Honesty is not the best policy!

Literally just as I finished writing the last blog, I got a text from Kirsty. And as I was just reading this text, I got a call from Jeremy. So I hadn't actually got to the end of the text, whilst I was talking to Jeremy. Cut a long story short, after being bored all day, within the space of 2 hours, I had to get to the pub to meet Jeremy and Ryan for a drink. Then get to Kirsty's for a beer. Then get to the bus stop to meet Greg. Why this couldn't all happen throughout the rest of the day, when I was sat there bored I don't know. But this is how it went down.

So I go to the pub at about 19:30 to meet Ryan and Jeremy. I got a text from them just as they were leaving. So once I'd been sat at the bar for 10 minutes drinking by myself and chatting to the barman, I was thinking that maybe they'd gone to a different pub or something. So I call up Jeremy. "Dude, where are you?" He's saying that he's in the pub already. So I'm like "Which pub are you in?" He replies "We're in the one with the liquor store attached to it, by the... Mate, turn around." They'd been sat at a table the whole time. I'd somehow managed to walk into the pub and up to the bar without noticing them.

They had a couple of Danish people from their house with them. Both going to be lifty's as well. So we had a couple of beers. Played a couple of games of pool. I've been trying to find other lifty's who can't ski, just to make me feel better. Unfortunately these guys were both good skiiers, so took great amusement in the fact that I was going to be sliding down the mountain on my ass come training. It was more people to meet though.

Anyway, it was about 20:30 by now. I'd told Kirsty I'd be there by 20:00, so I figured it was probably time to make a move. Afterall it was a 15-minute walk to her place, so I was almost certainly going to be late. Luckily there's a liquor store attached to the pub, so I went into there and got myself a 6-pack for the journey. Wildcat beer. I got through a shit-load of that piss back when I was in Halifax. Takes like fucking piss. But costs about the same as well. So it's all good. The chic who ran the liquor store; turns out to be one of the girls I was in Bud's nightclub with whenever I ended up in there a few nights ago. Friday possibly. The one, that in the Inver-beer blog, is in one of the pictures with the hippy in the red hoody. Her. Well she works in the liquor store as well. I guess that's what happens in a small town. People you see in the pub one day, will be serving you somewhere the next. You know people worry in this town too much. She seemed all concerned that I was going to Kirsty's place, that I didn't actually know where it was. And then was meeting a guy with no phone number, getting off a bus that I didn't know for sure where it was arriving, and he didn't have a key, or even the address for the condo where we had to go. And my reasoning of I don't care. By the time he arrives I'll be wasted anyway, so it'll all sort itself out, didn't fill her with confidence either. Man people have to chill out in this town. Nothing goes wrong when you're wasted. That's just science.

