people whom act without thinking and act on instinct, they may be acting by calling into action their whole brain, gaining from the knowledge of their conscious and their unconscious. Where as people who think too much may be disregarding all the knowledge held in their unconcious. When you dislike a person for no reason for example, is that the unconscious of your brain, which is privvy to information you don't know, telling your conscious to dislike this person based on the fact that your unconscious has had a bad experience with someone with some matching traits before? I just find the whole thing a little strange. That my hands can know the layout of a keyboard, but my brain doesn't. Something's not right. It gives justification to people who act instinctively rather than logically though. When a person commits a crime, their unconscious may have told them to do so, their conscious just went along for the ride. Are they therefore in jail being punished for something that they unconsciously did. And does their unconscious feel this punishment, or are you just punishing their conscious for the acts of their unconscious? Just something I was thinking about as I was typing about Mexico.

Speaking of which, you'd think with over 37,000 words I'd be happy. All I've thought since I finished the blog 2 days ago, is, "Man, I cannot believe I forgot this bit. Or that bit. Or that bit." I'm not going to update the pages at all, unless I happen to get my hands on some key photos, just for gramatical errors, or because if I ever get round to reading it through, I've realised that I've been so damn offensive, or so harsh to the people mentioned in the blog, that readers will never speak to me again. In fact I made the mistake of announcing that I had written this 37,581 word Mexico blog as my Facebook status. Now I have a shit-load of requests for the address of this site, and quite frankly I'm a little scared to give it to people. When you meet people in person, it's easy to tone-down your views in light of their political or religious views, just so you don't cause too much offense. But in writing, I just put the truth. I put how I feel, no holds-barred, no regard for political correctness. And I think when people read how I really view the world, there might be a degree of shock. I suppose I could make a better estimation if I actually bothered to read anything that I wrote. To date, I don't think I've gone over and re-read a single page of this site, so that might help. But I just wrote 37,000 words in 5 days. I started this site over 6 months ago. It'll take me weeks to read through it all. Anyway, that's where I stand. I have a functional, if very amateur by todays standards, website. I have people wanting to look at what I've written. Yet I am, as yet, flat out refusing to give out the address. All I am having, is the few people who somehow stumble across the site on Google. Which I have to say, is a surprising number. As I said a while ago, I expected the hotel page to have the biggest search engine pull because it contains information on things that people will be likely to search for. That wasn't my motivation for having that page; it was the first page that I fully made. But it is definitely a motivation for keeping it. But I said to myself before Mexico, if 5 people view the site when I'm away it'll be a real shock based on the fact I have done pretty much zero promotion, and that I'm going to be pretty much at the bottom of any Google rankings. In fact I was tempted to start my promotion campaign in Mexico, by writing my web address on the door of every public toilet that I used. Based on Mexican food, that was a lot. But I didn't. But yeah, whilst I was away, the site had viewings from all over the world. 2 UK cities, 3 US cities, 4 Canadian cities, as well as Brisbane, Australia, then slightly strangely, Delhi, India and Medellin, Colombia. So seeing as I was prepared for not a single site view the whole time I was away, I had viewing from 4 different continents. Suck on that. That's pretty much one view every 2 days. I was speaking to someone in Mexico who has a site that gets 4,000 views a day, and he makes about $30 in advertising revenues. So all I need to do, is increase the number of views the site gets 8,000 times, and it'll be like having a part time job. Might be a bit of a challenge. Especially when I'm not willing to give the URL to anybody, but I'm sure I'll figure out a way. I have also realised too Which: Bottled water that this site is revolutionary. It is now over 2 months since I put up a page about bottled water. Yet what is the headline story for Which magazine this month? 'An unnecessary drink worth £1.68bn: Why it's time to dispense with bottled water.' Now I don't want to say that I'm controlling the media. But a coincidence? A little convenient isn't it. In fact just to show this "coincidence", I've even scanned in the cover of the magazine, probably breaking a shit-load of copyright laws. Luckily though, no-one looks at this site, so no-one will ever know. Also, I blame it on my unconscious. That controls my hands now, and I couldn't stop them.

