Everything happens for a reason

Every action... everything, that happens in the world, happens as a reaction to a prior action. Everything we do is a reaction to an action that triggered us to do that thing. And because every action is a reaction to a prior action, the smallest, most insignificant action, can trigger a reaction of actions that just snowballs into actions of much greater significance, that just changes your whole life. And as a living thing in this world, your actions trigger reactions on all sorts of other things, so the smallest insignificant action, can trigger world-changing reactions.

Example. How far back can I track what it was that caused me to injure my knee a couple of weeks back? I think, a long time ago, I was talking in the pre-departure blogs about how I ended up at Panorama. And it really comes down to conicidentally bumping into someone I knew in the street one day, back in January 2007, in Halifax, NS. So why was I in Halifax? Because 3 years earlier, I'd decided that I wanted to take a year abroad as part of my degree. And what was it, back in 2003 when I was applying to university, that triggered that criteria as an essential part of my university course? I don't even remember. But I'm sure if I did, I could track back years, as to how I came to be skiing, on those particular skis, on that particular part of Panorama mountain, when I injured my knee. I could give a million actions, that had they not occured, I would not even be at Panorama. And then I could probably give a million more, once at Panorama, as to why I was skiing where I was, how I was, on the skis I was... all of which would mean that I didn't injure my knee 2 weeks ago, had they not occured. But yet now all of these reactions have been triggered by this knee injury, and it's just got me wondering, why is everything happening this way?

Over the past couple of weeks, since this injury, my plans post-Pano, and post-Canada have changed dramatically. Previously, post-Pano I was thinking of getting, perhaps a tree-planting job. Something outdoors. Some kind of job that I wouldn't be able to get back home. Afterall, if I'm just going to do things that I could do back in England, then why the fuck did I come away? But having visited the doctor this morning, although I may be well enough to start light skiing in about 3 weeks, I won't be fully recovered for more like 8. That means no intense exercise, for 8 more weeks! My body is deteriorating by the day. I can see it. Pecs becoming man boobs. Abs getting all wobbly. I'm going to be in no physical condition to be undertaking intense outdoor labour. So now I'm leaning towards life in the city once I leave Pano. Almost a stint to rehab. To rebuild the muscle in my leg, which is disappearing scarily quickly. And to get myself back into the physical condition I was in before I left for Canada. Not for aesthetic reasons, but just because, to really live freely, you need to be in a top physical condition. If I haven't got the physical ability to climb a mountain one day, just because I feel like it, then I'm not in the physical shape I want to be. If I can't walk 30 miles in a day, just because it's something to do, then I'm not the person I was even 4 or 5 months ago. And that's where I want to keep myself. Because I really don't want to be travelling, limited in what I can do because of my physical condition. So that's why my post-Pano plans have radically changed. That's why I'm now thinking city. A city, but with enough open space that I can test myself against nature when I need to. The convenience advantages of a gym on my doorstep, so I can isolate every part of my body, and do pinpoint exercising, making sure to focus on my entire body, but concentrating obviously, on getting my left leg back to strength. Plus the convenience of being able to eat the necessary food and supplements, easily available in a city. But I also want to be able to get outdoors. To test myself in a natural environment from time to time. Because as good as a gym is, you cannot replicate the trials of climbing a mountain, from inside a gym, for example. You can't even replicate running around a park for fucks sake. A treadmill uses your muscles in a totally different way. So I want to be in a city, where I can be near to the outdoors at the same time. So you know something, I'm kind of leaning towards Vancouver (again). Nothing set in stone. But if I was to leave Pano today, then I think that that would be where I'd go. Although being refurbished when I was there in November, my old gym from '05 was beautiful. It was dirty. Rusty old weights. In a basement. It was a gym, not a health club. Then you have Stanley Park in Vancouver. Good to go running. Good to go cycling. Hell, even good to go rollerblading. And just about 30 minutes away on public transport, what do you have? Mountains. Mainly in my thoughts, Grouse Mountain. I was in good shape when I walked up here in '05. Yet I found Grouse Grind that a struggle. But at the same time, I remember being passed by one man, who was running up grouse mountain. And you could tell, he did that a lot. So having accepted the fact that the next few months after Pano, really do have to be considered a transitional period as I rebuild myself physically, after having lived like a hermit for the past 16 or so days now, and probably for another 6 more weeks. And not having used my left leg in that period either. So it is to that end, that I'm now thinking Vancouver. It's the only place I know, where I know that it has everything I need. And it's a bit boring seeing as I've spent significant time there in the past. But as they say, it's better the devil you know. I know Vancouver, and I know what it offers. And I even have my eye on particular jobs that may arrise, so I'd hopefully be able to get myself employment before I finished at Pano. And know what I was getting myself into. I don't think I'd be able to do that at any other place in Canada (except Halifax).