I'll be honest, I was hoping this house was a fucking dump. Not that I want my "friends" to have shit accomodation or anything. But I was so close to actually living here, it would be very comforting to me to know it was actually really shit. I had to phone Kirsty to come and get me so I knew where this place was. And to my dismay, it was really, really fucking nice. I got the grand tour. My would-be room was downstairs. It had its own bathroom. And it was bigger than my room in the condo. This house had 2 living rooms as well. 1 upstairs and one downstairs. And seeing as I would have been the only person downstairs, it would have pretty much been my own living room as well. And each living room was pretty much the size of my whole condo. I think this house had 3 bathrooms. And the balcony was bigger than my whole bedroom. I was not impressed. And how much would it have cost me? $375 per month. That's $100 less than what I'm paying now. Free Internet as well, just in case the rest of it wasn't good enough. How fucking depressing. And there was a spare bedroom. They hadn't decided whether or not they would be renting that out to someone. They were thinking about it so the rent would be even cheaper for them. Maybe just $300 per month. It was very fucking depressing. I didn't let Kirsty forget this for the rest of the night. My condo is no palace. But I'm not someone who needs luxuries in their lives, so I'd been pretty happy with it. I had until I saw this place anyway. I saw where I would have been living, if I had decided to screw over Greg and my landlords, and back-out of our agreement. This is exactly why this blog is called honesty is not the best policy. Realistically, the only advantage that my place has, is location. It's much nearer to downtown, almost in downtown. And it's a 3-minute walk from the pub, as opposed to 15 minutes for Kirsty. But it's little consolation. No denying that I screwed the pooch on this one. This is the absolute last time that I ever do anything honest. It never fucking pays off. Just one of their living rooms is the size of our whole condo. My own bathroom. Living with 2 girls, so I'd never have to clean or anything. Man this sucks. I think for the rest of the Winter now, I'm just going to have to tell myself, over and over: "Things turn out best for the people that make the best of the way that things turn out. Things turn out best for the people that make the best of the way that things turn out." Just repeat it over and over in my head. Because there is no way that this was a good decision. Yeah, so I break an agreement with a couple of people that I've never met. So fucking what. To spend $100 less per month on rent, and get about twice as much for it... That's something that I'm willing to do. Honesty is the best policy. Suck my fucking balls it is. When we next see them, Kirsty's promised to point out to me the 2 girls that dropped out of the house. Essentially the 2 reasons that I'm not living there, because it was the assumption that they were moving in, that meant I didn't get offered a room straight away. And when I find them, I will use their heads as baseballs. 2 days for fucks sake!! It was about 2 months that I was looking for a place in Invermere. And I agree to this condo just 2 days before Kirsty offers me a room in her place. 2 fucking days. Can't believe it. Ah well. Make the best of it I guess. At least I have a place to live. I'm sure there's still people out there with nowhere.

I got a couple of texts from Greg whilst I was here waiting for his bus to arrive. The first is telling me everything is good and on-time. You can see the road that the bus will drive down, from the balcony at Kirsty's. So I'm stood there for hours drinking beer. It's great when Greg decided to text me to say he's running late, when I've been stood on the balcony since 21:35 looking for his bus. And he texts me at after 22:20. That was a fun 45 minutes in the cold. A text a little earlier might have been appreciated. I've even gone down to the bus stop a couple of times, just to check I didn't miss it. There's some bald guy there waiting to catch the bus. And each time I see him I'm getting more and more wasted. I hadn't had a proper night in Invermere yet. So I was pretty damn determined to get shit-faced this night. I did a good job. By the time the bus does eventually arrive, I am pretty tanked. As well as Kirsty and Chris, Jay and Kat are here by now as well. And seeing as we were all going to be heading up to the pub, I drag them all out having finally had Greg answer his phone. He tells me that he's just gone past a 'Welcome to Invermere' sign, so that's a pretty big clue that the bus is on it's way.

And you know how I've been saying recently that I make a great first impression? Well I was absolutely tanked by now. And if you don't know me drunk, I tend to get a mite-excited about things. I occasionally go a little loud as well. Unlike the "bus" that I got into Invermere, this was a proper bus. Like a 45 person bus or something. And the second the doors open, for some reason, I decide it would be a good idea to shout Greg repeatedly as loudly as I could. And not only that, whenever anyone gets off the bus, ask them if they're Greg. Including girls. To make up for the living in the lesser place, I was working on the assumption that Greg was a hot chic who'd walk around the condo in her underwear all day. So I was asking everyone if they were Greg. Men, woman, children. Turns out that he was pretty much at the back of the bus. So I must have drunkenly asked 20 or more people if they were Greg or not. Turns out he'd heard my "Greg" shouts from as soon as the bus door opened. See what I mean about making a good first impression. Why not get tanked and make a nob of yourself in front of a full bus? That's what I did.

Anyway, we set off up the hill. The quickest way to the pub isn't the quickest way to the condo, so we say goodbye to the others as they head straight for the pub. We walk back to the condo on the way to drop all his things off. I think he might have been a little overwhelmed by all of this. Just arrived in a new town, and being told he has to drop his things so we can get back to the pub. Good start no doubt.

