Back on the mountain

When I got to the doctors last Friday, just before I wrote the last blog entry, he told me: "Keep the splint on for about 5 more days. You can sleep without it now, but you need to keep wearing it for 5 more days." The way I saw it, if I didn't need it to sleep in anymore, then do I really need it to just be chilling around the appartment? I didn't think so. I had fuck all to do for the rest of that day, so why bother keeping the damn splint on. Then I slept without it. And then the next day, I was working the late shift on the gondola, so for all of that morning, I was just sitting around the appartment again, so why bother putting it back on. The problem here was, that having worn this fucking splint nearly 24 hours a day for the last 10 days, I'd now been over 24 hours without it. And as I detailed in the last blog, you don't really appreciate the inconvenience of not being able to bend your knee, until you can't actually do it. So having this thing off for 24 hours... as much as I was telling myself I needed to listen to the doctor; that he knew what he was talking about. As much as I tried to tell myself that, there was no way that this splint was going back on. So that, as they say, was the end of that. No more splint.

And for that first day, it was great. I could move my knee again. Albeit, I still had very limited movement. But it was still more than having my knee held in place with 5 metal rods. And man, that was beautiful. No more, itchy Zimmer splint. Restricting my movement. Compressing my leg all day. It was beautiful. And the next day, it was great too. And the day after that. And the day after that.

It's funny though. Karma has a way of catching up with you. I'd overruled a professional. The doctor had told me 5 days. I'd ignored him. I just wanted this damn thing off of my leg. People had even started calling me Forrest Gump, what with the way I was walking. That didn't bother me so much. But it gives you an idea of how I looked wearing this damn thing. And anyway, I'm leaving the appartment on the 5th day. Had I listened to the doctor, this would be the final day that I would be wearing this splint. The temperature here, still gets down to about -10°C at night. But compare that to the beginning of the season, and this is like Summer. Sub-zero temperature don't even register for me anymore. It's got to be -20°C or colder for me to take any notice now. So I even sleep with the window open at the moment. But unfortunately, water isn't like me. Water still gets cold at -10°C. Frozen even. So coming across ice when leaving for the early bus is to be expected. And man, this ice was karma's way of telling me that I really should have listened to the doctor.

Even now I still have limited movement of my knee. I can't bend it further than a 90° angle. And believe me, if it is ever forced out of this comfort zone... it hurts. It fucking hurts. I've never been one too bothered by pain. When I broke or fractured my wrist a few years ago (self-diagnosed), I didn't bother with a doctor or anything like that. Why bother with a cast? I just wrapped it up in a bandage. I was writing again after about 5 days, and although it was pretty fucking stupid and hurt like hell, I was back in American football training after 10. Then there was another time that, still learning to play football, I went in for a tackle with my head low. Compressed my spine down. I couldn't bend over for weeks after that. But I still didn't bother with any drugs or medical help. I like my body to heal itself. And I guess as a result of this attitude to injuries, I've built up a pretty high pain threshold. Well that may be so. But believe me when I tell you, if my knee gets out of it's comfort zone... it hurts. Worse than any pain I've ever experienced. When my knee collapsed as I was trying to climb through the window 2 or 3 weeks back, despite being somewhat under the influence of alcohol, that was, undoubtedly, the worst pain I've ever experienced. I was on the floor, crying out for it to stop. And man... karma wanted me to feel that again.

On the last day that I was supposed to be wearing this splint, you can guess where I'm going with this. I walk out of the appartment block. I go about 20 yards. Then my left foot goes over some ice. I was wearing good quality, Sorel Winter boots. But they still didn't have the grip to hold me in place on this ice. It was only a small ice puddle. So my left leg slides to the end of the puddle, until my foot hits dirt. On contact with the dirt, my foot stops sliding. However with the momentum it's built up, my knee continues to move forward, until my left leg is folded up with thigh touching calf. My body just collapses, and here we are all over again. I'm just there, laying on the ground in some of the worst pain I've ever been in. And I didn't even have the cushion of alcohol to soften the pain this time. And I tell you, this was karma. This is what happens when you overrule the doctor. Had I been wearing the splint still, yes I would have fallen over still. But my left leg would have been held straight by 5 metal rods. Maybe at worst, I would have got a bit of a cut or bruise somewhere on my torso. Whatever it would have been, I can tell you unequivocally, that it would have been preferable to what I was feeling as I lay there.

