I really have nothing to say. 2.

Page 1 Man, so I only got around to posting my last blog entry, last night. Even though I finished writing it 2 days ago. In the time since I wrote that entry, do you know what's happened in my life? Absolutely nothing. So I really have no content, & no basis to be writing a blog. However, for reasons I'll get into in a bit, I've ended up on the Toby chair again today. And it's quiet. Really quiet. I've been up the top for less than an hour now. But on multiple occasions already, from my vantage point up here, I've been able to see that there's no one on the lift. I've done about all I can do to the unload ramp up here, to get it in good shape. So I'm really just writing now, so that I'm doing something that isn't counting the chairs going past my window. I still have over 3 hours left, so it really is just to keep me sane. I have nothing really to say. No direction I want this blog to take. So I'll just be putting into text, whatever the hell it is that my brain comes up with. It probably won't be worth reading though. So unless your life has no purpose right now, you might be best advised to go & stick needles in your eye or something. Just warning you. It'll probably be shit.

So first off, how did I end up on the Toby? I was scheduled to be working the Magic Carpet today. That's this conveyor belt type lift that we have for beginner skiers/snowboarders. They just stand on this slow moving travelator to get to the top of this little bunny hill. It's a really doss shift to work (not that the Toby isn't). And it was at the Magic Carpet where I started the day. I did the only hard part of that shift, which is removing the snow covers. I watched the lift for about 45 minutes, before I got sent on my first ride-break of the day.

On this break, just as I was getting towards the top of the Mile 1 chair, I hear a call on the radio: "Rabbit to Candice.": Rabbit is the supervisor today. And Candi is my crew chief on the Magic Carpet. But right as there's a response, I'm going through the unload station of the Mile 1, where there's way too much mechanics to hear what's being said on the radio.

I think nothing of it. 30 seconds later though, when I'm back down the bottom back at the Magic Carpet, Candice has the pleasure of informing me that I've been moved to the Toby chair. Apparently Laura has a sore shoulder & isn't able to bump chairs. That's where you physically slow down a chair as a guest boards the lift. Because being the aged lift that the Toby chair is, it's a fixed-grip lift. Meaning that chairs do not detach from the main cable as they get into the load/unload stations. And this then means that they don't slow for loading/unloading of the chair. So you instead have to do it by pulling the chair backwards. Well apparently Laura's shoulder was too sore for some reason, for her to be able to do this. So I very begrudgingly got moved.

This was only my second ever shift on the carpet. And it's quite a lot of fun. So I was pretty pissed that I was being made to move.

[We just suddenly got really busy. And Rabbit just went by, so I really should have been outside rather than sat in here writing a blog & filming this video of a busy Toby chair. Ah well! Judging by my review, I'm way too over-valued anyway.]

Man that really was a busy run. So busy in fact, that I had to stop writing for a while. I've only got just over an hour left now.

Anyway. So where was I with the whole why I'm on the Toby story?

Page 2 I ski down to the bottom of the Toby chair. Bud, the crew chief for this lift is outside bumping chairs. I head into the bottom shack to change up my boots, & get ready to work on this chair. And Laura's in there. It's obvious from the second I see her that she's been crying. So I do what it is that I always do in this situation. I pretend I don't notice. I'm not a sensitive cunt afterall. What the fuck do I know about crying? I haven't shed a tear for 13 years now. And if I never cry, do you think that I'm going to be all nice & sympathetic, just because someone else is? Get fucked. Go & cry near someone who fucking cares.

After about 30 seconds though, it gets to the point it's so obvious she's crying, that I just can't ignore it anymore. I mean what the fuck does she want me to say? I don't do emotion. I don't do sympathy. Take this shit somewhere else for fucks sake. "Are you ok? What's wrong?" I begrudgingly say. Then she starts giving me all this bullshit about trying her best, and how she can't take it anymore & wants to get out of this fucking place. And how she's going to go & talk to Rabbit now & quit. Fucking go then. As long as you aren't crying near me, I don't fucking care. I do my beligerant best to pretend that I care, until she leaves & starts crying somewhere else.

So I go outside to relieve Bud. And he had no idea Laura was even upset about anything. He has quite a dry tone. And I guess without any malous intention, his tone when Laura got swapped with me over to the carpet, was the straw that broke the camels back & set off the water-works.

Whatever the fucking reason, it put me in a shit mood for the morning. I'd got moved from a relaxing, quiet, beginners lift. To what at the time was an uncharacteristically busy Toby chair. Mainly because there were hundreds of racers practicing on the Toby runs. And the racers are cunts. All of them. Every person who works the mountain, from management down to Page 3 dishwashers, hates the fucking racers. They're all arrogant, spoilt, bastards. And I had to spend the rest of the morning bumping chairs for these pricks. So I wasn't too happy it's fair to say.

It goes without saying that Laura's a mite over-emotional. And having spoken to a couple of people today, the poor girl's all stressed & feeling dejected. She was essentially the reason that Kirsty & Kat moved out of their house. And apparently Erin & Nicole, a couple of the other lifty's, have been bitching about her behind her back. Some fucking school-yard bullshit. How fucking old are we for fucks sake? But I think it's becoming pretty apparent that she's not thick-skinned enough to deal with all of this. I feel bad for her in a way. But that's the story of why I'm working the Toby today. I told you it wouldn't be worth reading.

I'm not really sure where the story goes from here. The last I heard, Laura now isn't quitting. But if she's this fucking emotional, she's not going to last very long at this, or any other job for that matter. Probably on her fucking period or something.

Wow, it turned out I could think of something to write. I've got so many thoughts backed up now, I almost wish that my shift wasn't ending in 10 minutes. I could write for hours more. But it is. So I'm going to stop now so I don't have to stop mid-flow (speaking of periods). Maybe I'll write some more once I've typed this up. Make it another hybrid blog. Who knows?

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