We get to the pub pretty damn quick. He threw his stuff down and we were out the door. And I really don't remember too much from here. I chose a bad night to get shit-faced for the first time. The pub was pretty rammed, so I will have made a dick of myself in front of a lot of new people. Good to know. Why I couldn't get shit-faced a week ago when it was all quiet I don't know. That's just the way I roll. But no, I don't really remember too much of being in here. I just have random flash-backs of talking to people and being just generally a drunken idiot. My one consolation is that I remember leaving the pub. And I remember nothing being wrong at that time. And if the end of the night is ok, then I work by the assumption that the rest of it was as well, which helps quash any paranoia through memory loss the next day. Though in all fairness, I don't get the paranoia like I used to. Having whole nights missing from my memory; it used to fuck me up for the next couple of days. I'd just be so paranoid about all of the things that I might have done when I was wasted, that it used to really worry me. But in many years of not remembering anything from nights out, I've come to realise that I never do anything that stupid when I'm trashed. I may be very loud and make a nob of myself. But I think I'm a happy drunk. So it's not like I'll go around starting fights or anything. So I don't get the paranoia the next day like I used to. I just work by the assumption that everythings ok unless I have reason to believe otherwise. And it normally is.

I do remember leaving though. I wanted to leave, but Greg didn't. And he was confident that he could find his way home. And I was happy with that, so I was going to leave him. But someone was too fucking responsible. I think it was Jay, wouldn't let me go. I had to look after my new flat-mate apparently. Which is just boring. I hate responsible people when you're wasted. The whole fun of being trashed is you do stupid crap that makes a good story the next day. When you have responsible people there, it just fucks that up. It would have made a good story if Greg couldn't find his way home and spent his first night in Invermere wondering the streets. I would have found it funny anyway. Fucking responsible. What's the point in that?

But that was a good first impression I'm sure. Me, absolutely fucking tanked.

The next day we decide to just go for a walk around town. Coming in at night, Greg hasn't seen any of the town. And I have fuck all to do for the day, so we wonder through. It was good to see it all again I guess. Didn't learn much new mind. And we end up, right down the hill next to Kirsty's house and where the bus came in. End up in Dairy Queen getting lunch. I've spent over a year of my life in Canada over the past 3½ years. And in that time, I've never had a Dairy Queen. Apparently that's not cool. I used to hear a shit-load about them back when I was in Halifax, so I guess that was something off my to-do list. What a fucking disappointment as well. Why do people rave about that piss so much. Of the 3 fast-food places down here, it has to be A&W number 1, Dairy Queen number 2, and the very disappointing and overpriced Subway sitting at number 3. A&W's the only one I can see myself frequenting regularly to work on my Canada boobs. I have come to the conclusion that it's scientifically impossible to be in North America, and not get fat. Scientifically impossible. I've lived here 3 times now. First time, despite getting to the gym a lot, and then hiking loads when I was travelling, I got fat. Second time, I was getting to the gym loads, and going out running in Halifax. I got fat. And now this time; I've only been here about 2 weeks. And I've already got a little gut-wobble going on as I walk. I think there must be calories in the air or something. Because it just isn't possible to stay in shape here. I'm already resigned to the fact that by the end of the ski season I'll have myself a nice bra. I've got to at least start using the gym down here. Try and curb the inevitable.