In things in life that are actually happening, rather than stuff I've made up in my head, I am now on an attempted 100 day detox. The problem with that, is that there is a mini-OBW, or Old Boys Weekend (A meet of former American football players to get drunk and have a match), in late October. If I go to that, which is likely, then I will fall 3 days short of my 100. I almost regret drinking on the last couple of nights in Mexico for no real reason. My last drink was the 19th July in New York. So that would be frustrating. But until my attendance there is 100%, then it'll still be a 100 day detox. Last Summer I did 56 days, and already this Summer is harder. I keep on getting calls and messages to go for a beer, and I'm only 8 days in. Ah well. 92 days to go. If I last the 100, that will essentially lead until a likely time I will depart for Canada, so no alcohol in this stint in the UK. The reason for this detox is to try and get myself in the best physical condition I can before the inevitable deterioration of travelling. It will also go someway to undoing some of the abuse I did to my body in Mexico, which included way too much alcohol, and way too much shit food: KFC for breakfast some days, and I think there were days that I would have McDonalds and Burger King in the same day. That on top of normal Mexican food. So no alcohol, good food and exercise is on tap until I get rid of my Mexico boobs. Luckily I don't have a job, so I can focus 24 hours a day on getting healthy. I haven't got around to taking a body-fat reading since I've been back, but I'm sure it wouldn't be a pretty figure. Maybe my unconscious already knows and it's not letting me take it. Just as I write this, a cat across the street has decided to walk along the outer-window ledge of the 2nd floor and has got stuck. He's too scared to move anywhere. It's pretty funny watching the kid who lives there trying to entice him to jump to a window with food. Now he's trying shouting at the cat, because it almost went far enough backwards to get in, but got scared and went back to where it was. Oooh. And now it just fell off the window ledge. Luckily it landed on an inclined first floor roof, just, but it's still struggling a bit. The boy's getting pretty stressed. This is good entertainent. And now he's given up and is watching TV. A good responsible owner. The cat seems happy on the neighbours roof now. Wait, he's got him in. He enticed him to the window with food, then grabbed him before he could run away again. And now he's watching TV again. This is the problem with having a laptop near a window. Too easy to get distracted. So where was I? Jobs. So I had an interview with a Canadian mountain resort last Tuesday. They seemed desperate for workers on their website, so I was thinking it would just be a case of "when can you start?" Unfortunately, they asked all these retarded question like "Give me an example of a time that you have provided a good customer service," and stupid things like that, which I really wasn't prepared for, but I think I blagged it. The problem I have is that they now want me to send them the details of a phone reference. Now I had an employer last Summer, but I didn't like them and we didn't leave on the best terms, so they're out. My previous employer before that was 2 Summers ago. So now I'm going to have to suck up to them, or someone even earlier, in order to get this fucking phone reference. I asked a couple of people to lie for me, but all the people I seem to know have this strange affiliation about telling the truth... like, all the time. Which seems a bit pointless to me. May as well make people think you're better than you actually are. But apparently not. Don't see why. I'd happily lie for any of them. Now the classy and sensible thing to do for a favour after you haven't seen someone for 2 years, would be to see them in person, or at least phone them. I think I'm going to send an email. That way I can have the absolute minimum contact with them and they can't rub it in that they're doing me a favour. I should really get on with that. In terms of getting a job here for the Summer, I've been meaning to since I got back. I just don't really care. That's the problem I have. I've found a couple of temp jobs that I really should send an application for. But who wants a fucking job? If I can increase the traffic of this website by about 20,000 times, without telling anyone the URL, then I'll be pretty much earning a full-time job wage in advertising revenues, so maybe I should just focus all my energies on doing that. Ah fuck it. I suppose I need money. I'll apply for a job tomorrow. I have found a medical study to test a drug to bring back the memories of people with alczeimers, or however you spell it. It pays about £3,500, basically the money I'd earn for having the real job for the whole Summer. And this way I can lay about all day off my brain on drugs. Plus, I always lose my memory when I drink, so maybe it could bring back some of those memories. Unfortunately though, my parents don't approve, which normally wouldn't influence me, but it was one of those "I'm really not happy about this" disapprovals. Maybe I'll become a sperm donor instead. That pays £25 per shift. And it's something that I'd probably be doing anyway. Or I could just get a real job. Which sounds great fucking fun.

Speaking of money, sort of, I read a stat the other day that I found interesting: In your lifetime, you're more likely to get divorced than you are to change your current account. That says something about the regard people have for the bullshit that is marriage nowadays. But it got me looking into banking a little more. I've been with HSBC for years, just because it's a hassle to change. Turns out, they're pretty much raping me. I've looked into things a bit, which included in this months Which?, which I essentially wrote, and my god I need to get my financed in order before I travel. Looking at the shit rates I'm getting from HSBC, as soon as my 2 year bond matures next month, I'm going to wash my hands of them in favour of a bank that isn't going to screw me over. And I always felt that I had a good understanding of the banking system. Which I do, just not so much of the different rates each bank provides. It's time to get my finances in order before I travel. It could be the difference between a thousand or more pounds, which in travelling money, is quite significant.

Another thing that I realised when travelling, is that if I am going to keep this website maintained and up-to-date as I travel, I cannot leave it alone for 4 weeks like I just did. It took me 5 days of quite intensive writing to get my blog updated. I had to add to the hostels page. And I still have to make additions to the photos page, the website maps, the videos, and the money-saving section, which all take a while. Essentially, to travel for 4 weeks without updating the site, means a week of work once I get back. Mainly on the blog to be fair. I could just tone that down. But it's not like I ever plan what to write, it's just what comes into my head, and I don't want to mess with that style. It has a person looking at this site every 2 days!!! I must be doing something right.

I suppose I should get on. Should really apply for a job or something. Good news! I've graduated. I am now officially not a student. Which is shit. Got a 2:1, which is a bit rubbish seeing as I was quite close to a first, but I'll take it. I graduated in Mexico. Fucking great. Now I can work for 45 years.

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