4 weeks 'til lift-off

4 weeks 'til my flight, 4 weeks 'til I'm in Canada and 4 weeks 'til I'm outta here baby. That unfortunately though means that this is the official start of the 'Jro get in shape before flying out to Canada torture program.' Yes, as of today, everything about my diet and my exercising is being modified with one single goal in mind; to get in the best possible shape I can before flying out. I'm carrying plenty of muscle around with me (by my standards), so this is all about cutting fat. And I can testify, as I'm sure a lot of others can, attempting to cut fat from your body quickly, isn't fun. Not even a little bit. In fact I will undoubtedly be in a bad mood for the next 4 weeks. So don't talk to me.

The criteria I'm going to be following, are based very loosely around Mike Roussell's 6 pillars of nutrition. Though I've added in my own tweaks, because they are focused primarily on health, where as I want to focus primarily on fat loss. Apart from first thing in the morning, and straight after my workout, now every meal I eat in a day must be high-protein, low-carb. There's nothing wrong with getting your daily veg, but no starchy carbs. Bread or potatoes for example. I'm classing a high-protein, low-carb meal, as one where the protein content out-weighs the carb content. So animal products basically. That is further limited by the cap I've set of 1.5% saturated fat in any food product consumed, so any fatty meats are out. I'm back on meals that I was not so long ago, when I was actually in decent shape, such as an egg-white, Tesco value ham, Tesco value chicken, and low-fat cheese omlette. My own patented creation! Which is pretty disgusting, but add in a little herbs, a little pepper and maybe some onion, and it's not too bad. But not only do foods like this taste bad, they provide very little energy so everything I do daily will become a struggle. I'll be tired all the time. Which'll put me in a shit mood.

Along with the dietary limitations, every other gym day has now become an abs and cardio day. So not only will I be starved of energy because of the foods I'm consuming, and the fact that I'll also be running a calorie deficit, I'll also be pushing my body to use more energy than it was before. Weights workouts have too changed to more exercises, less sets, lighter weights and more reps. Again with the intention of toning up as much as possible, but draining me of energy I don't have. On the plus side, most cardio will now become low-intensity to maximise fat-burning, but it's little consolation. This is not going to be a fun month. But it's something I'm going to do. I pledged at the beginning of the Summer, that I was all about getting into shape before I left to travel. But I haven't been doing that. So for the next 4 weeks I suffer the consequences of having to fast-track my way to getting into shape.

I took a body-fat reading on Sunday, and I wasn't as bad as I thought I would be, coming in at 15.1%. But seeing as I said at the beginning of the Summer, my target was to be within 10-12% by the time I left, I'm waaaay off that. I'm not sure that is now achievable, but we'll find out over the next 3 or 4 weeks. Unlike many of the things I claim to do in these blogs, this one I'm actually going to see through. Oh it's going to be fun.

Luckily though, I seem to have God on my side. I need a laptop sleeve to protect my baby when I'm travelling, so I cycled all the way to PC World yesterday to pick something up. "Fits all 15.4" notebooks" it say on the packaging. Great. So I bought it. They lied! It didn't bloody fit mine. So I had to cycle back to PC World to get a refund. But here's where God comes in. That cunt decides to give me a puncture about a mile before I get back to the shop. It's not worth me turning back from here, so I have to push my bike all the way there. And then all the way back, taking well over an hour. Of course it was dark by then, so I wasn't able to fix the puncture last night, so I had to walk the 40 minutes to the gym this morning. And then walk back. And I'm going to have to walk 30 minutes to the supermarket in a bit. And the 30 minutes back. All, good low-intensity fat-burning exercise. So luckily I have God in my corner on this one. I can't fail having to fucking walk everywhere.

Zebo, a half-blind 5-year old African orphan has to ride 7 miles a day to school with only one leg on a bicycle with buckled wheels and no breaks.

Please give just a small donation of £2 and we'll send you the video. It's fucking hilarious.

