My life had got so exiting here in Invermere, that I had 2 solitary aims when I got up yesterday. The first was to get a little while online, because I had a bit of stuff to do, that I needed Internet for. And the other was to get a Sirloin Uncle burger at A&W, because they're constantly playing an advert for it on TV here. And it looks really, really good. That was literally what I had to keep me entertained yesterday. I'm sure you can tell it was an enthralling day.

I decide to head to Gerry's for Internet. That was the place I went to a day or 2 earlier. The place with wireless that got recommended to me by the library. And I didn't want to buy a full meal here, just to use the Internet. Because for fucks sake. It's costing me $10 everytime I want to go online doing things this way. But at the same time, I thought it might be a bit cheap to just buy a coke and sit there for an hour. So I needed a nice middle-ground product.

Only once in my life, have I ever drunk hot coffee. I was about 15 probably, made an instant coffee, decided it tasted like absolute piss, and the closest thing I've come to drinking a mug of coffee since, is I've maybe had 3 frozen coffees since that time. The most recent being on the bus going to Seattle in fact. And everyone always tells me, that instant coffee isn't the same. If you get proper coffee, it's really nice. And it is because the only coffee I've ever drunk was instant coffee, that is why I don't like it. So needing a cheaper alternative to buying food, I decide: Fuck it! Billions and billions of cups of coffee get drunk in the world everyday. So maybe... just maybe there's an absolutely remote, miniscule possibility, that in fact, I'm the one who's wrong, and the other 5,999,999,999 people in the world, are right. It sounds far-fetched I know. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. So just maybe there was a possibility that everyone else is right, so I order a cappuccino. I figured that was a safe bet. After all I've heard of it. And I know it has a lot of milk and froth, so there can't be too much coffee in there.

I didn't want to look like a nob who didn't know how a coffee worked when it got delivered, and start examining it. So I was like "Yes. Very nice looking cappuccino," in a stupid voice so it didn't look like I've never really drunk coffee before. It was all pretty on top, so I really wasn't sure how I was supposed to work the bag of sugar that got delivered with it. If I poured it into the mug, it'd ruin the nice pattern on top. And then how the hell am I supposed to stir it? Surely that'll just fuck up everything. But I had to get the sugar in there somehow. Sugar makes everything taste better, that's just science. So if I was going to put myself through this, I had to get the sugar in there somehow. So I just kind of poured it in the middle. And it just sat on top of the foam. And I was looking at it thinking, "Man... this doesn't look right. I think I've done the coffee wrong somehow." So I had to kind of press it down with the spoon. Fucked up the pretty design good and proper. And I still don't know now, if that is how you're supposed to work a coffee or not.

Anyway, I suppose I have to drink the damn thing. I didn't really want to. I just wanted the Internet, but I guess ordering a coffee and just leaving it would look pretty strange. Plus if I'd done a good enough job of actually looking like I knew what I was doing with this coffee, the coffee-maker might think I'm an experienced coffee drinker and I didn't like their coffee. Then they'd go getting all offended, and one thing leads to another, and I get kicked out of Canada. I'm telling you. That's how things happen. Everything just snowballs. You might not think that just not drinking a coffee would have any real consequence, but a year from now, that could have come back to haunt me! Like, for example, when I was in Halifax 2 years ago, I decided one day to walk and get a Subway. My local Subway was rubbish, so I would always walk to the one 15 minutes away. It was on this walk, that I ran into an Aussie guy I vaguely knew, but not very well, who was leaving Halifax soon. I'm not sure we were even close enough that we had each others numbers, but he just said to me, "I'm having a couple of leaving drinks at some bar tomorrow. Come down." So tomorrow comes. And it's pissing with rain. And I actually decide, fuck-it, I'm not going to bother. I don't want to get wet. But after a lot of deliberation, I end up going. It turned out to be a really good night. And if you've read my Mexico blogs, then you may know who I'm talking about here, but this was the first night that I ever met Erin, Jono or Janice. And although I'd met the other guys who were there before, we weren't that close. And it was this night, that I really became good friends with Sean and Sergio as well. And I saw all these 5 people pretty much everday of that second semester since then. So it really changed the whole path that my second semester in Halifax took. And this was the reason that I went to Mexico. And this Aussie that I met on the way to Subway, was the one who gave me the contact email for the person I got in touch with in Panorama, which is the whole reason that I am here in Invermere. So what I'm trying to say, is that if I hadn't decided to go for that Subway nearly 2 years ago now, my whole 2nd semester in Halifax would have been different. And I wouldn't have ever been to Mexico. And I wouldn't be in Invermere now. And I would probably be a completely different person. All because I went for this Subway. I mean just imagine; if the manager at my local Subway in Halifax was actually good, I would have gone to that Subway instead. And I would have never bumped into the Aussie, and my whole life would have been different. Everything just snowballs. I'm not sure why all that is really relevant to coffee. I think that point I was trying to make, is that the little decisions in life, like deciding whether or not to get a Subway for lunch, and whether or not to get it at the local shop or the one in town, can ultimately have a huge, huge impact on your life, even if you don't know it. And I guess that this is all linked to the whole coffee story... somehow. If I hadn't drunk the coffee, maybe I'd offend someone, who'd go and kill themself, and I'd get run out of town, and my whole life would change. The bottom-line, I had to drink the coffee. Another more prominent reason, and one that I probably should have used instead, because it's much shorter to say, is that I'd paid for the coffee. And I'm a tight-cunt. So I was going to drink it regardless, just because I'd paid for it.