On the way back, we also went into U-brew, or the Brew house, or brew 4u, whatever the fuck it's called. There's a brewery that seems to have about 20 different names. Anyway, we just went into there to see what they did. It's a place where they brew you beer or make you wine. It takes about 3 weeks, and after that time, you come in and bottle it, and take it away with you. About $80 for 5-dozen bottles. So, 60. Plus a $10 discount for Panorama employees, as seems to be standard in Invermere. People from Pano just get it cheap. So $70, for 60 bottles. I'm sure I'll be back there at some point. They had some special beer they were trying to convince us to get though. And when they offered me a free sample, I didn't feel that I could reject. It can't have been much after midday by now, and I was back on the piss. I only got given, maybe ¼ of a pint. But it was 9% beer. I almost threw-up drinking that so soon after waking up from the night before. The only problem is that this place charge 75¢ per bottle if you don't have your own. So we have to drink 60 bottles of beer, to be able get them really cheap. So we headed to the liquor store on the way home to pick up a crate. Not the one that I'd been to last night, but there's another one that the people in U-brew were telling us is actually cheaper. We needed pop-cap beers. I took a crate of Kolkanee up to the counter. This was the cheapest piss that they were selling. Apparently it had screw-caps instead of pop-caps, so we wouldn't even be able to use these bottles at U-brew. But fuck-it. We needed beer anyway, and apparently all the Canadian brands, ie the cheaper beers, would be screw-cap. So we got 30 of them.

This liquor store was right across the street from Sportuccino's. That's the place that I got my skis from, and the place that I'd been telling Greg about. And he decided he wanted to go in here. Though he didn't tell me that until I was carrying a crate of 30, so I took a large crate of beer into the ski shop with me.

Stacy was actually here this time. As was Devyn. And I find this shop so damn funny. First off, there was no "You can't bring beer in here" as you might expect. Instead Devyn shouts from across the shop; "You bought me a present." They didn't really care that I had 30 beers with me. So I plonk them down on a table that's sat there. And while Greg is off looking as skis and stuff, I start talking to Stacey about boots. This is why I find this shop funny. I was just about to pay $75 for my skis when I was in here the other day. And as I'm at the counter about to pay, Devyn knocks 10% off the price. Then this time, Stacy is showing me some boots. "Umm, these ones. They're good. They're priced at $239, but you probably don't want to pay that for them so I'll give you 20% off." I find that so funny. Just knocking 20% off the price, just because he doesn't think that I'll want to pay that. He knows me so well. Then he goes on to tell me that he'll be going to a wholesalers in Calgary at the weekend. And I'll be able to get some boots about half the price of all the ones he has in stock if I come back after the weekend. They go against pretty much everything I learnt doing a business degree. Isn't the whole point of a business to screw the customer out of as much money as possible? Instead these guys just keep on offering me discounts, and telling me to come back next week, where there will be much cheaper stock in. I find it funny. But I trust these guys because of it. Unlike other places, I know I'm not going to get screwed over when I come in here, so I'm sure I'll be back throughout the Winter. Apart from anything else they have a large stock of second-hand stuff. So I can get cheap boots, cheap ski-pants, that kind of thing. Unfortunately though, he told me to come back on Tuesday, which is when he'll have all the new stock displayed. Unfortunately, that is the day that I'm supposedly going to be needing my gear up the mountain, so I might have to get a pair of boots at one of the shit and expensive shops. Or on the other hand, maybe I can just borrow some stuff from Panorama. I don't know.

Man, I just collapsed in front of the TV once we got back. Too much alcohol the night before. I'm trying to convince Greg we need an Xbox for the condo as well. The TV here is just so shit, and seeing as our only Internet is a very shit signal that may or may not work, I'm convincing him that for $100 each, we could split a second hand 360. And if we sell it before we leave, it won't have really cost us much. But I get fed-up with retarded Canadian television. There's more adverts on their TV than there is TV. I've found that I've started watching 2 programs simultaneously. Then, as one cuts to break, you can switch over to the other. And seeing as they'll both be on adverts for over 50% of the time, you can quite happily watch 2 simultaneous programs without missing anything.

I'd tried to have a beer whilst I was stuck in front of the TV. But it didn't sit too well. A 330ml beer lasted me at least 2 hours. That's how well it went down. I figured seeing as I'd started drinking at U-brew, I may as well carry on. But it didn't really pan out like that. And once I got bored of sitting in front of adverts, I had another sleep for a couple of hours.