I don't know how long I was on the ground for. 2 minutes maybe. Just waiting for the pain to numb. Maybe for adrenaline to kick in. Had I not had to get that bus, I might have laid there all day. But this is what happens when you try to be a cocky fucker. Tell yourself that you know best.

And it sums up this injury to a tee. Everytime that you think you're getting somewhere. Everytime that you think you're getting better, something drags you back down. Every 2 steps of healing that you do, you take one step backwards. It's just the way it is. It's not always something as painful as that. But you can go to bed one night feeling great. But then you sleep on it at a funny angle. Or you have a dream that makes you jerk your body, and the next morning it's all worse again. It's a fucking pain I can tell you. Just when you think you're making progress, you get dragged back down. You're living, almost in false hope. Some days I'll be thinking I'll be able to ski tomorrow. And others I wonder if I'll ever be able to go out running again.

It's why I've set my expectations low. My one, single, solitary goal for the rest of this season, is heal my knee. Nothing else matters to me. I've accepted I may not ski again this season. And I'm not going to pretend I'm happy about that. But even if I do get back out onto the mountain, am I going to be able to do any skiing to the level I was doing before the injury? Not even close. The best I'd be able to hope for, is some slow runs down green and blue's. So why be bothered about it? I just want to get better. I've accepted the possibility of the end of my Winter. But if it starts eating into my Summer as well, then I'll be pissed. So my one goal for my remaining month at Panorama: Heal my knee. It's all that matters to me. I hate being limited by my physical tools, so nothing else matters to me. I'm not getting drunk, because if I'm drunk, I'm just more prone to reinjuring myself. I won't be skiing unless I'm 100% comfortable. And Hell, apart from necessary errands, I'm not even leaving the appartment on my days off. I just want to rest my knee.

That being said, in one of the times when I was feeling buoyant about my recovery, I spoke to my manager to ask him for a couple of shifts a step-up from working the Gondola. So starting next Monday... I'm back on the mountain baby! Magic Carpet! I never thought I'd be so happy to work the fucking Magic Carpet... but something to take me away from the gondola. Something where I'm working a lift where people are actually wearing skis! That's a big fucking deal to me after being stuck on the gondola for nearly a month now. It might just be a little conveyor belt for beginners and retards. But fuck! It's not the gondola. And I'll actually get to laugh at people learning to ski. They'll be even worse than me, even though I'm a cripple. I never thought I'd be so happy to work the Magic Carpet. But come Monday, I'm back on the mountain baby!

Admittedly, my shifts next week do go: Magic Carpet, Gondola am, Magic Carpet, Gondola am, Magic Carpet. But still. That's some real variety compared to what I'm used to. And at least I'll actually have something to do. Rather than being on the gondola really to chat to people (which I hate. I'm not a social person), and in the 1 in a million chance anything actually goes wrong. I should have little kids falling off the Magic Carpet all day long. And I'm going to treasure each of those moments! I'm back on the mountain.

Back-tracking for a second, there was something I noticed the other day as karma was teaching me to listen to doctors. As I was falling on the ice, my train of thought went something like as follows. The first split second was "aah, I'm falling. Make sure my knee doesn't bend." Then as I realised there was nothing I could do, the next split second was "Fuck, my knees about to bend. This is going to hurt like fuck." Then as my knee coiled up, there was the inevitable "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! This fucking hurts!." And then, at about the time I hit the ground, still in absolute agony, my thoughts turn to "Fuck I hope no one saw me. This would be really fucking embaressing if anyone saw me do this."

Is that worrying? Because it seems a little strange to me that in moments of desparation, I seem to all of a sudden care what people think about me. Because normally, I couldn't give a fuck what other people think. I have the attitude that if anyone disagrees with anything that I do, well then that's because they're obviously not as clever as me. Or as laid back as me. Or anything else. I'm always able to brush aside what people think of me. Yet for some reason, in times of desparation, I seem to be more bothered about not being seen, than I do about doing what's best for me. I guess it's some naturally ingrained male pride thing. I don't know. But I just find that strange.

And it happens anytime I'm doing something dangerous. If I'm absailing, for example, falling and dieing, doesn't even factor into my thought process. What I'm thinking, is if I fall and crack my head open, I'm going to look like a total fucking dick. Is that strange? I was just curious, because folding up my knee the other day, it was just something that I noticed. Even before the pain had started to subside, I was looking around me, not for help, but to make sure that no one saw. Because despite being in some of the worst pain I've ever experienced, I was more bothered about how I looked that getting any help. I just find that a little strange. Maybe because I was brought up around dogs. They always hide when they're ill don't they. Maybe I just copy their behavioural patterns or something. Because that would explain quite a lot.

