Test Entry 3

Well seeing exams are close, and I should really be working, I've decided to kill time testing this site again. Beats working. Just.

I had been really careful when designing this site, to ensure that the width of each page didn't exceed 1,024 pixels. That way it'd be compatible with computers with 1,024 x 768 monitors, without the need for a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately, I forgot that web browsers use up around 20 of those pixels to put a vertical scroll bar in. Bottom line, if you wanted to see the last couple of letters on a line within any of my web pages, then you'd need to scroll the page horizontally. Which is shit. I wouldn't look at a page that made me do that. So anyway, I've had to rearrange the site a little as a result of this. Didn't take too long because I made the site using an independent style sheet, so it just involved changing a few numbers, and those changes were applied to the whole site. Had I not made the site this way, to move all of the site buttons on each individual page wouldn've taken an age, so that was a relief. It looks a little more compressed than it did before, but I suppose if I ever want anyone with a 1,024 x 768 monitor to look at the site, then it was necessary.

The other notable change I've made to the site, is that I realised that I can make a fish swim across the page, which has made my links page a bit different. I have no idea what most of the code that I've used actaully means; I just copied it. But it does look nice. It's one of the few bits of code used on this site that I copied, rather than wrote myself, and hence one of the few bits that I don't actually understand, but it does look cool. The only problem I have however, is that for whatever reason, the image does not seem to load on Internet Explorer. I'm using Mozilla as the primary web browser to test this site, and on Mozilla it works fine. If you look at that page through Internet Explorer though, instead of a fish, or shark, swimming across the page, there's a box with a red x, and the word 'fish' swimming across the page. Being the amateur that I am, or even beginner still, regarding my knowledge of website development, I have absolutely no idea how to fix this. I'm going to leave it though. Most people use Mozilla now. And if they don't, then they should because it's clearly better.

For a start, it doesn't ask you anytime you go onto my site, whether or not you actually want the active content within the site to work. That content being little more than buttons that change with a mouse over, and a fish, or a box with the word fish, swimming across the page. But it kind of takes away from the effect, when you need to give permission for the buttons to change. On top of this, Mozilla seems so much faster.

To the point of travelling, which you'd think might be the first thing that is mentioned in a travel blog, my personal tutor is a cunt. Having waited around 40 days for my police national computer check to come through, I was thinking that I'd finally be ready to send off my Canadian visa application. Unfortunately I had not checked what else I need to apply, which was stupid on my part. However, I also need a personal reference. The criteria of the reference mean that the only person really qualified to write one, is my university personal tutor, who, from my limited contact with him in the past, is an absolute asshole. The kind of guy who is unhelpful, just because he can be. I've been trying to get this fucking reference for a couple of weeks now, and still no dice. He's an absolute pain. As long as the visa application is sent off my early June, then I should have an answer as to whether I get a visa or not, by my deadline date of July 22nd. This is the deadline I've set, because I have a phone interview with a resort in Canada, and should I get a visa, I am hoping to be working for them from around November. Working the ski lifts or something like that. I already spoke to them on the phone back in February, and judging by that conversation, I think should I get a visa, a job should be a very likely prospect. I need this fucking visa application sent off first though, and before that, I need a fucking reference from my fucking cunt of a tutor. Good times.

I must stress that getting a Canadian visa is not the certainty that it would be in most people's situations. I went over to Canada in 2005 on a student work visa. At that time, a person could have an unlimited number of student work visas providing that there is a clear 12 months between each one. Being in my final year as a student, I was planning on using another student work visa now. I would be eligible up until the end of January of 2009. Unfortunately, the cunts that are Canada, decided to change the rules since 2005, and now a person is only eligible for one student work visa in their lifetime, and one non-student work visa. It matters not that this was not the case when I went over in '05, they still deem that I have used my one student visa, so this time I am having to apply on a non-student visa. My one and only non-student visa, which hinders my options when I return from travelling, but we'll deal with that in due course. The other problem I have, is that I spent 8 months in Canada in 06/07, on a study permit. This is not classed as a work visa, however when assessing my application, under these new restrictions to entering Canada, if it is deemed that I have had enough time to view the country, then my application will be denied. So it's really up in the air. And if I'm honest, it'd fuck me up a little if the application was denied. I have a job interview, I have an intended departure date, and I have even looked at the home schedule of my beloved Seahawks, and should everything go to plan, I'd probably be able to catch a game at Qwest field versus The Eagles on the 02nd November. Beyond Canada, I have looked very little.