Anyway, I have to drink this thing. And you know how I said, that there was an absolute, remote possiblity that I could be wrong about something, and everyone else it right? Well I was fucking right! Coffee is absolutely fucking disgusting. I would rather drink my own urine than have to drink that piss again. It tasted like how I'd image dog-shit would taste if you put it in a blender with steak 7-days past it's expiration. Seriously, why do people drink that piss every fucking day. It's horrible. Fuck me. There really are just 5,999,999,999 idiots in the world. I'm sorry to call every other person in the world an idiot, but that stuff is fucking horrible. It's about 8 years since I last tried hot coffee. And I think you can expect it to be even longer before I put myself through that for a third time.

Although you wouldn't know it, the whole reason I was in this place, wasn't to torture myself. It was to get some useful crap done online. I wanted to get started claiming back the fare for the flight I booked from Fort Lauderdale to Guatemala City, which allowed me to get my Canadian visa. Turns out you can only do that by phone, but I have all the information that I need now. And I also wanted to email one of my managers back a questionairre that he sent out to everybody. And I think I might live to regret this questionairre. I was in a funny mood when I filled it out. And it was hard to tell if it was a serious questionairre or not. And in this situation, dealing with a person whom you've never met before, who will be your boss for the next 4 or 5 months, common-sense just says play it safe. Don't put any stupid answers that you'll live to regret. So why the hell did I not do that? I was just in a stupid mood. Like, one of the questions was: If my supervisor/manager would ......... I will enjoy my time here at Panorama. So I couldn't just say something like 'be fair', or 'be a nice person.' I put: If my supervisor/manager would let me have the day off for the superbowl I will enjoy my time here at Panorama. I haven't even started work yet and I'm already demanding days off. My favourite free time activity is... Just say skiing here. You'll be working on a mountain. If you say skiing, you can't go wrong. What did I put? My favourite free time activity is eating Subway. Yeah. That's going to go down really well. 2 questions later; My hobbies are: Gyming, hiking running, skiing, drinking, playing football (both kinds), eating Subway. I actually said eating Subway in the answer to 2 questions. And you think that sounds bad? My favourite evening entertainment is: Watching the NFL at the pub. Then eating Subway. But I wasn't even done there, that's how much of a fucked up mood I was in when I did this. If my friend/spouse and I have a day to spend together, we like to: Have a few drinks, play some pool, go clubbing. I'll beat them at Madden. Eat my height in Subway. That's right. 4 times on this questionairre, the answer I gave involved eating Subway. Which is truthful, if nothing else. But fuck me, I don't make a good first impression. A couple of the other genius answers I came up with were:

All I can say, is fuck I hope this guy has a good sense of humour. What the fuck was I thinking? I sure know how to make a great impression on my new boss.