South America map So that's where I am regarding post-Pano. I got side-tracked a little. The reason I was linking my knee injury to the impact it could have on me, was more for my post-Canada plans. I've always been thinking, regarding South America, that it'd be nice to tour through there, if I had the money, before I moved onto Australia/New Zealand to work once I left Canada. But Tuesday before last, I eventually caved, and got my knee checked out. And seeing as I expect doctors and hospitals to be places where you have to spend a lot of time waiting around, I took a book with me. As I think I said last time, the book 'Work your way around the world.' And as I was doing all the waiting around that I had to do, I read up on the South America section of this book. And it was sat in the doctors waiting room, reading this book, that my thoughts changed from viewing South America as a burden on my resources to go and visit, to a place that I could actually go, get a job teaching English, and spend a sustained amount of time there. In fact another reason that I want to be in a city post-Pano, is that to become qualified to teach English as a foreign language will be a fuck-load easier to do if I'm living in a big city. I know for a fact that you can get qualified in Vancouver. Though I'm sure you can in all the major cities, so that doesn't really impact my post-Pano decision. But the point is, it was sitting in the waiting room for the doctors, that this all dawned on me. Now don't get me wrong, this knee injury is pissing me the fuck off. It's very likely I won't ski again this season. And wearing a full-leg splint 24 hours a day is a damn pain (I'll probably get onto that more later). But what's done is done. I've got the injury. So why bother wallowing in self-pity? Bitching and moaning about how unfair life is isn't going to get me anywhere. Like I've said countless times in the past, things will be a fuck-load better for you if you make the most of the things that you can't change, rather than being all pissed about them. I probably won't ski again this season. But I can't go back in time and change my actions so that I didn't injure my knee. So why worry about it? Make the most of what you've got. And what I've got, is because of this injury, the whole continent of South America has opened up to me. Though I couldn't leave today, and look for work there tomorrow. I need 2 things before I leave. To know enough Spanish to get by. And have the qualifications to teach English. And both of those things take time. So what I'm taking from this injury, is the foresight to be able to plan for when I leave Canada, and get myself qualified. Could I learn Spanish if I was out tree-planting? Not easily. Could I learn to teach English? Probably not. Could I get myself back in tip-top physical condition? Perhaps. But in an environment I was unfamiliar with. Which is why I'm saying post-Pano (I'm almost saying Vancouver already), is going to be something of a transitional phase. Recovering from the season here, one. And preparing for once I leave Canada, two.

So I can think back 6 years, as to had I not taken certain actions, I would not have been sat in that doctors surgery, reading my book. And had I not taken those actions back in 2003, then would I be preparing for South America? I think it's doubtful. But for whatever reason, all the actions and reactions, have led me to this point.

Now I just said that learning Spanish would be key to me going down to South America. I'm sure I could ge by with the little knowledge I already have. And I'm sure I could learn as I go. But my life would be a fuck of a lot easier if I could effectively communicate in Spanish. Especially if I'm thinking long-term. Getting a job, getting a place to live. That kind of thing is easier if you're able to communicate. So would I be willing to go down to South America with the intention of staying long-term without Spanish? Possibly. But I'd be a lot happier with it.