Now I consider myself an accomplished stalker. Something of a connoisseir if you will. So it's very frustrating to me that this girl I've been talking to in Canada about sharing a place; I just can't dig anything up on her! I think this picture may possibly be of her. But I'm not even sure of that. But I'm finding it very difficult to know if I want to live with her. One thing I'm working on, is that she's called Crystal. And you'd expect people called Crystal to be hot. At least I would! It's like serenity, if you're called Crystal, you have to be hot or it just doesn't work. But on the other hand, her email address ends @save-earth.org. So obviously going to www.save-earth.org was one of my first ports of call. On this website, it says "Welcome to save-earth.org. Helping to connect caring people. Save the trees." Now don't get me wrong, I share many of the views of hippies. I'm very environmentally conscious for example. But that doesn't mean I can stomach living with one. But then, I know that she snowboards. How many hippies are there that snowboard? I don't know any. So maybe she's like me, environmentally conscious, but not a hippy. And if she does live up to her name, and she is hot, save-earth.org is there such a thing as a hot hippy? I've never seen one. So as you can tell. I'm frustratingly confused on this one. I just can't tell if I want to live with her or not. And in this age of sites like Facebook, that make stalking accessible to all, it's become very frustrating I can't dig anything up on her. She could be a hot snowboarding chic. I could go for that. Then she could be a hippy that snowboards in her spare time. And hippys smell, smoke weed and play shit music. I would kill her within a week. Now I haven't given up yet! But this is one of my toughest challenges to date. My whole credibility as a stalker is being put into jeopardy. I can normally find information on people in a click. If I'm right that that picture is of her, then she looks a bit like a hippy. That would be horrible.

On the other side of the coin, this girl has been to, and lived Invermere before. So she knows how things work. It might make my job of finding a place to live a shit-load easier if I was with her. Because the other people I've been talking to, do a lot of talking, but no one is actually really getting anywhere. And you know what makes this worse: I haven't even figured out how this snowboarding hippy got my email in the first place. She isn't working at Panorama. And she contacted me directly to my email, ie not through Facebook. I have protection on my Facebook profile because I know how many stalkers there are out there, so there's no way she got it from there. So how the hell did she even get in touch with me? And reading the emails, it sounds like I'm the only one she has got in contact with. I am stumped. The stalker has literally become the stalked. Very frustrating.

If you read the last blog then you'll know that I somehow talked my way into calling a house in Canada. Well I made the call. 3 times, and got through to voicemail each time, so I gave up and passed it back to the guy in Australia I was talking to. I'm not sure he's made any effort yet because I haven't heard anything from him. What I will say though, is that the girl on this voicemail sounded smokin'. You know you can just tell sometimes, by the sound of someones voice if they're hot or not... she was hot. I'm beginning to get the feeling that Invermere is just full of hot girls. That would be awesome.

I was asked to run a marathon, and I said "No chance."

Then I was told it was for spastic and blind kids, so I thought "fuck it. I could win that."

I was out of shampoo, so I thought seeing as I was going to the gym yesterday, I'd get some more. Fuck me. Those soap dispensers are not designed to dispense large quantities. I took a 500ml empty bottle to the gym with me. I must have been stood there about 10 minutes in the shower, emptying out the complimentary soap dispenser. What a fucking hassle. It's like they don't want you to have the complimentary shampoo. I'm all stocked up now. Free shampoo for the next few weeks baby! And, someone left 5p in my locker. I actually made a profit by going to the gym. 5p and 500ml of free shampoo. But fuckin eh!, you'd think they could use a more tight-git friendly soap dispenser! It's not like it's the only thing I have to do at the moment.

Britney Spears in a school uniform, hit me baby one more time. I knew it was going to be a good workout today though. When the first music video that comes on once you get to the gym, is Britney in a school uniform, you know it's going to be a good day. When it's followed by Rihanna, you know it's going to be a great day. Madonna in a leotard brought everything back down to earth. But still. You can't start a day better than Britney in a school uniform. She can go as bold and as mental as she wants. She will always be the girl in the school uniform to me.

Which reminds me, [with whores dressing as school girls, and school girls dressing as whores, I don't know whether to carry sweets or money.] I discovered Sikipedia yesterday. Possibly my favourite website ever. It goes some way to explaining why there's been a couple of jokes added to this blog. And it also goes some way to explaining a couple of the new quotes that have been added to the homepage. It's just how the 'extras' page would have eventually looked had I not deleted it. Ah it was brilliant.

Jro's World homepage Seeing as I'm already on the subject, there are a couple of minor changes I've made to the website since I last wrote. The most obvious is that the order of the buttons linking to various parts of the site have been moved around. The row of 5 blue buttons at the top of the main pages no longer contains a 'Forum' button, or a 'Headlines' button. They have been moved to the side green buttons. In their place is a 'Photos' button and a 'Guestbook' button. I always want the most important part of the site to be on the blue buttons because they stand out the most. So this was the reason for this change. The buttons order has also changed, with the more important items being furthest to the left in the row of blue buttons, and higher up in the column of green buttons.

Jro's World homepage The only other, quite unnoticable change, is I've removed the slideshow option from the photo albums. I recently removed the option of search, the ability to add comments and the ability to view comments. And as such, 'view slideshow' was the only option left. It seemed a little unnecessary to have a menu for that one option, so I removed it. It didn't work especially well anyway so I doubt people would have used it too much, preferring to browse. The option is still there to bring it back if people actually want it.