Anyway, once I was done torturing myself with coffee, I figure, why not kill 2 birds with one stone, and just carry on to A&W. Get all of my daily chores done in one trip. So I leave Gerry's. And I walk through downtown, and I'm getting to the top of the hill opposite Sobeys. And I glance down a road as I'm about to cross it. And then just suddenly freeze. My jaw just drops open. You know, if I died today, I would have one regret in my life. And that regret, is that I didn't have just one more year to play Sharks football. To play a 4th season with my old university American football team. That would literally be the one regret that I would die with. And as I looked down this street... it was like finding Jesus. There was a football pitch there. A real, proper football pitch. With posts. And there was even stands that could probably fit about 100 spectators. It was like the most amazing sight that I'd seen in all my travelling. I wondered down onto the pitch, almost awe-struck. There was nobody else there, but it was Columbia Valley Bighorns football pitch almost like I was watching a game in my head. My one regret about my travelling, is that it's at the sacrifice of not being able to play football whilst my body is young and fit enough to still compete. And yet, here I was stood, on a football pitch, not 1 mile from where I will be living for the next 5 months. I don't even know who this football pitch belongs to. It might just be school-kids or something. But man, all of a sudden my mind was racing. It had suddenly become a possibility that I could play football whilst I'm in Invermere. And if not, at least get to some games. And to this point, I still don't know what level of football plays on that pitch. But if it's adult level. And if I'm eligible to play... All I can say, is I will make any sacrifice necessary to get on that team. A Winter of skiing and football. That's a damn dream.

Though being realistic, it'll get so cold here, it's probably only used in the Summer. But damn. All of a sudden, I had hope. The Columbia Valley Bighorns. I can see myself as a bighorn! I was so excited by this, that despite being only 5 minutes away from A&W, I walked all the way home to pick up my camera, to come back and take some pictures of this pitch. Probably a 30-minute round trip. But that's how excited I was to have found a football pitch. It was the last thing that I ever expected to find up here. Damn I want to play football.

I think I've only ever been to A&W once in my life. Possibly twice, when I was here in 2005. Damn though. That is some good quality fast-food. Certainly shows McDonalds a thing or 2. But the one thing that amazed me about this place: I ordered a coke with my meal. And you know what I got? A glass of coke. No, an actual glass of coke. Made of glass. There were no cardboard cups of anything like that. They served you coke on a proper thick glassed mug. The kind of Columbia Valley Bighorns football club thing you'd expect to get served a beer in, in a pub in England, maybe 30 years ago. Like what pirates would drink out of. A proper glass mug. At a fast-food place! This was one classy restaurant. I think it's almost certain I'll be back there by the end of the Winter. I had my camera on my by now. And I was so impressed with this mug, that I was going to take it out a take a photo. But I think that might have made me look a little strange to the people who were in here.

I obviously had my camera on me by now though, such was the excitement of finding football. So on the walk home, I took a few more snaps of Invermere that I'll put throughout the rest of this blog.

One problem that I now had, was that I had already done everything that I had to do for the day. My 2 tasks were to get Internet, and to get an A&W burger. And I'd done them. So once I got back, I had absolutely fuck-all to do. I tried watching TV. But TV here is shit. Apart from the sport, TV here is absolutely diabolical. Even though there are about 50 terrestrial channels, they're all rubbish. I can't even watch the news channels here because the coverage is so bad. They seem to play BBC World News once or twice a day, so if I happen to be here for that, then without Internet, that is how I'm keeping up with the world. Canadian news broadcasting is really of the lowest order. So I couldn't even watch TV. I was preferring to sit there with the TV off. And I have no Internet, so what the hell do I do? I was thinking of writing another blog. But I'd got up late that day, gone to a cafe, walked to A&W for lunch, and here I was. It hardly makes for enthralling reading. Though to be fair, that is all I've taken up this blog with so far. But it doesn't mean it's any good. It just means that I'm talking about pointless shit, way, way too much. So with literally fuck all to do, I just went to sleep. Not because I was tired or actually wanted to sleep. But I was just bored. I just slept through boredom. I wasn't feeling 100% still, so going out walking somewhere was a little out of the question. And I'd got up quite late in the morning, so darkness probably wasn't too far off, if it wasn't here already, so just to keep myself entertained, I went to sleep. Good times eh.