And hey, from somewhere recently, I seem to have found this attitude of making the best of everything no matter how shit things seem. Don't ask me where I've suddenly inherited this from. But whatever is happening at the moment, I'm somehow able to find positives in it. I don't know why. But in keeping with this new hippy trait that I've inherited from somewhere, I have a bad knee. And a bad knee stops me skiing. And as Natasha Richardson recently found out the hard way (nope, I've never heard of her either), skiing can kill you. So you never know. Maybe this knee injury saved my life. I doubt it. Because Natasha died after hitting her head. And I hit my head on stuff all the time without consequence. But as I tried to demonstrate in a recent blog, the smallest actions can lead to cataclysmic consequences. And who knows. Maybe had I been skiing for the past 4 weeks, maybe I would have killed myself. So there's the positive about having a knee injury. I'm not dead.

That doesn't mean that everythings positive. I mean, I'm still going to moan a lot, a lot, about my knee in the upcoming text. But still, take some positives from it, right?

I've reminded myself of David Brent a lot recently. I've been using a lot of quotes and sayings to justify my points. And here we go again. You don't know what you've got, until it's gone. I exercised a lot before I got this injury. I was keeping myself in acceptable, if not immaculate shape. And I thought that I appreciated how important diet and exercise were to me. But you don't realise what you've got until it's gone. And as I spend my days off, living like a hermit. Resting my knee with the solitary goal of being healthy for the Summer, I sit in front of the TV, or in front of my laptop, getting more and more unfit. Getting more and more out of shape. And only now, can I really appreciate how important it is to me that I'm exercising. Important for physique reasons, yes. But to a much greater extent, for health reasons. Luckily the 2 generally, go hand in hand.

Jro I was looking through some older blogs this morning. And I came across this picture I took right before I left for Canada, from the blog This is it. It's of me, looking like a nob. But my own, kind of, experiment, to see how my travelling will affect me. Physically. I want to see how I look once I return home, compared to how I looked before I left. Now I'm not in great shape here. Not even close. But then I look at myself in the mirror now. Especially since this injury turned me into a hermit... And fuck! It makes you realise how much I need my exercise. And as I've said in the past, I'm someone who reacts well to adversity. When I'm in the shit, is when I'm at my most determined. And everyday now, I'm looking in the mirror. And I'm almost goading myself. It's like a monster inside of me... I just need to get out there. To go out running 5 miles. To get to the gym. But I know I can't do it. But something this injury has taught me, is how important it is for me to be out there exercising. So my drive... my drive is greater now than it ever was. My drive to push myself, is stronger than ever. And it's ironic that it's at the one time in my life that I just can't go. But maybe now you can appreciate that this is why healing my knee, is more important to me now than anything. Because the longer I can't just get out there and go running, the longer I'm feeling like a caged animal. And I just want to go.

Luckily, there is still something I can do. I may not be able to work, physically. But I can work mentally. Even if my body won't be able to go for a while, my mind will. On the doctors advice, I'm using the hot-tubs and sauna at work regularly. Apparently it'll loosen up the muscles or some bullcrap like that. More important than that to me though, is it's a place where I can push myself. Take myself out of my comfort zone, so when my body can go again, my mind is ready. My body may be in a relaxed state with a lack of exercise, but I'm keeping my mind focused. How? Everyday when I go in these hot tubs and sauna, I'll push myself to the point of dizziness. To the point that when I stand up, I have to hold on to something to stop collapsing. And that, for me now, is my exercise. If I can't train my body, I'm going to keep my mind fit. I'm going to keep it used to being out of its comfort zone. Keep it sharp, and used to being tested. That way, when Summer comes and fingers crossed my knee is ready to go, then my mind is already prepared. If I can torture it now, then I'll be able to push myself when I'm able to get out running again. That's my plan. And with the new found drive and determination that this injuries given me, I want to rebuild myself to be stronger, faster and fitter than I've ever been. What this injury has given me, is a glimpse of the dark side. A glimse of what its like to let my health and my body slide. And I don't like it. I don't like it one bit. You take what you can from any situation. And this is what I'm taking from here. I look in the mirror. And that is my drive. I get tired walking up a tiny hill. And that is my drive. This loss of fitness was forced upon me by injury. But now I know, I never want to be back here again. And that guy in that picture above... he's not up to standard either. I want to be fitter and stronger than I've ever been. That is the goal of my Summer. But that realisation all rests on one thing. If my knee can't go... then I can't go. So without exception, getting healed is my one, solitary goal for the next month. Whatever sacrifices I have to make, I'll make them. Because right now, I have all the drive. I'm just lacking one of the tools to harness it. But just thinking about getting out there... using nature as your gym. My heart is pumping just thinking about it. I just need my knee to heal. I just need my knee to heal.

