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The links on this page are posted simply as resources that you might find useful. I am not sponsored by any of the websites detailed below. Well apart from the ones on the left that say ads by Google anyway.


For links to individual hostels, locate that hostel on the "hostels" page. Below are some useful websites for finding a range of hostels. Although these sites do offer a booking service, nothing is free nowadays. To be sure that no "middle-man" charges are being added on, I tend to book directly with the hostels. I'm not sure whether or not all or some of these sites do charge extra, but they have to make their money somehow. If you're not paying extra, then the hostels you're staying at probably will be. Which will raise the costs to the hostels, and indirectly keep prices higher. If it's not too much of an inconvenice (which it often can be when travelling), when making bookings, I recommend contacting the hostels directly.

Probably the best-known of all of the hostel websites; find, book and review a wide range of hostels. In 22 different languages no less. Including some rubbish ones like Latvian. I have often found however that this site does miss out on some hostels, including some well-known ones that I've stayed in. Despite well known name, if it gives you a blank listing when you search for a city, that doesn't mean that there are no hostels there. Other sites seem to have a greater depth of hostel. Link to hostel world at

It claims, in very big letters on the site's homepage to have no booking fees, and "Guaranteed lowest cost hostel booking". They make their money by charging hostels 10% commission on any booking that they receive via this site. Whether or not hostels add this 10% onto the price or not, I'm not sure. The safest way to be sure is to book directly through the hostel. That way you can be sure that no fees are being added on & you're not paying for the middle-man. This site is good for research none-the-less though. They claim to only be here for the good of the travellers. I doubt there's much truth in that, because 10% must surely be a pretty hefty sum for the amount of hostels that they advertise. Don't rule these guys out though. If nothing else, I like the colour of their website. Find them at

I've never personally used this site, so I cannot be of too much help. I've just spent a few minutes navigating around it to get a feel for things, and it seems pretty solid. Though like, there are some hostels I'd expect to find, but they're not listed. And even worse... it only comes in 5 different languages. Might be worth a try, but I'm definitely not being blown away by this one. Find it at

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Website Design

Prior to making this website, I had absolutely no experience in web design, html; any of that technical crap. I wrote all of the code for this site myself from scratch (I didn't use programs such as Microsoft Frontpage or alike). I know this site may not look amazing & professional, but just for getting a basic site such as this running, I found the following resources especially useful.

Sams Teach Yourself HTML and CSS in 24 Hours

Sams Teach Yourself HTML and CSS in 24 Hours (7th edition)

I had absolutely no idea about how to even consider making a website until I bought this book. It consists of 24, one hour lessons, gradually building on the lesson before, teaching you how to make a website, how to publish it, how to insert pictures and videos: Everything you need from HTML. It taught me virtually everything I know, and every feature of this site (at least at the time I write this paragraph), is built from information I learnt from this book. Each lesson really does only take you an hour to complete, even when working through the book testing everything out as I was. I cannot recommend it enough. If it wasn't for this book, then there would not be this site.

Cool Text Graphics Generator

Cool Text Graphics Generator

A great 'free to use' website that creates, among other things, logos and buttons for your website. Many of the graphics you see on this webpage, and this entire site were created with Cool Text. Click on the image to be taken there.

Stickam logo


Want to host a webcam on your site? This is the place to do it. I had been looking into how I would be able to stream a webcam on my site, and had pretty much concluded it was something way beyond my web design literacy. Then someone told me about Stickam. You simply copy and paste the code some code from their website onto your webpages, and voila, you have a live webcam on your site. The live feed still goes through Stickam, but this is hardly an inconvenience.

Feedzilla logo


Feedzilla provide you with free, customisable widgets for adding content to a website. The headlines page that I have on this website, is powered by Feedzilla. Simply customise how you wish for your widget to look, and Feedzilla will provide you with the code you need to paste into your website. It couldn't be easier.