Windermere Lake, Invermere When I wake up a couple of hours later, it's more TV time. I'm kind of sitting here hoping that I get a text from Kirsty, but not expecting. And seeing as I was so bored, I'd actually worked out percentages that she would text me, if I hadn't heard anything by certain times. If nothing by 7, I think there was a 70% chance she wouldn't text me. If nothing by 8, I think I said 85% chance I wouldn't hear anything. And if nothing by 9, I was thinking a 95% chance I wouldn't be going out tonight. And I wasn't going to chase after her. Contrary to what I might have said about being really, really, bored, I'm fairly content with my own company. Content enough anyway, that I won't chase after someone if they haven't got in touch. But as 9 approached, I'm thinking fuck-it. May as well cook a steak. It's going to go bad soon. And here's an idea. Why not have it with rice? Well I had no measuring equipment for the rice, so I guessed. And I guess I didn't do too well, because I had literally, a mountain of rice. The steak was coming off the side of the large plate because it was all taken up with poorly cooked rice. And I'm pretty sure I fucked up the pan that I cooked the rice in, good and proper. I bought a metal-scourer and some washing-up liquid today to try and fix it up. But I sure did screw-up cooking rice pretty well. That's probably $10 of my damage deposit gone. Though if I just throw the pan away, who's going to know?

Then there was the steak. This I can cook fine, but I have a habit, as do most people I guess, of producing a lot of smoke when I cook a steak. And when I cooked one a day or 2 earlier, this loud alarm starts ringing. And fuck, I guess we have a smoke alarm in this condo. So I took the battery out, opened up the front door, and it was all good. So this time around, I'm being clever. So I decide to pre-empt the smoke alarm. So I take out the battery before I start cooking. Fuck on that smoke alarm. And away I go. Have you ever seen that episode of Friends where Phoebe can't get the smoke alarm to stop, despite it being in 100 different pieces. Well this was a bit like that. I'm happily cooking my steak, making a shit-load of smoke as normal. And all of a sudden, despite being battery-less, this damn alarm starts sounding. And honest to Christ, I have no idea how it was doing it. I'd taken away it's battery. That's like taking out a persons heart. You wouldn't expect them to start chasing you down the street. So how the hell was this damn smoke alarm pissing me off, when it didn't even have a damn battery in? To this point I have absolutely no clue. But it managed it somehow. This is one strange country!

Invermere Anyway, I'm just setting down to eat my very rare-steak, because the damn smoke alarm wouldn't let me cook it anymore, and my mountain of rice, and now I get a text from Kirsty. "We're down the pub. Come on down..." Something like that. I don't know if you've ever eaten a mountain of undercooked rice. Well it takes a while. So I couldn't even get to the pub for half-an-hour or so, but eventually I head out.

I had absolutely no idea who we was. As in we're down the pub. And I wasn't even sure that I'd recognise Kirsty, seeing as I'd only ever seen photos of her on Facebook, so I was a little apprehensive walking into the pub. But as I go in, I see her sat at a big table with a couple of other people. I recognise her straight away. And the 2 other people she's sat at the table with, Chris and Katherine I've spoken to on Facebook as well. So it was a bit weird going into a pub for the first time having never met anyone, but recognising all their faces. The main problem I have though, is that I've spoken to so many people coming to Invermere over the past couple of months, that I don't really remember one from the other. And Chris, was Chris, as in the Chris that I was speaking to a lot on MSN. The guy who I said that when I was a little down about how everything was going, I spoke to for a couple of hours, and it kind of made me think a lot more positively about the whole Panorama experience. It was that Chris. But I was on the assumption that he wasn't arriving until December 1st, so I was assuming this was a different Chris. So I don't think it went down well that I had to kind of ask him questions about who he was, when I think he knew who I was straight from the get-go. Once I'd realised it was that Chris, I knew who he was straight away. But I think I offended him a little by maybe not being happier to see him, or knowing who he was earlier. Not a good start. There were other people hanging around as well. And this was really weird, in that even people I hadn't ever spoken to online, I still recognised many of their faces from the Facebook group. It was just kind of strange being there like that. Knowing faces and knowing names, but having never met anyone.

