Can you have a holiday if you're already travelling?

Panorama Mountain When I said in the last blog that I'd try and write again soon... I kind of meant the next day or possibly the day after. I definitely didn't mean a week later. But then work came. And when work comes, everything else pretty much just gets put on the back-burner. And that, in some way or shape, will pretty much be the focus of most of this blog.

First off, the title. It was my day off today so I was up at the mountain skiing as normal. And one of the lifty's asked me if I wanted to swap days off. My day off tomorrow, for his day off on Sunday. At the time I said yes, I was thinking playoffs. NFL conference championships this Sunday... I was pissed I was going to miss at least the Cards game. So I jumped at the chance for this. It wasn't until later, I realised that I already had the subsequent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off, meaning that I now have 4 days off. Normally I'd only get Tuesday and Wednesday off in a week. So to all of a sudden have 4 days off... this may be the only time this Winter. So either late on Saturday after work, or early on Sunday, I am outta here for a few days. I haven't got as far as deciding where yet, all I know, is I'm out of here! For someone from the city like me, seeing the same people, the same shops, and everything the fucking same in this small town, I just need a break. So although I don't know where yet, I'm gonna take a few days off. Possibly Fernie. Sean, if you remember him from the Mexico blogs, is down there at the moment. Possibly even Whistler, although the 12+ hour bus journey each way makes that a little less appealing. James, who will have featured in the Vancouver blogs back in November, is currently out there. And then maybe somewhere completely different. Maybe head down to the US for a bit. Maybe to another resort. Maybe just get on a bus and see where it goes. I wasn't expecting this time off. But now I have it, I'm not going to sit around the appartment for 4 days. Or just go skiing on the same runs I've been doing for the past month. I'm going somewhere... I just don't know where yet. Maybe even Calgary. Haven't been there yet. I might even just look at a map and go to the place with the best name. The buses out of Invermere are shit mind. I might have to hitch some of the way. But fuck... I have to hitch to and from Pano all the time. I'm a hitching veteran right now. Who knows where I'll end up.

Panorama Mountain Going back to the NFL quickly, for obvious reasons, I requested having the superbowl off. Somehow this request got lost in translation, and as of right now, I'm scheduled to be working February 1st. I'll hopefully be able to swap that shift, but you mark the following words. Under no circumstances... NO CIRCUMSTANCES, will I miss that game. I sincerely mean it when I say this: I will quit my job before I miss the superbowl. If I worked every second of available overtime from now until the end of the season, I don't think it would be possible to have worked as many hours as I've spent in front of the TV, or on the Internet this season regarding the NFL. Watching games, magazine shows, the draft,, fantasy football, prediction leagues and a shit-load more stuff, I've probably spent more time on the NFL than on anything else over recent times. So if you think I'd be willing to miss the superbowl for anything... anything, then you need to think again. I sincerely mean it when I say, I will quit my job before I miss that game! Hopefully it won't come to that and I'm able to swap my shifts over. But if it does, it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