Rosetta Stone Spanish: Latin America And I think I said before, I'd found Rosetta Stone, the Spanish software I wanted to use to teach myself Spanish, on The Pirate Bay. Well I have that all set-up. And for the past 3 days, I've probably spent about 2 hours a day, working through this software. It's honestly 10 times better than taking classes. I think it's designed just to immerse you within the language. And I think I've already learnt nearly as much through this software as I did taking classes at uni for my final year (ironic seeing as I'm only learning so I can go and teach language classes). Because apart from anything else, you can do it when it suits you. And a computer program is much more understanding that a Spanish tutor. But how did this come about? As I think I've said in the past, I've only heard of The Pirate Bay, because they were being sued. In fact it was this article on the BBC website that I stumbled across when I was browsing the technology news one day. Well once I'd decided that Rosetta Stone was the best software for me to use to learn Spanish, I also decided that there was no way in hell that I would be willing to pay the $649.99 asking price on Amazon.ca. Though I'm pretty confident that using a book, I wouldn't be able to teach myself to the level I'd want to know Spanish, to be able to use it as a full-time language. So perhaps the next 12 months of my life once I leave Canada, was dependent on my getting a copy of this software. No Spanish, and no Latin America. No Spanish, it would probably be New Zealand. Spanish, and maybe 6 months, 12 months, who knows, teaching English. And where did I find this software for free? On The Pirate Bay. The one and only thing that The Pirate Bay logo I have downloaded from this website. But had this Swedish consortium decided not to sue The Pirate Bay... Had the BBC chosen not to run that story... Had I not happened to be browsing the technology section of the BBC website that day... Then my whole life might have been different. Just like injuring my knee, and all the actions that led to that, all the actions that led to my discovery of this website, may well be the difference between me spending 6 months in Bolivia, for example, or not. Every little action links together. And who know, 12 months from now, I could be a hostage in the Columbian jungle, having had all my assets taken from me, probably being about to get beheaded. And you know why that'll be? Because I happened to slip and hurt my knee 2 weeks ago. Every tiny little action... every one matters. The smallest little things, you don't even realise will ever affect you... they shape your life. It's just you don't know what the big decisions are.

And I find it interesting to think, are all these actions happening like this for a reason? Are they even pre-set? Something I guess we'll never know. Imagine if you could go back to the beginning though. Every action is a reaction to a previous action. But there has to be a reason for the first action. Something must have triggered that first one. Kidnapped What was the first ever action? Because that one action has in turn, triggered everything that ever happened in the world. Just interesting to think. And you know I'm getting to think that the action of me fucking up my knee, was maybe to cause a necessary reaction. Beyond just being in the doctors surgery with the right book in hand. You know I've seen big changes in the person that I am over recent years. Maybe just symptoms of maturity. But my personality has mellowed so much. I think about the person I was 4 years ago. The things I'd put myself through. I think about when I was going up mountains in Alaska and The Yukon. I was like a dog drooling at the mouth. Tiredness was weakness. You could sleep when you were dead. I only had one gear, and it was always full-speed ahead. You know, I used to have real fire. Real venom. And I can relate to that again sometimes. When I'd go out running sometimes before I left, I'd be able to access brief moments of firery intensity to keep going when I was so dehydrated that my face was grindy with salt, my head was banging and I had blisters the size of oranges on both feet. But it isn't the person that I am all the time now. Not like it used to be. So maybe this knee injury was a portal to reaccess the fiery personality that I once had. Because one thing that's never changed about me, is I'm at my best in the face of adversity. I've always been a person, that if you say I can't do something, I'm going to kill myself to prove you wrong. The worse shape I'm in, the more determined I am to get back to the shape I was in before. So I'm looking at this injury as something of a motivational tool. I'm not there yet, but I'm fully prepared, that in 8 weeks from now, or however long it is until I'm fully healed, that I'm in the worst condition I will have been in for years. Overweight. Unfit. I will have become accustomed to not doing anything. As soon as I give myself the green-light that I'm good to start training on my knee again properly, then I'm going to get that fire in me again. Because it just makes me angry when I look in the mirror and I see a fat, lazy guy looking back at me. And you know, maybe this injury was what I needed. Maybe I had become too comfortable being the lazy person that I was. If everything happens for a reason, then maybe this injury was given to me to reignite the fire that I once had. But over recent times, has been lost. I just don't do things with the same mental intensity that I used to. So maybe that's what this is for. In fact, that reason, and South America maybe go hand in hand. Bypassing South America is the easy way to do things. Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, USA... it's all the same fucking thing. Democratic, white-dominated, capitalist countries. Straight-line police services. There may be subtle differences, but essentially, every country is the same. So what is really the point of coming travelling, if I'm going to be going to places the same as where I've come from? I'd just kind of settled onto skipping South America to go to Australasia, just because it was easier. The easy way to do things. Because when you've mellowed out; when you have no fire, no motivation, you don't want to do anything different. Why take the risk of going to places where you're the minority race, viewed as a walking wallet, targeted by corrupt police and kidnappers, speaking a different language? Because you could just stick with what you're used to. Be safe. You know... that's the boring, but easy way of doing things. But maybe it was fate. This knee injury has got South America back on my brain, and it's getting me my fire back. Everyday I have to hobble about wearing a splint, unable to run, unable to ski... everyday like that, it pisses me off a little bit more. Not in a bad way. Just anger, channeled in a productive way. Harnessed to put to good use. But with fire, comes adventure. Any maybe I'm pissed off about this whole injury now, but thinking about it, if I got back from this travelling, having gone nowhere but white dominated countries, no different from England, I think I'd be pretty pissed off about it. You've gotta think early, what you want from life. It'll be too late before you know it. And I haven't said this in a little while, but I did a lot in the pre-departure blogs. The way I want to live my life, is that so 50... 60... maybe even 70 years from now, when I'm laying on my death-bed, I want to be able to look back on my life, and I want to be happy with the way that I lived it. At that point, when it's too late to do anything about it, I want to be happy with what I did. With the way that I lived. And sticking in your comfort zone, doing what you already know you can do, never experiencing the unknown... doing that, I don't think that I could look back and smile. You know? You have to challenge yourself if you want to achieve. And doing what you know you can do... that's no challenge.