We did go down the pub after that. Man I hate walking into a place where you got trashed some previous night and don't remember it. You're always walking in just thinking fuck! I could have done anything in here last night. I don't even know if I paid my bar tab or not. But it was ok. I think it's going to get to the point this Winter, where I'll be able to just go to the pub at pretty much anytime, and I'll know someone there. This place was pretty packed. But there were people I knew everywhere. And those that I didn't, I got introduced to a lot of them. I think it's just going to be a case that everyone knows everyone in the one and only pub. There was even one girl I'd never met, but recognised from her Facebook picture, so I spoke to her for a bit. And there is an English guy I've been seeing about. He seems nice enough, but maybe a bit of a football yob. So maybe a mild racist tone in what he says. Wears polo-shirts with the collar popped, that kind of guy. But he seems nice enough. But he introduced me to another guy. And this was the guy that had started this massive brawl at Bud's nightclub on the night that I went there. He seemed to find the whole thing really funny, that he'd put some guy in a coma. But once I'd stopped talking to him, I kind of got warned about him. I think he has a bit of a target on his back now. This seems to be a place where all the locals stick together. And I don't exactly know what happened at Bud's, but there was some guy got pretty seriously injured. A local guy. And this big guy from Toronto was the one responsible for it. So I was kind of warned by one of the bar girls to keep my distance from him. I know you aren't supposed to judge people on appearances in today's society. But you can tell by just looking at this cunt he's going to start some shit. So I guess it's no surprise that this other English guy has aligned himself with him somewhat. I have a feeling it won't be the last time that I mention either of those 2 in any of my blogs. But we will see.

Devyn was down here tonight as well. And she was fucking tanked. Probably about as bad as I was the night before. She comes running over to me, and before I even realise who it is, is giving me a big hug. Then she gets scared that she's not supposed to talk to customers when she's wasted, and kind of leaves again. Funny, funny, girl. Got a lot of energy. And probably got a hangover today as well. Fuck she's hot though. Just got one of those really sexy personalities. You know what else I'm noticing? Kat's really hot as well. I think she has a boyfriend hidden away somewhere, so it's not like anything is going to happen, but she's one of those subtly hot people. I didn't really notice her when I first saw her. But now I've been out with her, maybe 3 or 4 times... she's hot. Going to be moving into my room in Kirsty's house as well I believe. She has a place she's paying, like $500 for now. So she's moving to get the $375 room instead. It's alright for some.

I really couldn't stomach too much in the way of alcohol on this night though. In maybe 1½ hours in the pub, I only had one pint. So parrrrtay!!

I did find some things out from people when I was there, though. People in staff accomodation in Invermere apparently get this large folder of things that they need to know. I'd hope it's not that important seeing as I don't have one. But it does say important things like how and when you can get the staff bus. You'd think things like that would be deemed important enough to be emailed to me. Guess not. But one thing that I found out, is that a staff bus goes to Panorama, currently every morning at 08:15. From outside the pub. A few people were telling me that they'd been down today. So although my orientation isn't until tomorrow, I figure fuck-it. Why not just get the bus down and have a look at the mountain in the morning? So I set my alarm for 07:00 this morning, and I made it for the bus. Met some guy, Kristian, whilst I was waiting as well. Now is it just me, or are all Scandinavian people called Kristian? I'm just curious, because all the ones that I meet seem to be.

What a journey though! It's a shame that the bus windows weren't cleaner because that trip could really make some good photographs. The kind of thing that you'd see on a David Attenbrough (or however you spell it), documentary. Something that you'd see on TV and think "Wow! Wouldn't it be amazing to go there?" But then you never do. Well it was a bit like that. The road ran parallel to a winding river that went up the mountain. And damn. This river was sort of frozen at the edges, but still flowed in the middle. But then any rocks in the middle of the river, were also frozen over with ice. It's hard to really describe. But I guess you could call it something of a blessing that I have to make that journey everyday for the next 4 months. It was a sight to behold.