Not to do with this website, but I decided to clean up my laptop of any unnecessaries so it would run faster, because recently it's been going a little slow. I deleted serveral gigabytes of crap I no longer needed. And I decided, that with the emergence of fantastic websites such as youporn and RedTube, I don't really need to keep my own porn stored, so could save countless gigabytes of space. Fuck me, have you ever tried to actually delete your porn collection? I physically couldn't do it. My hand literally couldn't click on delete. I'm literally going to be stuck with shit-loads of porn on my laptop, forever. I cannot actually do it. I'm trying to tell myself; "compromise." I'm planning on putting most of my old photos onto DVD, then deleting them from my laptop, so why not do the same with porn? But I just can't do it. I cannot physically bring myself to deleting my porn collection. I'm literally at a loss. I've never felt like this before.

A horse walks into a bar.
The barman asks, "Why the long face?"
The horse replies "Because I've got AIDS you twat."

On a more positive note, I've made a little progress towards my travelling. I've now booked my Greyhound ticket to Seattle, so all being well, everything is now in place for the Hawks beating the Redskins. Well everything apart from the fact our team is shit right now. But that's just details.

London Guile: Yahoo! fantasy football NFL league table And I hate to say I told you so, but look who's top of the fantasy NFL baby! My team, London Guile, top of the league after 7 weeks of football. And I can't see it changing. I wish bookies took bets on fantasy NFL. I'd be a millionaire!

Think about our society. What is the most fundamental of civil liberties? One of the most obvious is freedom of speech. Whatever happened to that? The definition of freedom of speech used to be the freedom to say anything. But over recent years, freedom of speech, has evolved to simply mean that you can say anything as long as it's inline with what society, and to a greater extent, govenment, deems to be acceptable. You can no longer encite racial hatred. You can't preach terrorism. I have never before, and don't ever foresee that I will want to preach either of those things, but how far can this be taken. I bring this up, because of this trial which has today been set. A man is on trial, charged under the obscene publications act, for writing a fantasy blog. Now personally, I feel freedom of speech should mean exactly that: Freedom of speech. I believe that people should have the right to express their views regardless of what they are. Previous restrictions on this I could make peace with No freedom of speech because of the consequences that preaching extremism, for example, could have, even though I was opposed to them. But this latest story, for me, oversteps the line. What danger does posting a blog such as this ultimately pose? Personally I can't see any. I can see people would be offended, but I can't see that anyone is going to choose to kidnap, rape and murder girls aloud based on reading one blog. So it really poses no threat. So why is it really being flagged? It's being flagged because it causes offense. And this is a big problem to me. In today's politically correct society, you can't even have Christmas plays in schools anymore, because they offend other stupid religions. Is it soon going to get to the point that you cannot speak without breaching some law designed because you might cause offense? The way I see it, because this blog does not pose danger, if you're going to get offended by it, then why the hell would you read it? Every fucking day I have to watch TV that bleeps out words, that to be honest 99% of people no longer care about. But because 1% of people still seem to get offended by the word fuck, or something stupid, we have to wait until after 9 O'clock to get any damn television that actually reflects the reality of society today. And so far, the Internet, the people's medium, has been able to avoid such censorship. I say the peoples medium, because unlike TV, radio etc., anyone can broadcast on the Internet. And there are still annoying regulations on the Internet. For example, I have to make sure that if I'm broadcasting my webcam live, that it does not contain any sexual content. Shouldn't be a problem, but if I left it on one night, then somehow hooked up with a girl, I would get banned from Stickam for anything untoward that was then broadcast. But in the main, the Internet has been left alone from regulation. I am watching eagerly to see how this trial pans out, therefore. Big Brother is growing and growing and CCTV, Closed circuit television camera growing. Freedom of speech is a thing of the past. Freedom to walk down the street without being on camera is too. And soon it'll be compulsory to have an ID card. All of those 3 sicken me in themself. I didn't consent to any of this crap. But the loss of the freedom to express yourself online: That's going just another step too far. We fought in World War II so we didn't have to live by Nazi law. But ever since, we are ever so slowly adopting the fundamentals of Nazi society. We are being told what we can say. We are being told what we can watch. We are being monitored 24/7. Isn't this what this country went to war to avoid. Personally I'm not planning on being around this country much longer. But is that really the way we want the country to go? Told what we can and can't do, what we can and can't say. Watched at every step.