And you know something, when I have these visions, you know where I picture them? Do you know where I see every single one of them? I see them in Vancouver. When I dream of getting myself out there. When I dream of where I can push myself, I see it in Vancouver. I haven't decided for sure that that's where I'll be next. But I don't know how to describe this, but everything points to Vancouver. Don't ask me why. Even though I still haven't decided that that's where I'm going, it's just where I see myself. I almost have a vision of the Summer. A Vancouver vision if you will. I get a job up Grouse Mountain, and a cheap, dirty appartment in the druggy area of downtown. Then I have a dirty, rusty weights, sweat-stinking gym nearby. A place where people go to work, not stand around chatting about protein shakes. My job up the mountain is irrelevant. Washing dishes, working a till, even running the gondola, I don't care. The bottom line, is that if I have the job at the top of a mountain in the Summer time, that means I have the opportunity to run up a mountain, every single day. And then on my days off of exercise, a relaxing jog, or even rollerblade around Stanley Park. You know, it just seems to fit. Vancouver is the only place in the world that I've been to, that has everything that I want. That I need. And before, I was somewhat determined not to go back there. Because, well, I've done Vancouver. I spent 3 months there in 2005. So I really should do something different. It's hard to explain why, but I'm just feeling drawn to there. And I can just see how I want my Summer to go. I don't care about socialising. I don't care about drinking. I just want a haven where I can get myself to be the person that this injury has taught me that I want to be. You know? And I don't know why, but I just see it happening there. I just, for some reason, feel drawn to go back to Vancouver. Whether things will pan out that way, is yet to be seen.

However, in the coming days, I'm going to have to start making decisions. It's got to the point that I've had to buy a cell phone. I'm going to have to start applying for Summer jobs soon. And for that, I need a phone. With my distain for the telecoms industry and my love of saving money, I've done so the cheapest way I know how. Ebay. But once my phone and sim card arrive, probably within the next 4 or 5 days, I've got to make a decision.

If you think that you get screwed by phone companies where you are, then just thank your lucky stars that you don't live in North America. These guys get raped. I mean, they get really raped. You have to pay to receive calls here. With some networks, you have to pay to receive texts. If you get sent a 2 minute voicemail, you get charged for 4 minutes. 2 minutes for the person sending the message. Then 2 minutes for you listening to it. All of those would be free for me back home. And I hated the telecoms companies back home. But one thing that's even worse, is here, your cell phone number, is localised. For example, your phone is local to Invermere. And if you make any calls whilst outside of Invermere, or to a phone outside of Invermere, then that counts as a long-distance call. It's bullshit. It doesn't cost the phone companies any more to make the call regardless of your location, so why the fuck should you pay more? It's bullshit. As you may know if you've read these blogs before, I fucking hate telecoms companies. So I could go on about this for days. I'm going to refrain, but why this is relevant, is that at some point next week, I'll be getting a cell phone. And that means that I'm going to have to make my number local to somewhere. And it won't be Invermere. There's no surprise that you get charged from changing your number here. Or at least you lose all your credit if you're on pay as you go. So I need to make a decision. Where do I want my number to be local to? Because wherever that happens to be, there's a pretty good chance, that that is where I'm going to end up post-Pano. And if I had my phone today, well that number would be a Vancouver number. So by the next time I write, I probably will have had to select a phone number. And that will be the first stage of my travelling, post-Pano. So it might just sound like a phone number, but it'll likely indicate where I'll be for a number of months.