Getting to Panorama, there's a part of me that I guess is happy that I didn't get accomodation down here. There is a bar. There is a shop. But things are somewhat limited. Though having to sit on a bus for 15 minutes each way everyday might get a little frustrating by the end of the season. But although there was very little to actually do at the mountain, it was still good to see. I was told that I'd be able to get a staff-card. With that I was told that until the mountain opens, I get free ski-hire, and although I can only walk up the mountain to some little hill, it'd still be better than nothing. There is some ski team using the moutain right now. But I couldn't really get where I was supposed to go or anything like that. I got some breakfast bagel at a cafe that was open, and spent about ½ an hour watching people ski down the hill. And I spoke to the guy in the rental and repair shop for a minute, but he didn't seem the happiest man in the world. And I'm sure I could have found out much more and done much more if I'd really made the effort here. But seeing as my orientation is tomorrow, I wasn't that bothered. I just wanted to get to see the mountain really, so I decided to head back.

The only problem that I had here, is that Invermere is 18km away. And the staff bus doesn't come back until sometime after 5. So my one and only option was to hitch back. That seems pretty much standard practice, and a lot of people do it as their transport into Pano. In fact as I was standing there trying to pick up a ride, I saw Kirsty in a truck coming the other way. It's quite funny, everyone in Invermere just getting lifts off random people that they can pick-up. I was stood there, probably 15 minutes before I got something. A couple of trucks with space drove past me which had me thinking I might be stood there all day. But in the end this guy who had been down there making an estimate on a roof pulled over and drove me back to Invermere. I guess I'm going to have to get used to hitching my way back and fourth. There is a staff bus. And I think it will start to run more frequently once the mountain opens properly. But it still might not be good enough. If I am going to be travelling though, I guess getting good at hitching will be a skill worth having. This guy who picked me up seemed pretty cool. We chatted the whole way to Invermere without any silences. My only qualm is that he smoked. But I think it might have been a bit rich to ask him not to in his own truck. He wasn't going through Invermere unfortunately, so dropped me at the town entrance. So I had about a 10 minute walk once I got dropped off. But at least I saved myself 18km. I was tempted to walk it. Afterall, 18km is nothing compared to what I occasionally walked thoughout the Summer. But in the end I thought the better of it. Apart from anything else, I was worried I'd look a total nob to anyone that I knew who happened to pass me. I'm not adverse to walking 18km. But other people would just be thinking, what the fuck is this dick doing? So I decided to go for the hitch. Apart from anything else, it gave me the time to write this blog. I think if I'd walked, I may just be getting back to Invermere now.

But that is me right now. I'm getting on pretty well with Greg. Which is lucky. Because in a place as small as this, you pretty much need to. It's not like we have a 2nd living room or anything. He is though playing some music in the living room as I'm trying to write this mind. I can't really knock him for that. In a place this size we'd have to live in silence not to hear each other. But that doesn't mean it's not annoying. And he hasn't paid me the rent he owes me. I've brought it up and he assures me I'll have it in a couple of days. Which is good to know. But then I'm always willing to lie to keep people happy. So I'm viewing this simply as do I have the rent or not? And right now, not. Don't get me started on his fucking BB gun either. And tomorrow, I finally start work. Sort of. I know it's only an orientation. But I get paid for it, so I think that it counts. Seeing as I'm already working as a ski-lift operator and can't ski, I'm probably pushing it with this job a bit already. So I won't be out drinking tonight. Turning up hungover as well as not being able to ski. That might be pushing it a bit too far. As far as Pano know, I don't even know how to get to the mountain yet. Everything I'm finding out, I'm doing through word of mouth. Which is working. But it'd be nice to be told things personally once in a while. Ah well. Work starts tomorrow. I should be able to start finding out a bit more then. Like can I actually practise my skiing before I start. And can I get some cheap boots? Or at least borrow some until Sportuccino's get some in. Then I think tomorrow, Kirsty might be having something of a party at her place. Which will just be depressing. Party at the amazing house I was almost living at. It's even right by A&W. I'm thinking of walking down there in a minute to get lunch, that's how good it is. Yet if I'd just not been honest, I'd be living right by it. Honesty... Honesty, is not the best policy!

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