You know, just writing this, I'm thinking that maybe I should start reading through the pre-departure blogs. As I've said countless times, the reason that I write these blogs, is that so in the future, I can look back, and I can know the person that I was when I wrote them. If I read this blog again, I'll know that this is the person that I was on March 13th, 2009. And just writing this, I'm picking up on big changes between the person I was even 4 months ago, before I left, and the person I am now. So maybe it's time to start looking back. To make sure that I'm not losing touch with some of the qualities that really matter. Because I see a trend in nearly all people. The older they get, the more they settle into a mundane, achieve nothing, lifestyle. They lose touch with the youthful motivations that they once had, and they just accept. They accept where they are. And they lose the motivation to achieve. Essentially, they just sit around, waiting to die. And I don't want that to happen to me. I don't want to lose that motivation, that fire, that I have now. Which is why I want a record of who I am. All I can say, is I wish that I started writing this earlier. Who knows what I've lost from my youth? What motivations, what goals that I once had, that I don't anymore. As I've said, with age, comes a state of mundane acceptance. And even now I don't have the drive that I once did. Man I just wish I'd started to record even earlier. Though as I said earlier, no point wallowing in the things that you cannot change. Just have to recapture those motivations some other way.

Bolivia flag And for the record, if, and it is still a very big if, I do go to South America, where am I thinking? I'm not sure. If I had to book my flight today, I'd probably say Bolivia. Though I have a lot more research to do before getting even close to that kind of a decision. Bolivia has some appeal to me though.