As I'm on the subject of phone companies and market distortions though, first I'd like to point out the blatant corruption within supposed competition commitees. A blind man can see the blatant collusion between telecoms companies in this country. So from where I'm sitting, an obvious level of corruption must be stopping the competition autorities from doing their jobs and acting here. The second point I'd like to make, is there is one very easy way to see distortions in the market place. You speak to the people who aren't from that country. Every cunt I come across out here, who's not from Canada or the US, says one thing. They say that over here, cell phones are fucking ridiculous. And they say that banks are fucking ridiculous. Because there are such blatant distortions in the market compared to everyone elses home countries, they can spot these a mile off. So if autorities really were interested in ironing out market place distortions, then all they have to do is ask the people who aren't from here. Because how come, when I opened my HSBC account back home, I got given £50. Yet to have a bank account here, I have to pay a $4 monthly fee. And that buys me 10 monthly withdrawals. Should I make more than 10 withdrawals, then I have to pay a fee, per withdrawal. Do people over here not see that banks take your money and invest it? That they're making money with your money already. And if anything, they should be paying you, to let them have it? It's fucking bullshit. Anyone who's not from around here, the first things that they will see? Telecoms and banks. If you're from North America, you get raped by both of them. That's just the way it is. Yet people just sit idly by and let them get away with it. And they turn a blind eye to blatant corruption within the competition authorities for not acting. As people are losing jobs, losing houses, losing businesses in this recession, banks are still charging customers to have accounts. And phone companies are still charging people long-distance rates to make a call from Vancouver to Whistler. It's bullshit that people just sit by and accept it. Are they really that dumb that they don't see?

On a brighter note, one of the few large corporations that I don't have any beef with, Google, launched Google Street for the UK recently. It's an extension of Google maps. And there's some fucking retards out there banging on about this being an invasion of privacy, which is a topic I'm very sensitive to normally. But this is not an invasion of privacy. This is fucking awesome. Check out this picture I got from Google Street.

Google Street View UK

This is a picture of my house back home. And I can even zoom in enough that I can pick up some of the details inside my room.

Google Street View UK

You can see my light-shade and you can even see the back of my UCH Sharks 2004/05 team photo sitting on my window sill. That's how detailed this is. It's awesome. Looking around my street, there's some building work going on, that is about at the stage it was at, when I left England. So now I'm searching Google maps for a picture of myself. I might be on there somewhere. Maybe out running or something like that. How cool is this thing? But even better, soon I'll be able to just link to Google Street, and I'll be able to show people, with a 3D interactive map, exactly where I am in the world. Unfortunately it's not available for Canada yet. If it was I'd add a link to Invermere and Panorama to this page. You'd be able to travel the exact route I go on the bus everyday to get to work. Or look at the shop where I bought my skis. And all kinds of cool things like that. But just as an example, here's a copy the map I use on the Before I left page. It's on street view, looking right at one of the hostels I stayed in, in New York in 2005.

View Larger Map

I don't have much to say about this hostel right now, so this is a bit of a mundane example. But try playing around with the map. You can literally just walk down the streets of New York. So just think how cool this would be if they had already launched Canada street maps! I could make these blogs, really interactive. And almost seem real. You'd be able to go down the streets I was talking about. And look at the buildings I was in. This thing is awesome.

Not quite as awesome, is I was a little bored this morning. So I decided to count up the words in my blog entries. Last time I did that was when I wrote the blog We're sexualising children too early. Well back then, I had a total of 182,512 words written, which, when pasted into MS Word to make counting the number of words easier, spanned some 398 pages (including images). Since then, not including this blog, I've written a further 174,841 words, and another 333 pages. Meaning that I have now written some 357,353 words in this blog, spanning 731 pages of Word. That sounds like a hell of a lot to me. And I wanted a yard-stick to compare it to, so I had a look on Wiki Answers for how many words are there in Lord of the Rings. Well it turns out that Lord of the Rings is 524,663 words long. Meaning that in a short 167,310 words from now, I will have written the same amount of words, as there is in the Lord of the Rings. That's pretty cool huh? Especially seeing as I only do this as a bit of fun in my spare time. But going at the rate I'm going, maybe by August, I will have out worded the Lord of the Rings. I bet not many people can say they've done that in once piece of work. For fun.

Also somewhat linked to the progression of this travel blog, was that in my inbox the other day, as per usual, I had several emails from the contact form on this website. And as per usual, it was all spam. All except for one that is. It was an email from another website, requesting a link to their website in exchange for a link on a third website, to my website. After a bit of negotiating, we worked out a deal that worked for both of us, which is why there is now a "Related Websites" section appearing on the homepage. But what also happened, is this email spiralled into opening up links to a plethora of websites similar to mine. Websites that can be hard to find normally, because they'll rank quite lowly in the Google rankings. What this has then led to, is me firing out, and still in the process of firing out, messages to all relevant websites that I can find, and asking them for help by linking to Jro's World. Or offering link exchanges. And it has resulted in a shot of new viewers to this website, which is awesome. Because there's one problem with this website. It's hard to promote. I know that may sound a little strange to say. But all the obvious promotion methods, are off limits to me.

