I'm bored. Time for a change.

The reason that I wanted to keep a blog of my travelling, is that it is of my belief, that travelling; seeing different things, ignites thoughts and emotions within you that you won't get, going through the same daily routine everyday for 40 years. And whilst I am travelling, I want to keep a written record of whatever is ignited inside of me. That is why I'm keeping this blog. And the reason I kept a pre-departure blog for 6 months, or whatever it was, is that I wanted a record of the person that I was before I started travelling. So I could see how my views, my beliefs, my trains of thought, changed from before I left, during my travelling, and after I got back. I also thought it would be good to have a period of my life eternalised in text. Afterall, it's easy to forget. One person's memories of an event can differ greatly from someone else's. So clearly brain memory isn't an accurate method of storing memories. And who knows what's around the corner. I said in a previous blog about a girl who slipped when walking down the mountain, hit her head on a tree, had to get airlifted out, and for all intents and purposes, is now a retard. That could easily happen to me. I mean, I'm a rubbish skiier. So I can also see value in immortalising a period of my life through record, such as this blog and photos. But what interests me, isn't whether I bought a pair of boots on the 10th of December, or the 11th. Sure, if I one day get wrongly accused of murder, having an accurate account of everything I've ever done, might prove useful. But it's boring. The last few blogs I've written, have been boring to write. So fuck knows how boring they will be to read.

During the pre-departure blogs, I enjoyed writing them. The things I was writing about was stimulating certain thoughts within me; it gave me an air of clarity. And I'd see something on the news, or on the Internet, and I'd actually look forward to being able to put my perspective on the subject into text. Especially if it was on a subject that my view differed from the status-quo. Which happened often. But somewhere along the line, this blog that was once interesting to me. That once stimulated emotions within me, just became boring. Since I got to Canada, it's simply become a blog of what I did, when. Writing has become more of a chore, than something that I want to do. And if that's how I feel about writing, then I can only imagine how it has been to read. So the sole purpose of this blog, is really to announce change in the way that I'm going to approach writing. What I want from this, is to attain and record, the deepest thoughts and emotions that are triggered when everyday I'm doing new things, and seeing new things, compared to the life I'm used to in London. I saw a cougar the other day. I must have hitched 12 or more rides in the past 10 or 12 days. Each with a different person to talk to. And the weather here is like things that I've only ever seen on TV. And I was hoping that to write about these things, would stimulate different thoughts and different views inside me, and that these would come out as I wrote. But they aren't. This blog has just become "Today at 09:00, I bought a pair of boots. Then at 10:00, I bought a pair of socks. It was a very exciting morning." I mean, fuck! It's just dull. So I think I'm going to go back to how I wrote a blog before I left for Canada. The way that I did that, was anything that interested me; whether it was something that I did, or something that I saw on the news; just anything that made me think, I'd jot down on a piece of paper. For example, I had certain views on Russia invading Georgia that differed from what we were being told on the news. So on this piece of paper, I will have simply wrote "Russia". Then, the next time that I found the time to write a blog, or the next time that this piece of paper had enough on there that I thought I could write for an hour or 2, I'd sit at my laptop, and I'd just type into notepad in an HTML document, literally whatever came into my head. And I'd carry on writing, usually until I'd crossed off everything that was written on my little piece of paper. Sometimes there would be 5 items. Sometimes there would be 20. But somewhere along the line, I stopped doing this. I think it was the second blog I wrote once I'd landed in Vancouver. I even said within that, how disappointing that was for me to read back to myself. And I attributed that to the fact I'd written down everything that I'd done, on a piece of paper. So instead of having this spontaneous, thoughtful document, I'd just expanded on what was on this piece of paper. And since then, every blog that I've written, has been done without any form of notes. But I'm just not happy with what I'm producing. I'm just getting bored writing. And although I've only skimmed over what I've written to check for grammar errors, I'm sure that one day when I come to reading back over them, I'll get bored all over again. So I'm changing the way that I write this blog. No longer am I going to write every single thing that I do, at every minute of the day. I'm just going to make brief notes of the things that interest me. And then, once I have enough, I'll make a blog of it. And I'd hope that many of the things that provoke thought within me, are things that I'm doing, so there will be a log of my activites as well. But if nothing that I'm doing stimulates any kind of exceptional thought, then I won't write it. If it doesn't provoke any thought now, then why would I want to read it back 5 years from now?