Panorama Mountain Having been so long since I've written again, I have more stuff I want to talk about that I have time to write it. On my little list of crap that I've been up to, I've got stuff dating back as far as Christmas that I wanted to write about. This is the shit thing about work. It takes away any element of creativity and free-thinking in your life. All you start caring about, and thinking about, is getting ready for work, going to work, being at work, coming home from work, relaxing after work, and sleeping so you're ready for work. Before I started working full-time, I had ambition. I had drive. I had morals for fucks sake. I felt ever-strongly about green-issues. I worked out all the time. I ate well. I shopped smartly. Now, I just do what's easy. There's no easy recycling for us here, so we just throw things away. I've been to the gym once since I got here. My diet now consists mainly of pizza, fries and burgers. And just today I went to the bargain store to buy some new earphones. Not that there's anything wrong with the ones I had. Well they are held together with sticky-tape, but they were before I left England. And they were good enough for me then. And you know what, in the bargain store they had some earphones for 94¢. I don't know that they were any good, but for 94¢ does it matter? They'll still play music won't they? You know how much the ones I bought were? About $11 for fucks sake. I spent over $10 more than I had to. And did I think twice about going away this weekend. No. I've just decided to go, and I don't care how much it costs. Working... I've just lost all the individuality I had before I got here. I've just become like any other scrub in a suit everyday. Except I don't wear a suit, but you see what I'm getting at. Before I started working non-stop, I was a real person. Someone unique. Now I'm no different from any other cunt at the top of a ski lift. The strain that working puts on you, you just lose the ability to be anything other than a face in the crowd. And that's pretty shit. This is why I'm so opposed to the whole concept of 'career'. This is why I came abroad when every other cunt at the end of uni was looking for the bottom of a ladder to begrudginly climb. But somehow, I've ended up in the same place that they're at. I still work 40 hours a week, just like them. My Monday is a Thurday, seeing as Panorama Mountain I have Tuesday and Wednesday off. But every Monday (Thursday), I still long for 5 O'clock (about 4:30) every Friday night (Monday night), just so I can have some time to myself. So I guess, getting away from the typical life and coming abroad, I really didn't achieve what I wanted to. And that was avoiding the trap that everyone else was falling into. I have fun here. When you've skiied everyday for a month (apart from one because of a hangover, and one for the NFL playoffs), you fall in love with skiing. I'm as comfortable skiing now as I am walking. Seeing as I live in a pretty icy place, maybe even more so. But I'm still in that same cycle of being stuck at the bottom of a ladder to climb. Only I can't climb my ladder because I get kicked out the country in 10 months. But this is exactly what I wanted to avoid. I don't have the time or energy to workout right now. I don't have the time or energy to keep a blog. All I have the time and energy to do, is work, and then relax after work, just like every other fucker in the world. That depresses me somewhat. And I know I'll miss the skiing here, but other than that, I'm almost looking forward to change already. Getting to the end of the season, so I can go and do something new. Go to Toronto, go to Vancouver, go to Dawson City... whatever the fuck I'm going to do, I'm already looking forward to it. Because if there's one thing I hate, it's being stuck in a damn routine. Knowing exactly how everyday will go. I came out here to avoid that. But yet I'm stuck in the same cycle as everyone else. Maybe I'll feel differently after a few days off. Get away from Invermere for a bit and see how I feel. Not once have I gone a day without being at the mountain since it opened over a month ago. Maybe I just need a change for a few days. Get the fuck out of here. See something different. The wow factor of the mountain scenery only lasts so long. And once that's gone, it's just like any, other, place.

Panorama Mountain Now I'm sure there's people reading this thinking what a lazy cunt I'm being. "I have to work 40 hours a week, so why shouldn't you?" What I'm trying to point out, is why does anyone? We're born into this work culture and just accept it as necessary. But when you think things through, is it really? It's justified by the "better way of life" we supposedly have. So that 42" plasma TV is your better way of life. That is your justification for working 8 hours a day, everyday, for the rest of your life. Even if you work in an industry unrelated to electronics... shoe-making or something, this is still our reward. You might not make the TV's, but you make the shoes for the people who do. But I look around myself, and if I had the choice of working 40 hours a week and living with a large plasma TV, or working 10 hours a week, and living like they did in the 1920's... then I pick the latter. Because in a round-about way, we're all working for that life of greater technologies. Where as personally, I'm pretty happy with how far we've developed. It's just because every part of the economy is linked to this development, you need to work the 40 hours a week to pay for basics like housing and food. Remove technological innovation from the economy, and we'd all probably be able to work 35 hours a week, because there'd be more people (those who were previously working in technological innovation) to do less work (less the technological innovation). And I know that sounds like a recipe for high unemployment, but as long as the typical hours worked by an individual were reduced accordingly, everyone would have less money in their pockets and prices would be reduced. There's be a few bumps as the economy evened out, but you see what I'm getting at. If everyone just agreed that we no longer need to innovate any further in technology. Then just take every industry that we were happy with where we were at, and remove it. Why do we have to keep on making things better and better? It's that attitude that's got us in this whole shit-storm with global warming. If we didn't feel the need to improve so much, we wouldn't be using so much carbon. You hear people banging on about the 1990 levels of emissions. That's because we used less then. Why? Because of innovation since then. So I know it sounds like I'm just moaning about having to work 40 hours a week from this point until I'm dead, but when you think about it, the real better quality of life, isn't in having a 50" plasma TV rather than a 42". It's giving people time. Less work and more time. And although having a 50" TV might be nice, I'd rather have more time than a fucking TV. You never even have the time to watch it.