Why? Well I have always pledged, that I will tell the whole truth within these blogs. I'll pull no punches and I won't sugar-coat anything. I'll tell it how it is. Well the problem with that, is it means that I'm going to say things about people, that they may well not appreciate too much. For example, how many times have I referred to Laura as a useless bitch. It's 100% true. But if she read that, I don't think she'd be too happy with it. And I have to work with her. I have to live with Greg, so although we're getting along great now, that wasn't so much the case earlier in the season. And because I need to promote this website whilst maintaining anoymity among those currently around me, many of the obvious promotion methods are not avialable to me. I have something like 610 friends on Facebook, for example. Those would be the people, more than anyone, who would be likely to visit this website. But if I just created a Facebook group for example, then the 50 Facebook friends, or however many it is, from Panorama, would also know about this website. Which would ultimately lead to me getting stabbed in the face by Laura. So that is just one example of the troubles of promoting this website. I have to promote at a distance. I can't let anyone within striking distance of me, know it's here. Otherwise that compromises the very integrity of this blog, as I will be forced to censor what I say. So coming across all of these links to similar websites is something of a blessing. I'm sure I would have got here myself soon enough. Afterall, these sites are hard to find, not impossible. But this email that appeared in my inbox may have saved me a substancial amount of work. And a big thank you to anyone reading this who has already helped me out with a link. My Analytics for today have shot up.

One other reason for that might be, that somehow without my knowledge, or at least when I was too drunk to know about it, the Analytics code was taken off my homepage. What does that mean? It meant that visitors to my homepage, weren't being recorded. Which explains why I've seen a sharp decline in site visits recently. So combined with actually recording homepage visits, starting a few hours ago. Plus the increased traffic from these links, I've seen a spike in hits today. Which is great. Because it can be a little depressing when your website visits are lower than expected. And... 3 or 4 weeks from now, I have a window. A window of opportunity. After I leave Invermere, and before I meet anyone wherever it is I happen to end up, possibly Vancouver, I have a window to use Facebook, and other potentially volatile mediums, to promote this site. Though there is always the chance that Laura could end up in Vancouver for the Summer. Then I'd be dead. But I have a little more freedom to promote this website. So things are looking up. Though if a spike in ad revenues accompanies this spike in traffic, then that'd make it even better. So feel free to click on any ads whilst you're on the website.

And also, you know when sometimes you want to add a comment to an article someone's written. And on the comment form, there's a section to add a website. Well, if you don't have your own website, if, rather than leaving that space blank, you added in that space, that would really, really help me out. Because Google picks up on these. And the more Google sees my URL, the higher up the Google rankings I'll climb. So anyone who does that, I'll definitely owe you a beer if I ever happen to see you.

Haha, and something that is probably very unethical, is that these forms normally require an email address as well. Well I'm not putting my email address, because, well who wants the spam. But I remember 7 years ago, or whenever it was that I initally signed up for a hotmail account, I wanted the email But some son of a bitch called Jethro Williams had got in there first so I couldn't get it. Well paybacks a bitch. Now when I need an email address that might lead to a lot of spam, I use Teach that son of a bitch Jethro Williams for stealing my email. That's what happens when you cross me. I am the original and best Jethro Williams, and therefore deserve And if I can't have it, then whoever does is going to pay. So yeah, I'm a cunt. Some poor Jethro Williams is getting spammed out of their ass right now. But that's the problem with having a rare name. I get very jealous when they take my email address. That son of a bitch.

Dirty Hippy Jethro Williams Ginger girlfriend Jethro Williams In fact, I just ran a Facebook search of Jethro Williams's. There's actually 2 other Jethro Williams's whom have pictures now. That's 2 more than last time I did a search. Luckily one's a dirty hippy, and the other has a ginger girlfriend, so I think it's safe to say I'm winning the Jethro Williams off.

I actually have quite a lot more to say, but I'm beginning to lose focus. Meaning that the Rockstar Energy that I drank when I started writing is beginning to wear off, and they aren't on special at Sobey's any longer so I don't have anymore. So I think I'll start to wrap up for today. Then maybe I'll write another blog after my, no surprise, Gondola am shift tomorrow.