The one problem that I have, is I'm so out of touch with the world right now. Canadian TV is shit. And I don't have an Internet connection. It's 2 days since I've been online. And I don't miss it at all. When I first got here without Internet, I was almost having withdrawal symptoms. But now, it's a relief not having to clear spam out of my hotmail inbox everyday. And it's nice to not get bitten by a vampire on Facebook. It's a little inconvenient seeing as things such as all of my banking is carried out online. But maybe I'll get myself Internet once or twice a week to check things. For now, I'm actually enjoying going back 10 years, and living without Internet for every hour of everyday. But the problem with that, is I'm losing touch with the world. Like I've said many times, Canadian TV is shit. So I don't even bother with the news here. During the Mumbai attacks, for example, some Canadian news channel thought good reporting of that story, was to speak to the cousin, or nephew, or something like that, of someone who was trapped inside one of the hotels. This person that they gave airtime to, hadn't spoken to their relation or anything like that. And they had no more information about the attacks than Joe the plumber. Yet, they gave this person about 10 minutes of airtime, asking stupid questions like "How is this affecting you?" It's just retarded. What interest does that provide. I believe this person was in Vancouver. What merit exactly, do they have to report a news story? They're a distant relation of someone affected. What value do they provide. How is me knowing that their family is very, very, upset, going to inform me or educate me in the slightest about what is going on in Mumbai? It provides absolutely no value. As such, I've since refused to watch Canadian news. If I happen to be home, BBC World News seems to be on a couple of times a day. But I haven't caught that in a week or more. But fuck, I thought Sky news was bad back home. Try watching Canadian news!

With that quality of television, and no Internet, I've pretty much lost touch with the happenings in the world. And this is a problem, in that it's hard to stimulate your thoughts when you don't really know what's going on. Afterall, what do you have an opinion on? I remember yesterday laying in bed, and having a new persective on the implications of genocide. I won't go into it now, but it was basically taking into consideration the overcrowding of the earth. How do you cure global warming? You eliminate ¼ of the population. Apparently though, it's not appropriate in today's society to just kill off 1,500,000,000 people. So I was just thinking, how would things be different, had the Nazi's won the war. Or the Soviet Union had won the cold war. You can guarantee that populations would be lower. So would we be having global warming issues now? Which, in my opinion will ultimately end the human race if we carry on like this. And would there be so much trouble in getting people to act on global warming if the world was all one country? If there is just one leader, there would not have to be debate. The US and China not signing up to Kyoto wouldn't be an issue. And with those 2 countries not signing up, every other country in the world is thinking, well if they don't have to, why should we? So although government like to tell us about all these nice initiatives they're taking, in reality, we've made absolutely no progress. Would this have been the case if one recent war had gone the other way? If we'd been brought up under Nazi law, would we even consider them an evil force? We're told, and told, and told, of the evil of the Nazi regime during school. And we're essentially brain-washed. Had we lost the war, we would be taught the opposite in history class. Hitler was a liberator. The allies were evil. And if you're told it at a young age, then you believe it. I'm just saying. Things could be very different.

But I'm not going to get started on that now. That's just an example, of how I want these blogs to be. I want them to be my views on things. And if my view differs from the status-quo, then the better it is. The more interesting a read it is, and the more interesting it is for me to write.

But that, in a nutshell, is the sole purpose of this blog. It's almost just a notice, that I won't be writing a log of everything that I do at every minute of the day. Because it's shit. I'm going to writing about the things that stimulate my thoughts. And if nothing has happened that does that, then I will write nothing. And seeing as how out of touch with the world I am right now, that might be the case quite often. So don't expect a blog to be written every couple of days as has been the case recently. Afterall, I'm now working. And when I'm not working, I'm skiing. And when I'm not skiing, I'm at the gym. So I'm not overrun with time. But I'm going to take these blogs back to what I want them to be. A record of the thoughts that are provoked by my surroundings. Not simply a record of what I do. And if I have no thoughts, then I have nothing to write.

Bottom line, I want these blogs to be interesting. I want them to be interesting to read, and I want them to be interesting to write. And recently, I don't think they've been either.

That's all I really have to say today. Also, I bought a hat at 10:05 this morning. It's a nice hat. Only $7!

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