Invermere There was another guy there, Jay, who I'd never spoken to, but knew his name. I was pretty much sat there chatting to him at Katherine for the duration of when I was there. I guess in my head I knew it was quite late. But maybe seeing as I'd only just woken up, it didn't feel too late to me. But people started to leave at about 11:30, until it was just me, Jay and Katherine left. Plus the bar-staff and servers of course. You know I think it's just an Invermere thing that all the sales people here are on first names terms with all the customers. Because when I came in, one of the servers, who really knew everyone else already, comes over and shakes my hand and introduces herself. I didn't realise that she was a server at first. So when, having just met her, she asks me what I want to drink, I'm thinking Damn! The people here are friendly! But then she started offering people drinks on other tables, and the ball-dropped. And the other server-girl came over and shook my hand a little later as well. I guess it's just how people are here. Maybe me and Devyn aren't going to live happily ever after, afterall.

But it was just me, Jay and Kathrine left. And then she decides to leave. I want to stay a bit, so Jay walks her home, comes back, and it's just me and him. Which was cool. I didn't know him before, but I'm pretty open to meeting people. I was just thinking another drink or 2, then home. But then some more people appear. A couple of guys, and another girl. And somehow we end up playing pool. And then somehow, we end up all going to Bud's nightclub across the street, with both the server girls. Both still in their aprons and everything.

This club was literally across the street from the pub. And the pub had been pretty dead all night, so I was thinking, what the fuck will it be like inside here? It's going to be like a school disco or something. Wrong! This was one of the most fucked up places I'd ever been. This is Invermere. This quiet little mountain town. Where everyone knows everyone. So I walk into this club. And all of a sudden, it's like being in a damn hip-hop club in New York or something. Considering the size of the town, it's a pretty big place. And it's pretty full. But what shocked me, was that it was just full, or roided-up wannabe gangsta's. It was literally like being in Brooklyn New York or something. Every guy in there has stupid hip-hop clothing on. Like baseball caps on at stupid angles and stuff like this. It was fucked up. The last thing I expected. Where the hell did all these people come from? It's not like it's a small town. You'd think I'd notice if there was gang warfare taking place. And I have to know, how the hell did the hip-hop culture even get here? It's a town of old mountain folk. Where do they all go at the end of the night? Back to the Invermere Ghetto for fucks sake. This was damn strange. And they were all hip-hop'd up, mostly all on steroids by the look of them as well, and the DJ was playing cheese music. This was one fucked up place. And it can't have been 5 minutes that we were in here, and pretty much a full-on brawl kicked off. I couldn't even tell if there was any security there. If there was, they were dressed all Gangsta with stupid hats as well. But this fight kicked off, which literally just escalated into a full-on steroid-monkey, gangsta brawl. It was literally the last thing I expected in this town. I really want to know where all these people are in the day-time as well. Because I haven't seen one person dressed like an idiot like that out on the street here yet. Yet there were hundreds in this club. Where the hell do they all go in the daytime? It was absolutely fucked up. Apparently the brawl was a rarity, but it's the same clientel that you'd expect there. I have no idea how a quiet little mountain town could breed this whole hip-hop youth culture though. It just bemuses me. This is one strange place.