And hey, you want to talk about travelling on a shoestring? Downloading a pirate copy of some Spanish software, using an Internet connection I'm stealing off one of my neighbours. Now that is travelling on a shoestring. And although I'm sure both are technically theft, one, I don't care. And two, who's it actually hurting? I wouldn't be willing to pay $650 for the Spanish, so it's not like they lost out on any money. And don't get me started on the Internet companies. Encouraging everyone to password-protect their wireless connections. Even in this tiny little mountain town in the Rockies, I'm currently receiving 8 wireless signals. Yet only one of them isn't password protected. So 8 different people, are paying 8 different subscription fees, and 8 different Road of death in Bolivia monthly payments, when everyone is within range of each other. You would be able to pick up Internet in any minorly built-up area, if there wasn't passwords on all of the connections. It's just that the telecoms companies feel the need to make everyone protect their Internet so they can provide 10 times more Internet than necessary, and make 10 times more money. Can you imagine if everyone just paid for communal Internet. We could lose 80% of wireless routers, and it'd cost each person about $1 per month. And you could use Internet anywhere you needed it. Not just in the confines of your own home. This is a debate for another day. But don't get me started on telecoms companies. I don't lost any sleep from stealing from them either. So who gives a fuck if I'm stealing? I sure don't. As they say, nice guys finish last. It's a dog-eat-dog world. And if you're going to play by the rules, the only person you're going to be screwing over is yourself. The way I've learnt things, you take what you can get. If you're not screwing someone over, then they're screwing you.

La Paz and Mt. Illimani from Killi Killi view point Look at it this way, in me getting this Spanish software, someone was going to get screwed over. Either I was, by paying over the odds to get the software. Or the software company was, by not getting the $650 they charge for it. And in a choice of me getting screwed over, or someone else getting screwed over... that's really no choice. Nice guys finish last. Playing by the rules, you may as well be fucking yourself in the ass.

Just to reinforce some of the crap I've said earlier, I turned the TV on the other day to watch Trailer Park Boys. Before Trailer Park Boys at 6pm on Showcase, is a terrible show called Beastmaster. But I turned on in time to catch the last few of minutes of this. And although it's a poor show, in those few minutes, they did throw an interesting quote at me. Weird little man says: "Sometimes I wonder who I really am." To which Beastmaster replies: "That's what freedom feels like. You get to find out." It might be some shite Aussie TV show about talking cats or something like that. But it reminded me, that if you're imprisoned in a 9-5 office job everyday, how are you ever going to find out anything about yourself? I wouldn't say that I'm travelling to find out who I really am. That kind of hippy mumbo-jumbo really doesn't wash with me. But you get the jist. It's easy to fall into a routine, to lose your instincts, when you're essentially imprisoned in a job, in a routine, that doesn't give you the freedom to do what you want to. If you've spent your life doing something that didn't feel natural. That wasn't instinctively you, then maybe you never did get to meet the real you, to quote that retard show. I'm not making much sense here. But you get my point. Bang on all you like about living in a free-country. Free as long as you obide by the rules. Free as long as you do what you're told. But you can live in a "free country" as much as you want. If you're imprisoned within a job, within a routine, does it really matter if you have the right to call that country free? I don't think so. If you don't have the freedom to do what comes instinctively to you, then how free are you? Who are you?

Lama Now I know that I've just spent about 13 paragraphs saying how great it is that I've got this knee injury. How great it is that I've had to spend over $400 on medical fees. How great it is that I can't ski. And how great it is that I'm growing man boobs. But that's not going to stop me bitching and moaning about it for a while.

First off, you never realise how damn important it is to be able to bend your legs, until you can't do it. Now that might sound pretty fucking obvious... but I didn't quite realise just how important it is. I've been wearing that Zimmer splint for 10 days now. So it's not just been a case of not bending my knee far, or too quickly. It's been a case my knee's been held in place by 5 metal rods. So there's been no bend. And seeing as I work the gondola at work full-time now, my shift will either finish 2 hours before the next bus if I'm on the am shift, or it will start 1¼ after the nearest bus gets in, if I'm on the pm shift. So waiting for the bus is a fairly significant drain on my time. "Why not just hitch then?" I hear you ask. Well... have you ever tried getting into a car when you can't bend your leg. Even with the size of cars in this part of the world, I would have to be the fussiest hitcher ever. Waving most cars on because they didn't have my required level of leg room. One of my main modes of transport has been taken away from me due to an inability to bend my knee. And the bus is only comfortable when I can get the middle back seat where there's no chairs in front. It's just lucky that the bus hasn't been full since I did this injury. I quite simply wouldn't be able to share a double seat. And how about eating lunch. The Great Hall is fairly crammed with chairs. They certainly do not cater for cripples though. The chairs are back to back, and tight next to each other. Everytime I go for lunch, I have to do a whole reorganising of The Great Hall. It's not just a case of sitting down at lunch for me anymore. The list goes on and on!