Panorama Mountain But then innovation is driven by greed. And greed is really the most powerful emotion people harbour. It overpowers any realm of logical thinking. When there's money to be made, people will make it, regardless of the consequences. People like to champion hard-work as a good quality. But unless channeled positively, as it rarely is, hard-work is just a means to wealth. A means to greed. Why do millionaires continue to work? I ask myself that all the time. Because they want to become billionaires. Why? I don't know either. They could already buy anything that they want when they were millionaires. Now they can still buy anything they want. Great. Their life is exactly the same apart from a bank balance. A number on a bit of paper. Yet they'll still strive to get there. I don't get it. And as I've said before, it's these people that cause more problems than anyone else. It might be the chavs that get shit in the media. But in reality, it's the rich who cause all the problems. Think about the economic crisis. Everyone needs to spend a little money to survive. You need to buy food and you need to buy shelter. So if everyone has a little money, then everyone would continue to spend regardless of the economic climate. But if a crisis comes, and some people have a lot of money, when they stop spending, it fucks up everything. As they stop spending, there is less money flowing in the economy. And when there is less money flowing, that's when you get in shit. If there are no rich people, then no one has the power to cause a shit-storm like this. But as so much money is controlled by so few people, when those few stop spending, it fucks up everything for everyone. Having so few people with so much money, it's a time-bomb waiting to explode. I'm surprised it took so long. As I've said multiple times in the past, the wealthy are the cause of so many of the biggest problems. Eliminate the rich and you also eliminate the poor. Yet despite the poor being in the majority, living the shit the rich put us through, there is still a reluctance to remove them. If every citizen in the world was suddenly limited to a maximum bank balance of $1 million say, and all the excess was distributed among those without so much money, so many of the worlds problems would suddenly disappear. As it is, for some reason we sit idly by and live in shit instead.

Think about it further, if there was a maximum any person could own, then greed is eliminated. Or at least capped. If you eliminate greed, then what other problems disappear? Climate change is caused by greed. If people didn't care about money, we wouldn't produce as many emissions as we do. Poverty is caused by greed. Having an unlimited pot to fill with gold, people never stop taking. Personally I think the capitalist system we live in, has become outdated. It might have been great when it came about. But as global warming shows, and as the economic crisis shows, it doesn't work anymore. That's just the way I see things. Eliminate greed by capping wealth, and a fuck-load of the worlds problems are solved. Yet for some reason the majority are willing to sit by and live through the economic crisis, and live through climate change and all it's problems, so a minority can bathe in gold. I don't see why. I guess people are afraid of change. This is the only way of life any of us have ever known, and we're afraid of anything else. But when you think about it, fuck the grass is greener if we wanted it to be.

Panorama Mountain The problem is though, people don't think. And the more I think about it, the more I can justify creating this website. Agree with those last few paragrahs or not, if you've read this far, you've at least given me the opportunity to present a proper argument. If we were talking in the street, or sat in the pub, would you have let me get this far without adding your 2¢ worth? Don't think so. This is why I made this website I think. It's a medium I have access to, that is essentially an alternative to conversation. I've given up talking to people. People are too fucking dumb to talk to. And what I've realised, is that people are always wrong. They are when they disagree with me anyway. And when I talk to people, they cloud my thinking with their rubbish views, and it fucks up everything. Using this website instead, it's an opportunity to talk, uninterrupted. And once I've had a chance to say something fully, then you can disagree with it all you want. Hell that's why I added a forum. But I just find a 2-way conversation too damn restrictive. This website is my alternative to never having to talk to people again. It's genius!