Just quickly, if anyone reading this wants to buy a brand new Tachyon XC helmet camera, then I have one that will probably be on eBay soon. That was the camera I ordered 2 days before effectively ending my ski season with my knee injury. Well I've been in touch with Tachyon inc., and they don't accept returns that don't have faults. Fair enough I think. It's what I was expecting. But during this exchange of emails, I got quite chatty with the folks at Tachyon Incorporated. And they were telling me that demand was so high that they were out of stock. So get it listed on eBay, and I might even get full price for it. I'm still trying to justify keeping it. Like, say I happen to go snorkelling over the Summer, then I could use the camera to film that. Though I'm struggling to justify missing out on $150, just because there's a small chance I might go snorkelling. So you want a Tachyon XC camera, at potentially bargain price? Well have a look on my eBay page over the next week. Details are here on the Links page (of which the link to eBay has just been edited should you have recently tried to follow this link unsuccessfully).

And also with regard to making me money, I just sent off my insurance claim regarding my knee. Now I said when I paid something like £411 for a 2 year insurance policy, that I wanted to sustain at least £411 worth of injuries so that I felt that I got my moneys worth. Well this is just the first step. As long as those thieving bastards actually pay me. This will probably total at about £200 of payment. So that means I have about 20 more months to sustain another £211 worth of injuries. I have faith that I'll get it done.

And just before I finish off, I've added a couple more quotes to the random quote generator on the homepage (the flashing text if you're using Firefox). I was watching Bones last night for the first time. Well it's shit. A typical American TV show that would have been good, apart from they have to spoil it at the end by making the hero all moral and converting people to think the right way. That's bullcrap. If you've just saved the world, are you really going to worry about making sure that the kids know the difference between right and wrong? No you're fucking not. Firstly, you're going to get drunk. Because that's just what you do when you save the world. And then you're going to get laid. Because you're a hero. And chics dig that. You're not going to turn that down, to make sure that little Johnny grows up knowing that having sex with dead people is wrong. It's just not realistic. However, from that show, I took the quote: "The successful organism is the organism that adapts." I was mildly unsobre when I heard that. But it still seemed quite profound this morning so I added it in. I think it's relevant to any living thing. If you can adapt to your surroundings, then you have a greater chance at survival. And what is travelling? It's training, at adapting to different surroundings. So in a very roundabout way, that quote justifies my travelling. Kind of like my travelling, is survival training.

And the other quote that I added, was a quote from Tony Dungy, the recently retired NFL head coach. I heard this months, possibly years ago. But for some reason, I only added it now. And it's: "No excuses, no explanations. Just find a way to win." Obviously he's talking about football when he says it. But I think it can be applied, just to general life. In a way, it reinforces what I've been saying about wallowing on things that you cannot change. In football, if you lose your quarterback in the first play of the game, you can use that as the excuse in the post-game press conference. Or you can man-up and accept that you lost. It's all about getting the win, no matter what is thrown at you. No excuses. No explanations. Then you link that to what I'm doing. I was thinking about changing the quote to: "No excuses, no explanations. Just find a way to get it done." Something along those lines anyway. Because I'm not really competing as such, so there really is no winning or losing. But over these coming times when I'm travelling, hopefully many years, I expect a lot to be thrown at me. A lot of unexpected. Afterall, that is one of the reasons you do this. To explore the unknown. But at the end of the day, whatever's thrown at me, I don't want to arrive home, with excuses, and with explanations about why I had to cut my trip short. Or about why I couldn't do this, or had to do that. All that matters, is finding a way to get it done. No excuses, no explanations. If you fail, or if you lose, no matter the circumstances, you've still failed. And you've still lost. So no matter what is thrown at you, you've got to find a way to get it done. I just thought that was quite inspiring.

Oh, and one last thing before I shut down for today. Every week we get a staff newsletter. Called the Mountain Ear. It took me until this week to realise that that's a play on mountaineer. And every week in the Mountain Ear, we get a page of horoscopes. Now I don't believe in this crap, and anything that happens to be true is purely coincidental. Anyone who disagrees with that statement... well you can suck my balls. But there were a couple of things in this weeks, that related quite well to me. First, "Travel may change your attitudes with regard to your philosophy." I just spent ages earlier saying how my whole attitude has been altered by this injury. That my travelling has made me realise the importance of phyiscal fitness is to me. And then it goes onto say: "... don't neglect those bills that have been piling up." How did they know that I owe my phone company, like $200 I have no intention of paying? For once, the horoscope guessed right.

