Banned from my own site

Well amongst all the useful crap that I intend to get done over the course of the Summer; sorting my finances, selling my life etc., was get this site finished to the point that the only updates I have to make whilst travelling, are updates about travelling. That means getting every current page to a finished stage, as I leave the country. So update the hostels page and the money-saving page, do something with the extras page, whether it be remove it or change it; basically get the site as updated as possible for when I leave the country. Among that list of things to do, is upload previous photos that I intend to host, namely being Canada 2005, and Mexico 2008. Uploading and labelling the Mexico pictures was what I was currently working on, until the site suddenly went dead. About 5 minutes later I get an email from InMotion, my hosting company. It says, and I quote: "System admin notified us that they were forced to disable your account today due to extreme CPU use with respect to PHP." They then go on to tell me that my account is up and running, but until they get a "clear description of what activities were underway" my IP address will be blocked from the server. Put in short, I've been banned from my own website. It can be accessed from any computer in the world... except mine. Fucking great. So with no avenue of carrying on adding and labelling photos until I'm allowed back onto my website, I thought I'd write a blog entry to give them a chance to put me back online. Of course I won't actually be able to post this entry, so I'm hoping that they get back to me before long. Otherwise I'll be forced to do something that is actually useful!

I've just received another email. To quote: "This matter has been moved up to Tier II for review as soon as possible." I've been sent to Tier II. I don't know what that means, but it's good to know. This matter is serious enough to be sent to Tier II. The boys on Tier I clearly weren't qualified enough to deal with such a serious issue.

This was the bad news for today. The good news is that I get another day of work wahey! The delivery that I was supposed to be working on at the solicitors, starting tomorrow, has been delayed. That means if I went in tomorrow, there would be nothing for me to do. So I get to chill out for another day, and if I'm allowed, work on my website, or if not, do something else useful. And there is no guarantee that it will have been delivered by Wednesday either. Maybe I'll just have to go in Friday and have a tough 1-day week. I'll definitely be looking forward to the weekend after that ordeal.

Now I said last time I wrote a blog, that the reason I was struggling to get much done, was that fantasy NFL was taking up so much of my time. But after ESPN fucking me around some more, by taking my last waiver request first, and vice-versa so I missed out on all the waiver wire gems I spent the whole weekend scouring for, I am done with fucking ESPN fantasy NFL. It's been piss-poor from the beginning. I can't actually drop out from this league, but I have no intention of logging on again for the rest of the year. I'll find myself, or start, a league on Yahoo! instead. Where the code they use to run their fantasy NFL, actually fucking works. I expected more from ESPN. Fucking waste of my weekend. No way I'll spend any more of the season with them.

Now seeing as I only wrote a blog entry yesterday, not too much has happened to me in the last 24 hours to actually write about. One thing that pissed me off this morning, was the biggest bullshit waste of taxpayers money I ever did see. NHS smoking support groups. Are you fucking kidding me. It had these idiots on the advert: "I thought I could go it alone, just go cold-turkey. But I couldn't. This support group really helped me." I'd love to actually sit in a fucking smokers anonymous group and hear what they say. "Hello. My name's John. And I'm a pussy. I lack the willpower and mental fortitude to quit smoking. So instead I come to these meetings and talk to a lot of other pussy's about how much we're all pussy's together. We all lack the mental capacity to not go to the shop and buy tobacco, so instead we continue to kill ourselves whilst wasting taxpayers money on retarded meetings and groups. I hope to work in McDonald's when I grow up." I mean, are you fucking kidding me. Quitting smoking isn't that hard. I've been there. I know. It's just a case of not going to the shop, and not buying tobacco, and not lighting a cigarette in your mouth. It's not fucking rocket science, and if you're too much of a coward to stay away from a tobacconist for 3 fucking days to get the worst of the cravings out of your body, then fuck it, you probably better off dying of lung cancer. The world will be better without you. It's like fat people who lack the strength to actually exercise, and to not eat chocolate cake everyday. Then spend all day complaining they're fat and wasting more tax-payers money getting fat-sucking surgery. It makes me sick that this is how taxes are spent. It's what I meant yesterday about the world all of a sudden being filled with a bunch of fucking weak-minded pussy's. And yet these people are given an environment to flourish, where as strength counts for very little in today's world. I just wish I was born in a culture or an era where mental strength wasn't neutralised. Where it still meant something. And before I get people fucking moaning, that I don't know what it's like. That I don't understand. I've been there. I've been a heavy smoker and I've been a fat cunt. But I didn't fucking sit around in retarded support groups. I actually did something about it. If you're unhappy you're about to die of lung cancer, then stop smoking. If you're unhappy about being a fat shit, then stop eating take-away and get on the damn treadmill. It's not rocket science. And the last things idiots like this need is more pampering in the form of support groups. What a waste of tax-payers money. If that is their mental capacity, then to be honest, they provide little use anyway. Let them be.

That was my grievance for today. See what happens when my website goes down. It gets me all angry. I have nothing more to add today. Apart from "Day off tomorrow!!!" I'm still not allowed onto my own website, so I'll add this once I am. With no pictures to label, I think I'll go for a bike ride. Get some fresh air.

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