An island paradise

That's the only way to describe this place. I've been to some spectacular places in my life. And this little island is up there with the best of them. It is, just phenomenal!

Bald Eagle on Galiano Island The wildlife I've seen includes eagles, seals, lizards, snakes. Going off into the horizon in every direction, snow-capped mountains linger behind the sea. It's just one of those places that you should have on your 'must visit before I die' list. Spectacular.

And with that, you can guess that I'm not regretting my decision to start WWOOFing. I wouldn't be having this experience restocking mini-bars in a hotel. That's for sure.

Now don't make the mistake of thinking that this is a holiday. I've had to put in the hours and the sweat already. A full week here and I'm yet to have a full day off. And duties so far have included moving and stacking large quantities of firewood, and moving boulders weighing more than I do. This is no holiday, but it's worth the work, believe me.

Looking out to sea from Galiano Island And the ironic thing, is that I rejected the "normal" lifestyle of settling down in Victoria at the sacrifice of being able to have a gym. And a supermarket around the corner so I could methodically improve my health. And the luxury of contant Internet. But somehow, I've been living better over the past week, than I have been at any point in recent memory.

Carrying large boulders up hill may not be easy. But it's probably better for me than anything I would have been doing in the gym. Even if not pinpointing particular muscles, it's a pretty damn good workout. I have 24-hour 5-bar Internet here. And I'm eating a healthier diet than I perhaps have at any point in my life. There are no ready-made pizzas in the fridge here. There are just raw ingredients. So everything I'm eating, either I'm making fresh, or more commonly, someone else is doing so. People seem to love to cook here, so there's fresh, made-from-scratch meals, all the time. And lets not forget that this week is sandwiched between 2 weddings. That means there's a lot of left-over wedding food, and beer, going around. And if that's not enough, the hosts gave us a small pot of weed last night. Life is so fucking good right now!

Purple starfish on Galiano Island And any concerns about losing money living this way are yet to be realised. Not only have I not spent a penny since boarding the ferry nearly a week ago. But I haven't even seen a shop, or a single establishment where I could spend money, in that time. I just put in about 5 hours of hard-graft a day, and help out with the cooking or washing up, and I get to live in paradise.

And never before will you have lived in a place as relaxed as this. The hosts aren't about right now. With there being another wedding this weekend, they've gone to Vancouver for 2 days to pick up some supplies. So there's just 3 WWOOFers in the house right now. They left us some weed and a list of things to get done, and just left us to it. Where else would you get that kind of trust? People are coming in and out of the house at points throughout the day. I don't know some of them. But there's just that trust here. You can leave your house unlocked in the possession of virtual strangers and go away for 2 days. That's just the way it is here. It's awesome.

My big worry, is that I just don't want to leave!

Looking out at a snow-capped mountain from Galiano Island The whole point in doing this WWOOFing, was to be able to see a lot more of Canada than I'd be able to do being stuck in a city. But this is about as good as life's been recently. The hosts are so relaxed, I get up when I want, go to bed when I want, eat what I want out of a well stocked kitchen; they fed 110 wedding guests last weekend afterall. I can go to the beach, I can go exploring. This is awesome! I don't want to leave. And unlinke some WWOOF hosts whom don't seem to like you to hang around for more than a week, there really is no deadline here. They've told me of WWOOFers who've stayed in excess of 3 months before. And not once have they asked me when I'm leaving. Or hinted at it or anything like that.

Dusk on Galiano Island On the list of things we've been left to do, there was even number 4) Smoke a big doobie. That's what it's like here. And don't make the mistake of thinking that these hosts are a couple of pot-heads. They're about at active and down-to-earth people as you can meet. And I don't think that either of them even smoke weed. Maybe that's why they're giving it to us. It's just really fucking good right now. And I'm having trouble finding the motivation to arrange my next placement.

Now I know that this is my first WWOOFing spot, so I have nothing to compare it to. But I'm fairly confident in speaking to other hosts as I have done recently, that I'm not going to find a place as good as this, anytime soon. So it's kind of hard for me to want to leave. I would even bet that life right now, is better than it would have been at any point over the next 6 months, had I stayed in Victoria. It's a cunt.

Though I suppose I do have to move on. As nice as it is to be living here right now, I'm not really travelling, just for the good life. I want to see different things, I want to have different experiences. So I'm not going to get too settled here. At most, I'd guess that I'll be here a further 2 weeks. Not because I want to leave obviously. But just because I really should. Despite the fact I'm eating as well as I ever have done, I'm exercising as well as I would be in the gym, I have more free-time here than I would with a proper job, and it's not costing me a penny. I even went snorkelling the other day.

Flowers on Galiano Island That was probably the only disappointment. It was cold, yes. But not as cold as most people here and in Victoria would have you think it was. Fuck Canadian's are pussys. But I didn't see too much. For what is ranked as one of the best dive sites in the world, it wasn't anything spectacular. But then I was snorkelling in a bay with a mask you could probably buy in a toy shop, rather than out in the open with all the tanks and that crap. I did have my head camera on me for the whole 20ish minutes I was out. But it's not worth putting the video up to be honest. Because you don't really see much. A few jellyfish, a couple of shoals of small fish and a lot of seaweed. That's about it.

I think though that I just chose the wrong beach. About 50 yards away around the corner, I climb around some rocks onto another bay. And even from on land I can see that there's more life in this beach. Apart from anything else, there's a seal swimming about here. So once I have the time to make the hour+ walk to that beach again, on a day it's sunny enough that I'll be able to warm up quick enough before I catch pneumonia, then we'll see just how good it really is. This place is paradise though. I'm loving it.

Dionisio Point provincial park lighthouse on Galiano Island And although it's been 6 days since I wrote last, there's not too much more I have to add. Without going into painstaking detail of what I've been doing, this pretty much covers it. There's peacocks that roam free here as well. I forgot to mention them.

On this day, 1 year ago

I have a pneumatic drill going outside my window

Well this blog was more how I remembered the starting blogs being. Basically, completely fucking pointless. At a time when I was doing whatever I could that wasn't revising for exams, I just sat there and wrote absolute crap. There really is not much interesting in that blog. I cannot think what I thought I would find useful to read back over in reading that again.

That being said, I do quite like having a log of how this website progressed. 12 months ago was obviously in the very early stages still. It wouldn't even be online for another couple of weeks yet. And I still fret somewhat about my lack of knowledge of website code. I often look at other websites code, and wonder what the fuck is going on. So it's quite comforting to know how little I used to know. At least I know more than 12 months ago.

That really is all the value I got from this blog though. Not really worth the paper it's written on. Thank fuck it was a short one.

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