Buds Nightclub Invermere Things calmed down after that. And we dance for a bit. Did a few shots. But what really shocked me, was one of the guys who we were with, and had been playing pool with back in the bar, jumped on the stage, and went to the DJ booth. No offence to the guy, but with his beard, glasses and dress, he's the kind of person you'd expect to be smoking weed in a hostel somewhere, playing a guitar. He was very like Jay in that respect, who had been travelling for a year and a half. And looked like it as well. But this guy goes over to the DJ booth, and requests a song. And no sooner has he requested it, but that "Ante-up. Get that fool..." song starts playing. And this hippy-like person has the stage to himself, and starts dancing, in front of everyone, to damn hip-hop gangsta music. And not only that, Jay, who was doing some weird fucking dancing on the dance-floor before, jumps on the stage with him. So you have Buds Nightclub Invermere these 2 guys, who, no offence to them, but from just looking, I'd have placed them living on a commune with a hippy girlfriend who never washes, hugging-trees. That kind of thing. Yet here we are, in the club in Invermere, the 2 of them with the stage to themselves in front of a shit-load of wannabe gangsta steroid monkeys wearing hats at weird angles for some reason, dancing to some fucking gangsta hip-hop. It was a sight to behold. This is one fucked up town. I'll tell you that for nothing. It got to about 2, and I just wasn't really drunk. I'd had about 9 drinks by now, but it was all spread over about 4 hours, and that really isn't enough to have any impact on me. Even if it has been 4 months without alcohol. And although it'd been fun, I still kind of felt a little bit of an outsider. Afterall, I could actually only name one of the people I was with. So I decided to call it a night right there. I'd spent somewhere in the region of $80. And I wasn't even drunk yet. Like-fuck I'm carrying on spending at this rate. One of the reasons that I didn't drink all Summer, was health. The other, was money. And this is why. $80 spent, and I wasn't even drunk yet. I turned down the opportunities of accomodation in Invermere, because it was $75 per month more than I am paying at my place. Yet I'd just blown $80 here. That's a return bus to Calgary for fucks sake. I cannot afford to just throw money away like that. I'm not saying that I won't be going out again. But I think it'll be the culture that it was for the latter part of my uni life, of just getting trashed at home before you go out. I think there's even a place here selling home-brew kits. That might be a way to save a bit. But $80 and I wasn't even drunk. After taxes, that'll probably be more than 10 hours work to me. What an absolute waste. And I didn't even have an especially good time. It was an eye-opener though, I'll say that. This is a strange damn place.

Now I'd actually got out and met people, I was pretty content. I'm not actually too fussed about going out again for a while now. I don't enjoy getting drunk like I used to, hence why I say it'll only be a matter of time, before my detoxing becomes a permanent thing. And going out costs money, which I don't like to spend. So as stupid as it may sound, if all I end up doing is sitting in front of the TV, it'll be a pretty good night for me. I just really want the skiing to start. That's why I'm here. I guess maybe I'm looking for an alternative activity to do, than get wasted. Because that really has been my main recreational activity throughout the past few years. And I don't even remember it. I think I'm just getting old. I'd rather sit in my armchair watching TV, than to go to the pub. Am I supposed to be feeling like this at 23? But that is genuinely how I feel right now. Alcohol just doesn't have the appeal it did, as little as 6 months ago. 6 months ago I'd get fucked up at the drop of a hat. But now, I just don't want it anymore. That 4 months without drinking was great. I want that back.

Invermere I got up pretty late this morning, having not got to bed until about 03:00 last night. And I had even less to do today, than I did yesterday. My only plan for today, was to go down to the ski-shop, and talk to Stacy about skis. That was it. So once I was all showered and everything, that was what I did.

Devyn's in there again. And she recognises me. And she remembers what we did last time. And she even remembers my boot size. When I was speaking to Katherine in the pub last night, I was commenting on the personable selling approach. And she said to me, "I bet when you go in, she'll even remember your shoe size." And she did. I have never been a place where the sales people care so much. I couldn't even remember the boots I'd tried on. How the hell could she?