Example. I was working with Laura the other day. And we're filling out our timesheets. She's looking at mine to see what hours I've put down. And I've added my hours, which came to 7.75, and put that in the total hours box. You would not believe that in this day and age, someone would say "Why have you put 7.75? You know there's only 60 minutes in an hour." She genuinely thought that I'd put in 7 hours and 75 minutes. And after 10 minutes of arguing, even explaining 10-year old maths to her, of tenths, and hundreths, and all that crap, she was still adamant that I was wrong. I eventually had to show her that nearly every other employee had written the exact same times as me, and that 7.75 actually didn't mean 7 hours and 75 minutes. All I can say, is it's lucky she has a pretty face. Because that girl is not getting through life on her brains. She's 24. So she's probably got 7 or 8 years until her looks fade. God I hope she's made something of herself by then, because once she's ugly, she is really fucked. She won't be thinking her way to her fortune I can guarantee you that much.

Panorama Mountain What I'm trying to show there, apart from the fact that you probably shouldn't raise your children in Newcastle, is that if I have to talk to people, I have to explain things to people. And it took me 10 minutes to show something that I'm sure I knew by the time I was 10. To be honest, I really don't know that she understands it now, it's just that she decided to agree with me because everyone else had done the same thing. Now I'm not saying that everyone is quite that dumb. But my brain works faster than I can type. A lot faster. If I could get onto this page, everything that I've thought whilst I've been typing, it would probably make a lot more sense. Because when I read back over a lot of what I write, I just haven't justified in text, what I'm able to justify to myself in thought. My brain thinks of something, I start typing it, but before I've explained it fully, my brain is onto something else and I'm left with some half-baked description of something. I'm sure when I read back over that bit about rich people destroying the world, there will be no justification whatsoever for saying that. But I guarantee, in my head if you were able to look in there, there is a well thought out, logical argument, as to why an elimination of rich people means an elimination of so many problems. All I've probably written though, is rich people cause global warming. And whoever's reading this (you), is just thinking I'm off my rocker and have these unjustified views. Where as in reality, they're really, really justified. It's just I can't type fast enough to justify them before my brain starts thinking about something else. But what's even slower than typing? Talking. That might sound stupid. But in a 2-way conversation where you have to explain things, like why 0.75 is the same as ¾, it takes longer to make a point than it does to type it. Especially because I'm someone who overthinks things. Don't laugh. But what I've created here, is a medium where I don't have people answering back. It's like this is my alternative to conversation. Talking to people just wasn't working for me. So now, instead of talking, I can just write. And I can tell you from experience, it's a damn sight better at getting your point across than having a conversation with someone. Don't believe me? Well how many people do you think you can find at a ski resort who want to talk about the causes of the global economic crisis? Exactly. You think people working 40 hours a week want to talk about how it's fucking up their lives? Of course not. They just want to close their eyes and pretend it's not happening. So it's like I've created a medium superior to conversation. Mainly, because no one can interrupt me. It's genius.

Ok that might be a bit far fetched. In reality I've just created a blank piece of paper. But having discovered the value of putting your thoughts onto that paper, all the thinking that I want to relay, I can now do in a form other than talking. And it's much, much better. Because there are a lot of dumb people in the world. And when you talk to them, you get brought down to their level. That 10 minutes I spent trying to explain to Laura that 7.75 isn't 75 minutes, could have been spent talking about something, actually important. But then where are the people who want to talk about that? I can't see any. If I started every conversation in the world, the things you would hear people say, are what I say on this website. It's like my own little world sort of. Which I guess is why I called it Jro's World. That's not really why. I initially wanted to call it The World according to Jro. But when I typed into godaddy to see if the URL was available, I realised it was a little long. So I shortened it. But still. Thinking of it like I just said it, I somehow just justified calling this website Jro's World. Pretty lucky. But now I have a reason at least.

