Test Entry 1

This is a test entry. In it I shall be waffling on about all sorts of crap which is of no interest to anyone, however to test the html that I have used to build this page properly, I need an amount of text significant enough to more than fill this screen. Therefore, I shall be writing absolute bollocks for the next few paragraphs. You are advised not to read it because it will be of no benefit for you in your life in any way, shape or form. I shall also be placing photographs of random crap within this page to test the viability of doing so. If I get really adventurous, I may even place in a video of something. Hmmmm, now what would be a good video to put in?

It was once said that man is least himself when he talks in his own person. But give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. This is a bold and noble statement. Though why waste money on a mask? Give a man a beer and he'll tell you anything you need to know. And probably sing you a song.

I just happened to stumble across a video of a bear sitting on my computer. So I'm going to attempt to incorporate the video of this bear on this webpage, so click here to see a video of a bear.

Wow. The link actually works. I'm so surprised that the link actually works, that I'm gonna get cocky and try to integrate the video into this text on this page. It probably won't work, but here goes...

Well... It doesn't work. Which is shit. Especially because I spent well over an hour staring at the code trying to figure out what was wrong. If anyone reading this can see what's wrong, it'd be great if you'd let me know.

However, when working through the teach yourself html book that I was using, I did manage to successfully embed a video into a webpage. In Internet Explorer anyway. Firefox still wants to be a cunt & not play it. That was a video of Eli Manning scoring a touchdown when the Giants played at Wembley last October, so I'm going to copy and paste the code from that html document, making any necessary adjustments to fit onto this webpage, and maybe that will work. This video is an avi. video as opposed to a wmv. video that the bear was on. Maybe this one will work...

Once again it has not worked. And once again I have no idea why. Back to the drawing board on this one I think. At least I have been able to make the link to a video work. For my next trick, I am going to try and place that link here so that it opens up the video in a new browser tab. That way, when you click on the link, this page should also remain open, leading to easy navigation back here once the video ends, eg. by closing the tab with the video in. Admittedly, all you'd have to do otherwise is press the 'back' button in the browser, but some people aren't that clever. Anyway, here goes... To see the bear video in a new window, click here.

Well at least that works. I think that might be the best way of doing things anyway. It should mean that pages load quicker, and that the videos are available to a wider audience. Might not make the page as pretty as having the content embedded within it mind, so I'd still like to know why those videos didn't work. So if you're reading this, which I'd be very surprised about seeing as at the top of the page I advised no one to read it due to the fact I am not going to write anything remotely entertaining, and you know why those embedded videos are not working, it'd be greatly appreciated if you could let me know. And, testing the video within Internet Explorer (as opposed to using Mozilla like I ususally use), then instead of opening the video in a new tab, it opens up an entirely new window, which it leaves blank, then plays the video in Media Player. That's something that I'll have to look at. As things stand now, though, it works perfectly in Mozilla Firefox. Which is a start.

Lastly on videos, for anyone reading this who really wants to see the low quality, shaky & poorly filmed Eli Manning touchdown run from the game at Wembley, here it is. Opening in a new window of course: Eli Manning touchdown run from Wembley, 28th October 2007.

Well as it turns out, with this type of file, it appears only able to be played in Mediaplayer, rather than within a new tab. Even with Firefox. Which is confusing the fuck out of these web browsers. They're being told to open a new tab to play content that can only be played in Mediaplayer so they're opening Mediaplayer as well. Anyway, to save all this confusion, I took the 'open in new window' code out of the link. So hopefully, clicking on that link now, and the file will open straight away with mediaplayer. Hopefully.

Anyway, enough about videos. Let's move on to photos. "Ooooohh".

Ok. So I'm going to insert some pictures into this page now. And hopefully I will be able to align them as I wish, and have the text work around the images as I prefer. toilet Now I'm hoping that the image will sit on the left hand side of the paragraph space, whilst the text continues on the right. Unfortunately at first glance, this did happen, however, the links and the horizontal rule from the bottom of the page also came and went to the side of the image. To try and counteract this I am now writing aload of pointless text to see if the image will stay in place and this text will push the links and the horizontal rule back down again.

It seems to be working. However I still need more text for it to go all the way down. I am also a little unsure if the code I've used to position this photograph will affect all other photographs that I contain within this div. on this page. Because that would be a pain.

Well it has worked. That is something positive. However there are still some kinks I need to figure out how to iron out. I have just slapped some CSS code bang in the middle of this page, and I think that it'll affect every image now placed within this div. Which is a cunt. There must be a different way of doing things. Back to the drawing board.

After a little more playing around, I'm a little more satisfied with this way of doing things. I have added 20 pixels of padding to the image so it stays well clear of the div. border and the surrounding text. I am thinking that a way of arranging things more to my liking would be to use tables. I used this for the hostel guide page, and it looks how I intended it to do so. However that way of arranging elements was also quite time consuming: Each image would have to be place manually, where as using this method, things will be much quicker, except that I in each blog entry, all images would have to be on either the left, or on the right. However, I could switch things over between entries so that they did not become too monogomous. I'll have to think about it. Though, when I'm travelling, it will be time-consuming enough trying to frequently update this site. It is probably worth sacrificing a little in presentation, to gain a lot in time.

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