Unfortunately though, Stacy wasn't in yet. So instead of telling me to come back later, she calls him up, and gets all his recommendations over the phone. How is that for service eh! And she gets off with 2 recommendations. One pair of skis for $40, one for $75. With bindings already attached may I add. And I ask her, "Why so cheap?" People just really want to shift them apparently. There was another guy working there today as well. He was pretty young, and didn't know too much about skis either. But he was really useful in just agreeing with what I said. Kind of giving me encouragement. When I said something like "Well there's no point me paying $500 on some skis that I'm just going to ruin as I'm learning to ski." And he just nodded and agreed with me. If he'd said, something to the contrary, then I'd probably not have bought any. But Devyn agreed with me. And I trust her about as much as any sales person after she was so honest last time. And this kid just nodded along as well, so I was convinced to buy them. I think this was the advantage of buying off people who aren't hugely passionate about skiing. Someone who Invermere really knew what they were doing, would be able to tell you every intricate advantage of buying expensive equipment, although in reality, to a beginner like me, it just wouldn't make any difference in the slightest. So I think having a sales person who wasn't a really passionate skiier themself, but just knew the basics; they were much closer to being in my position, so I got what I wanted. Of course I might not be saying that once I start skiing on them. But fuck. It's $75. That's less than I spent on beer last night. It's like when I was buying my new camera, maybe 3 months ago. I was reading reviews from professional photographers about the Fuji that I ended up buying. And it sounded a terrible camera listening to them. But the review that convinced me to buy it, was from an average Joe like me, who just wants something to point and shoot with. And for that, this camera has been perfect. And listening to the average Joe; it saved me a wad of cash. It's the same thing here. I listened to someone with a knowledge of skiing, but it's not her life. And it's saved me hundreds! If I'd listened to anyone who really knew what they were doing, I would have spent probably $600 on skis. As it was, the $40 skis has some minor damage, so I went for the $75 pair. With bindings, I probably just saved myself in excess of maybe $500. As I just said, I spent more on beer last night, than on skis that may last me the whole season. It's for that reason, I really need to curb how much I'm drinking. The opportunity cost is just too high. If I have a proper night out, I won't even remember it the next day. Yet that night out could have cost me a weeks travelling. I've stayed in hostels that were $10 per night before. That's over a weeks accomodation that I spent last night, and I didn't even get drunk. If it'd been a proper night, I probably spent a weeks food budget as well. That's a week more travelling, all for the sake of a night I can't remember. Doesn't really seem worth it to me.

Invermere Unfortunately there were no second-hand boots there that fit me. I again tried on the same pair I did last time, that only cost $40. But after a lot of ummming and errring, because they were borderline, I decided they were just a milimetre too tight. Shame. I actually got 10% off the $75 skis, because there is some weird super-sunday throughout Invermere tomorrow, where every shop opens on the Sunday and offers discounts. So Devyn gave me that early, so my skis actually only cost $67.50. Had I got boots for $40, again with a 10% discount, so $36, that would have been boots and skis for barely $100. About £60. That's fucking awesome. Of the shops that quoted me around $1,000 to get fully kitted, I think that probably $750-$800 would have been on boots and skis. I could have got them for $100. I have though given them my phone number, so now if anyone comes in with boots in my size, they'll give me a call. At the very worst, if there's nothing in a week or so, I'll have to pay a full-price for a pair. But that won't be the end of the world. It's what I was expecting to have to pay 3 days ago anyway. And one thing worth noting is that this shop has second hand Winter boots as well. Like, general use boots, which I'll need as some point. I was expecting to spend up to $400 on them new as well, so I could save a packet in this shop. It's my new favourite place!

With that being my only task to do today, I got everything I needed to get done, done early. I had a trip to Sobeys earlier to get, among other things, the detergent and scourers that I'll need to clean this fucking pan of all the dry rice. But that has really been my day so far. And as of right now, I have no plans to go out tonight. Which suits me fine. You know one of the best things about being over here in Canada? They play the Premier League early in the morning. So I'll be up at 8:00 tomorrow for Chelsea - Arsenal. Then seeing as it's super-discount Sunday, or something like that, I'll probably have a look around Invermere. And I suppose I should tidy the appartment up seeing as Greg'll be arriving on Monday. Well, last I heard, that's when he will be. I haven't been online all day today. And the signal that I normally steal to upload this blog hasn't been available once since I've been writing, so I might have to upload this tomorrow instead. So wow. I'll need Internet as well. That's like 4 things I have to do tomorrow. That's a fucking busy day!

Hey you know I can see my skis from where I am writing this on my couch. They are propped up against the wall opposite. And the most important thing about them, they got right as well. I like the colour! That's what really matters!

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