And what is it all for ultimately? Safety, supposedly. But for one, people feel as unsafe now as they have at any time in history, what with the emergence of suicide bombers and chavs. And even if this stuff is apparently making us safer, is it better to be safe, or free. Because that is the trade-off we're making. We're sacrificing our freedom; our freedom of speech, our freedom of privacy, for safety. Personally I'd rather live in a free, unsafe society, than a safe prison. And in the end, you have to ask, what's it all for? The government is so convinced that they know the right way for us to live, that they are eroding our civil liberties to get us there. But what do they know? There's no blueprint to life. There's no one way that's proven better than any other. We don't really know why we're here in the first place, so how can we know the best way to spend our existence? They might be taking us in the wrong direction. And taking us there as quickly as possible. Like I said, 4 weeks from now, I am outta here baby. And ultimately, I don't know if I'll be living in this country again. But if it was me staying here, I don't know I'd be too happy about the way things are developing. How long will it be until it's illegal to criticise the government? How long Freedom of speech cartoon will it be until the last couple of paragraphs that I have written become reason to be charged under the obscene publication act? Because that's the way we're heading. We just have a much slower path to eradicating freedom of speech than say the Nazi's or Saddam Hussain did. We're ultimately going to end up with the same result if we carry on like this though. They just had much more efficient methods. Maybe, controlling the people, is really the only way to have a ruled society. It took 50 years for communism to show it doesn't work. And it took many years for the free-market to show it's inoperable. Maybe our time of free-society is next. Maybe, the greed that capitalism ignites in man, is what is responsible for so much crime. And maybe this increase in crime is what is leading to all these restrictions on civil liberties. And as selfish crime continues to spiral as capitalism ignites a hunger for what others have, in more and more people, then to combat this, more and more freedoms are removed, until ultimately, we live in a society that we could have saved ourselves that trouble of evolving, by just letting the Nazi's win the war.

That's just where I see we're heading. Again, as has been the case so often in recent years, freedom of speech is being challenged. It will be something of a tragedy if Darryn Walker (see the article), is convicted. If people are offended by his blog, then why are they reading it? It's on a fantasy porn site after all. If you don't like that sort of thing, then fantasy porn probably isn't the best place for you to be surfing. I think ultimately this is just about the governments goal to censor the Internet though. Because of the nature of the Internet, it hasn't been able to control Freedom of speech what people view as much as it can on TV and radio for example. But that's what they ultimately want: Total control on everything that we see, hear and read. This is just an opportunity to gain a legal grasp on Internet censorship. You can no doubt tell I'll be eagerly awaiting the outcome of this trial.

It's that time of year again when the temperatures start to drop. And every year at this time, I do something, most people seem to find kind of strange, I climatise my body. That's what I call it anyway. Rather than wrapping up warm to combat the decreasing temperatures, I dress just the same as I would all Summer. This morning I was out the door to walk to the gym at about 07:10. There was ice on the cars, and I was out in shorts and a t-shirt. And it was fine, because that is all I've really worn all year. I let my body adapt to the changing temperatures, rather than wrapping up in countless layers. Why? Because I think it's important for your body to be able to adapt to its surroundings. And being able to withstand harsher temperatures, it toughens you up. The more your body is adept to change, the better it will fare when put into an uncomfortable environment. When it has to fight a cold, for example.

Now I have absolutely zero scietific evidence to back up my claims. But what I do have, is a clean bill of health, ever since I quit smoking when I was 17. I can live in a house full of lepers and not so much as sneeze. And I attribute it to letting my body adapt to its environment, rather than pampering it. I don't wrap up warm in the cold. I never take medicines. Anything out of my comfort zone, I let my body deal with itself. Not a lot of people do that, and that's a reason I feel that people fall ill so easily. Your body is clever. It will only maintain what it needs. If you take medicine, rather than using your immune system, your immune system will weaken as a result. If you wear a thick jacket at the first sign of cold, your body won't adapt to deal with the cold. I don't know what the temperature was this morning. But there was ice on the cars. To me in a t-shirt and shorts though, it felt like any other day. People always think I do this, because I want to look tough, or something like that. The truth is, I truly belive that the body should be pushed to maintain health. And allowing your body to adapt to harsh climates, will keep you in better health. And I may not have scientific evidence to back this up. But I do boast the best health record of anyone I know. The last time I went to a doctor, I was about 10. And that was for a fucked up ankle. When I used to smoke, I got ill a bit. But what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. And coming through the other side of having to deal with smoking, my body was well equipped to deal with most things. And I haven't got so much as a cold since. Tell me I'm just trying to look tough all you want. Tell me I'm an idiot for going out in icy conditions in shorts and a t-shirt. But then tell me why I haven't had a cold in 6 years. I train my body to be able to deal with more than it is likely to be challenged to. And for that reason I attribute my unrivalled health. It's not half going to help having another Canadian Winter as well. Being climatised to the cold was a blessing when I was in Nova Scotia for the Winter 2 years ago. Bring it on baby!

Just finally, I'd like to apologise for making all these jokes at the expense of the disabled. They can't even stand up for themselves.

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