My very vague travel plan as it is set out in my head right now, goes something like as follows. Canada for a year. Spend a few weeks travelling the US and South America. That's if I'm allowed to enter the US after a full 12 months in North America. I think strictly the answer to that would be no, however a bit of puppy-eyes might convince immigration that I pose no treat to national security. Then hop over to New Zealand for 12 months, before Australia for 12 months. I've researched into visa here, and there is no reason there would be any problem in gaining entry into these 2. Then travel Asia for a bit. Doesn't appeal to me much though, so I wouldn't hang around. I've always wanted to travel the trans-siberian railway, so, probably from Beijing, I'd catch the train over few weeks to Moscow, before zig-zagging through Europe, picking up work where I could, back to the UK. Total travel time: about 4 years.

I have, however, only extensively researched into Canada, so should my application get denied, it would fuck up everything. It is something I have braced myself for, even if I haven't planned for it. The sooner I know though, the better. But I won't know, until I get the application sent off. And I won't get the application sent off until my attempt at a tutor writes me a fucking reference. And he's a cunt. If it's not done by this weekend, then I'll be pissed. I don't know if there's any kind of legal implications to writing my own reference. I guess it would count as fraud were I to get found out. I doubt that I would mind, so it's something that's crossing my mind should this take much longer. If I put my mobile number on there, if they called I'm sure I could pretend to be a doctor of whatever I decide to fake my reference for. We'll see. During the exam period, I really wish this dickhead would get on with it though. I have enough on.

I say that. I really don't. I've never really been one for revision. I can blag my way through any exam. I find it much more important to be in the right frame of mind. That just means no late nights, whether they be in the library or in the pub, and stay relaxed. I get that right and there's no exam I can't get through, so although if I said that this reference was interfering with my revision, it would be a lie, it is playing on my mind, and that's stopping me relaxing too well, which in turn inhibits, in my own way, my chances on this exam period. Fucking tutor.

Speaking of exams and that; "education", I'm really nearly there. Four years of uni, gone in a snap. What interests me now though, is the grade that I get. I think that anything other than 2:1 is now unlikely, however my bright fucking idea of taking Spanish could come back to haunt me, as right now, that isn't going too well. I also thought I did better in my January exams than my portal tells me. I got a 73 on one of my assignments last semester, then I seem to remember getting a 2:1 in the exam. With each of those components being worth 50% of the module, it seems strange to me that I am listed as having got 62 for the entire module. One of two things has happended here. Either, I got a 2:2 on the exam, and what I perceived to be my exam results, were actually module results. Or, there's been a mistake on the part of the uni. If I can be bothered I'll look into that. I've found out where I need to go to get that checked, but it seems a lot of hassle when in all liklihood, it's a mistake on my part. And even if it's not, will I be able to prove that? Business School

Anyway, I suppose I should get on. I put in the Business School finalists picture for no apparent reason. I'm going to be in sunny Mexico when I should be graduating, so this is about as close as I'll get. Seemingly about 5 times a day right now, I play Madden 08 on my PS2, and about 5 times a day I get pissed off with the fucking thing and come off 10 times more stressed than when I started. It's bound to pay off sometime though, so I'll try again. I've kind of run out of things to update on this website now. It's hard to consistantly update a travel website when I'm not travelling. Apart from the fact its not actually on the Internet, it's pretty much ready for travel now. If only I was as well. Fucking tutor.

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