Just whilst I'm on the subject actually, I've been thinking. Slowly I'm closing the doors on places where I can eventually live. Because every country I go to, I end up owing them money. Ok, this is only my first country, but I'm going to leave here owing a minimum of that money to the phone company. And seeing as gay Canada won't give me another visa, I've got no reason not to rack up a shit-load more bills before I leave. It'd be a waste not to leave here in a shit-load of debt. But then you couple that with the fact that I owe a student load of over £12,000 back in England, and there's no way in hell I'm going back there. Why would I want to be somewhere where I have to pay money out of every pay-check, when, thanks to the EU, there are 26 other countries I can work in indefinitely without any kind of visa. And by the time I get to Europe, I should know Spanish, so that opens up other doors to me. I just need to avoid paying all my debts until Fight Club becomes real and someone blows up all the banking system, and everyone's back to zero. Because think about it. It's bound to happen.

Now maybe not with physical bombs. But the amount of hackers out there. Cyber-terrorists. How long can it be until there is such a glitch in the finacial system that peoples perceived worth becomes null and void? It's inevitable at some point. And what I always wonder, is, with the hacking skills, how hard is it to just add money to an electronic bank account? It must be possible. If you know the system, how hard is it to add a couple of zero's without getting caught? I don't really know what I'm talking about too well. But from where I see things, it has to be possible. It has to be. There are so many numbers flying about from day to day, there must be a point in the system that you can just add money in somehow. But I'm kind of living by the assumption, that once I've racked up debts in so many countries that I have no place else to go, cyber-terrorists are going to come along, fuck up the whole banking system, and everyone'll start at zero again. That's my master plan. Failing that, I guess I'll just have to rob a bank or something. I've detailed in the past how I hate banks. They steal from people everyday. And I've also said how I live by my law, which, will probably at some point, end me up in jail. Well to me, banks are fair game. Like telecoms companies, they are effectively, stealing from people. Not by criminal law. But by Jro law. And Jro law says, that if those fuckers are stealing from you, then you have every right to steal from them. By their blatant collusion and distortion of the market, they have become fair game. And although not strictly a bank, the furore regarding AIG this week is a perfect example of this. What are the figures? $165m given out to executives that have led a company to need $170bn of taxpayers money in a bail-out. $165m, of the US public's money, effectively stolen, by executives whom are resposible for taxpayers forking out $170bn. Criminal law says some bullshit like they have to be taken through the courts. And there is talk about them having to pay back half of their bonuses. So only $82.5m then. Examining the nature of business, in all likelihood, all these executives hoped to receive was $82.5m. But they say $165m, so that there's a big fuss, and then when they only take $82.5m, everyone feels like it's not so bad. Because there would have been a fuss had they taken $1m in bonuses. It's like when a company has to make redundancies. They'll come out saying how they're going to have to make 50,000 redundancies, knowing full-well that they only need to make 20,000. Then when they reduce the figure to 20,000, they're heroes for managing to sustain 30,000 jobs. It's the oldest trick in the book. And I will bet that these executive bonuses settle on some figure like $50m. Which is criminal. But because the perception was that these bonuses were in fact going to be $165m, the executives will in fact be praised, for saving $115m. And criminal law says that there's nothing wrong with that. The worst punishment that will happen for these people, is that they will have to pay the money back. So there's no incentive for them not to attempt to take it. Jro law says that they're fair game. Their house, their belongings, any possession and asset that they own, that is fair game. Because they have stolen, from the people. And if someone steals from you, you steal back from them. An eye for an eye. That is Jro law. It's why I believe in anarchy. I won't get into that in great detail now, because I have done in the past. But if the consequence for your actions is determined by those whom you have foresaken, then there is a real deterant there. However, when criminal law says that the worst punishment that these executives may have to face, is paying the money back, then there is no deterant. There is no reason for them not to take that money. It's why I do not agree with criminal law. Because a document, however large, cannot factor in every eventuality. Anarchy does that. Because punishment is not preset, the reaction of those whom you offend, will be relative to the severity of the crime that you commit.

Anyway, like I said, I won't get started on that now, because I'll be here all night.

I still have a bit more that I wanted to say in this blog, but I'll save it for another time. I'm already at way over 8,000 words this sitting. Which is probably more than I can really write and still be making sense. But maybe over the next day or two I'll write a shorter blog just to tie up a few ends.

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