Nevado del Sajama in Bolivia So that's fun. Couple that, with living with a useless retard, when you're a cripple. Now don't get me wrong, me and Greg are getting along great lately. But he's a useless fucker. In a way, he's the personification of what I don't want to be, but maybe would be in danger of becoming had I not got this injury and carried on along the path I was on. He just had 4 days off. 4 days. I think he left the house once in that time. Did about 2 hours of snowboarding. Why would you work at a ski hill, if that's how you spend your spare time? Before I was a cripple, I spent all the time I had skiing. Greg's retardedness, though, didn't bother me when I was healthy. But now... now, a little... just a little effort once in a while would be nice. I said in the last blog how his laziness to get up and answer the door when I was stuck outside, causing my knee to collapse as I tried to climb in the window, worsened the injury 3-fold. Even now, 11 days later, I still don't have the movement in my knee that I did prior to that incident. So it significantly affected my recovery time. And probably made the injury worse than it was at any time prior to that. So I was pissed off at that. Like I said earlier though, why wallow in the past when there's nothing that you can do about it? That was one way his retardedness fucked me over. I believe it was the day prior to the first of his 4 days off, we ran out of toilet paper. I don't know what the Hell Greg had done to it, seeing as I'd only just put a fresh roll on, but we ran out. You would think, that in 4 days of doing nothing, he'd be able to make the 10 minute walk to Sobeys, and pick up a roll. You would think. He didn't. That's how useless he is. It was preferable for him to use his hand, or kitchen roll, or whatever the fuck he was using, than to go to Sobey's. Now I know you're thinking that didn't I have to do the same thing? Well, no. I'm used to living with useless fuckers, so I always keep a couple of emergency rolls in my room exactly for instances like this, and keep them for personal use. So I've been fine. But I can damn sure guarantee that he doesn't have this kind of forethought. But it was left to me, on one leg, to have to replenish the toilet roll. When he had 4 days of sitting around the appartment not doing anything. He could not afford himself a 20 minute round-trip. Worse than that though, on Tuesday morning, we finally... finally, got a new lock put on. The only trouble was that we were only given one key. With most people, alarm bells would be ringing. 2 people in the appartment, 1 key... this doesn't add up. For Greg it does, though. He had all of the rest of Tuesday to get another key cut, in which he didn't leave the appartment once. Then he had all of Wednesday, when again, he didn't leave the appartment once. It was left to me, on one leg, yesterday when I had my first day off, to hobble all the way down to the industrial estate and get this done. For a normal person, this would have been about 25 minutes each way. I only have one leg though. It took me nearly 2 hours to get all the way there and back again. Why? Because Greg is so fucking retarded. I'm not expecting to be waited on hand and foot because I've got a little knee injury. But a little fucking motivation would be nice. Leaving the crippled guy to do Uyuni Salt Plain, Bolivia all of the mutual, necessary things around town. You kind of expect someone to step up in that situation. Not Greg though. This is what I mean he's the personification of what I don't want to become. No motivation. No fire. He is merely here. So that's another cunting thing that I'm moaning about because of this injury.

The last one though, is that since I wrote the last blog, my Tachyon XC has arrived. I have an extreme sports head-cam. Yet the fastest I can move is about 2 miles an hour. In hindsite, not the best $200 I've ever spent. At least the memory card, which I picked up cut-price on eBay, will be of use elsewhere. And I might keep this camera. It could be useful one day if I want to film going snorkelling say. But sitting by my bed, it's almost a reminder of the fact I've gone from speed-hungry skier, to gondola-operating cripple. I might end up just auctioning it off online. It's like God fucking with me though. I spent ages deliberating on whether to buy this camera or not. And when I eventually bite the bullet, I fuck myself up 2 days later. God's a cunt.

