About two or three weeks prior to taking this photo, the apartment opposite mine was having their air conditioners cleaned while I was sat at my laptop trying to work. I resorted to taking my MacBook and retreating to my bedroom where it was quiet. But having lived in this apartment, really since the building opened, where for that first year there was often drilling while the other rooms were being fitted, I finally came to the realisation that 'there must be a solution.' Trying to get into programming as well, there are often times that I just need peace and quiet, so I started looking into noise-cancelling headphones, and it's a lot more complicated that you might imagine. Apparently it's gone beyond just wearing padded headphones over your ears to keep the noise out. Apparently now, these fancy earphones can play noises that for some reason, you can't hear, but that block out other background noise apart from your music. I was sceptical, but kept on reading how these particular Sony earphones were the best available, so when I was out looking for a case to safely transport my MacBook back to London in, I was sure to search-out a pair to try and... damn. In this noisy shopping mall, even with no music playing, I could barely hear a thing. Costing over £260 in England, and upwards of £300 in Thailand, they're a fantasy purchase for now. But being able to connect to all my devices via bluetooth, to play video games or watch TV as loud as I want at any hour of the day, to block-out all the background noise on a flight, to be able to work at my laptop in peace wherever I am... they're in my future one day. Just as soon as I'm rich enough.