Panorama Mounain Speaking of dumb people, I want to move onto Americans for a bit (I still haven't forgiven them for Bush). I hear a lot of people preaching, especially since now I have a lot of US TV channels, that the USA is the greatest country in the world. But I'm yet to hear a justification for that statement. However, I'd like to make the case that it is in fact the worst country in the world. And unlike the the fatties, I have an argument for my claim. Well I did. I don't really remember what it was, but I definitely had one. This is what I mean about not being able to keep up with what I think. I'll try and recall whatever the hell that arguement was.

So people always have the argument, science vs religion. Science vs religion. What country in the world is the most scientifically evolved? The US. And what country has the most mental Christians? That might be the US. I don't know for sure. But there's a butt-load of them there, I know that much. The amount of people there who believe in talking snakes and stars that move slowly enough you can follow them, is still too high. Have you ever tried following a star? Well first off, it doesn't lead anywhere. It moves all night. And secondly, if it was close enough to the earth to follow, surely the gravitational pull would cause such severe flooding in bethlehem that Jesus would have to be born on a boat. A stable would definitely be under water. If the moon can pull the seas about. Then just think how strong the gravitational pull of a star would be! We'd be fucked.

That's a pretty good demonstration of why America is the worst country in the world. But it wasn't what I was going for. I'm sure talking snakes can be matched by the retardedness of some other religions elsewhere. Bottom line; America has a lot of science and religion. Now think about the consequence of both of these. The consequence of science, is retardedness. When you have science, you lose the ability to act by yourself. You can't quit smoking without nicotine patches. You can't lose weight without fat-loss products. "Oooh. I've tried everything, but I just can't lose the weight." With science in the equation, people neglect to realise that running a minor calorie deficit will remove weight off a person regardless of who they are. Everyone is the same in that respect. So simply monitoring the number of calories you consume in a day, and the number you burn; if you are a person who maintains a contant weight, then these 2 figures will be similar. If you either lower the number of calories you consume, or increase the number you burn, you will lose weight. It's a very simple equation. Yet because Americans think there's a pill out there to cure anything, they'll neglect to do the 30 minutes research online to learn the basics of how the body works, and how they can easily shift some weight. I've been there. I've lost significant weight in the past. I know what it takes. And don't get me started on smoking. Nothing pisses me off than people pretending they want to quit smoking. I fail to believe there's anyone in the world weak-minded enough that they can't not go to the store and buy a pack of cigarettes. I've been there. I've done it. I quit smoking cold-turkey. Why? Because I wanted to stop smoking. If you want to stop smoking, you stop buying cigarettes. It's that simple. You stop putting them in your mouth and lighting them. It's not rocket science. All this crap like nicotine patches does, is prolong the process. Why would you try and quit smoking over a 4-week period, or whatever the hell it is? Cold turkey, and you can have the worst of it out of your system after 3 days. You want to go through that pain for a month? What fucking planet are you on?

Panorama Mountain These are 2 problems that I see on TV every fucking day in this country. People supposedly cannot quit smoking. Or cannot lose weight. They've tried everything. Give me a fucking break! And this is why scientific innovation is bad. It makes people weak. This is just 2 examples, but in developed countries, and worse than anywhere in the US, every aspect of a persons life is run by science. And because of this, in every aspect of an American's life, they're weak. There is such a reliance on pills to do this, and medicines to do that, and machines to do the other, that people have forgotten that they can do all these things themselves. There's so many fat people here, because they've forgotten they have legs. If their car can't reach it, they're not doing it. Drive-through ATM's for fucks sake. Their immune systems must be the weakest in the world, because they take drugs if they cough. And as the fatty and smoking example shows, their willpower, is shit. I can appreciate you'd use science in a limited capacity in your life. Everyone does. But when you become reliant on it, as the entire developed world is, then the more of it there is, the worse it is.

(I've used the term 'science' very loosely here. I know that there's pretty much nothing that doesn't come under the umbrella of science. People are a part of science afterall. I'm referring to science here as scientific innovation.)