Webmaster Forums

There are many online forums to assist webmasters. I found the following especially useful, and they really helped me out when having problems with my site. My only regret is that I did not find them earlier. All the below have helped me resolve particular issue that I was having, and come with my recommendation.

webmaster-talk logo


At the time of writing, this forum had the most members of the 3 listed here, with 63,171. As such you can be fairly sure that there will be someone who can help you with any problems you have. Because of the vast number of memebers, I found them especially useful in getting my site reviewed, and as such, generating traffic for this site.

HTML Forums logo

HTML Forums

The second biggest of the forums listed here, with 38,558 members at the time of writing. They also provided some constructive reviews for the site, and very specifically, were very helpful in helping me learn about favicons and how to add them.

Webmasters Help forum

Webmasters Help

With only 1,479 members at the time of writing, this is by far the smallest of the forums listed here. As such I found this forum completely unhelpful when I asked people to review my website. It is 4 days since I started that thread, and I am still yet to get a response. For other issues though, I have found this forum to be unnecessarily helpful. I started this thread for example, about how to host a webcam on my site. Not only did I resolve that issue, but also got a lot of information about other things I could do to improve my site. People were going far beyond the call of duty to help me, so don't be put off this forum just because of its small number of members. At this time, I have gained as much, if not more knowledge from this forum, as I have from the other two.

Internet Tools

Savevid logo

Save Vid

Save Vid is a useful little website that allows you to download videos from video streaming websites. Seen a video on Youtube, or Google Video for example, that you want to download, to keep for future reference? Or edit into your own video? Then come to this website and you can get what you need. It's worth noting that videos may download in formats that will not play in mainstream media centres such as Windows Media Player, and cannot be converted using Windows Media Encoder. See the downloads page for a couple of solutions in the form of K-Lite Codec Pack, for playing videos, and Any Video Converter, to encode videos as a different file format.

File Hippo logo

File Hippo

A website offering a large collection of free downloads to enhance the running and operation of your computer. Included is anti-virus and other security software, audio and video tools, file-sharing software, browsers and plug-ins, and computer cleaning. I've never had a problem with any of the software downloaded from this site.

Personal Links

UCH Sharks

UCH Sharks

I wasn't going to include any personal links like this one on this website. But then I realised I could make it look like a shark was swimming which looked cool. One thing led to another, and here is the link to my old American Football team, the UCH sharks. The British Universities American Football League, BUAFL for short, is the college league for an ever-growing sport in the UK. My former team, The Sharks can be found at this location, and always welcome support if you're in the Yorkshire region on gamedays.


Jro's World on eBay

As I move from country to country and climate to climate, my equipment needs are going to change. Rather than carrying redundant equipment in places where it is just impractical, I'm going to be selling it on where possible. If local sales are impractical, then eBay is where I'll be flogging things. You can at least guaratee it'll be travel tested. The link should take you directly to my eBay profile, which in turn has a link to items for sale. In the even that the link isn't working, me ebay name is conveniently 'jrosworld'.

Jro's World on Youtube

Jro's World on Youtube

Most videos that I produce will be published on the videos page of this website. However I try to keep the content of this website, to the greatest degree that is feesible, travel related. So in the event that I create any videos that I don't want to publish via this website, I'll be placing them on my youtube page. Plus, some of the videos will also be replicated on my youtube page, so should you for any reason have difficulties in playing these videos, then they may be available through the jrosworld page on youtube.

Political Links

For those issues I feel just don't receive the publicity that they deserve.

World Trade Centre

Loose Change

The ignorance, or "patriotism" as it is more commonly known, of the US public means that any questioning of the events of 09/11/2001 is branded as unamerican, and the people asking the questions are fobbed off as conspiracy theorists. There is a mountain of evidence that contradicts the governments explanation of events. Some of this is brought together in this hour and a half long film examining what happened. I don't want to push my personal views of what happened on to people before they have had a chance to look at the evidence for themself. But give this film a watch. It raised some interesting questions that I am yet to hear answers to.

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