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Nett Hotel

Nett Hotel


17/1-2 Ratchadamnoen Road


250 baht per night (double room, en suite).


19th September '11 for 2 nights.


The wi-fi here is fucking shit. Other than that I liked it. But you know how sometimes, you really need to be getting online, to do some research or to check your emails or something, and the wi-fi is so shit that you spend half of your day getting frustrated and pressing refresh? That is Nett hotel. Sometimes it would reach to my room right up on the fourth floor. Sometimes it wouldn't even work sat in front of the reception area in the driveway. Which really wasn't a convenient place to be sitting on a laptop, but it was so bad at times, you didn't have a choice. Come here. Just don't be one of those people that needs your laptop a lot. Because you'll be left pulling your hair out. Other than that this place isn't too bad. I had a ceiling fan in my room that was effective at circulating air. But it was so noisy that I could never use it at times I was trying to sleep. And one of my first tasks as I checked into the room, was to fix the toilet which had been left circulating water from the previous guest. I certainly don't feel that they paid much attention to detail. Because how could a house-keeper not notice that was happening? It was comfortable enough though. There were screens on the windows, but smaller, biting bugs still managed to get in. So these were a pain at night. But this was a proper hotel as opposed to a hostel or a guest-house. I had a double bed, private bathroom with sit-down toilet, they gave me a cold bottle of water on check-in. There is no hot water. This place is acceptable. It could be worse. But the noisy fan along with the faulty toilet together with the shocking wi-fi and the biting bugs. I never felt too comfortable here. I'll certainly explore other options if I'm back in Lopburi. Although like I said, it could be worse. It's alright.