And then religion. The single biggest blockade to logical thinking. To problem-solving. I might have blamed the rich for a lot of the worlds problems. But religion is one of the things that stops people from being able to see the solutions. Until there's an abolishment of religion, which I don't see happening in my lifetime, there can be no logical steps forward.

So when people ask me, science or religion, my answer is simple. Neither. I know they're often talking about the creation of the universe and all that bull-crap. But eliminate scientific innovation and religion from the world, and we have a much better planet to live on. And which country has these 2 characteristics in the greatest abundance? The US. And that is my argument as to why they're in fact the shittest country in the world. I'm yet to here the justification it's the greatest.

I really don't think that was the argument I had in my head. Meh. It'll do. Once I remember the original argument, I'll combine it with this argument to create some kind of indisputable super-argument. That'll fuck 'em over.

Panorama Mountain I have a load more I could go onto write about here. Things that I've actually been doing, rather than just whatever came into my head, as I've pretty much done here so far. But I've got to the point I think I'm getting to the limit of what I can write in one sitting. Plus I want to sit in front of the TV and drink beer for an hour or so before bed (See! Would I have done that in the Summer? I've become a regular person.). So I'll kind of rush through the rest. Also, I think I'm going to go through what I've already written, and add random photos I've taken from on the moutain. Just to make it a bit more colourful. This will explain why there was a photo of a tree or something, whilst I was spelling doom for all humanity. I don't know. I haven't added the pictures yet. Anyway, rushing through...

Firstly, arctic skiing. It was 2 or more weeks ago now, but there was a day at the mountain when there was really strong winds so you couldn't see more than a few yards in front of you at times, because of all the snow blowing about. It was pretty cool. A little scary at times though.

Secondly, it turns out the pay here isn't as shit as I first thought. I'm getting good hours, and because I didn't bother reading the tax forms properly, I'm not really paying any tax. My only worry now is that I earn too much money. Apparently if I earn more than something like $9,100, I have to pay the tax back. In that instance, I'll be leaving the country.

Thirdly, the other day I was working on the gondola. I couldn't leave my post and there was no one to take over for me to take a urine break. I couldn't hold it, so I had to pour away my drinking water and pee into bottle in the corner of the lift shack. It was hard. They don't make bottles big enough to fit your penis into, so a lot of it just went onto the shack. It was a good day.

Fourthly, is it wrong to steal from a snowman? I was working on Christmas day, again on the gondola. Someone had made a snowman near where I was working and put a rather nice hat on him. I stole it. I don't feel bad about it.

Panorama Mountain Fifthly, I'm the greatest skiier ever. I haven't had much time to talk about my skiing recently. But I went from slowest person on the green runs to doing double black diamonds in about 3 weeks. That has to be some kind of record. Especially on skis that only cost $65 with bindings. I'd like to know if anyone else has learnt to ski so quickly. Apart from one closed section, I've now skiied virtually every run at Panorama. I would have said that impossible over the whole season 3 weeks ago. Now there's nothing new for me to ski at Pano. I'm amazing.

Fifthly, I'd like to thank the man who bought me a hot chocolate and sambuca when I had to work the PM gondola shift the other night in the cold. I was a bit rude when you knocked on the window because I thought you were just being too lazy to come outside and ask me when you closed. You were sat in the restaurant that looks out onto the gondola platform. That hot-chocolate and sambuca made my night.

Sixthly, I'd like recognition from Panorama for enforcing their mission statement: Creating the best memories again and again. When I was working the chair-lift for night-skiing the other night, someone came to me and told me they didn't have a ticket. I let them ride the lift for free countless times anyway. Surely there's no better memory than having free skiing. If this is not correct, I'd please like the mission statement updated to: Creating the best memories again and again, whilst raping people for as much money as possible. It is more accurate and will save confusion in the future.

Seventhly, maybe Panorama should review their policy on drunk workers. This was me at work at 09:02am on new years day. I found a pair of glasses and proceeded to take this picture. This is not a resposible way to work a gondola. However I accept none of the blame personally. If I am forced to work at a time I am likely to be drunk, I will not be held responsible for my actions.

That is all I have to say.

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