Laguna in Bolivia I really don't have too much more to say today. I'll be honest, I don't really know how I stretched the little I did have to say, over such a long space. But hey, rambling on about pointless crap for hours... it's what I do best. So with not much more to say, I might learn a bit more Spanish. God bless The Pirate Bay! Incidentally, I've been keeping tabs on this case. The verdict still hasn't been delivered. But man, it would be a victory for the layman if The Pirate Bay wins. The argument is that it's unfair to the software developers (or in this case, I think they're being sued by the music industry). But the way I see it, to develop software of this calibre, you've got to have a lot of money. Then to spend $650 on it, you've got to have a lot of money. So it's essentially trading, from rich people, to other rich people. Excluding poor people from the opportunity to learn another language. How many people downloading this for free, would be willing to pay $650 for this content, was it not available on pirate? I doubt many, if any. If you're downloading this stuff for free, spending the time to research how to do it, and where to find it, plus risking virus on your computer, you don't just have a spare $650 laying about. And because of those sacrifices that you have to make, people with money, will never neglect to buying the product. So I can't see that this software companies bottom line will be affected very much. It's just giving the people without the money, the chance at education. And logical argument says, that it's these people that need it the most. Afterall, if you can afford to spend $650 on some language software, then you're obviously earning enough that it's a luxury to you. The people who need this kind of thing, are the ones who can't afford it. That's where The Pirate Bay comes in. It's just providing a service to the poor. And don't expect me to feel sorry for this software company. As I've said many times in the past, I have a real distain for those people with unnecessary sums of money. If you're saving more money than is logical for security, then spend the excess. Put it back into the economy. If you have too much to spend, then you obviously don't need it. Give it away. Buy a damn football club. Just don't stockpile it unnecessarily. That's where I get really pissed off. Because the more unnecessary money is stockpiled for no reason, the less is getting to the people who need it. And I will bet you that this software company has more money stockpiled than they need. And when any company or person gets to that status, as far as I'm concerned, they're fair game. They're fair game to steal from, or do whatever is necessary to diminish their resources. Because by stockpiling money, they're essentially stealing, by not allowing it to get to the people who actually need it. It's just that it's not stealing by law. But don't get me started on law. But I'm making an assumption that this software company is at that point of having more money than they need, or can spend. So to me, they're at the point that they're fair game. Diminish their resources. Any means necessary.

La Paz, Bolivia As I am now a full-time gondola operator though, even I've come to tire a little bit of sitting there doing fuck all, all day. So I've invested a hefty $3.79 into a book of Sudoku puzzles. I've never been a fan of Sudoku, but even I have to admit that it's good brain exercise. Really gets you thinking. Gets the cogs in your head turning. If I'm going to be sat their all day not doing anything, may as well keep my brain at least somewhat active. And it does look like I'm going to be stuck at the gondola for a while. The doctor said to me today, that I can lose the splint in about 5 days. I'll keep it on when I'm at work etc for the next 5 days. But I've had enough of that damn thing, that the second I got back from the doctors this morning, I took it off and replaced it with a soft knee support. That's surely at least sufficient whilst I'm about the appartment. But he said maybe light skiing in 3 weeks from now. Great. That'll be with about 9 days left in the season, I can start light skiing. Better than nothing I suppose. It may possibly mean that I can work another lift at least once more before I leave. And I've been saying for a while, such have my expectations been lately, that if I can get just one more run down the bunny hill, I'll be happy. So it looks like I'll get that. My extreme sports head-cam won't be of much use to me. But I should get at least one more final ski. Even if it is only on an easy run.

Laguna Colorada in Bolivia Oh and finally, I've noticed over the last 12 months or so, that I'm pretty sure my hairline is rescinding. I might be imagining it. But I was about to shave my head the other day. Do what I always do. Start with nothing, and then grow my hair out for between 4-6 months, and then start all over again. That's what I've been doing for years. But seeing as I probably won't have hair forever, I figure I may as well make the most of it whilst I can. So I'm thinking let it grow out a bit. I had it cut just before I left for Canada. So it's been about 4 months already. But I wonder how long I can take it. To the best of my knowledge, the longest my hair ever got, was the picture on my drivers license that I took when I was 16. That was 8 months growth if I remember right. So maybe see if I can beat that. I probably won't have the opportunity for many years longer. So I might look like a dirty hippy soon. That's all I really have to say.

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