Test Entry 2

This seems a good time to iron out any some of the problems I had when testing this blog page previously. Firstly, any stupidly observant person with no life, may have noticed that in test entry 1, the globe and jro's world moved from 20 pixels down, and 20 pixels to the right. This was due to some code in the page header that I had put in to give 20 pixels of padding on photos when adding pictures into the text. Unfortunately, however, this applied to all images on the page, so too moved the main logo 20 pixels. I have since found out that you can apply that code to individual pictures, so I have taken it out of the template header, which means that the logo appears in its correct position, and, fingers crossed, any photos I attempt to include within this page, I will be able to include 20 pixels of padding.

You may also be noticing the fancy "Back" arrow that appears underneath the main jro's world logo. I stole that off someone else's website, but I changed the size and inverted the colours, so hopefully in the unlikely event that they stumble accross one of my pages, they'll never know and don't sue me. Anyway, this fancy button takes you back to the travel blog main page without having to use the back button on your browser. Previously, you could only get taken back to the website homepage, so I'm really going up in the world. And not only this, I've got really classy and even put a "Back to travel blog" button at the bottom of the page, so you can navigate all over the world with minimum effort. Almost.

I've just spent a couple of days looking for a place to host this site, which is maybe unnecessary because I don't intent to publish the site for at least another 3 months. What is even more worrying, is that I am continuing to ramble on and on in what is only a test entry for my eventual travel blog, knowing that no one will probably ever read it. If I manage to ever get 10 people outside of my family to view this site once it's being hosted, I'll be very proud. If any of those people, including my family, are ever bored enough that they end up reading through my archive of test blog entries, then that's just weird. Yes they will've probably found out that I am slightly mental, writing all this with the assumption of no one ever reading it. However, they have no life and are reading absolute crap that can benefit them, probably none. So if you tell anyone, I'll tell them that you have no life and read people's archived test blog entries. Anyway, I was going to use godaddy hosting. However, I was reading some hosting forums, which I didn't even know existed. But there are places where people go, and I can only understand about 1 in 5 words because they all seem to speak in some computer geek code, which is more complicated than fucking Spanish, which I'm having enough trouble learning as it is, and from what I can tell, godaddy are shit hosts. I registered the "jrosworld.com" domain with them, so I thought to keep things simple, I may as well have them host the site as well. How hard can it be? I've written a site in a language that even I can understand, and I don't really expect many visitors, does it matter who I get to host it? Well, apparently, yes. Anyway, after 2 days of trawling through these fucking geek forums, I've settled with InMotion Hosting. People seemed to have nice things to say about them in their special language.

So anyway, when I finally get around to hosting this site (I started teaching myself HTML back in December for fucks sake. Now it's April.), it will probably be with them. Anyway, I'm kind of running out of crap to ramble on about, which is a shame. I've only written so much because I have an assignment due pretty soon and I fucking hate assignments, so if I'm doing something "useful" like working on my website, then that seems a good enough excuse to blow off uni work. At least I'm not sitting in the pub. It's about time I put some photos into this entry anyway to be sure that they work. I built the "Before I left" page a couple of weeks back, which is where I found that I can add padding to each photo individually, so hopefully it'll work here. Actually, looking back at the code, it seems to be called a "margin". Whatever the fuck it's called though, it does the job so fuck it, here goes. Hot Girl

It seems to be working. Which is nice. I must give credit to Ashleigh Dexter for this photo. Or to Facebook, I don't know who actually owns the damn photo once I get it off of Facebook. Anyway, it's apparently "illegal" to take content from other peoples website without permissions. Though everything seems to be fucking illegal nowadays. Anyway, even though in all likelihood, neither Ashleigh, Fackebook, nor anyone else for that matter will acutally read this page, if I credit them with the photo, maybe this will be enough to prevent them from sueing me for theft. What a shit world we live in.

Onto this photo anyway, this is one weird fucking night for me. My memory doesn't work as well as it used to once I have a few drinks. A combination of alcohol abuse, cannabis abuse when I was younger and banging my head on things, mainly playing American football, but I guess just in general, has meant that whenever I drink copious amounts, I never seem to remember anything. This is normal. But I would always know I'd been out the night before for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I would wake up with a banging hangover. Secondly, I would have occasional flashes of memory. Nothing to tell me the story of the night before, but at least an image so I'd know I'd been out. And thirdly, there'd be a million drunken pictures of me on Facebook by the time I get out of bed. I woke up on the Thursday morning after this night out, with absolutely zero memories. I remember starting drinking in someones house. I drunk copious amounts of spirits in one go, and that's the last I remember. I don't remember getting to the first pub, and I don't remember being in the club. The next morning, there were no photos of me on Facebook. I have now found a few, but nearly a week has passed since this night. But weirdest of all, I woke up with no hangover. I could've got out of bed as soon as I woke and gone on a 5 mile run. There was literally no ill affects of drinking all of that alcohol. It was literally like that night never happened. I have obviously subsequently found some photos on Facebook, but for a couple of days, it was like I had never even gone out. No memories. No photos. No hangover. It was a fucking trippy feeling. Like god literally came down from space and took that night out of my head. And in the photos I have now found, I am in the club still at 2am. My memory goes at about 7. I never thought I'd miss the hangover, but it's even fucking worse to have nothing. At least with a hangover I know the night actually happened. It's a fucking trippy feeling.

Anyway, what do you think of the picture? Unfortunately this is the most sobre photo I've found of this night, and, if you click on it, an enlarged version will open up in a new window. Damn I'm getting good at this.

Speaking of getting hit on the head by stuff, the AU tour was a couple of weeks back. And what an awesome week. Except I was in a club and a speaker fell on my head. Which I didn't mind too bad, but I was dressed as a ballerina at the time, then had to have a bandage on my head for the rest of the night. Concussed Ballerina

What do you think anyway? I think the bald, concussed and drunk ballerina thing might catch on. We'll see. You want a good way to induce memory loss, drink a fishbowl, then drop a speaker on your head. You won't remember a thing, and you'll have a banging headache the next day so you know you've been out

Right, I think I've written enough crap now. The photos seem to working fine, which is great because the little globe at the top hasn't moved at all. And the little back arrow seems to be doing a good job, so that's everything I wanted to get tested. Why I had to ramble on for 10 paragraphs, I'm not sure. I do that sometimes. I guess it's because as soon as I'm done here, I have to get on with my assignment. Which I really don't want to do. Fuck it. I'm sure I'll find some way to distract myself some more. I'm out.

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